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Cantaloupe Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"We really enjoy this fruit but it's extremely sweet, so when we take a bit of it we mask the sweetness with one of your great tasting banana chips. We will keep buying and the health benefits are great! THANKS!"
Sep 2014 -- Lisa Marie Guermonprez, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I placed an order last night (Wed) at 9:15 PM. At 9:30PM I received a message that my order had shipped. I thought it must have been an automatic message that gets generated when the packing list and label print but figured the goods would actually ship Thursday. You can imagine my surprise when the package arrived today (Thursday) at 4:30. I can only imagine that Jeffrey packed my order and then hopped in the Fed Ex truck himself and made the deliveries in order to get it here so fast! We love your products. Dried cantalope, green bean chips, walnuts, and cashews are just a few of the snacks in this order. The kids don't even ask for cookies and other sweets! Happy Mom; Happy kids...."
May 2014 -- Audrey, Pittstown, NJ

"OMG! You did smash my expectations. The nuts are amazing and the banana chips were the best we ever had! I was dying to try dried cantaloupe and it was amazing! We will DEFINITELY be ordering again very soon and I will share my joy with others to bring more business! THANK YOU for fantastic products!"
Apr 2014 -- Cheryl, Marietta, Georgia

"Nuts.com has done it again. Amazing products shipped to my home in 3 days. Everything i've tried has been so good! Dried strawberries, organic banana chips, energy squares and cantaloupe have to be my favorites for sure. Thank you thank you Nuts.com!!"
Mar 2014 -- Andrew, Orlando, Florida

"The first box of goodies I ever ordered went to my beloved niece recovering from major surgery. Despite being knee deep in gifts just like this to wish her a speedy recovery, she said her nuts.com box of goodies was the best of all! So I just sent one to my own daughter as a congratulatory present. Having opened the box, we are now drowning in deliciousness and joy. Everything is so fresh and scrumptious - dried cantaloupe, choc covered rice krispies and gummy bears, and cookie dough, even freeze dried corn - unbelievably good. Who needs to look good in a bathing suit? This is so worth it (though we did order the low-cal healthy trail mix - yum too). Thank you for another amazing box of treats. Wish every company had such a commitment to excellence in what they do!"
Jan 2014 -- Nedda, skillman, nj

"My friend was skeptical when I told him I was eating dried watermelon. "Watermelon is 98% water, how is (dried watermelon) going to have any flavor". I, frankly, didn't want to share but I let try some. Yeah, he loved it!"
Nov 2013 -- David, Bronx, New York

"I received my shipment yesterday, just in time to make fruitcakes this weekend. I ordered some extra snacking fruit, mango, cantaloupe and watermelon. The taste and quality is much better than what I can find around here. I also had to taste a couple of the ones i ordered for fruit cake. They were awesome. I am looking forward to eating the cakes this holiday season."
Nov 2013 -- Theron, Lincoln, NE

"My order from nuts.com came in no more than 4 days! I only tried the dried cantaloupe so far and it is delicious! Thank you very much for speedy delivery and great customer service!"
Sep 2013 -- Devon, Powhatan, Virginia

"WOW! Right down to the silly box and packages these products were fantastic! We especially liked the dried cantaloupe, berries & kiwi!"
Jul 2013 -- Maura, Quincy, MA

"Received a sample pack of these and oh my, something to add to my orders in the future. Dried cantaloupe will forever be my favorite item, but these are a close second."
Jun 2013 -- Sylvia, Metairie, Louisiana

"I love the dried cantalope and dried mango. My husband is thrilled with his cashews and the coffee. I think we'll be ordering again soon. Excellent products!"
Jun 2013 -- CA, Terre Haute, IN

"This is crazy good. I can't believe it tastes like it does! Great job guys. YUM"
Mar 2013 -- Rachel, NYC, NY

"Wow - the delivery of my order was FAST! The packaging is great and the food delicious. I'm impressed and will be ordering again. Thank you!"
Mar 2013 -- Debbie, Salt Lake City, UT

"I sent a custom try and some additional goodies to my sister for her Birthday and they arrived in excellent condition, exactly on time, and she said it was exactly what she needed to complete her day!!! Thank you soooo much, I'll write back when I've heard how everything tastes!! :))))"
Mar 2013 -- Deborah, pfafftown, NC

"The dried cantaloupe is truly the most delightful dried fruit I have ever eaten. It's perfectly dried and the flavor is heavenly. Hope I don't eat the whole bag at once."
Mar 2013 -- Michelle, Eugene, Oregon

"This was my first order from Nuts.com, and I am very happy with the product and the service. Everything was delicious. I couldn't believe how fast our order arrived and how well everything was packaged! Looking forward to future orders!”"
Feb 2013 -- Dawn, BROOKLYN, NY - New York

"The cantaloupe, kiwis and strawberries are delicious."
Feb 2013 -- Doris, West Covina, Ca

"I was buying a fruit & nut medley from a local warehouse thinking it was good dried fruit. Boy was I wrong! For my first order I bought 1lb each of their dried strawberries, cantaloupe, royal nut mix and organic steel cut oats. This by far is the BEST I ever had! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, if your not a risk taker then try their samples - you will not be disappointed!"
Feb 2013 -- Kathy, New Brighton, Pa

"I am very happy with the time at which my order arrived and I am very very satisfied how good the products are. Thank you very much."
Feb 2013 -- James Olivera Jr, Denair, CA

"Super FAST shipping. Ordered Friday 7:30PM, FedEx delivered 11:30AM Saturday morning UNBELIEVABLE!!! Will highly recommend to everyone. Everything fresh and high quality. Thank you for the nice sample."
Jan 2013 -- Jeff, Phila, PA

"Everything is always so tasty and shipped so quickly. I love the different varieties of peanuts and dried fruit. Th dried cantaloupe, strawberries and kiwis are just like candy. And the 12 flavor gummy bears taste amazing and are the perfect texture. I heart Nuts.com"
Jan 2013 -- CJ, Killeen, TX

"I am not one to sit down and write up a testimonial. In your case I will make an exception. I have ordered twice from you guys. I must say that I am totally excited about everything that I have received. Everything has been soooo.... good. You have a customer forever. I will be ordering again. There is so much I want to try. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product line. Also one that tastes wonderful."
Jan 2013 -- Sandra, El Sobrante, CA

"I have placed 2 orders with Nuts.com and on both occasions the products arrived amazingly fast. I have no idea how they do that. In addition, we are really happy with everything we have purchased. The products are all high quality and we love that there are so many organic products to choose from. We have become loyal customers and will be ordering on a regular basis. Thank you!"
Jan 2013 -- Linda, St. Peters, MO

"this is my third time ordering from nuts.com and you guys rock! i love your products and the quality is always top notch! thanks again"
Nov 2012 -- mathew, simi valley, ca

"I ordered some cantaloupe, nuts, dates, and gummy bears for my brother-in-law's birthday last night and they were delivered the next day around noon....how did you do that? Amazingly fast shipping and the freshest products around!!!!"
Nov 2012 -- Laura

"I placed an order last night and I was happily munching in the morning! You guys are incredible :) Fresh, fast, awesome, as always... Found a new favorite with dried canteloupe!"
Oct 2012 -- Jo

"Surprisingly the dried cantaloupe is absolutely delicious, it is sour, sweet and chewy, it is among my 10 best of all times."
Sep 2012 -- Jorge Calderon Kleiman, Panama

"ymmm dried cantaloupe"
Sep 2012 -- rita, dodge city, ks

"Re: Dried Cantaloupe Wedges Folks, if you like cantaloupe this is some good stuff. They are full of flavor and a perfect snack item. There IS a drawback to them however - while eating them it is extremely difficult to stop... might just possibly be the reason I buy them often. :)"
Sep 2012 -- Harold, Yakima, Washington

"I always look forward to a shipment from Nuts.com! Chia seeds for my soups and cereals, quinoa for my tabula salads! And then there are the dried fruits (cantaloupe and peaches) which are simply delicious. You folks are the greatest bar none!"
Aug 2012 -- Karen S. Toal, McKeesport, Pa

"I was just looking to buy dried pears but decided to try several things... The jumbo Medjool Dates are creamy smooth, just as the others have mentioned...I call them "Nature's Caramel" Turkish figs are great, sweet and not too dry. (unlike some from a local store that were like leather and not edible...) The dried Strawberries, KIWI and cantaloupe are amazing... There is just the right amount of sugar added to make them a wonderful natural candy like treat... Oh, and as for the pears... Just what I wanted! Thanks for the free sample included with my order Nuts.com..."
Aug 2012 -- James, Boerne, TX

"How can I describe the deliciousness of dried cantaloupe? After my sis brought me some from Berkeley, I was hooked and am so happy to be able to find a great source like Nuts.com!"
Aug 2012 -- Christine, Braintree, VT

"Delicious products, excellent quality and freshness, great service. I shared the dried canteloupe with my co-workers and I dare say you have an office full of new customers! Thank you!"
Jul 2012 -- Jenny, Portland, OR

"Great products again, as usual! Dried cantaloupe is always a tasty treat, and this time around I ordered the Almond flour, and made my own Marzipan!! Thanks so much! I'm ready for another order soon!"
Jul 2012 -- Zoe, Biloxi, MS

"Omg, the dried cantalope is awesome and so are the rest of the nuts I ordered. I will definitely be ordering again in the future."
Jul 2012 -- Cheryl, Morrisville, PA

"Awesome. Ordered Mango and Cantaloupe dried ones..... loved them. Timely delivery......"
Jun 2012 -- Ashok, Midvale, UT

"For those who are using *Nuts Online* for the first time rest assured you will not be disappointed... I think you, like me, will begin to explore what other goodies this place has... *I* have not been disappointed and the dried cantaloupe wedges are really good.. try the kiwi too........."
Jun 2012 -- Harold, Yakima, WA

"IF I could order ONLY ONE THING from nutsonline it would be the DRIED CANTALOUPE. Fortunately, that's never been a problem, because the dried strawberries and raisins are too good to pass up as well."
Apr 2012 -- Not the Momma, Green Cove Springs, FL

"I was skeptical when I read that people were receiving their shipments in 24 hrs, or 12 hrs, or even 9 hrs, until I received mine in less than 12 hrs too.. I am still amazed. The dried Cantaloupes are wonderful.. I havent tried the gluten free flours I ordered YET but will soon and will let you know how I like them a well.. I will definitely be ordering again for you and also referring my friends to you .. :-)"
Apr 2012 -- Naomi, PA

"Simply amazing! My goodies are fantastic! The dried cantaloupe is scrumptious, the pistachio nuts are perfect, and my order arrived in less than 24 hrs! That is impressive! Everything is so yummy I actually placed a 2nd order for my mom! You guys rock!!!"
Mar 2012 -- Jyneen, Babylon, NY

"Amazing ! I ordered these like 2 pm yesterday and it's not even 10:00 am and I am eating delicious fresh items ! I'm blown away. Super great job in every respect. Thanks. I'm a customer and will tell others."
Mar 2012 -- Carmine, Ny, Ny

"Ok I had to try the cantelope omg that's a tasty little thing! I wish I would've found you nuts sooner I am so glad I did I will be defintely be ordering again from you guys! Thank You!"
Feb 2012 -- mary jo, johnstown, pa

"My mother loves the dried honeydew melon, but she has one complaint - the bags are too small. My family really enjoys your products."
Feb 2012 -- Nan, Bethany, CT

"Always a pleasure to receive my pkg from Nuts.com....Plums were spectacular, husband loved them. Again the dried strawberries are my favorite. I ordered the dried cantaloupe for the first time and we really love them. thank you so much for the free veggie chips. Very very tasty and healthy. So happy with all I get from Nuts.com. thank you very much for the fast delivery."
Feb 2012 -- Floria, illinois

"The BBQ peanuts and dried cantalope are so yummy! I bought several different items, so I will let you know! I'm sure everything else is scrumptious! Oh, and thanks so much for the Chia seeds sample!"
Feb 2012 -- Cathy, Huntington, VT

"bought the spears before in a fruit mix, now I wanted to try the chunks because I liked them so much. they are so soft and yummy and full of flavor! i love them!"
Jan 2012 -- Yuliya, Champaign, il

"We received the fruits order today, we've tried them and they are delicious!"
Jan 2012 -- Paul, Stuart, FL

"Remarkable swift delivery - and good stuff! Thanks!"
Jan 2012 -- Deborah, Floyd, VA

"ok ok, with our second order it is an even louder WOW. veg chips, dried honeydoo, white dried chickpeas,..... everything too too delicious. thanks, great service"
Dec 2011 -- stephanie, atlanta, georgia

"loved loved loved all the products I ordered especially the dried cantaloupe. sending some to my brother in California keep up the good work"
Dec 2011 -- char, niagara falls, new york

"The Organic Dried Honeydew is fabulous - the flavor is so concentrated and texture is nice and chewy. A new favorite!"
Oct 2011 -- Emily, Austin, TX

"I have bought dried fruit from multiple sources and I can say without hesitation that this is some of the best dried fruit I have ever tasted. Not only that but the prices are great also."
Oct 2011 -- Glayde, Kent, WA

"Yuuuuumeeeee! Fresh and tasty. Love the cantaloupe and filberts....that's all I've had a chance to try so far. I'm sure the Brazil Nuts, Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Malt Balls, Coconut Dates, & Coconut will be equally scrumptious. Again, Thank you and hope you have a Nutty Day. PS: My wife loved the Anniversary Card!"
Sep 2011 -- Dan, Hot Springs, Arkansas

"extremely sweet and huge pieces. too sweet for me but some in the family loved it."
Aug 2011 -- zeldie

"I've been looking for canteloupe, thank you, they are delicious. I haven't tried the other goodies yet, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed."
Aug 2011 -- Robin, Spring Lake, NC

"My goodies are fantastic. They were delivered on the expected day!!"
Jul 2011 -- Carri, Frederic, WI

"I would have written sooner but I was too busy eating...Ordered 3 lbs of veggie chips this time! But they're going fast. Also got the fruit chips - which are awesome. And of course, cantaloupe. Love all of it. Thanks for all the great choices."
Jul 2011 -- Suzie, Reno, Nevada

"I found this site by accident several months ago! From the first order on, I have been only pleased: with the quality, pricing, service, and delivery. I also enjoy the funny emails and responses. Every product is great quality and they have the unusual like dried strawberries, cantalope, and kiwi. None of the dried fruits are excessively sweet, all are fresh wonderful to taste! Whatever anyone orders, they cannot be disappointed!"
Apr 2011 -- rt, Montgomery, Texas

"Dried cantaloupe is SO good. I can't believe you don't see it more often. The world is missing out :)"
Mar 2011 -- Kris, Somerville, MA

"Now that I have tasted everything in my order, I can add my gushing testimony to the rest. Everything is DELICIOUS. Roasted fava beans: way better than the ones I've tried before, I'm putting them on everything. Dried canteloupe: incredibly soft and delicious. Sugar free dark chocolate chips: bought on a whim just because I like bitter dark chocolate - can't stop eating them - they're so excellent! The dried apricots, crunchy roasted chickpeas, and spicy chana chor garam (also bought on a whim) are also all delicious. I will definitely be ordering again, thanks!"
Feb 2011 -- Julia, Brooklyn, NY

"You guys are the bomb! Order was placed on a Friday and arrived the very next day. My husband was thrilled with the dried cantaloupe that I surprised him with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
Oct 2010 -- Karen, Somerset, Massachusetts

"fast delivery! So far I've sampled the cantalope and the kiwi-yummy! I will definitely be a repeat customer!"
Oct 2010 -- Loren

"loved my products.....the dried cantaloupe, the dried apples, the malted ball.....everything was grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!"
May 2010 -- jacqueline, rock hill, sc

"I place my order Tuesday evening and got it mid Thursday morning, fast shipping. the dried fruit I bought tasted great I couldn't wait i dug right in. It was the freshest I have ever gotten I'll be back for more and I'll be telling my friends to try them."
May 2010 -- Fred, Charleston, WV

"My order came today, right on time.It was everything I expected--plus a bonus bag of cookies!The dried cantaloupe is out of this world and the kiwi was odd looking but delicious! Glad I found this site.I am eating healthier all ready!!"
Apr 2010 -- Amy, Albemarle, NC

"My husband and I ate a full pound of this wonderful cantaloupe in just two days!"
Feb 2010 -- Terry, marlborough, ma

"Holy Cow!!! I ordered the Cantaloupe and it is incredible!! I will be ordering a lot more! It was also delivered very fast!"
Jan 2010 -- Stephanie, manhattan, ks

"I am sooooo glad we found a supplier of good dried fruit. Especially the cantaloupe, it is delicious!! Thanks Nutty family!!"
Jan 2010 -- Pamela M. Teeters, Knoxville, TN

"The dried cantaloupe is outstanding! To have summer freshness in winter is delightful! The sample strawberries will be on my next order. I will recommend you to my friends! PS: This helps me meet the fruit requirements in my status post gastric bypass diet! Thank you!"
Dec 2009 -- Sandi, MO

"It was BETTER than fast service!!! Package arrived in LESS than 48 hours. Since leaving Long Island in 1986, I have not been able to find crystalized ginger. What a treat and even better than I remembered! The cantelope is fantastic. You can be sure I will be ordering more of your products in the future. Thanks so much. John"
Nov 2009 -- John, Richmond, Kentucky

"I can't believe my yummy goodies arrived so quickly. I tried them all immediately. They are all yummy. I'll be back."
Nov 2009 -- Maribeth, Vestal, NY

"Thank you very much for prompt shipment of this excellent dry-fruit product,nice packaging,enjoying every tasty sweet bite of it. We will certainly buy these fruits & nuts snacks from your company.-Rekha & Vikram."
Nov 2009 -- Rekha Patwardhan, Greeley, Colorado

"I was thrilled with my shipment. The pumpkin seeds and cantaloupe were fresh and delicious. I was also pleasantly surprised with the chocolate covered pretzels. They were very good. I will be ordering from you again soon."
Nov 2009 -- Georgia, Saint Ann, Missourt

"My mother received her gift dried cantaloupe today.She was pleased it was in 3 one pound bags vs. a three lb bag.Happy to have found a place to order it from as she has had a hard time finding it in stores. Thank you"
Aug 2009 -- Lorelee, Lancaster, NH

"Hi Jeffrey- were are so thrilled with the dried fruit that we purchased that we will definitely reorder! My husband really likes the Dried cantelope and I love the Nectarines! I can tell this will be the way we stay on top of our dry fruit consumption! Thanks! Michele Gilliam"
Jun 2009 -- michele gilliam, freeport, maine

"Placed my second order on Friday afternoon, had the goodies on Saturday!!! I wish every company I order from would be that quick! The chocolate covered sunflower seeds & dried cantaloupe are great as before, & the dried starfruit is very tasty (and now I don't have to figure out how to peel those things!). Where have you guys been all my life??!! Thanks again!!!"
Jun 2009 -- Wilma, Bronx, NY

"I have looked for dried cantaloupe for three years now! YOU HAVE IT!!!! Not only do you have it, it is wonderful. Five pounds of that and five pounds of the best dried pineapple I have ever tasted will do me for a while. I will venture to try something new and different now that I know you quality is OUTSTANDING> Jane"
Apr 2009 -- Jane, Villa Rica, Ga

"wow ,I got my dried cantaloupe in less then 24 hours. they taste great. I will order again from you people. thank you so much."
Dec 2008 -- roger, buxton, me

"I just received my first order and all I can say is WOW! The dried cantaloupe is fantastic and so are the malted milk balls. I won't be using the chestnuts until the holidays,but i'm sure they'll be just as great. Thanks!"
Dec 2008 -- BarbaraAnn, Palm Bay, FL

"I couldn't find quality dried mango in even the ritziest of stores, so I finally turned to the internet. I found dried mango, and admittedly impulse-bought some other dried fruit as well. It showed up early, in excellent condition, and tasted fantastic! Even the cantaloupe (something I normally don't like!) was to die for!"
Nov 2008 -- Rachel, Minnesota

"Perfect online shopping as always! Super fast delivery and awesome products. The dried kiwi and cantalope are amazing! The veggie chips are wonderful as well! Looking forward to shopping with you again! Arlene"
Oct 2008 -- Arlene, Commack, NY

"WOW is all I can say about the dried fruit. I just received the cantaloupe, strawberries and nectarines; all of which are delicious. The chocolate covered raisins are divine, very plump, sweet and fresh.....my son loves them! I am in the process of planning my next order. I really want to try the raspberries and blackberries....YUM! It is amazing how fast the delivery is..THANK YOU!!!!"
Oct 2008 -- Leah, Columbia, MD

"I've become addicted to the dried cantaloupe. I love it best refrigerated. The dried mangos and plump apricots are great too."
Jul 2008 -- Susan, Germantownh, MD

"My first time ordering from you. I ordered the roasted walnuts & peanuts, and also the dried cantalope. They are great . Taste good & good for you. Keep up the good work."
Jul 2008 -- Robert, Illinois

"Once again you have delivered the best snacks on the planet! The sesame sticks really were the freshest, tastiest I have ever had, as some others have said before me. The cashews are always marvelous and I am loving the dried cantaloupe. This is my second order on that, I got two bags this time, instead of just one. Honestly, I could spend all my extra cash with you guys (some months I do) and be happy as a clam. Thank you so much for your timely delivery and scrumptious stuff. Holly H."
Jun 2008 -- Holly, Martinez, GA

"I found your website by looking for chia seeds. Your price was great, by the way! I read the reviews on the dried cantaloupe and thought I'd give it a try! Boy, am I glad I did. That stuff is to die for. I hid it in my underwear drawer hoping no one will look for it there. Yours is one website I'll be ordering from soon. Thank you, sincerely, Kathy"
Jun 2008 -- Kathy, Kamiah, Id

"So I've placed 6 orders since my first, which was less than TWO MONTHS ago!! The Malted Milk balls are so addictive, I start planning ahead when I'm down to a POUND! My wife couldn't believe the size of the raisins, and the cantaloupe disappeared so fast we each blamed the other for eating it all! And David and the gang are the best at customer service that I've EVER dealt with, and I've bought over the internet for YEARS. Long Live NutsOnline!!! Peace"
Jun 2008 -- Brian, Piscataway, NJ

"I just received another shipment and I'm very pleased with everything and this is the first time I have ordered the fruit and loved the cantaloupe and the apples. Thanks"
May 2008 -- Nancy, Pittsfield, Me

"I just got my dried strawberries and cantaloupe today,as promised. I have to say it is great. I just can't seem to keep my hands out of bag. Will be ordering from you again !!! Keep up the good work."
Apr 2008 -- Carrie, Iowa

"The picture for the Ultimate Malted Milk Balls do NO justice! These things are HUGE! My fiance loves them. He eats one with his morning coffee. Strawberries are awesome. Ginger is superb, Cantaloupe is juicy and yummy! As a first time customer, you had me at hello! I will definitely buy again (very soon)."
Feb 2008 -- Jessica, Bossier City, LA

"I am so impressed with the quality of the products that I ordered. The rum cordials, blackberry brandy cordials, and the dried cantaloupe are all wonderful. This order was a "test run." They passed with flying colors...in the words of Arnold, "I'll be back.""
Feb 2008 -- Judy, Mobile, AL

"This is the best and most reasonably priced dried cantaloupe I have ever eaten. It is absolutely wonderful. The flavor is better than in any fresh melon I have eaten. Shipping is super fast."
Mar 2007 -- Ruby, Pennsylvania

"This dried cantaloupe is the best! My son even likes it! I recommend this to everyone!"
Jan 2007 -- Jennifer, Ravenna, KY

"WOW!!! Fantastic! Big hit with the whole family!"
Dec 2005 -- Carla, New York

"Sesame sticks were the freshest ever have, but, the cantaloupe, "incredible". My husband does not even like cantaloupe but said this was the best dried fruit he had ever had. Thanks You so much for the freshest and most reasonably priced snacks EVER! Shipping is fast also! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Dinah Zuver"
Dec 2004 -- Dinah, Bonham, TX

Showing 1 - 95 of 95 reviews

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