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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I am addicted to the white mint lozenges, I must have a supply every two weeks, I share, but I will continue to purchase as long as you have them"
Mar 2015 -- Cheryl, Phila, Pa

"Great service. Product is fresh and packaged nicely. Will order more from them."
Sep 2014 -- John, Fayetteville, Tennessee

"I ordered malted chocolate and rainbow dinner mints, and they came ontime, no melting at all, and had very nice packaging! I live in Western Canada, so I was really surprised it got here so fast and fresh :) thanks! I will definitely order from you again!"
Aug 2014 -- Canadian Girl, Edmonton, Alberta

"Very speedy service! I ordered chocolate espresso beans and mint espresso beans! Both are very delicious! I am going to order again soon! Very happy!"
Jul 2014 -- Virali, New York, Ny

"I'm addicted to your butter mints. I shared them with family and friends and two bags are gone in a few hours, so I already have to order more. The price is reasonable and the shipment is very fast. Thank you, Luann"
Jul 2014 -- Luann, Copiague, NY

"We love the espresso beans. The milk chocolate, mint chocolate and coffee and cream."
Jul 2014 -- Darryl, Kermit, Texas

"My favorite treats in the world - mint lentils - arrived in perfect condition and ready to be heavily consumed. I love when things work perfectly. Thank you NUTS.com for making my dreams come true."
Jun 2014 -- Steven, Los Angeles, CA

"I sold these in my little store... they are sooo good. I had customers asking for them! Definitely would buy them again. I also sold so many other of your flavors and they were all terrific!"
Jun 2014 -- Paula, Coventry, RI

"I absolutely LOVE these Bob's Sweet Stripe Mints!! I hadn't had them for years--didn't even know their name--but was out shopping one day and Bob's Mints were in a bowl on a counter. When I arrived home, I Googled Bob's mints and up popped Nuts.com--horray!! They even arrived a day early! I love the sweet/minty taste and the semi-soft texture plus the fact that they're individually wrapped is a huge plus! I will definitely be back for more of this yummy candy!"
Jun 2014 -- Karen, Eugene, Oregon

"I've ordered the mint lentils and gourmet chocolate mints for an upcoming July wedding. I've filled the mints into the bride and groom candy boxes which will go on the tables for each guest. I'm sure they will enjoy them as we have. Looking forward to the big day. Thank you for your prompt shipping and all your help."
May 2014 -- patricia, locust valley, ny

"I ordered chocolate mints in pastel colors for my grad party and they are the PERFECT colors! We busted them open a little early and they are delicious. They also sent a small complimentary bag of Jordan Almonds in the same color- also delicious and they make me wish I ordered them as well! Great service and super cute packaging."
May 2014 -- Cierra, Hampton, NE

"I am blown away at how fast these arrived. I ordered 80 pounds of chocolate covered espresso beans (mint chocolate, dark chocolate and cookies and cream) on Tuesday and on Thursday they arrived perfectly packaged and so delicious! Also, if I had ordered a similar product from our area bulk candy franchise (similar by name only because those ones have a totally sub-par, plastic taste), it would have been more expensive (and that's even calculating shipping, customs and taxes). I look forward to ordering again! Thank you NUTS!"
Apr 2014 -- Nat, Toronto, Ontario

"I was satisfied with my order. The delivery was fast. The chocolate mints I ordered are great! The only thing I wasn't sure about was if these were individually wrapped or not - which they weren't. Love the great service through Nuts.com!"
Apr 2014 -- Susan, Maplewood, MN

"Very pleased with my Candied Fennel seed. Excellent taste, and wonderful packaging, fast ship , great service very pleased and will buy from again"
Mar 2014 -- Mark Harrington

"I am very impressed with their customer service -- it excels The order was delivered promptly and the buttermints are great hope I don't eat them all"
Mar 2014 -- Darlene, Tucson, Arizona

"I am so happy to have found you guys! My parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a big party in May and we were looking for these lentils for a long time. I got the 20 pound bag thinking it may be too much. Now I'm afraid there won't be any leftovers! I love these mints; they have such a great flavor! Thank you Nuts.com!"
Mar 2014 -- Christine, New Berlin, Wisconsin

"got my order fast and it's grate, this was the first time to get mint covered expresso beans they are to die for. will order more soon thank's"
Feb 2014 -- troy, noblesville, in

"We love Mint Lentils! We use them in our office and refer to them as "Magic Pills". Currently, we are experiencing an "International Magic Pill Crisis"! We can't find them anywhere- everyone is out- we purchased your last 10#, and will cherish them until you get your next shipment in. Not only do the Mint Lentils make us happy, but your awesome e-mails during order processing/shipping/delivery are THE BEST. Thanks for always making us smile!"
Feb 2014 -- Mara, Ann Arbor, MI

"I had these mints for the FIRST time, 4 days ago. They are buttery, and just MELT in your mouth. DELICIOUS, never tasted an after dinner mint like this one."
Feb 2014 -- Geronimo, BELOIT, Wisconsin

"Anxiously awaited my order and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised! Everything was fresh and delicious. I almost ate the entire bag of butter mints, they literally melted in my mouth. Definitely repeat orders in the future!"
Jan 2014 -- Webster, Waterloo, IA

"Thank you for the prompt fast delivery. Cannot wait to try the candy I grew up on but haven't been able to find in years."
Jan 2014 -- Helen, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you for the speedy shipping. Love everything from the color of the candy down to the fun box it came in! Topped off by great follow-up. I love all the thought you put into details. Kudos! Karen"
Jan 2014 -- Karen, Bangor, ME

"I ordered these as a gift, and they were an instant favorite. Thank you as always for the fantastic service and delicious snacks."
Dec 2013 -- Amelia, Fayetteville, GA

"Just got my butter mints. They're melt-in-the-mouth good. Thanks for the free sample of cashews.Yum! Linda"
Dec 2013 -- Linda, Lowell, Indiana

"Yep, these are the mints I've been yearning for ever since I first sampled them some 30 years ago. They're that good. So glad I found them!"
Dec 2013 -- Mary, Orlando, FL

"Hello, Thank you very much, I got my candy, now I can decorate my gingerbread houses:) Again Thank You, Kathleen Vladika"
Dec 2013 -- kathleen, lake helen, fl

"Received shipment and it very good. I got it for an old couple that I stop and see each day while on my walk. They are 90 years old and about the only thing they like is hard candy. Don"
Dec 2013 -- Donald, Petaluma, Ca

"You guys are awesome. My order got here so fast, and in perfect condition. Thanks guys!"
Dec 2013 -- Vanessa N., Jber, Alaska

"I was so happy to find Nuts.com. For over 30 years I had been trying to find mint lentils and finally found them here. I have bought them for myself as well as sending them to family as gifts."
Nov 2013 -- Louise, Kitchener, On, Canada

"My order arrived in two days! The butter mints are delicious - creamy and not dry looking like the party stores in my area. The pink candy will be great for the shower. The little bag of nuts was a nice surprise! Thanks."
Nov 2013 -- Christine, Cedar Grove, WI

"Exceptionally fast delivery. Was looking for different candy for my daughter's baby shower, and I found it with you!! Your box and packaging made me smile :) I will be ordering from you again!!"
Nov 2013 -- susan, hawarden, Iowa

"Thank you so much! You even got it to me a day early!"
Nov 2013 -- rosellen, santa rosa, ca

"I am so pleased with my order of tropical sugar free hard candy and an assortment of nuts. Awesome customer service and super fast delivery. Delicious...."
Oct 2013 -- Ife, Philadelphia, PA

"Hi Nutty friends! The yellow mints were a perfect addition to wedding events last weekend. I wondered if Nuts had ESP since they arrived so fast. Thanks for adding minty deliciousness to our party!"
Oct 2013 -- Kathy, Fernandina Beach, FL

"Again, shipment arrived within 20 hours of ordering! I didn't feel like going out to the store last night after work, so I ordered from you instead! And received my peanut butter, sesame butter, and all my goodies without having to go out!! I'm munching on my fennel candy as I type. They are so refreshing! Can't wait to roast my own chickpeas, make a trail mix with organic coconut chips, organic chocolate covered almonds, seeds, etc. and make pasta and beans with the cranberry beans, and candy from the pistachio paste! Such exciting finds!!! And, of course, I LOVE the friendly e-mails. I feel like part of the nuts,com family, lol. I already have so many more products I need to order from you. Next paycheck :)"
Sep 2013 -- Cathy, Terryville, CT

"great service, great products, will definitely order again!"
Sep 2013 -- missy, lowell, nc

"GREAT GREAT GREAT customer service! In an age where most retailers don't understand the word service, the folks at Nuts.com go heads and shoulders above the rest. Quick and accurate shipping and a reason to smile through the rest of our day. Thanks for making this a great transaction. We will use you again!"
Sep 2013 -- Cynthia, Vandalia, OH

"Just got home and found my package on the front porch. Opened the package and then the butter mints....and they are yummy! So much better than the ones I have bought from the grocery store. Also am anxious to try the sample package of the Wasabi Peas! Thank you!"
Aug 2013 -- Charlotte, Greenwood, In

"Best. Service. EVER! Order arrived when promised. Everything was packed nicely so no breakage. Thanks for the berry mix gift. Already enjoying my gourmet chocolate mints...got to be careful though or else I'll end up eating them all in one day...and have to order more."
Aug 2013 -- Jill, East Patchogue, New York

"MOST AMAZING ESPRESSO BEANS EVER!!!!!! I cannot say enough about how amazing the white chocolate and mint chocolate beans are. So pleased to see the heat resistant packaging, the beans did not even melt. Will definitely be ordering again."
Aug 2013 -- Melissa, Gardena, California

"Just received my 1st order- the packaging is too cute! The mints & organic butterscotch drops are delicious. And thanks for the sample of coffee!"
Aug 2013 -- Ursula, Rochester, NY

"Great looking candy and got here super fast. I ordered for a baby shower so I haven't tasted yet, but I'm sure it's all great. Thank you and i'll definitely order again."
Aug 2013 -- Kim, Camarillo, California

"Butter mints arrived much faster than I expected. I had purchased a small bag of mints from the grocery store to compare and yours was much more flavorful. I will be purchasing more from you in Sept for our anniversary party. Thanks!"
Aug 2013 -- Dorsey, Massena, IA

"I was thrilled to receive my order earlier than expected. My order of 20 lbs. of French mints was securely packaged and all the contents were fresh and pristine and safe and sound - ready to be used to fill the little favor boxes for my son's wedding. I definitely appreciate the care and attention paid to my order as well as the advice and suggestions made to me on the phone by the reps before I placed the order. THIS is the way a company should function! Nuts.com has followed my order from beginning to end with concern for my pleasure and satisfaction. I will surely recommend them to everyone, and I will certainly order from them again!"
Aug 2013 -- Virginia, New Fairfield, CT

"I forgot to mention that I have eaten these gourmet mints for years and can no longer find them in stores there is a candy store near me but they are always out of them so I got mad and decided to look on line I am so happy I found you."
Aug 2013 -- Maureen, Royal Oak, MI

"YES!!! I got my order today and am very pleased! It is so very hard to find these candies in stores here so was glad to find your website. Thank you so much and for such quick response,I find they make a wonderful substitute for Tums - work as well and taste much better. mvs"
Jul 2013 -- Mary, Bickleton, WA Washington

"Good service--came fast, mints good, and neat packaging."
Jul 2013 -- Sandy, Casey, IL

"The candy came on tuesday it was fresh and packaged good. I should've bought another bag. I needed more but the mints are excellent and exactly what I wanted thank you so much. Also thank you for the almonds those are my favorite!"
Jun 2013 -- lynora, pa

"Used them for my wedding party favor. Everyone LOVED them."
Jun 2013 -- Allie, seattle, wa

"Oh - Yum!! I wanted real buttermints for my wedding. The melt-in-your-mouth smooth buttery kind. I have seen so many of those chalky minty yellow mints they try to pass off as buttermints. But I thought I would give these a try - they are heavenly!! Everything a buttermint should be. I may have to buy a few more pounds since these may not last until then!! THANK YOU"
Jun 2013 -- diane, rifle, co

"Hi, and thank you. What can be said? Your candy is delicious. We have your mint and chocolate malted milk balls. Hope to be ordering again. Thank you again, Frances"
Jun 2013 -- Frances, Hagerstown, MD

"You nuts are the best. Can't believe the quickest delivery I have ever received. Will definitely be ordering again & recommending. Fast & fresh should be your motto, oh yeah & nutty too. I ordered the gourmet chocolate mints for favors & they were yum"
Jun 2013 -- Lucia, Carlstadt, NJ

"What excellent products! We ordered the chocolate gourmet mints in a 5lb. box/bag and this is quite a bargain! They are very fresh! My mom wanted the Dates and they are Supreme! The size and freshness is unbeatable! The box type have no comparison to your product! I will definitely be ordering from you again and Very Soon! Thank you also for the prompt shipping service for they reached us in time for our daughter's Graduation Saturday!"
May 2013 -- Laura, Dickinson, North Dakota

"Oh my gosh you gave me the biggest laugh with your message. The chocolate mints arrived in perfect condition. Naturally we open one of the 5 lb bags which we bought for our daughter's wedding to "taste test" them. Absolutely great and Such pretty colors. And just finished the sample bag you sent of cashews with our wine before dinner . The best we've ever Tasted and Fresh(thank you for the speedy service ."
May 2013 -- Anita, WPB, Fl

"Received my order of jellied mints and dinner mints. They were packaged great and so fresh, they melt in your mouth. FANTASTIC!!! They arrived really fast. Thank you so much, I will be ordering from here again."
May 2013 -- Susan, Davie, Fl

"FANTASTIC!!!! It was so important to get this sent in a timely manner. When it said that ground delivery was the next day I couldn't believe it - AND CALLED to make sure. A PERFECT experience. Thank you."
May 2013 -- Judy, Salem, South Carolina

"Excited about the tropical flavored mints! Very Tasty, it was a big hit! How NUTTY - fruity flavor mints. Love it!"
Apr 2013 -- fredell, Evans, GA

"Thank you so much!!! The candy looks great!! I will be visiting the website again shortly for another shower!!"
Apr 2013 -- Katelyn, Troy, New York

"Excellent product and the company has a sense of humor! Love it!"
Apr 2013 -- Stacey, Jessup, MD

"I was very pleased my order came a day sooner than it said it would and the mints were yummy! Thank you so much!"
Apr 2013 -- Marsha, Gruver, Texas

"I have ordered from Nuts.com several times and have never been disappointed. Everything is always fresh and delicious. I can also find things on Nuts.com that I cannot find anywhere locally. Keep up the good work! Never fear, I’ll be back for more!"
Apr 2013 -- Karen, Sachse, TX

"Great service, received in one day !! Great stuff will definitely order again"
Apr 2013 -- JoAnne, New York

"Loved our mints!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Julie, Pasadena, Ca

"This place is awesome. You must buy your items here. I will break down my thoughts. Deliver: Order a bulk of candy for my destination wedding and decided to have a regular delivery. To my surprise, I received it already. Quality of candy: I can't say if the candy taste good because I don't want it open it until the wedding but it looks really good. Color: I ordered the green. The color is so beautiful. It looks better than the color for my wedding. Shimmer Gumballs: The gumballs looks so fancy. I wish I would have ordered more. All of this to say that I truly recommend this place."
Mar 2013 -- Joi

"The buttermints and dinner mints I ordered for my wedding came very quickly. I was curious about the box based on other reviews, and it was very cute! The mints taste great and I'm very glad to have these for my very special occasion! Thanks for the great service and great products!"
Mar 2013 -- Sharon, Seattle, WA

"Working for the company who wrote the book on service so to speak, it's not often I come across a company that delights me with their service. Thanks for being so delightful, Nuts.com!"
Mar 2013 -- Anne, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I just got my french mints and pillow mints yesterday and it came in so fast. Seems like I just made the order yesterday and the next thing I know it's already right in front of me. Liked the mints! Just what I've expected for. Till the next time. Thanks again!"
Mar 2013 -- Kristine, Hayward, CA

"This is my second order from the "Nuts" family, but not the last. I've ordered the dried figs to make homemade Fig Newtons, and will never buy store bought again! I cannot believe how fresh and delicious and how perfectly satisfying these figs are! Nothing like the little dried up, super sugary figs from the grocery store. I also ordered the malted milk balls (one of my weaknesses), and OMG...heavenly. But why oh WHY did you send me free date samples? Now I'm hooked on those too and will be ordering them soon for not just me, but my mom too who LOVES dates. I'm sure these will be the only ones she'll ever eat again after she puts the first one in her mouth. Thank you so much for caring about the quality of the products you offer, and for being such great folks to do business with. I'm spreading the word..."
Mar 2013 -- Virginia

"I just received our shipment of chocolate mint lentils for my daughter's wedding. Excellent delivery time -- just as promised! As for the taste...well, chocolate and mint. Absolutely heavenly!"
Mar 2013 -- Rachel, West Monroe, LA

"Received my Jelly Mints in one day. They are fresh and excellent. Love the service."
Mar 2013 -- Geraldine A. Cicero, Whitestone, NY

"Order arrived quickly... package is the most adorable thing! Product well packed and Delicious! Great price, great service, and Great international shipping to Canada!!! Thanks nuts.com I will be making my next order again really really really soon! (like tonight because my friends found out I had mint espresso beans and they are going to be gone soon)"
Mar 2013 -- Karisse, Prince George, BC, CANADA

"I got the order quickly and everything tastes delicious!"
Mar 2013 -- Terri, Lenexa, Kansas

"I just received the salt and vinegar kale chips...WOW! Whoever thought of making these deserves an award. What a grear and satisfying snack. I need to order more ASAP. I am so happy with everything I've ordered. The FedEx guy now wants to order his own snacks and get one of your clever boxes for himself! The free sample is a genius idea, I love that surprise as well. I love you guys!!! So many more things to try."
Feb 2013 -- Gloria, San Antonio, TX

"I ordered some mint chocolate covered espresso beans from nuts.com. They are tongue tantalizing!"
Feb 2013 -- TJ, Morrison, Co

"I ordered a few things for my wife as a treat on her birthday and she absolutely loves them all. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered cashews, roasted cashews, and the mint chocolate malt balls. Delivery was extremely fast. We will be ordering lots more from you thanks so much."
Feb 2013 -- TJ, Landisville, PA

"FAST delivery for a coast to coast order!!! Thank you!!! Our kids will be delighted!!! Will do business again!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Mary, The Dalles, Or

"Knew when the box arrived we were in for a real treat. Wasn't disappointed - the chocolate covered espresso beans were great and the chocolate mint ones were over the top. My husband loves all things sour so the sour apple candies were big hit. Love being able to buy those in volume! Will definitely be ordering again! Thanks so much!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Terry, Mobile, AL

"Ok, Ok! So I'll give you an update....I LOVE you guys! Are you happy now? Seriously, all kidding aside, I am thrilled that I found you guys a year ago. I have since placed 3 or 4 orders with the most recent arriving today. I love the ease of ordering, I love the way your website is set up(so easy to navigate), I love the candy choices you have and most of all I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that I can order early in the day and have the items shipped by the after noon and have them on my door step the next day. It does help that I'm located in MA, but really, it is just wonderful. As an event designer, I deal with many, many client types and sometimes the answers I need do not come within the time frame requested which requires speedy processing from me and my team. Having a vendor process as quickly as we do, is just delightful. Thank you for the great service and quality products. Cheers! ...to all the future orders that we will have with you. Sincerely, Monique Johnson Monx Design House"
Jan 2013 -- Monique, North Andover, Massachusetts

"These are so good. Super fast shipping. I am going to order more today. Love, them sweet, plump and juicy."
Jan 2013 -- Nancy, Clark, NJ

"Happy packaging made me smile Plus my order arrived when you said I have to say I like your style Give yourselves a pat on the........head:)"
Jan 2013 -- Sharon, Frederick, Co

"Received my buttermints!! I'm so happy with them!! They melt in your mouth!! Thank you also for sending the email to let me know they had been delivered!! Fed Ex didn't ring my bell so after I got the email I looked on my porch...there they were! I would have been very sad if racoons would have had a mint party on my porch!! I cannot wait to serve these RETIRE-mints as a party favor in our organza bags.! Our guests will love them!! Thank you for your wonderful product and professional customer service!! Poppy would be so proud!! God Bless!"
Jan 2013 -- Cassie, Georgetown, KY

"You guys are doing ALL the right things!!! Super fast service, super FRESH products and customer service is second to NONE!!! This is my 15th order from Nuts.com and I have not had a product that wasn't AAA quality."
Jan 2013 -- Bob, MIDDLETOWN, NY

"Our order has arrived. We ordered your "after dinner mints" and they are delicious. Thank you for the lovely gift of cashews-delish! We searched far and wide in the Orlando Florida area for these mints with no luck. So we Binged and your website came up the winner. We thank you so much for carrying these mints on your website "Nuts.com". We will tell our friends about you. Some of these mints will go to my mother-in law in Panama, she loves these things. Thank you so much. We will have another order soon."
Jan 2013 -- Wes, Sanford, FL

"Great experience and delicious Malted Milk Balls!!!!! Thanks a bunch, you bunch of Nutz!!!"
Dec 2012 -- Todd, Tempe, Arizona

"I was looking everywhere to buy Chocolate Mint Candies and finally, I found them at NUTS.COM. I was ecstatic! Not only are they delicious, the staff and customer service at NUTS.COM are exceptional. The shipping was quicker than I expected as well. I got a real kick out of the box too. Funny phrases cover the box and you re happy even before opening the box:) Congrats to you guys and I will continue buying from you. Happy Holidays and thanks again:):):)"
Dec 2012 -- Julie, Blainville, Quebec

"Oh my goodness!!! My honey Clay loves chocolate covered coffee beans!! But they are so hard to find... until now!!! I ordered EVERY flavor you make and they are ALL delicious!!! His birthday is Christmas day, so I gave him 6 pounds of your delicious beans!! I can't hold a present...I gave them early and he absolutely loves them! Thank You! I see many more orders from you in the near future!!! Especially since he can't stop eating them!! Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you and your family!! May it be blessed with happiness and joy. Sincerely, Noelle"
Dec 2012 -- Clay, Watonga, OK

"Sorry, I didn't get a chance to leave feedback earlier. I got my buttermints right on time and they're very good! Thanks so much! ^_^"
Dec 2012 -- Visa, Indian Trail, NC

"I've just found the best candy store ever! Great customer service, fast delivery and most importantly, YUMMY candies! I'll be a regular for sure. :)"
Dec 2012 -- Rose, Norfolk, Virginia

"Simply amazing customer service. Placed order one afternoon and received goodies the very next day. Thank you!"
Dec 2012 -- Bren, Spring Valley, NY

"I bought 15 pounds of your spearmint starlight mints about a month ago. Not only were you a pleasure to deal with, but they were the most delicious spearmints I have ever had in my life!!! I will continue to shop with you all year 'round."
Dec 2012 -- Jamie, Mays Landing, NJ

"The mints are delish, and I love your sense of humor. Keep it up! cam"
Nov 2012 -- camille, wheaton, Illinois

"First of all, that box the goodies came in, what a wonderful sense of humor! It instantly brought a smile to my face. My order arrived ahead of schedule, awesome job! The almond bark and Buttermints, yumm!! Nuts.com is a treasure, can't wait to order again."
Nov 2012 -- Michelle, Kenner, Louisiana

"I love this candy and was thrilled to find it online. Not only am I happy, but my parrot thinks this stuff is pretty much the bomb. (do the kids still say 'bomb'?) I can get him to do anything if I offer a piece of candy. So not only is it delicious but it contains magical parrot control powers inside, so that's pretty cool."
Nov 2012 -- Kellie, Harpers Ferry, WV

"Delighted that my order has arrived. So nice to deal with a company that has such prompt service. The butter cream mints were exactly what I had been looking for. They are the request of someone who will be celebrating her 90th birthday during the Thanksgiving weekend. The mints just melted in my mouth and I know she will be delighted. Thanks so much."
Nov 2012 -- pauline, tupelo, ms

"AMAZING product and service! I ordered 30 lbs of candy for my wedding and it all came within a few days packaged beautifully and with the friendliest service I could ask of a company. Will definitely be ordering from nuts.com in the future and will continue to spread the word about the yummy treats and speedy service. Thanks for giving me AWESOME wedding favors!!!"
Nov 2012 -- Lacey, North Providence, RI

"WOW, the malted milk balls are not only DELICIOUS but I was amazed they are HUGE! So many great flavors to choose from! I'm telling all my friends to order from NUTS.COM!"
Oct 2012 -- Patricia, Detroit, MI

"To the Nuts.com family, Received the Sugar Free Candy last evening, they were totally awesome!! Will be doing business with you soon. I loved the box they came in, put a smile on my face :-) have a great day."
Oct 2012 -- Linda, Safford, AZ

"Oh my goodness! Where do I begin? The malt balls are amazing! I tried a few flavors. The mint, ultimate, & peanut butter are fantastic! I also ordered the sea salt caramels. The are also wonderful! Thank you for the sample of buttercrunch mix. That also was great! Shipment was very fast. I will definitely order again!"
Oct 2012 -- Elaine, DeSoto, MO

"Great products! The candied fennel seed is wonderful! Love the packaging and the fast shipping. Go Nuts.com!!!"
Oct 2012 -- Alison, Midland, TX

"I just received my butter mints and they were just as described, yummy! I even received a free sample of crystallized ginger! I'll definitely come back to this site for more."
Oct 2012 -- Jaclyn, Laredo, Texas

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