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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Eat your heart out Quaker! This Scottish oatmeal puts all the big name brands to shame!"
Oct 2014 -- Sarah, Zephyrhills, FL

"The Scottish Oatmeal is a favorite of our family. We put it in smoothies, make goji berry hemp oatmeal, bake cookies, use in homemade turkey meatballs in place of bread crumbs, make pancakes with it, and this week we even made pizza crust with it! Pizza crust recipe was 3/4 cup Scottish Oatmeal, 2Tbs hemp pulp (left overs from making hemp milk), 2Tbs olive oil, 1Tsp yeast, 1/2Tsp parsley, 1/2Tsp basil, 1/2 Tsp garlic powder, and enough warm water and flour to form dough consistency and roll out! We made 3 mini pizzas or could make one extra large. Bake at 400 for 20 min with desired toppings. Our sauce was just simple tomato and olive oil in the blender."
Sep 2014 -- Josie, Ft Worth, Texas

"I ordered the oat groats to make oat milk. It is amazingly simple to make and oh so delicious. My grandchildren love to help with the process and then consume the results!"
Aug 2014 -- Suzanne, Vero Beach, Fl

"WOW!! Super fast delivery and as always great products. We keep ordering the 6 grain cereal as it's one of our favorites. Thanks Guys!"
Jun 2014 -- Kim, Liberty Twp., Ohio

"Fantastic oats! Arrived in less than 24 hours after purchased! Amazing!!"
May 2014 -- Dina, Huntington, NY

"Thank you for the speedy delivery of my gluten free oats. Love the packaging (brought a smile to my face as well as my mail carrier). Also thank you so much for the free sample. Great customer service. I will definitely be a repeat customer."
Apr 2014 -- Barbara, Santa Clarita, California

"IN LOVE with my 10 grain cereal!!! My daily breakfast since received!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Marie, Clarksville, TN

"First of all I want to say, what cute packaging?! Right on down to the box it shipped in. I bought the steel cut oats to try and I love them! The chia seeds are excellent as well. I love being able to also try new things by being able to get samples. Also, thanks for the free sample of the cocoa nibs! I will be buying again soon. PS. Super fast shipping, ordered on Friday delivered on Tuesday!"
Mar 2014 -- Michelle, St. Petersburg, Florida

"I just received my first order from you. Oh...my...goodness!!! I was truly impressed. Such great packaging. Everything was just as I wanted, not one bit disappointed at all. You are really a wonderful company that offers foods exactly like I would expect. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I am so glad I found your company!"
Mar 2014 -- Joy, Clemmons, NC

"Wow! I ordered on a Thurs around noon and it was here before noon the next day! A day early even! Munching on my raw almond free sample right now...yummy! I will be trying my Steel Cut Oats for breakfast in the a.m., with my walnut pieces..also enjoying a cup of your green tea...I have made a mix of your Hemp seeds and flax seeds ( I grind them up in my coffee grinder) and eat them on my oatmeal with a tsp of Chia seeds every a.m. Boy this eating healthy is great!"
Jan 2014 -- Jeanette, Lisbon Falls, Maine

"Ordered on Sunday, arrived on Wednesday, had the first bowl of whole oat groats on Thursday. I couldn't be any happier. I like the packaging, the resealable bags are a nice bonus."
Nov 2013 -- Robert, CANAL FULTON, Ohio

"SUPER FAST shipping, excellent quality beans and oats. Thank You !!!!"
Nov 2013 -- Jane, Steelton, PA

"Great company! Loved the box and invoice. Keeping the box! Thank you. Take good care, Nora"
Nov 2013 -- Nora Beeman, Milpitas, CA

"I have just opened my package of flour, oats, and such from you wonderful folks. The box alone brought on a fit of merry laughter that probably nixed the stress of work today! Thanks for the surprise cacao goji treat sample; even more delicious than I suspected when I placed my order. Looking forward to baking gluten free, with your help. I have so missed oats! Blessings! Still laughing... :-D)))"
Oct 2013 -- Luanne, Kansas City, Missouri

"the quality is great. the goods arrived next day. WOW! thanks. I'm munching away right now."
Oct 2013 -- michael, yonkers ny

"I received my package of 10 grain flour and several other whole grains at 10:30am and was taking my 10 grain bread out of the oven at 2:00pm. It is the best. That will be my basic flour from now on. I received it as an early Christmas gift and could not be more delighted. It has delicious flavor and I can hardly wait to add my extra touch of favorite whole grains and nuts. I love your family history and the fun you seem to have working at this wonderful business. I pray for God's continued blessing on you and your family."
Oct 2013 -- Linda, Fredericksburg, VA

"Received my package today of Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Steel Cut Oats, and Crystalized Ginger! Delivery was so fast and the packaging is both cute and convenient. I also got a free sample of Goji berries that I cannot wait to try. Thank you Nuts.com!!"
Sep 2013 -- Richelle, Elizabeth, PA

"You guys are great!!! I placed my order last night and it arrived before lunch today!!! 10-grain flour is always good....I sub out a part of the regular flour in recipes with it. Regular granola is awesome with yogurt and the sample of vanilla granola went over big time! And the best part is..no preservatives or additives."
Aug 2013 -- Hilary, Wyomissing, PA

"I am very happy to have found you. Your selection of raw nuts and other gourmet foods is great. My order arrived fast; faster than expected! The quality and the convenient packaging is perfect. Thank you. I'll be back."
Aug 2013 -- Anne Sedler, Leland, NC

"I just started ordering from Nuts.com and found it easy to order and my shipment arrived in a timely manner. I will be ordering again. David"
Jul 2013 -- David, Milton, FL

"Great everything. Thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- Katya, okc, ok

"Thank you for all the information you provide. I have used my oats, as is, in smoothies and wondered if I still get the LDL benefit if I'm not cooking it. What do you think?"
Jun 2013 -- Joyce, va

"I could not have asked for a better experience! Ordering was easy and delivery was ahead of schedule. Everything was in good order when it arrived and I am already using the seeds, nuts coconut and oats to make granola bars. Everything I tasted was excellent."
Jun 2013 -- Bill, Flowery Branch, GA

"The Scottish oatmeal is delicious. Best plate of porridge I have eaten since I left Scotland !!"
Jun 2013 -- Dee Dee

"This was my 2nd order & I was totally amazed by how quickly it arrived. Less than 24 hours! Thank you nuts.com family! Love your packaging too...."
May 2013 -- Ellen, bronx, ny

"Extremely fast service, excellent info on order and delivery. Very tasty product, and thanks for the cashew sample. I will be happy to order from you again anytime."
May 2013 -- Linda, Lebanon, Pa

"Now that I've been having these Scottish Oats for breakfast, I'm totally spoiled! Other oatmeal just doesn't have any flavor by comparison, and these oats keep me feeling satisfied all morning, especially if I add chopped walnuts and raisins - from Nuts.com, of course! One thing I would recommend, after cooking them using the 1 c oats to 2 c water and finding it way too thick, try using a 1 to 4 ratio. It's a much better consistency and far less likely to get lumpy, just stir quickly as you pour the oats into the boiling water, let it expand, then turn down the heat to a simmer until it's thickened. I even add some more water as it cooks, even with a single serving it comes out great."
May 2013 -- Jacqueline, Brooklyn, NY

"Super quick delivery much appreciated as is the sample almonds. We immediately cooked a bowl of steel cut oats. Delicious and very tasty. The Brazil nuts are so gooood. Good service and great products. Thank you!"
May 2013 -- Jackie, Douglasville, Ga

"Quick shipping and fun. Quality products of course. I'll be back!"
Apr 2013 -- Bryan, Eatonville, WA

"I was looking for an on-line store that had really good gluten-free oats AND I found NUTS.COM! I saw all the great things that your customers were saying about you so I purshased some gluten free rolled oats, gluten free steel cut oats and some gluten free organic golden flaxseed meal . The Oats are so Delicious! They taste so much better than Quaker Oats which I've been eating for years! I received my Yummy Oats and my organic flaxseed meal in 2 days without any extra shipping charges. Your invoice is so cute. Thanks so much for the gluten free organic Quinoa - you must have read my mind - I was going to order some of that too. I love the fact that you are a family-owned business. I just looked at the back of my invoice and saw that there are instructions on how to cook everything even the Quinoa which I would have had to google it since it was a freebie from you guys. This has been such an enjoyable experience you have a new customer for life! Thanks for making it so easy to eat healthier. Take care and keep up the great work! Donna"
Apr 2013 -- Donna D. Satterlee, Atlanta, GA

"My second order from you has been shipped and I am sure that everything will be as good as were the contents of the first order. The order arrived much sooner than expected, and all of it delicious. We were very impressed with shipping and products."
Apr 2013 -- Ronald, Rapid City, South Dakota

"My order arrived ahead of schedule and perfectly boxed and wrapped with an added special touch from the company. They even sent an extra something free to express their appreciation. Everything was delicious and came as described on the website. Thank you so much."
Apr 2013 -- Katie, Charlottesville, VA

"I want to work for you guys! Everything about buying oats from your company was fun!"
Apr 2013 -- Nancy, Waco, Texas

"I love everything! I will be ordering again."
Apr 2013 -- Emily, Pittsburgh, PA

"I could not be happier with an internet vendor than I am with Nuts.com. That is why since I made my first order I have been consistently ordering more. The products are fresh and superior in quality to other places I have tried. The delivery is lightning fast. I just love dealing with these people."
Mar 2013 -- Kathy, Rising Sun, MD

"I ordered on Thursday and it was delivered Saturday, very fast shipping. Excellent products. Diced coconut is yummy! Going to make the tapioca for dessert. Whole oat groats are amazing. Thanks nuts.com! You are incredible!"
Mar 2013 -- julie, lockport, ny

"Amazing products! Excellent service! Tons of positive emotions! Thank you very much!"
Mar 2013 -- Svetlana, Burnaby, BC

"Ok, so I was a bit skeptical to order from another internet site, but I am so glad that I did. My first purchase was for 1 lb packages of Semolina Flour, 10 Grain Flour and Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea. Everything arrived the next day (Saturday) and each was in a resealable package. Made some bread with the Semolina (turned out great) and have had a few cups of tea - good thing it is decaf. Will try the 10 Grain Flour next weekend. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks!"
Mar 2013 -- Judee, Horsham, PA

"My husband and I loved the box the grains came in, so funny. Loved the package the grains came in. Opened the figs and dates, (thank you very much for the dates) immediately and couldn't believe how fresh and delicious they are. They won't last long. We are just getting into the whole grains eating, besides wheat that is. So tomorrow we will try the quinoa. And a different grain each following day. Thank you very much. Our expectations were indeed smashed! It is great doing business with you, you have such a great sense of humor. Thank you. Judy"
Mar 2013 -- Judy Capp, Eddyville, Kentucky

"Great service! My order arrived 12 hrs after I placed the order. Everything neatly packed and delicious. Will be ordering more."
Feb 2013 -- Paul, Ardmore, Pa

"I was buying a fruit & nut medley from a local warehouse thinking it was good dried fruit. Boy was I wrong! For my first order I bought 1lb each of their dried strawberries, cantaloupe, royal nut mix and organic steel cut oats. This by far is the BEST I ever had! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, if your not a risk taker then try their samples - you will not be disappointed!"
Feb 2013 -- Kathy, New Brighton, Pa

"Thanks for the email telling me my nuts had been delivered. The package would have been on the front porch all night if I hadn't received your email. The dark chocolate covered gogi berries are so yummy. Just right to cure a chocolate craving. This morning I used your steel cut oats, chia seeds, raw almonds and the free sample of gogi berries to make a yummy breakfast. There's enough for the next three days. Everything is so fresh and tasty. I'm filling out my second order now. Love the packaging with your whole nutty family on it."
Jan 2013 -- Michele, Thousand Oaks, CA

"This is our second order and it was just as delicious as the first! Love the quick delivery, the fun packaging, and the quality of all the organic products we ordered. We're hooked!"
Jan 2013 -- Rhonda, Canal Winchester, Ohio

"Outstanding including the humorous marking on the shipping box. I will definitely buy from you again and again."
Jan 2013 -- Frank, SOUTHGATE, KY

"My order shipped from New Jersey to Madison, Mississippi in 3 days, wow! The first impression is the box with all the witty writing all over it. But the 'awesomeness' was inside! We place a large order of 17 or 18 items from nuts to beans and cereal to sweets. Everything we have tried so far is awesome! Thank you for the quality products and service! We will be placing another order soon. Also, your sight will be a great place to order gifts to send to family for birthdays, Mother Father Days rather than something that will just end up laying around or in the trash. Cheers to the great folks at Nuts.com! Steve"
Jan 2013 -- Steve, Madison, Mississippi

"I placed my order on Sunday and received my package on Monday. Incredible, yes but what was inside was even better!!! My lupini beans were great, only a few throw-aways in a 5lb bag. The spices were more then I expected for the price and were fresh. The 10 grain cereal is delish. And the candy went faster then I expected. Also great tea at a great price. Will be ordering again real soon. You will be satisfied with the price and quality of their products."
Jan 2013 -- Joe, Matwan, NJ

"When I read the testimonials you have on your site, they all talked about fast delivery. I still didn't expect fast. I ordered yesterday. I got the package this morning, less than 24 hours later. I will be baking bread with several of the items tomorrow. I appreciate the quick service!"
Jan 2013 -- Crystal, Collingdale, PA

"I love this web site! I have been telling everyone I know about it. The variety and quality of products you offer is impressive. I also was please at how quickly I receive my orders. Thanks you so much!"
Dec 2012 -- Bridget, Broooklyn, NY

"I make wonderful bread by mixing four cups of durum flour and one cup of multigrain flour. Whole grain flour is good for my diabetic husband and healthy for me. I can't understand why durum flour isn't readily available in stores. It makes a delicious bread. I am pleased you sell it and provide such good service."
Dec 2012 -- C. Keylard, Tonasket, WA

"Received my first order. Lightning fast shipping. Product quality was 10 stars above what I have been paying top dollar for at a well known natural food chain. The grain was free of dust, broken grain and hulls. Really well packaged. A delight to find this store. I will be a regular shopper."
Dec 2012 -- Donna, DUBLIN, OH

"Steel cut oats are cooked great in my new rice cooker. You can set it up the day before. I eat oat meal every day. Nuts.com ships so fast as soon as I run low I can get more in two days. Thank you Nuts.com"
Nov 2012 -- tom, medford, ny

"Love it! Love the box! Love that you got it to me overnight, even though I only paid for UPS ground. Love that I got organic rolled oats for a good price. Thanks for being so prompt! I grew up in South Plainfield, NJ - not far from you folks! :)"
Oct 2012 -- Donna, Manchester, CT

"Writing to you as I am enjoying my 10 Grain cereal. In a word for future customers DELICIOUS!!"
Oct 2012 -- Helen, New Jersey

"As usual my order arrived in no time along with a sample of the organic trail mix that I cannot wait to try. You guys rock! The 8 grain cereal was a new item for me and it did not disappoint! I had a bowl this morning with coconut milk and blueberries. Delicious!"
Sep 2012 -- Kristen, Haddon Township, NJ

"I purchased the 10 grain flour and the buckwheat flour. We have enjoyed pizza dough made with the 10 grain flour. It turned out so tasty! I have used the buckwheat flour in my pancakes and they were so fluffy. I will definitely be ordering again. Shipping was fast."
Aug 2012 -- Elaine, Chesapeake, VA

"Love love love nuts.com. You guys are the speediest company i ever ordered from. Products are fresh and packed well. I use the steel cut oats in my coffee shop and customers love it. The variety of gluten free flours you offer is outstanding and the nuts are so fresh. thanks"
Aug 2012 -- esther, Lancaster, PA

"Hi, Just received my 6th order from Nuts.com. Perfect again! Love the wheatgrass powder. Every time I order I try something different. This time the 10 grain cereal. SOOOOO GOOD! Thanx Nuts.com"
Jul 2012 -- Cyndi, Bellingham, Ma.

"What a selection, the prices are great, and the turn around time from order date to delivery date is unbelievable! Keep up the great work. You have a lifetime customer!"
Jul 2012 -- Lisa, PA

"I ordered the scottish oatmeal and it is just the best. My order came very fast Thanks so much I also ordered pumpkin seed powder just great."
Jul 2012 -- Nellieann, Escondido, California

"Steel cut oats are OUTSTANDING!!! Great flavor, full texture....Thank you!!....Fastest shipping on planet earth.....This is how internet business SHOULD be!"
Jul 2012 -- paul, middletown, New York

""I bless the day I found you...." I truly do. I am so excited about your products and your shipping..and best of all that adorable box they come in..You wil be hearing from me again,,I promise. BIG OLD GA. HUGS from me."
Jun 2012 -- Barbara, Atlanta, Georgia

"I really enjoyed the steel cut oats it's a nice change from rolled oats. The quinoa was good ,will have practice cooking for better results exchanging in rice recipes should work just fine"
May 2012 -- Rhonda, Big Lk, MN

"Thank you guys so much for saving the day! I bought the Organic Rolled Oats earlier this week to make gluten free oatmeal cookies for a family friend who has Celiac and didn't realize there was a contamination issue! When I went to reorder the gluten-free variety and it wasn't going to get to me on time! Your lovely customer service person saved the day and helped make sure the oats will be here in time. Absolutely amazing that I can make her cookies for mother's day (I don't think her kids are going to be around) and the cookies won't make her sick. Thank you so much, Nuts.com, for your dedication to customer service and ability to bail me out of a potential mistake. I am, and will always be, a loyal customer. (The recipe I'm using if you want it!) Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies (recipe adapted from the back of Trader Joe’s gluten free oats; makes about 4 dozen cookies) Ingredients: 1/4 cup butter 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cups brown sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1¼ teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt pinch of nutmeg 1 cup peanut butter 3 cups rolled oats (gluten free) 6 oz chocolate chips 1/2 cup chopped pecans Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Cream together the butter and sugars in the bowl of an electric mixer until fluffy. Add the eggs, vanilla, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg. Mix. Add peanut butter and mix. Add the oats, chocolate chips and pecans. Mix slowly until combined. Scoop about a teaspoon of dough onto a greased or parchment-covered cookie sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes until lightly brown at edges. Remove and let cool on wire rack. http://makeitnaked.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/oatmeal-cookies-gluten-free/"
May 2012 -- Bethany, Waltham, Massachusetts

"Hi everyone, just a vey big thank you, I love all you have to offer, every shipment has been so wonderful, and healthy, I need to eat very healthy, and all your products does that for me. I epecially love the high fiber hot cereal, I eat it every morning mixed with my chia seeds and flax seeds. Also I love all the free samples you enclose with my order. Thank you so much Blessings from Pennsylvania Barbara Holm"
Apr 2012 -- Barbara, Pennsylvania

"Woo hoo! I got my shipment so fast and and am excited to try my 6-grain hot cereal! I already opened the bag of apple chips and having munching away :) Thanks! You guys are the best ;)"
Apr 2012 -- Amity, Brighton, CO

"I made a multi grain bread with 10 grain flour, this is good bread, I will be making this again, and very often. Finally a good multi grain bread that is homemade."
Mar 2012 -- John

"You guys are, well...nuts! In the best way possible! I love all of the organic options, especially the hard to find grains!"
Feb 2012 -- Tara K Dean, Fairless Hills, PA

"this makes my 2nd order. of 10 grain flour, i use it in my home made bread. i plan to order more when i run out!!"
Jan 2012 -- Gregory, Missoula, Montana

"A co-worker of mine gave me some of her fantastic gumbo for lunch. I didn't have any rice but I keep a bag of the 7-Grain Mix at my desk. I microwaved a serving, while heating up the gumbo (we have two microwaves at work) and then poured the gumbo on top of the 7-Grain. It was WONDERFUL and so filling!! I love the 7-Grain Mix!"
Dec 2011 -- Cj, Maryland

"OMG, these are the best oats I've ever eaten, and I'm a long time oatmeal fan! I was so disappointed when I learned that my GF sensitivity now included my fav brand of oatmeal. So, I decided to try the GF version to see if I could tolerate them. I was so happy to learn that yes, I can. I was ever happier that I had found Nuts Online (so easy to order and having products delivered to your door is so much easier than going from store to store to find GF products). But what made me happiest was the high quality of the Oats. These are by far the best! Thank you Nuts Online!"
Nov 2011 -- Lisa, Indianapolis, IN

"I have ordered about 20 different products from nutsonline they have all been superior to anything I can buy locally. The organic steel cut oats make the best oatmeal I have ever had and the asego figs don't spike my blood sugar. Great stuff keep up the good work."
Nov 2011 -- Timothy, Milford, Mass

"Received my order, and so far am very pleased with your products. Will be ordering more in the future. Thank you!"
Oct 2011 -- Joanna, Mandeville, LA

"Organic rolled oats are excellent quality. 7 day shipping to BC, Canada. Thank you Nuts Online."
Oct 2011 -- Marc, Vernon, BC

"Wow. Received your wonderful flours, etc. in very quick time. Looking good. Can't wait to bake and cook with them. Nice packaging - looks really fresh. I'll be back!"
Sep 2011 -- Diane, NYC, NY

"My sister told me about Nuts Online and I ordered for the great prices. I'm sticking with Nuts Online for the superb freshness and delicious flavors. My bulk products were all in useful, resealable bags, so no worries about storage or keeping them fresh. Thanks, guys!"
Jul 2011 -- Birgit, Santa Rosa, CA

"This is just what I wanted, not fine cereal"
Jul 2011 -- Deborah, Jetersville, VA

"I've ordered 3 times now. Selection ***** (5 stars out 5) Quality ***** Prices ***** Packaging ***** Website ***** Shipping ***** Your site is exactly what I was looking for, for nuts, grains, seeds. There is no better. You guys & gals are awesome, and the products are so tasty and NUTritious. I'm making a breakfast pilafy/grain mix that is making my whole day, and the I'm feeling great! Since I'm playing with the ingredients, I know whats in it and can tweak the multi-grain ratios to taste. and TASTY it is!! Thanks for the selection and quality. Your new & faithful customer - Jim (:"
Jul 2011 -- Jim, Lombard, Illinois

"Wow!!! Very fast shipping you guys! I just received my box of gluten-free flours and oats today (along with a sample of goji berries) and I can't wait to use all of them. I definitely plan to order from y'all again. Thanks so much for having so many gluten-free selections!"
Jun 2011 -- charity, memphis, tn

"Dear Nuts, thank you for the great service and rapid shipping. Also, thanks for having all the hard to find items you carry, sure saves me a lot of time. I will be ordering again soon. Have a great evening and rest of year. Margaret"
May 2011 -- Margaret, Mad River, CA

"Wow, I have never experienced such incredible customer service (I spent my career in a call center, trust that I don't anymore because quality customer service is a hot button issue for me!), fast delivery, quality product... you guys are the total package! We were the first delivery Fed-Ex made today, and while our oatmeal was cooking (so much better than the imported stuff at the store at a fraction of the price, and smelled like heaven!) we made little piggies of ourselves sampling everything. Tasted like heaven too. We just moved from the city to rural Michigan, and I haven't been able to find many of my dietary standbys. You folks are lifesavers, literally in my case. Thank you! Have more to order, can't wait for my grocery budget to be replenished. :)"
May 2011 -- Crystal, Chase, MI

"I love NutsOnline's organic oat bran! I bought it when I couldn't find Quaker's boxes in any of my stores in my new town, but this is better. The texture is great and the taste is really fresh, if that makes any sense. I hope my five-pound bag lasts awhile, but when it runs out, I know where I'll get more. :)"
May 2011 -- Cate, Kansas City, KS

"Super fast delivery - outstanding product packaging and product information - I will definitely be ordering from nuts online in the near future."
May 2011 -- Archie, Halifax, VA

"I received my shipment a day early!"
May 2011 -- David, Brooklyn, NY

"Quality,price and very fast, friendly service. What more can I say...you're the BEST!! I will be a loyal customer for ever."
Apr 2011 -- Sharon, Roanoke, Virginia

"I ordered on the weekend, they shipped it on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday. I couldn't expect better service than that."
Apr 2011 -- Grahame, Marcellus, NY

"My new favorite healthy breakfast is hot cooked 7 grain with a tablespoon of almond butter stirred in. It's soooo good!"
Apr 2011 -- Robin

"Loved getting the BIG BOX so well packaged and know I will continue to be healthy by eating/using my purchases from your family. Your sense of who you are is fun and healthy for your customers too. Thanks."
Mar 2011 -- Clarissa, Chandler, AZ

"I love NutsOnline! I get all my hard to find nuts and grains here. They carry the best Chia, whole grains and flours. And all this is delivered right to my door astonishingly quickly. I am so glad I found you guys!"
Mar 2011 -- Kristen, Ringgold, Ga

"Yesterday's order magically appeared on my doorstep today. Does it get any better? Why yes actually, the order was complete, fresh and wonderfully packaged. Thanks so much. I'll be back!"
Mar 2011 -- Carolyn, Bronx, NY

"Once again, my order arrived within 48 hours! Such impressive service on such hard to find items. I make organic baby food for my grandchildren. Organic dried plums are impossible to find locally. Nuts Online might as well be my local store! I am also making organic granola with your oats, cherries & coconut. Thanks again."
Mar 2011 -- Sallie, Wallingford, PA

"Thanks for such great service !!!! I placed my order on Wednesday and received it this morning (Friday) about 9:00 o'clock"
Mar 2011 -- Thornton, Conover, N.C.

"I just love all the grains i ordered. And all the energy from the gojie berries is a God send. Love the gift of candied ginger, trying to make it last we'll see about that. slimming down and energizing up feels great!!!!"
Mar 2011 -- linda, salome

"These guys at Nuts Online really have customer service worked out perfectly!! It is so easy to use the website and choose your products, and depending on the time of day you order, they either send them out later that afternoon or the next day at the latest. The products arrive well packaged and are fresh and delicious. They have many hard to find ingredients for baking along with all kinds of delicious nuts and chocolates and the pricing is WAY better than any other site I previously used. I was so impressed with the service and the quality of the products on my first order, that I have already made a second order within 2 weeks and now plan on making this a "favorite" website in my browser."
Mar 2011 -- Karen, Brick, NJ

"This was my first, but definitely not my last order. I placed my order on Monday, it shipped Monday, and arrived on Wednesday. Everything arrived in good shape, all products looked good and we tasted all of the things which were not single grains or nuts such as the power foods, cereal, gummy bears, vegetable chips, etc. Everything tasted as expected or better. I am so happy to have found a reliable place to order my organic, raw, natural items. I would highly recommend NutsOnline!"
Mar 2011 -- Laurie, Vidalia, GA

"The Organic High Fiber Hot Cereal is awesome. I normally use the Bob's Red Mill High Fiber Cereal but this cereal is sweeter in flavor and fluffier in texture. I have to mix Bob's cereal with regular oats to counter its grainy texture. This cereal is great by itself with just water. I like to add a little fat free ricotta or cottage cheese for extra protein."
Mar 2011 -- Ute, Miami Beach, FL

"Thank your for your prompt delivery, it is really amazing. I ordered so many things that I have to take time to try each products, although I couldn't comment on the products yet, I was really impressed by your company's efficiency."
Mar 2011 -- Elsa, Rego Park, NY

"As usual, the merchandise arrived earlier than expected and in great shape. Thanks for being such a wonderful merchant!"
Mar 2011 -- Rosemary, Washington, DC

"I have been a customer of Nuts Online for 4 years now. I discovered them when I started my raw foods diet, as they are one of the few sites that offers raw nuts and seeds. Nuts Online is my FAVORITE shopping site. The products are OUTSTANDING, absolutely the FRESHEST, and EXCEPTIONAL quality, and their PRICES are amazingly low for the quality offered. Their nuts are the biggest, their dried fruits seeds, grains and flours are the best and freshest you will find anywhere! Their products are MUCH BETTER than ANY other business can possibly offer. Customer service is the same - OUTSTANDING and EXCEPTIONAL, ALWAYS. Their delivery is speedy. They offer WONDERFUL gift baskets. Every business should operate like Nuts Online. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT NUTS ONLINE. I LOVE YOU NUTS!!! I would be lost without you."
Mar 2011 -- Susan, Wilmington, NC

"I've loved everything I've gotten from your store!! Low price, high quality and fast shipping . .. I could not ask for better service and I am apparently now addicted to steel cut oats. GOTTA HAVE EM!"
Mar 2011 -- Joy, Pensacola, Florida

"Seriously fast delivery, amazing customer service. I don't think I can say more... wait, I can... The taste and quality of the product speaks for itself."
Mar 2011 -- Jay, Lansing, MI

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