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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I ordered the Noni powder, Chia seeds and Maca powder. I had my products in hand within 48 hours. The packaging is awesome and it was super nice to find a surprise trial product. I'm pleased as punch, and I'll be ordering again without a doubt. Thanks so much for not only great products, but for the smile I got from the packaging!"
Jan 2014 -- Holly, Olney, Texas

"Excellent delivery service and product. I ordered the Moringa and Noni powders. Very fresh."
Oct 2013 -- Cheryl

"Great products my mother seems to really enjoy the noni fruit leather and powder. They were delivered quickly and she also enjoyed the free sample that came with her order. Overall I will definitely be ordering again when she needs more noni products."
Sep 2013 -- Stephanie, Chicago, Illinois

"Just received my shipment 2 days after ordering. Wonderful! When my 4 yr old granddaughter saw the Nuts.com box, she got excited and ran to get the box opener for me. Right on top was her favorite, dried kiwi. Wish I had taken a picture of her with those gleaming eyes and smile covering her whole face. She semi patiently waited while I emptied the box and let her sample some of the other dried fruit. Finally I gave her two kiwi slices and she danced, twirled and made up an I love kiwi song. I didn't film that either because I was laughing too hard! Thanks, also for the dried apricot sample. Delicious! Will have to order those next time. I was almost out of noni and goji berry powder. So today's box made my granddaughter and me ecstatic. I restrained myself from dancing and twirling, though. However, we did sing her I love kiwi song together. Keep up your fantastic customer service and exceptionally delicious products. We're hooked for life!"
Jun 2013 -- Patricia L, Pittsburgh, PA

"Love the happy attitude of this company and the quality of products!!!"
May 2013 -- Tammy, Tn

"Bidding the instructions on the box (Hurry up - Open me!), I eagerly unpacked my latest nutty shipment (arriving a day before I expected it). Considering I stumbled across this place while looking for bulk yeast, I can't express how excited I was to find raw organic whole unpeeled cacao beans!!!!! This is, of course, on top of all the lovely things like spirulina, chlorella, noni, moringa, maca (and other) powders and bee pollen! Holy jumpin' jehosanuts! I was literally jumping from one foot to another in the kitchen as I surveyed all my loot spread out on the counter. The free samples always delight - I'm overflowing with gratitude for the cheerful emails, packaging, shipping boxes, and generosity. The glass jar of vanilla bean honey was so well packaged it required a surgical procedure to unpack. I need to put saran wrap on my keyboard so I don't short it out with drool as I type this review... Cheers to a nutterful, nutulous day. True bodaciousnuts. Thanks for being your nutty selves!"
Apr 2013 -- Jennifer, Milwaukee, WI

"Placed an order at 1:35pm. Confirmation of order arrivded 1:37pm. Shipping notice at 2:04pm Order received 24 hours later. Adorable stay fresh packaging, incredibly fresh products, outstanding customer service ... what's not to love?"
Feb 2013 -- Donnalynn, Glens Falls, NY

"Got my order in 2 days...so surprised ....prices are very reasonable...cheapest I've found....very happy with the amount you receive for the price...I definitely recommend nuts.com...."
Jan 2013 -- debbie, Cincinnati, Oh

"I got my noni tea, goji berry powder and such and I've started using them with my green tea for school and for breakfast and I'm really happy with the service. I can tell you guys are passionate about everything that you do because the box is just adorable and yet so creative and it really makes me happy and so does the packaging. Your products are very high quality!!! and I'll be buying from you guys again. Thank you so much, have a wonderful day :D!"
Jan 2013 -- Oliver, Freeport, New York

"Second order I have received promptly from you...love your organic goji berries...plump and delicious..organic noni powder great to take along when I travel...Thanks for your personal touch with your customers...."
Apr 2012 -- Linda, Pickerel, WI

"You guys are really great. I tell everyone I can about you're site, you're products and prices they are so outstanding and you take care of you're customers as well as have great delivery service! Thank you! Ron"
Sep 2011 -- Ron, larkspur, co.

"The fastest delivery ever, I ordered 7pm last night and it was here first thing in the morning, close to a twelve hour delivery time. Great prices for everything. I am hoping to get healthier from my selection."
Aug 2011 -- ivy, Baltimore, Md

"thanks for my order, few sites had the NONI FRUIT, but you had the best price. NONI Fruit helps with my wife's diabetes, even her Dr. is impressed. and thanks for the peanuts!!!"
May 2011 -- ruben, san antonio, texas

"How do you do it? I opened my door this morning & there was my order. I've never had such fast service. And I love your products & prices. Yours is one of the very few places to get organic Noni powder & you have the best price by far. And I love your other products, too. Thanks! Sue"
Jan 2011 -- Sue

"WOW. Alright so first of all NUTS Online is the cheapest. I challenge anyone to find another online store that has an unlimited inventory of items, and has them cheaper, and I will literally let you kick me in my Nuts Online :) And not only was it the cheapest, my order came the NEXT morning. I ordered at 2 P.M, on a Thursday, and received my order, literally, at 9 A.M Friday morning, and this was with standard UPS ground. I don't know how it's possible but this was the second order I had placed that was instantly shipped. AND ALSO, these incredibly nice people not only fulfilled my order within 5 minutes of placing it, but they included TONS of freebies. I received my original 4 items I ordered, and they also included a plush elephant repping their Nuts Online logo, and A ONE POUND BAG of Organic Cashews. If you are debating on whether or not to place an order with Nuts Online, just do it, and save yourself the time and some incredible cash. NUTS ONLINE FOR LIFE."
Dec 2009 -- Sam, Reading, PA

"Just received another great product from Nuts Online with super fast delivery. Thanks so much guys. I will be ordering again soon."
Sep 2009 -- Brian, Bath, Pa

"Did a test order on Friday and received it on Monday. Great service! Will be ordering again soon. Thank you very much!"
Aug 2009 -- Brian, Bath, Pa

"Shipped fast! Great prices! We chose NutsOnline over 2 other providers, and it was the right choice. The resealable bags are a super space saver until we transfer the powders and spices to glass containers. How great! We'll order again from NutsOnline for sure!"
Jul 2009 -- Marricke and Rea, Clarksville, TN

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 reviews

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