Organic Cacao Butter (Raw)

Size:250g block

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Shelf Life: Store in a cool dry place for up to 1 year. Refrigeration is not needed.

Origin: Indonesia

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Raw organic cacao butter is packed with protective fatty acids and antioxidants. Imported from Bali, this cacao butter is perfect for making homemade chocolates and desserts. Raw cacao butter also lends itself to many beauty applications, from moisturizers to a plethora of other skincare uses. Our cacao butter is 100% all-natural and never heated.

The Story of Raw Organic Cacao Butter

All chocolate lovers should pamper themselves inside and out. Fortunately, few things in life are as naturally luxurious as our pure, raw, organic cacao butter, allowing you to harness the power of chocolate to soothe and moisturize your skin while treating yourself to an unforgettably rich cocoa treat.

This truly alive and raw cocoa butter arrives in 250 gram blocks and keeps well under refrigeration for months, thanks to a natural balance of antioxidants that makes it one of the most stable fats on the planet. Many cacao butter products are heated to high temperatures during the extraction process, which breaks down those antioxidants and strips the butter of the natural preservative properties that make it such a powerful skin treatment. Particularly when using it as a moisturizer, insisting on genuine, raw organic cacao is a must.

It is such a precious commodity in part because the cacao tree, which produces the cacao pods that are cold-pressed for their rich butter, is a notoriously difficult plant to cultivate. Our organic cocoa butter is imported from Bali, Indonesia, home to some of the world’s healthiest cacao forests. The trees will not grow more than 20 degrees from the equator or anywhere where temperatures may fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and even under ideal conditions and constant care, 4 years will pass before a cacao tree produces fruit. But all it takes is a taste or a touch to understand why it’s worth all the fuss.

Possibilities of Raw Cacao Butter

Try mixing your own homemade moisturizer by slowly melting one part cacao butter with three parts raw essential oil, such as coconut or chamomile oil. Alternatively, add a small spoonful to a steaming bath for a long, lavish soak that will invigorate your skin from head to toe. Organic cacao butter absorbs so well, you can even rub it directly into your skin without any additives at all.

But don’t let your skin have all the fun; with a melting point just below body temperature, raw cocoa butter is the key ingredient that gives better chocolates that oh-so-satisfying melt-in-your-mouth quality. Stir some into agave syrup, maple syrup or honey for a luscious raw chocolate syrup, or make a remarkably rich pudding by combining a tablespoon of raw cacao butter, two tablespoons of cocoa power, a medium avocado and a few drops of vanilla extract in a food processor.

And since it is all-natural and completely raw, our organic cocoa butter makes a fantastic dairy butter substitute for vegan and raw food diets.

Please keep in mind this is an ingredient and not meant to be eaten as is.

Ratings & Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

– July 22, 2016

Annamaria, Woodstown, New Jersey

Verified purchaser

Superb quality but your packaging?!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! The extreme care you have engineered to get this exquisite raw cocoa butter delivered must be shouted from the rooftops! Not only was it next day, but the cold pack set-up is ingenious and in this July 2016 heat, my product was protected and chilled/fresh. Rare a company which goes to such excellent care, but you've now a loyal new customer who will also be telling this tale to others..good things must be shared! Thank you Nuts dot com!

Featured Review

Size: 250 gram block

5 out of 5 stars

– November 2, 2017

Cheryl, Shelbina, Missouri

Verified purchaser

Super fast delivery, super product!

Size: 250g block

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