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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Bought a 1lb bag and wow, that's a lot of turmeric. Very fresh, nice and pungent."
Oct 2014 -- Terry, Quincy, IL

"The turmeric powder that I purchased from Nuts.com is excellent. The service was fast. I'd recommend Nuts.com to everyone."
Jun 2014 -- Andy Kneeter, Studio City, CA - California

"LOVE turmeric! We put it in our health drink every morning - about 1 and 1/2 tsp each day along with lecithin granules [which, according to one research paper I read, is supposed to increase it's absorb-ability] I am 74 and my husband is 78. We used to have arthritis pain, but now we don't. Dr. says our cholesterol levels are "fantastic.""
May 2014 -- Millie, Sunol, CA

"Fantastic! I've never seen so much raw chocolate ever! Everything arrived good and on time! Everything tastes fantastic! And the dried indian peppers taste nice and spicy!"
Apr 2014 -- Chris, Tisdale, Sask.

"Turmeric is a great value compared to grocery store prices. Also,the speedy shipping is awesome."
Apr 2014 -- linda, springfield, ma.

"wow you are awesome! i placed my order last night at 7pm & got the spices today at 12pm. lightning fast is not an understatement. excellent price, super quality plus they threw in a bag of goji berries as a bonus! you have my business for life! thank you soo much!"
Jan 2014 -- r.j., phila, pa

"Loved the quality and freshness of the dried mulberries (great in oatmeal!) and for simply snacking! Everything else was so fresh and tasty (maca, mixed nuts, organic coconut oil, pretzels, etc.). The Aussie Licorice was amazing - soft, so delicious. And where else can you buy turmeric at such a low price? Really appreciate a company like this that executes the customer service part of the equation so well! Not to mention the product quality and prices!! Thanks to all of you Nuts! :)"
Jan 2014 -- Scott, Vancouver, Canada

"Tired of paying $6.99 for turmeric 0.95 oz. This was a good deal for 5.lb bag $31.50. Sure I will we back again. Dottie"
Jan 2014 -- Dorothy, Milford, MA

"One word: AMAZING!! The packaging was amazing, shipping time was amazing, just everything amazing. The details were even down to the box it was shipped in... I placed an order yesterday and received it today. Just in time to nurse myself back to health. The ginger, mulberry, and chia seeds came just in time. I will definitely be ordering from you all again. Fast shipping (ordered before the time listed on the site for same day) and great service."
Jan 2014 -- Monica, Waldorf, MD

"My friend gave me some ground coriander, and also told me about this site. I must say this is great quality plus low prices? YES! LOVE IT! I'm going to be ordering this (and more). Please keep up the good work and continue with the great quality products you guys have because an ounce of this and other products in the store are way too expensive. By the way can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell organic Coriander AND Cumin SEEDS too??? :) thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Didi, Houston, TX

"Received my 1st order so fast!!! Everything is delicious and I will be ordering again soon. The black Australian Licorice was heavenly; the caramel creams delectable; Cardamon Pods fresh and wonderful in tea; but the best of all was the magnificent Raspberry Tea...OMG ...the aroma was only surpassed by the taste!! Packaging great, delivery super fast and the free sample YUM! Thank you Nuts.com! I have already told several people about you!!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Gail, Novi, MI

"I have enough Curry to keep me quite curious with my recipes……. Try Mayo, 1 cup, mustard, 1 Heaping TBS and tons of curry……. dip all your raw veggies in there, carrots , caulk, broccoli, celery, green peppers, That is how I got my kids to eat veggies… because of the curry."
Dec 2013 -- michele, Cave Creek, AZ

"Just received our package. Love the bright packaging and the unexpected sample of goji berries. Looking forward to trying the turmeric powder and maca powder. Thanks for the fast shipment. Keep up the awesome packaging."
Nov 2013 -- wv, Quinnesec, Michigan

"Awesome product! There are a lot of places to buy cheap spices for a low price, there are not a lot of places to buy good spices for a good price. I received superior spices for an excellent price. I'll absolutely order from you again! Oh, thanks for the nuts, I'm enjoying them as I sit here typing. You have most assuredly earned my business."
Nov 2013 -- Daniel, Burleson, TX

"Nuts is rapidly becoming my go-to place for spices and seasonings. The Cardamom pods were so fresh. I make homemade Chai and go through a lot of these so it's nice to be able to buy a big bag for a fair price instead of a million little overpriced spice bottles from the grocery store. I've really come to trust Nuts when it comes to quality products for a great price."
Nov 2013 -- Krista, Amarillo, TX

"Thank you so much. This is all new territory want to use to keep wife diab type 2 from insulin injections. Lower chol and lower blood pressure. Happen to see turmeric and skin. For her face but does not tell how much to use. We plan to try with honey. And have her try with yogurt see which she likes would you know how much turmeric and how much yogurt. Or honey to use and will it stain the skin lol don't need her to stay yellow ! Thank You"
Nov 2013 -- Raul, La Puente, CA

"I used the chili powder along with adzuki beans. It was the best chili I've ever had. Very filling and satisfying. I've had to go gluten free and I found the name brand chili mix I've been buying at the store for years has gluten and Fructose. I'm not a fancy chili maker. I want simple and easy. I cooked hamburger, used a can of tomato paste, water and about 3 heaping tbls. of the chili powder. Worked fine for me. I'm making more this week. Thanks for the wonderful service."
Oct 2013 -- Helen, Joplin, MO

"I heard about adzuki beans from the Dr. Oz show. I used them to make chili along with the Nuts.com chili powder. It was the best chili I've ever had. Very filling and satisfying. I'm making more this week and I'm re-ordering more beans. With cold weather coming I think they'd make a very delicious soup maybe with some ham. Thanks for the wonderful service."
Oct 2013 -- Helen, Joplin, MO

"You guys are amazing! I ordered on wednesday and received my freshly made turmeric powder, on Friday, exactly as promised! This is my first time writing a review for any company so you guys are definitely some kind if special lol. I love it, love it, love it! Thank you do much!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Lynne, Atlanta, GA

"Love your sense of humor!! Yes, my first order came in today and we've already had your ground GINGER for tea, and used the granulated ONION for tonight's egg salad sandwiches. The order was received in Hawaii in just four days -- great quality and great service!! Mahalo for that little fig treat, they are good!! Ray N"
Aug 2013 -- Raymond, Mililani Town, Hawaii

"I started ordering pistachio nuts last month and there was not one bad one--I just ordered another 5 lbs. plus other items, spices, etc. I wouldn't hesitate sending them to friends and family as gifts. Yummy..... Marilyn"
Aug 2013 -- marilyn, smithtown, n.y.

"I couldn't believe that FedEx was ringing the doorbell! I placed my order, in the middle of the night, Wednesday and it was delivered today around 1pm! I just loved the box my order came in. Very cute! There's a big difference between being "nutty" and being crazy and you folks are definitely nutty! Lol! The cardamom is awesome! Very fresh and fragrant, just lovely! Thank you so much for the fun and for great products! Sincerely, Katherine"
Aug 2013 -- Katherine, Townsend, Ma.

"I have ordered from here for the second time and it's shipped to me right on time :) it's moneys worth. The quality of the products are great :) I love you guys :D <3"
Jul 2013 -- Shayne, New Jersey

"I was impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product. I will keep you for future orders. Thanks"
Jul 2013 -- William Mumper Jr, Marseilles, Ill

"Wow! I don't know what to do with all this Turmeric! I'm sure I'll find something to make my life healthier, keep bugs away from my little food farm out back, and of course spice up my chicken, beef, or even fish dinners! Oh and the dried peaches are yummy to my tummy. I can't wait to go nuts over the popcorn. Thank you nutso's!"
Jun 2013 -- Irene, Tujunga, CA

"We got the paprika and the white pepper. Thank you. joseph"
May 2013 -- joseph

"WWW.NUTS.COM is one of the very few worthwhile things on the entire internet! Order arrived in PR lickity split! The figs, dates, cardamom & other items I ordered are of top quality. Even better than what I've found in NY or PR markets. Very generous (& wonderful) freebie in my order as usual! I along with the many, many of other beyond satisfied customers highly recommend WWW.NUTS.COM! The best!"
Apr 2013 -- Francisco, Penuelas, PR

"I have searched all over for Turmeric and only find the actual root. I don't want to have to dry and grind them. Thank you for carrying this, and the packaging is cute and colorful and love that it ziplocs. I am always impressed when I receive it in two days. Thank you."
Apr 2013 -- Suzan, Frankfort, IL

"Thank you for providing me with such great products !! I've only tried the red maca and the coriander so far. But I can tell the quality of the maca is way superior to the one I used to buy ! I felt it as soon as I drank it. Thank you and keep up the good work."
Apr 2013 -- lea, Flushing, Ny

"The Cardamom seeds are so fresh and fragrant! I am using the seeds in bread and rolls and saving the pods for sachets for gifts to use in Closets,Drawers and Chests. Thank you so much. I love your artwork on packaging too."
Apr 2013 -- Corrine, Markleeville, CA

"IMPRESSED!!! My order arrived 2 days after placing the order. The package was decorated and fun. I opened the box and was sooooo happy. The bags are good quality and resealable. The price was unbeatable and I am definitely ordering other spices thru Nuts.com. I'm thrilled to help support not only an American based business, but a family owned and operated one. Thank you so much!! God Bless"
Apr 2013 -- Julie, Independence, Ks

"I was so surprised to receive my package in just a couple days. Amazing! And the box it came in-adorable! Thank you, I look forward to buying from you very soon."
Apr 2013 -- Ellie, Ocheyedan, IA

"I'm impressed by the quality of the food. The organic navy beans look uniformly good quality and cooked up tasty. The organic cocoa nibs have only a hint of bitterness, and I actually enjoy them more than sweetened chocolate! The moringa powder has a nice, sweet taste. The turmeric powder and baking soda was as expected and a good price. Thank you!"
Apr 2013 -- Deborah, Alpena, Arkansas

"Wow!! Placed my second order 3/28 received it this morning. I love doing business with your company. It is refreshing nowadays to get what you pay for. Your shipping is super fast, the products are wonderful and your sense of humor is a breath of fresh air. 5 stars Thank you!!!"
Mar 2013 -- Diane L. Meade, Bolton, MS

"second order just as good as the first (actually the word is fantastic). excellent quality,super fast shipping and crazy packaging. love it. you know I'll be back!"
Mar 2013 -- james, little egg harbor, new jersey

"I love nuts on line. The only company I know of that your order is shipped the same day, and received in two days."

"This is my first time ordering from nuts.com. The ordering process is easy and fair priced. I received my delivery today and was pleasantly surprised at how well everything was packaged. The quality and freshness was outstanding and greatly appreciated. I can tell how much care goes into each of your products. I will be ordering from you in the near future and will be recommending nuts.com to everyone!!!! Thank you for your outstanding service :)"
Mar 2013 -- christine, Alexandria, Va

"Received my order and was excited to see the little extra item that was included. The spices of Star Anise and Cardamom pods will make, making my wife's homemade Chai Tea even better. I will definitely order again. Thank you so much Jerry"
Mar 2013 -- Jerry, Franklin, Wisconsin

"My order arrived so promptly that It surprised me. I love the products and the packaging! The delightful bonus enclosed was so thoughtful. You folks have a new fan and I've already recommended your website to my co-workers. . ***** 5 star rating!"
Mar 2013 -- Ellen, Penn Hills, Pa.

"Thanks for your fresh and well-priced products. My family goes through poppy seeds relatively fast and yours is the price to beat. While they are the main reason we keep coming back, we also appreciate your larger-than-normal packages of nutmeg and porcini mushroom, your soft and flavorful dry fruit, and your hard-to-find almond paste. Oh, and the quality and variety of your nuts is great."
Mar 2013 -- Alfredo, Cleburne, TX

"Hi ; Nutty Jerry here. Just received my 5lb bag of ground Ginger. Got tired of buying it in stores, when I could find it, in 1 or 2oz quantities for around eight bucks. Got tired of that song and dance. I am hooked on your prompt service and products now. Aren't you lucky?"
Feb 2013 -- Jerry E Thayer, Stratford, Ca

"Great company with great products. Thanks guys."
Feb 2013 -- Michael

"Everything arrived in perfect condition. Your products are the best! Will be re-ordering soon!"
Jan 2013 -- Paula

"I was impressed by how quick I received my order and how my order was packed and shipped Thank you"
Dec 2012 -- Brenda, Gastonia, NC

"Three words: WOW! YUM! MORE! WOW! I received my package the day after I made my online order. YUM! The cardamom and candies were delicious (and even the box they came made us smile). MORE! I sent some of the order off as a Christmas gift, so I'm ordering more today. (And thanks for the extra candy coated sunflower seeds you tossed in!)"
Dec 2012 -- Dick, Bloomsburg, PA

"Thanks, you nutty people. I needed your personal touch and happy, outgoing personalities. Thanks for the free goodies. I'm very happy to know the turmeric I received is of the best quality. Stay nuts."
Nov 2012 -- Emily Mangus, Taylors, South Carolina

"Once again, the service is fast and outstanding. I have to admit that a half pound of Indian red chilies is a ridiculously huge amount; it is going to be mighty spicy around here!"
Nov 2012 -- Sally, New York, New York

"I accidentally came across your site as I was searching for something and I was pleasantly surprised by how much you have to offer. I ordered turmeric, spirulina, cayenne pepper and wheat grass. My order was placed at 1:05pm and I received confirmation by 1:45 that my order will filled and I would have it the next day. Sure enough it was on my front step. I love the box it came in. Thank you for your prompt service and I have already recommended your site to others. I will be a long term customer."
Oct 2012 -- Todd, Allentown, Pa

"Hi All, I wanted to express my appreciation for the quick delivery of my order and the gift bag of gummy bears. I used my tumeric this evening with my salad, it was great. I had a mint after dinner. Original !!!!!! Thanks again for the efficient service. Martha"
Oct 2012 -- Martha, Washington, DC

"You guys are the best! Great product, delivery , wonderful prices packaging, and a nice surprise inside..dried berries!"
Sep 2012 -- debra, trenton, fl

"Got the moong dal & coriander today & a fun sample of coffee. Love that something extra in the package. A very nice touch...great customer service."
Aug 2012 -- patricia

"Just got our delivery of chicory & cumin & a fun surprise of the cocao goji energy squares. Great marketing. Love your packaging too. Keep up the super cool work. Next week will be my second order of moong dal & coriander. Continued success..."
Aug 2012 -- patricia

"Right on time. Thanks , so much."
Jul 2012 -- Ron James, Sausalito, Ca

"Thank you for the parcel we received today. Our order came on time, and even a little treat inside that was unexpected. The spices came packaged in a resealable bag, and was of the highest quality. We will definitely be ordering again. Again, thank you! :)"
Jul 2012 -- Scott and Laurie, Spartanburg, SC

"Thanks guys! I thought my order would be here friday and it came today. Everything is packaged so nice. I put a tablespoon of turmeric in water and drank it up. Makes me feel great! The dried mango is delicious. I love this company! I snuck one of the fruit slices... the best I've ever tasted. My elderly da will love these. I'm taking him some right now. Thankyou."
Jun 2012 -- Nancy, pearland, Texas

"Thank you, I got it! It was quick delivery."
Jun 2012 -- Jennifer, Arlington Heights, Il

"So glad to have discovered you. This is only my second order, but have been so pleased with the prices, quality & freshness. As a home chef, I certainly foresee many more orders in my future."
May 2012 -- Shari, Denver, Colorado

"Hello nuts.com family I just received my orders of the chia seeds, turmeric, and goji berries. Everything is nicely packed and taste so fresh. I am very happy with everything and would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family, thank you!"
Mar 2012 -- Thu trang Duong, San francisco, California

"Thank you so much, my package arrived today in good order, I am so pleased. Thanks again."
Feb 2012 -- Susan, Tupelo, MS

"Fast shipping and fantastic quality especially for the great prices. I will be getting all my delicious Sumac, Za'atar and Tumeric from NutsOnline from now on. Thanks!"
Dec 2011 -- Melodee, Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks s much, my order came on time which was great . I will be ordering more soon. Happy Holidays Martha"
Dec 2011 -- Martha, Germantown, Maryland

"I love you guys! Everything I ordered is PERFECT! I will be ordering again! Hugs!"
Nov 2011 -- Joanne, Eagle, Idaho

"Incredibly fast delivery and superior products.. Thanks.."
Aug 2011 -- Joe, New York, NY

"I love your products and it was a very fast shipping time! I hope you continue to expand your product line."
Jul 2011 -- Heather, Ivoryton, CT

"All good stuff. I broke off a piece of cinnamon stick to test it and it had a nice burn to it. The turmeric has a very good color to it and a appropriate flavor. The cream of tartar hasn't been tested yet but tastes correct, sour and clean. I am happy and will be ordering from you again."
Jul 2011 -- Randall, Mansfield, Oh.

"Greetings from Joe nut.How did you know I was a nut too.I have news for you-all;everyone on planet Arkansas is a nut.I almost went into orbit when I heard your prices.When I tried your products I basted off. Well enough said;thanks from your new customer nut Joe."
Jul 2011 -- Joe, FT.Smith, planet Arkansas

"I just received my second order from you. I do a lot of canning from my garden and the quality and price of your spices is just fantastic. I will be ordering more. Thanks for the prompt service. I needed those cinnamon sticks today and they arrived today. Awesome!"
Jun 2011 -- Debi, Defuniak Springs, Florida

"I love you! The quality of your products, availability (customer care), response (processing speed) combine to make you my very favorite place to shop! Thank you for the old fashioned service I remember and so want reproduced in today's marketplace."
Jun 2011 -- Margaret, Winter Park, FL

"i bought your chili powder and cumin a short while ago and was very impressed with it, so when a friend of mine called and said he needed to borrow some chili powder to use in a cookoff he was entering in mass. i said sure i have just what you need. he placed first in red chili. i am competing in a cookoff in vermont next month so on 6/7/11 i ordered more chili powder from you - it arrived on 6/8/11 !!! thank-you guys - your the best."
Jun 2011 -- michael, west haven, ct

"Excellent service, great curry. I'll be back."
May 2011 -- Robert, Manchester, NH

"Good prices and fast service, what more could you ask for?"
May 2011 -- Bob, ELDERSBURG, MD

"Yes indeedy, UPS has delivered the goods! A full pound of yummy Tumeric powder. Tumeric---the spice that prevents or cures most every ill known to man. And speaking of hard-to-crack Macadamia nuts, I should know: I have my very own Macadamia tree right here in my front yard! Larry"
May 2011 -- Larry, Ontario, CA

"Just now received the shipment and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Have you ever considered selling little tiny measuring devices like ML or MG. Might be a winner. Best regards, Leo Wagner"
Apr 2011 -- Leo, Kerrville, TX

"Thank you the yummies were received the following day. It was quick delivery! So exciting."
Apr 2011 -- Marcela Beltran, Chicago

"I'm just nutty about nutsonline. Thanks again you guys. I'll talk to ya soon !!"
Apr 2011 -- Yatiesha, Newark, NJ

"You're awesome - even from down under."
Mar 2011 -- Peter, Ft Collins, CO

"Fast delivery, nicely packaged and very fresh product. Love it! Thank you and will recommend it to my cooking classes."
Mar 2011 -- kay, falls church, va

"As usual, the merchandise arrived earlier than expected and in great shape. Thanks for being such a wonderful merchant!"
Mar 2011 -- Rosemary, Washington, DC

"I loved my order! all the spices came in neat ziplock bags and were just as expected! Im using them to make Lamb Curry now! Yay NutsOnline! Thanks and Cheers!"
Mar 2011 -- Kimberly, St. George, Utah

Mar 2011 -- TOM, LB, CA

"Your stuff arrived as promised. I am very happy with the items ordered especially the prices! I have recommended you to my granddaughter who also cooks a lot."
Feb 2011 -- Roman, Nashua, NH

"Thank-you for the fast service and fresh products as always."
Feb 2011 -- Edward, Westerly, RI

"You guys are the best. I've ordered from you twice. Last time I put the wrong address on my online order. Left message on your 800 number with the correct address and got to the right place! (in record time!). I'm "nuts" about you!! Thanks again. Sincerely, Adrienne Hardison"
Feb 2011 -- adrienne, new bern, NC

"Yes, I received the yummy goodies I ordered. The turkish figs samples were delicious. I look forward to using the chickpea flour and cardamon in my baking. Thanks a lot for the turkish figs."
Feb 2011 -- lydia, Staten Island, NY

"You guys kept your word about your product ,and I think you guys from nutsonline are nuts and all cracked up.How many people do that now days?I am showing this off to every one."
Jan 2011 -- levasta, slidell, la

"Nutsonline has helped me to transform my life into a happier and healthier one. They are efficient, well priced,have THE BEST selection of any online site out there.The quality of your products and amazing compassionate customer service will keep me coming back, and has made me a customer for life! what can i say... im NUTS about you guys! Jill"
Nov 2010 -- Jill, Yardley, PA

"I received my first order today. I just want to say that I am impressed with both the quick delivery and the quality of your products. I am definitely going to order from you again. Thanks for everything."
Aug 2010 -- Aaron, Cassandra, PA

"Thanks. It arrived in time and intact"
Aug 2010 -- Henry D.

"True to your words, I got my first order on time specified. Thank you for the extra veggie snacks. They were very tasty and had to order more. I am sharing with my family and friends. The turmeric powder was perfect. The scent reminds me of home (Pacific Islands) where turmeric is used in cooking, local medicine and the leaves are used for ornamental purposes. Wow!"
Jul 2010 -- Barbara, Charles Town, WV

"I have just received my first order and it will not be my last. Thank you so much for your prompt response and great products! I will happily pass your web site on to others! Thanks again!!"
Jun 2010 -- Cheryl, South Lake Tahoe, California

"Wow, that was a fast turn around!!! I wish all my vendors were that speedy! Thanks and I do look forward to buying from you again, no doubt about it!!!"
Mar 2010 -- Dawn, Blaine, WA

"My order arrived today and I am completely satisfied. I can't wait to start using the products. Your prices are super and the products are top notch. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you!"
Mar 2010 -- Joyce Hart, Auburn, California

"I am thrilled with my experience and my order. The selection is amazing. I got my order in one day and the quality is superior. You will not see this quality in the grocery store. I will be ordering all my beans, lentils, spices, nut/dried fruit mixes from Nutsonline from now on."
Jan 2010 -- Lyn

"Got the order 2 days after I placed it. Needed it to make some wicked Glogg for dinner with my son tomorrow. Great place to order. I couldn't be happier! Thanks. DocH"
Dec 2009 -- Paul, Derry, NH

"Loved everything. Excellent quality. Fast service. Reasonable prices. Loved the personal touch. Will order again."
Dec 2009 -- Valerie, Shreveport, La

"Wow, I was very amazed by how clean, and well packaged the orders were. And I received them on the date I was told it would arrive. Thank You!"
Dec 2009 -- lela, new york, ny

"You guys are great!! Great customer service, great products, and super fast shipping. Keep up the excellent work!"
Nov 2009 -- Doug, Greensboro, NC

"Super fast shipping,excellent products, packed well."
Nov 2009 -- Stephen J. Notte, Glenolden, Pa.

"Ordered on a Sunday. Got them on Tuesday.What service! Good prices on the items I bought. I'm glad I gave the friend referral for such a good company."
Nov 2009 -- Bob, Eldersburg, MD

"Fast shipping, what a great deal! I will definitely order again, and will tell others about you."
Sep 2009 -- Howard Walton, Cleveland, OH

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