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Wasabi Snacks Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Another great delivery--ordered yesterday, got it today. All as I have asked for AND a little gift of salted cashews! Yay. The organic papaya are a staple here, and always welcome. The boiled peanuts are as good as I had anyplace, and it is the third time I order those, too. Same for the Wasabi peas--consistent quality is one of your hallmarks, you Nuts people. :) (Nuts in the best way possible!) Thanks again!"
Oct 2014 -- AnnieNY, New York City, NY

"I am so glad that one of my co-workers shared a bag of Bhakarwadi with me. They are nothing like I have ever tasted. I asked where she got them from and she said Nuts.com. I ordered a bag at that moment with my phone. Now this shipment, I ordered another bag and also Chia Seeds, Quinoa, and Wasabi bits. I can't wait to try the newer ones. I just ordered these a day ago and they came already! Nuts.com even gave me a gift. I found a bag of Goji Berries inside. All I can say is I wish every company was as efficient and nice as Nuts.com. They truly make me feel like part of their family. Thanks, guys!"
Aug 2014 -- Kevin, Boonton, N.J.

"I'm currently deployed and expected this package 2 weeks after order, it came withint 6 days... It was fast! I combined the maca powder with the raw cacao powder and my protein shake. It tasted like a java shake! So delicious! Thanks for the healthy choices! :D 1x Spiralina 1x Organic Maca Powder 1x Cacoa Powder 1x Chia Seeds 1x Natural colored wasabi peas! AMAZING!! Thanks again! Respectfully, Khaiel"
Jul 2014 -- Khaiel, Doha, Qatar

"Old fashion service prompt courteous informative reasonable price prompt delivery funny box 5 star will order again and again"
Jul 2014 -- sandra, baltimore, md

"Thanks for another speedy delivery--you are spoiling me! Soon I will come to EXPECT superior service from you guys (oh, I forgot--I already HAVE superior service from you guys and gals...). :) Love the re-ordered organic natural papaya and the wasabi peanuts. Thank you, too, for the yummy treat of freeze-dried medley. You know how to get me hooked! ;)"
Jun 2014 -- AnnieNY, New York City, NY

"Nuts is so wonderful. I order from them all the time, from wasabi peas to dried fruit and tea. I get all sorts of stuff and have never ever been disappointed. It's my favorite place to order from online."
May 2014 -- Sami, Madison, Tennessee

"I love the wasabi peas!! I am so happy with the shipping from your company. I orderd one day and received the next day."
May 2014 -- Ruth, Barnegat, Nj

"Omg, having these pregnancy cravings and having it actually begin satisfied is awesome. I'm in LOVE with my wasabi cashews. Love love love this website. I'll definitely be back to order some more."
May 2014 -- Shmira, Baltimore, Maryland

"Wasabi peanuts????? YES PLEASE !!!! They are wonderful."
Mar 2014 -- Roberta

"I have been trying to find some good wasabi peanuts for years. I found out about nuts.com through someone I follow on twitter. They are absolutely fantastic!! I will be a loyal customer from now on. Also, thanks for the free veggie chip sample! I love the advertising on your boxes as well. What a fun marketing concept! So glad I found you. Thanks!"
Feb 2014 -- Peggy, Inver Grove Heights, MN

"I got home today to find a delight box of goodies on my doorstep.Its by far the most adorable box I've ever seen! I ordered a bunch of samples and dove right in. Everything was super fresh, tasty, healthy, and fun to eat! I LOVE wasabi peas! These ones are fantastically crunchy with a delightful spice... I'll be ordering again very soon! PS: the prices rock!"
Feb 2014 -- Emski, Ansonia, CT

"Oh. My. Gosh. This is simply the best snack food site for college students or anyone who gets hungry but is on a budget. I've ordered everything from wasabi peas and Indian snacks to freeze-dried strawberries and caramel creams. Everything is fresh, delicious, and perfect, the service is excellent, the shipping is lightning-quick, and even the packaging is adorable! I'm in love!!"
Feb 2014 -- Maddi, Jacksonville, Florida

"This has got to be the best place I have ever run across! I have made two purchases and we have thoroughly enjoyed our orders! Not to mention the great service! I go through wasabi peas like water and my husband and 19 month old grandson love the sesame sticks. See you next time!"
Feb 2014 -- Lisa, Avery, Texas

"The shipment arrived as scheduled, and my daughter said the wasabi nuts are delicious. If she is happy, her father is happy."
Feb 2014 -- John, Baton Rouge, LA

"I personally don't eat the wasabi peanuts. I order them for my husband, he loves them, says they're addicting. I order several 1lb bags for him to have in his office. (he works in the Philippines) He also has several of his employees addicted to them. The 1lb bags pack great in my suitcase."
Feb 2014 -- Felinda, Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Nuts.com was great! Not only are the products awesome but the rate at which I received my purchase was outstanding. I was also given a surprise extra gift. I will certainly be ordering from nuts.com again!"
Jan 2014 -- Frank, Newport, RI

"Well, after reading other testimonials from customers, I'm going to sound like a broken record. I have been ordering products from your company for quite some time. I started with the chia seeds, then have branched out to wasabi peas, and various powders. I have only had great experiences with Nuts.com. Happy packaging, happy company and like so many who write to you...happy customer. Please keep your company around for a long, long time because I will be back. p.s. I am in search of a great coffee so I think I will some of yours."
Jan 2014 -- Valerie, Springfield, IL

"The wasabi nuts were delivered on time and they are terrific! I would recommend Nuts.com to everyone!"
Jan 2014 -- Richard, Southlake, Texas

"Order got here super-fast (less than 24 hours). Everything looks great, and I sampled the Wasabi peanuts which are delicious and really pack a kick!"
Dec 2013 -- Pat, Washington, DC

"Wow! What great service and tasty products! I received my order today, and I'm impressed. My first order from you arrived in perfect shape and the Candy Corn, Peppermint Malted Milk Balls, Southern Heat Mix, and Wasabi Peas are awesome. I'll be ordering again soon, and after trying the free sample of Veggie Chips you included, will ordering them too, Great product, Great prices, and Fast Delivery....Wow!"
Dec 2013 -- Dwight, Orlando, FL

"Finally I have found a company that makes wasabi peanuts my husband LOVES! Haven't tried the other things I ordered but if they are as good as the peanuts I definitely will be ordering again!"
Dec 2013 -- Beverly, Moselle, MS

"OMG! The best nuts ever! The wasabi Nuts are delicious. The sample of The veggies were oh so good. Best ever. Couldn't stop eating them. You guys were a great find thanks to Google. Hats off to you or should I say Nuts to you!"
Dec 2013 -- Susan, Ocean, NJ

"I love your products. Delivery is very fast. I will continue to shop at nuts.com. I love the wasabi peas. Thank you for the free tin. Happy Holidays to you all!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Catherine, Aurora, CO

"I anxiously awaited the arrival of my wasabi peanuts which UPS delivered tonight. Couldn't wait to open a bag and begin enjoying them. I ordered 4 1-pound bags (3 as Christmas gifts for family and friends who enjoyed wasabi peanuts while we were visiting in Chicago recently). I researched your company and am so happy I found a great product at an affordable price! I will highly recommend you to friends and I know they will all be ordering from you soon. Definitely 5 stars for flavor!"
Dec 2013 -- Patrice, Las Vegas, NV

"The wasabi peanuts are the bomb. Literally. They are really hot, but delicious. I can't stop eating them."
Dec 2013 -- Mike, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"So addicting! I love them so much, I ended up eating an entire bag in one day. This is not a good idea because Wasabi is spicy and it takes a day or two for your taste buds to get back to normal. I recommend this product with an A+"
Dec 2013 -- Sarah, Baldwin, WI

"Outstanding customer service! Fun shipping box and product packaging including the description of product weight "one yummy pound"! Delicious items!!! Wasabi cashews are large cashews. Pecan pie, buffalo peanuts, chocolate covered almonds, on and on. I ordered over 15 items and they are all superb. Looking forward to future orders for personal and gifts. Can't say enough. Thank you Nuts.com from a couple of nuts!"
Nov 2013 -- Rose, Edison, NJ

"Wasabi nust are delicious as usual. Wow! You guys are awesome! When I was in Iraq during 2008 - 2009 I use to order regularly from you guys. Your excellent customer service and great sense-of-humor is what makes me keep coming back. I know I don't really know you all; but you feel like family to me. I miss you guys!"
Nov 2013 -- Jean, Houston, TX 77396

"OMG the Wasabi Peanuts are so addictive! They're hot and delicious! Be warned, occasionally you'll get one that blows all the others out of the water. The trick is to eat them with your mouth open, otherwise the fire goes up your sinuses and burns them out. Can't get enough of these things!"
Nov 2013 -- Krista, Amarillo, TX

"I have placed three orders in the last few weeks because I can't get enough! I love the Dragon, Jericho, and Indian Summer mixes as well as ANYTHING Wasabi! I sit here at work and snack all day long but don't feel bad about it because everything is healthy! Definitely one of my favorite go to sites for snacks! Thank You Nuts.Com!!"
Nov 2013 -- melissa, massillon, oh

"these are totally awesome!!! but wished they've give you a heads-up about being spicy.... i found out the hard way after tossing a small handful in my mouth"
Nov 2013 -- britty s, belcourt, nd

"Ordered 5 pounds of the Wasabi Peanuts and was impressed with the quality. Not only how quickly my package arrived in Canada but also in the flavour and crunch. Will definitely purchase again!"
Oct 2013 -- Arthur, Ottawa, Ontario

"Awesome really fast delivery! I probably ate a half pound of those wonderful wasabi peanuts this morning when I opened the box! Thank You!"
Oct 2013 -- Paul, Salinas, Ca.

"Thought the buffalo peanuts were very good, the quality of all the nuts were great. I thnk the wasabi peanuts had a lot of kick to them"
Oct 2013 -- Denya

"Love the cornnuts...."
Sep 2013 -- derek, chesapeake, virginia

"I was so excited to get my package! My favorites so far are the strawberries, the Cacao Goji energy squares, and the wasabi beans. Will order more stuff soon! Thanks for my yummy treats!!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachel, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"I ordered the spicy fava beans and the wasabi beans, they are both fantastic! I am a satisfied customer! Thanks, nuts.com!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachel, Largo, Florida

"I just received my shipment today and WOW, am I impressed. The chickpeas are delightful as are the wasabi peas, and my husband absolutely loves the chocolate covered pretzels. Thanks for the free sample of veggie chips. The only problem is that I LIKE them...and now I'm going to have to order them next time. (not that this is really an issue :P)"
Aug 2013 -- Rachel, Aurora, Colorado

"OUTSTANDING Delivery time. Ordered on a Friday, expected the package to ship out Monday but they were able to ship it on Friday and we received it Saturday. Also, the Wasabi Peas and Spicy Southwest Mix are great. Can't wait to try the other items."
Aug 2013 -- Sharon, Myerstown, PA

"I ordered the Wasabi Peas b/c I was looking for natural colored ones, I don't need the dye. My concern was would I get hot ones? I had gotten some from another place and they were NOT hot at all. The reviews seemed to say they were spicy, so I gave them a try and I was SO pleased. If you love hot wasabi peas and don't care if your dried peas aren't bright fake green, then these are for you. I am coming back for more."
Jul 2013 -- SB Simonton, Elkridge, MD

"My husband loves these! They sound far crunchier than I expected, but he says that the flavor is subtle but super tasty!"
Jul 2013 -- Jess, Hampton Roads, VA

"Just received my Wasabi Peanuts and am eating a handful as I type, they are yummy, fresh and absolutely delicious. Glad I got the five pound bag instead of the one pounder, as it wouldn't surprise me if I ate a pound just this evening, they're so good! I would recommend Nuts.com to serve everyone's snacking needs!"
Jun 2013 -- Amy, Mascot, Tennessee

"LOVE the wasabi corn nuts! Haven't opened the other flavors but I'm sure they are fantastic. Thanks for your quick service!! Taking these on vacation with us."
Jun 2013 -- Kathy, Orlando, FL

"I have just received my order from Nuts.com and I couldn't be happier! I ordered Wasabi Soynut Explosion Mix, Oriental Mix and their Southern Heat Mix and ALL of this is terrific! My husband and I think there is just the perfect amount of heat, spices and crunch in these snacks! Much to our surprise, they also sent us a free sample package of their Veggie Chips, which, regrettably, we haven't tried yet... But I have great confidence they will be just as delicious as the other treats we have! I recommend Nuts.com for all your snacking needs! :)"
Jun 2013 -- Wendy, Beecher, IL

"My order did arrive. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I sure that I will be ordering again. Me and my family love your products."
Jun 2013 -- Mike, Salem, Utah

"OMG!!! I just got my second order today and its wonderful! LOVE the wasabi peas, sesame sticks, oriental mix, power mix and the energy bars! Still have a few more things to try in the box but loving everything so far:). Thanks for the wonderful products and the wonderful job you all do! Love the quirky e-mails!"
Jun 2013 -- Chris, Falls Church, VA

"Impressed with the super fast delivery. Got my goodies the next day. Thank you for the generous portion of the free sample of goji berries. Delicious. Seaweed peanuts and dragon mix are very fresh. I'm on a health kick and I appreciate the chia seeds and quinoa at a very reasonable price. Thank you also for including cooking instructions. This is my second order. Very satisfied. Will order again!"
Jun 2013 -- Alice, Harrison, NJ

"This one isn't to be taken lightly! Snack with caution - the wasabi hits hard! I love it! Delicious as with everything I've ever ordered!"
May 2013 -- Seth, Morgantown, WV

"I normally never leave testimonials for websites but this site is fantastic. The site is easy to use, items ship quickly, and the items themselves are good quality. I have used this site a few times to sent care packages and people love them. The diverse options are a great plus!"
May 2013 -- Manisha, Herndon, VA

"Awesome! Wasabi nuts are hot as ever. Buffalo nuts yummy...love it all! Great site, easy...and quick delivery. Thank you!"
May 2013 -- Caryn, Monroe, Nj

"Just received our order (on time) and have only tried the cajan & wasabi peanuts. They are both Great! Can't wait to try the rest of my purchase."
May 2013 -- Kathryn, carson city, nv

"I've turned into a huge mushroom popcorn fan! Yours is the best. This time, I added wasabi peas to my order, and they are fabulous as well. You have a customer for life."
May 2013 -- Dennis, The Villages, Florida

"OK, 3 points: 1) Communication - Outstanding, followed order the whole way! 2) Price - Are you kidding? I have been paying WAY TOO much at Jewel! 3) Product - I already used outstanding, so gotta go with heaven LOL Some of the best Wasabi Peas I have ever tasted. Would I order from here again, do I even need to answer!"
Apr 2013 -- Lee, Frankfort, IL

"Your service and attention to detail is outstanding. You have a gift for personalizing with a sense of humor that truly has me rooting for you like a long time friend. Your Wasabi Peanuts are the only ones I'll purchase and the Buffalo Peanuts are pretty special and unique, too."
Apr 2013 -- Timothy, Morris Plains, NJ

"I JUST tore my package open 5 minutes ago and OMG AMAZING! I've been craving for Chili Mango for EVER and the chili mango I got is so good!!!! I also got Wasabi Corn nuts, Habanero Jerky, and got a sample of dried strawberries (THANK YOU by the way); ALL AMAZING!!!!!!! I'd add more "!"s but then it'll seem obnoxious. This is my first order from Nuts.com and I'm sure there'll be many more to come :) I'm hooked!"
Apr 2013 -- Lily, New York, NY

"I discovered Nuts.com from some friends when I was deployed to Afghanistan, and now that I'm back stateside I can't wait to share it with my friends and family at home!!"
Apr 2013 -- Alexander, Atlanta, GA

"I just received my wasabi peas and they are so good . I am glad I got the big box because I am already eating them for breakfast this morning."
Apr 2013 -- Liz, Seattle, WA

"all i can say is yummmmm!!! and thanks you were fast and i love them. thanks dave"
Apr 2013 -- david, big falls, MN

"These guys are more than a little nuts but my craving for wasabi peas (Note: a 5 lb. bag is much bigger in person!) was sated just two short days after I placed the order and the box came with a delicious sampler of veggies. Great first experience!"
Apr 2013 -- Randy, Fort Wayne, IN

"Arrived promptly. Sample of Wasabi Peas, yum! Almond flour excellent quality for baking."
Mar 2013 -- Nikki, Watertown, WI

"Your wasabi peas are quite honestly the best my Husband and I have ever had. I grew up with wasabi peas, and yours blow those out of the water. Definitely a regular purchase."
Mar 2013 -- Alina, Quartz Hill, California

"Received my order of sugar free caramel corn and it is delicious! At just 90 calories a serving, it is perfect for a sweet treat that doesn't make you feel guilty. Thanks for the super fast shipping and for having such high quality products. I luv, luv, luv the hot and spicy Wasabi peas! Matter of fact, I haven't gotten anything from you "Nuts" that isn't delicious. Thanks again."
Mar 2013 -- Shirley, Hot Springs, AR

"Tried everything and am sooooo wonderful even wasabi peanuts (hotsey totsey)"
Mar 2013 -- Chris, Daytona beach, Florida

"These are be best wasabi peas around!!! Great service also."
Mar 2013 -- KM, San Diego, CA

"i am overly impressed with the service. i ordered on the 4th and received my merchandise on the 5th!! my merchandise is superb i so enjoy the wasabi peas and the extra gift was very delightful the veggie chips....splendid!!! i look forward to doing business with you in the near future!!! bye for now!!"
Mar 2013 -- dwight, brooklyn, new york

"I would have bought these things for the packaging alone! The box was a hoot and the bags are darling. You are obviously having a good time. My wasabi peas are yummy and hot hot hot! I love them... mostly though I am glad they are made in the USA... hard to find these days! You will hear from me again soon."
Feb 2013 -- Carol, Carmel, Ca

"I was thrilled to see you carried the Rice Crackers so I got them and then discovered a bunch of other goodies that I just had to order! My order came today and I am not disappointed! Oh, I love the Wasabi Beans!!! The Oriental Mix is very good, too! Thank you for the sample pack of Southern Heat Mix....yummy! I will be ordering again! Everything is very tasty!"
Feb 2013 -- Debra J Garber, Palmyra, PA

"Just received the wasabi peanuts. They were shipped fast and fresh. The wasabi is HOT. But that's great.... exactly what we were looking for. Will definitely be ordering again."
Feb 2013 -- Paulie, Clyde, OH

"EXCELLENT describes the delivery, the quality of the products and the customer service I received. I gave the wasabi peanuts and the buffalo peanuts to a coworker as a gift and she absolutely loved them both. I will recommend nuts.com to my friends and family."
Feb 2013 -- Angela, Newark, DE

"Delicious products...fantastic service!"
Feb 2013 -- Jackie, Chesterfield, MO

"WOW. . .WOW. . .WOW. . .I just ordered them yesterday and I received them today!! Wasn't expecting that! Delicious! My mouth is on fire eating the Wasabi Peas. Pistachios are my favorite but I would prefer the red! Red pistachios are hard to find. Back in the day. . .that's all there were RED."
Feb 2013 -- Mary, Larksville, PA

"Hi! Wow! Fast shipping and really yummy product! Thanks so much! You far exceeded my expectations!"
Feb 2013 -- JD, Hartwell, GA

"The wasabi peanuts are out of this world! I am a wasabi fan, so being a first time buyer I wasn't sure that they would be spicy enough. They are perfect! Spicy but with a nice sweetness to go along...I'll be back for more."
Jan 2013 -- William, Ottawa, IL

"I've always loved wasabi peas. After googling them I was instantly in love with this site! The exotic snacks are a instant conversation starter. And your wasabi peas are just hot enough in that horseradish way that no one steals from me at work :D!"
Jan 2013 -- Donald, Ada, Oklahoma

"I just received my 20 pounds of Wasabi Peas and my wife was SHOCKED! She could not believe how much I bought her and she loved the first order I got her of a smaller bag. She gets them all the time and said these are the best wasabi peas she has EVER had. I just joined the Nuts.com Family! Now it is time for the nutty days ahead!"
Jan 2013 -- Michael, Shelby Township, MI

"I want to thank you very much for such a quick delivery. Everything I ordered was exceptionally good. I also want to thank you for the little surprise! I love quinoa. Thank you again. I will be ordering again!"
Jan 2013 -- Antoinette

"Just want to praise you for your fast response time and fabulous communication skills! Your emails were excellent and I can't believe how quickly my order was shipped! Thank you!"
Jan 2013 -- Nola, South Windsor, CT

"these nuts are amazing and such a great deal. and unlike a small package of cornnuts and having everyone want some this bag was perfect for everyone to get a taste and still have plenty to eat and share as well they are delicious"
Jan 2013 -- lilly, dallas, texas

"H-ll yea! About to blow my head off from the heat, but love it. Thanks So MUCH!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Marie, Cleveland, Ohio

"Eating these wasabi bits is like playing Russian roulette. Mild, mild, mild, BAM! Love the wasabi flavor and the surprising tang."
Jan 2013 -- Stephanie

"There are raisins, then there are raisins from nuts.com. I cannot believe how enormous and full of flavor they are. Even the ones I get at my local store are not as impressive! Out of every thing I ordered, the wasabi cashews are the ones that disappeared first. I am hooked for life. Thank you!"
Dec 2012 -- Andrew, Florida

"I just received an email that stated that my first box from nuts.com has arrived. I opened my front door to find my huge box with all my delicious fruits, nuts and sesame salad toppers in pretty, sealed and resealable bags with adorable figures on it. Everything i tasted so far is delicious but my all time favorite is the wasabi nuts. Thank goodness I ordered 5 bags! Thank you so much for an excellent product. The food, the resealable bags, the presentation, the easy to navigate web page and the quick delivery made this whole experience exceptional and I will recommended to all my friends immediately."
Dec 2012 -- Jessica, tenafly, nj

"I've ordered from Nuts.com several times. I have never been disappointed in any of my orders. Everything is always fresh, delicious, and packaged well. I will, of course, be back for more. Merry Christmas!"
Dec 2012 -- Karen, Sachse, TX

"2nd experience - I can safely say that the experience is consistent and even better. I received more items this time and I'm actually angry that at the age of 40 I only now discovered dried cantaloupe. The wasabi peanuts I purchased locally were a joke compared to the ones I received from nuts.com. I then tried the wasabi veggie chips and realized that we now have a problem with addiction and perhaps your website should offer automatic scheduled deliveries. Please keep up the great work!"
Dec 2012 -- Chris, Dillsburg, PA

"Will NEVER buy nuts anywhere else. Easy website, prompt delivery, and THEY told me when my package arrived at the house. Great service! I also loved the little thank you gift that was included...."
Dec 2012 -- Lisa, Benicia, CA

"Best Edamame I've ever tasted! [And I never tasted it til I bought some from you. Can't believe how great a snack it is. Healthy for me - I'm a diabetic. Love the wasabi peas. Ordered 5 pounds of them [a friend had shipped me a pound.] You've got a regular cusotmer in me. bobbi"
Dec 2012 -- Bobbi, NJ

"AMAZING service and if you can believe it, even more AMAZING products! I love all flavors of the Energy Squares - they are addicting! I love the Turkish pistachios, the Goji powder in my smoothies, and the Wasabi Peanuts are TO CRY FOR!"
Dec 2012 -- Eleanor, Hernando, MS

"I ordered Wasabi peas as a gift for a friend. She raved about them. How can you rave about a pea? I'm not sure but she said they were incredible, the best that she's ever had!! I'll be ordering more stuff in the future. ---Reggie"
Dec 2012 -- Reggie, Portsmouth, RI

"WOW WEE WOW!! I ordered these on Friday 11/30/12 (evening no less) and they were delivered Saturday 12/01/12 at lunch time (just in time for an afternoon snack!!!!!!) BTW the veggie chips are great too!!!"
Dec 2012 -- Gary, Enola, PA

"You did it again!! Satisfaction guaranteed! I am enjoying the habanero pistachio samples!!! YUMMY! But the Wasabi cashews i ordered... gotta hide them from the coworkers!! everyone is asking What is Nuts.com? I am spreading your word!!"
Nov 2012 -- Cynthia

"I loved the wasabi toasted corn. I'm tired of buying the small pack of ranch flavored toasted corn at the consession stand and it's just not enough. I want more. This 1 lb bag has more flavor and is a generous portion. I can snack on these all day and tomorrow, and there's still a lot left over. The great thing about the wasabi flavor, is that it is a fuller flavorful with out the burning throat and watery eyes that the wasabi I get on the side of my Japanese take out food. So today I'm ordering 3 bags to last me a long, long time."
Nov 2012 -- Jasmin1011, Astoria, NY

"Wow! I am so impressed with your website, selection, prices, quick shipping and last but not least your shipping boxes! What a clever idea! I ordered 22 lbs. of the wasabi beans to repackage as gifts for family and friends and could not stop eating them while I was working on the packaging! They are so good! I will definitely be returning to your site for my future nut cravings! Keep up the great job!"
Nov 2012 -- Barbara A McLeod, Bel Air, MD

"I have become happily addicted to the wasabi peas from Nuts.com. They have the perfect amount of crunch and spice to become my "go-to" snack whenever I have a craving for something to munch on. I personally do not like super hot foods or spices. However, these wasabi peas are the perfect amount of heat (no eyes watering here, unless I grab a big handful at once in my mouth). If you like wasabi you will love the wasabi peas. Great product Nuts.com!!!"
Nov 2012 -- Meghan, Northbrook, IL.

"I love spicy wasabi and these bad boys are hotter than the devil with his tail on fire! Absolutely awesome just like everything we've tried from Nuts.com!"
Oct 2012 -- Diane, Loganville, Georgia

"hey, it's been a while since my last order but everything is great as usual!!! arrived fast (still not sure how you DO that?!?) the wasabi peas are fantastic - i know this because i finally just stopped crying. hehe. oh, and thanks for the free sampler - i'll be getting these mixed berries next time for sure. thanks again for the great products and service!"
Oct 2012 -- Chris, Mentor, OH

"A friend from work turned me on to nuts.com. There were so many choices, I ordered a bunch of samples and a bag of wasabi beans. Everything was delicious especially the wasabi beans. also the sample of Gogi berries were a great surprise. :)"
Oct 2012 -- Jenna, Nj

"I ordered the wasabi peanuts, and boy are they hot. Some will blow your mind. The peanuts are top quality and the wasabi is potent. If you're looking for some zingy peanuts these are for you."
Oct 2012 -- Gary

"Love, love, love the squash seeds! I've not had them before but now I'm addicted. Also love the wasabi peas - nice and hot! Will order again,soon."
Oct 2012 -- Julie

"I received my first shipment of nuts yesterday and i was SO pleasantly pleased!!! :o) The packaging of the the nuts were so beautiful in color and style that I didn't want to open them! :o) And when I did open them, I couldn't believe how incredibly fresh everything was! Thank you for making me a part of your family because your company has a lifelong customer in Columbus, Ohio!! :o)"
Oct 2012 -- Jacquetta, Columbus, Ohio

"Wow Talk about fast I ordered Monday at 10 am Order arrived Tuesday at 9 am. What a great way to start my day. Pistachios for breakfast. Maple Nut Goodies for desert and Bonomo Turkish taffy for a gift to friends who like to go back in time Wasabi corn nuts tonight!! U guys are great.Ill be back for more."
Oct 2012 -- Dave, Elkton, Md

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