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Raw Dried Fruit Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"How should I say this.... It brings tears of joy to my eyes when I eat these figs, they are that good :)"
Feb 2015 -- Drey, Clearwater, Fl

"Sirs, Received your shipment very quickly . Tried most of samples,and found to be great. The Turkish figs sample is about gone. Not sure if I really like them or need money back ? Please send another sample ? HaHa, kidding figs are best I've ever had!!"
Sep 2014 -- T.A.Markel, Ashland, Ohio

"I'm glad I included these in my order."
Sep 2014 -- Merri, Newnan, GA

"Loved the sample last month , added a pound to this month's order. You describe them perfectly in Health Tip 1."
Sep 2014 -- Em, Beaufort, NC

"Many thanks for the sample cashews. They are yummy. I ordered the Turkish figs for the first time, and they are phenomenal...best I've ever tasted. I'm trying to hold off a bit on the Brazil nuts and macadamias, lest I go overboard and finish them all off at once!"
Aug 2014 -- Peter, Green Valley, AZ

"Today I received my order and it was well packed. I love their Turkish figs (dried), and the white mullberries are delicious. I was happy to receive a nice sample of Turkish apricots. I love buying from this store."
Jul 2014 -- sarah, Prescott, az

Jul 2014 -- ROBERT BENNETT, honolulu, hi

"I gotta say, this is very very fresh food. All the items I purchased are top quality, NOT second rate. The Turkish Figs are the freshest and darkest I have ever had. The Veggie Chips are incredibly delicious and very fresh. I have purchased these same items from many online retailers and there is stark difference between the items I just received and the others. If you're reading these comments and trying to decide if this is the place to buy, ....this IS the place to buy!"
Jun 2014 -- Michael, Drexel Hill, PA

"Love these figs. Large, dried, full of fruit, and not to sweet! Some of the best I've had."
Jun 2014 -- David, Medina, OH

"Once again you have delivered the very best! The figs are fantastic...oh, so good! Promised Andre the postman a sample of the figs. Told him he would be hooked on them...good food, good for you. Thanks."
Jun 2014 -- Theresa, St. Augustine, Florida

"The dried strawberries, figs and apricots are perfectly dried. They are still plump and flavorful. Wonderful product."
Jun 2014 -- Claudia, Britton, Michigan

"I read the reviews about the Turkish figs before I bought a sample bag and I was most convinced by a reviewer who mentioned they could not find high-quality figs like the ones that sustained them through the desert... Until they found the ones sold here. I absolutely LOVE the figs! A sweet yet very healthy alternative to sugary snacks and I am now ordering a 1 lb. bag."
May 2014 -- Tiffany, Dayton, OH

"I received the organic Turkish dates today. OMG, I had to stop myself from eating them all in one sitting. You can taste the freshness. I will definitely order them again!"
May 2014 -- Ansley, New York, NY

"I just wanted to thank you folks at Nuts.com for providing quality products, great shipping and a sense of humor in your marketing. Every few weeks, I send a surprise package to my favorite aunt who is now in her mid 80.s. While she appreciates everything I send, she is always so excited to get a package from Nuts.com. She is especially fond of the Columbian coffee, figs, and those wonderful dark chocolate peanut butter cups,... and oh yeah, those chocolate pretzels. You folks make it so easy to bring smiles to loved ones who live far away. You guys earned my business, and I truly appreciate the total quality you continue to provide. Thanks again... Jim Fields"
May 2014 -- James, barboursville, wv

"Super fast delivery! Thanks for the sample. These organic Turkish figs are wonderful and so yummy!! I will definitely order again!!"
May 2014 -- Maxine, Franklin, MA

"My order Arrived in one day. Your service is fantastic. Ate my first fig and love it. Quality is super. Thanks so much guys - You all Rock!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Renee, WASHINGTON, District of Columbia

"These organic Turkish figs are wonderful. They are much less expensive than the Turkish figs I can find locally, which are not organic. I have also enjoyed the organic crystallized ginger, peaches and real cinnamon sticks. Thank you for your delicious, well-priced products."
Apr 2014 -- Mary, Seattle, WA

"Hey! You guys are the greatest. The figs are better than I hoped for and you sent a super gift. Thanks, everything arrived ahead of time. Have a Happy Easter. God bless"
Apr 2014 -- Theresa, Florida

"Dried figs sustained me crossing the Sahara desert. They were fresh dried from local trees. I have hunted for years for figs like those, from the best markets, to no avail. What a surprise and treat to finally find their equal from nuts.com! I heartily recommend the figs and other products as fabulous!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Marcia J Ambrose, Walnut Creek, CA

"Just got my box of goodies and am eating some Turkish Figs for the first time. Loving it. Will definitely come back to do more shopping."
Mar 2014 -- Donna, Houston, TX

"Just received my first order today! I opened the bag of toasted corn, which were awesome! Tried the Dry Roasted Edamame, awesome! The Turkish Figs and Medjool Dates felt plump (through the package). Mixed up a glass of coconut water with the 100% Matcha before my workout, and off I went! Great products so far. Can't wait to have the Harmony Soup, that is soaking, for lunch tomorrow! And looking forward to the other items as well. Love the packaging and the fact that everything is resealable, added bonus!"
Mar 2014 -- Leigh, Metamora, Michigan

"The quality of products is superior to any that we have previously purchased. We were gifted our first order of Medjool dates and Turkish figs and are hooked on them! The super fast (and cheap) shipping is an added bonus!"
Mar 2014 -- Brittany, Atlanta, GA

"Wow, super fast delivery! Thanks for the sample, dried organic figs and the white nectarines so yummy!!! I will definitely order again!!"
Mar 2014 -- Wilmer, New York, New york

"Was very surprised and pleased with the exceptional delivery service. Tasted the Organic Figs and they are so large, plump and simply delicious. It was a pleasure dealing with Nuts.com."
Mar 2014 -- Wanda, Neptune, NJ

"i took a nap and woke up at 11pm. i remembered my delivery and checked the porch. there it was my package from nuts.com, this is my first time trying your dried fruits. i could not wait til am so i tried the figs and the mixed berries. they are oh so delicious.thank you for a superior line of healthy foods. GOD BLESS"
Mar 2014 -- mary small, upper moroarlb, md

"I ordered on a Saturday night and received my order a day earlier than expected. The package arrived Monday morning instead of the projected Tuesday delivery. So fast and convenient! They even included an extra free sample of almonds for us to try. The Dried Organic Turkish Figs were amazing. I live close by and I'm even more excited to find that I can pick my order up same day! The shipping is fast but why wait?"
Mar 2014 -- JASON, Hewitt, NJ

"Wow oh Wow! First time ordering I got the Raw sampler pack that included the turkish figs that are out of this world! I also ordered the Organic Medjool Dates, I wanted something that curbed that sweet tooth without an once of guilt…. so good. I am so pleased with this company. Order came quick and was perfect! I cannot wait to try out what else this company offers. So pleased! (:"
Feb 2014 -- Taylor, Orlando, FL

"I received a sample of Turkish figs with another order I had placed and I do not even like figs but these were INCREDIBLE! They were so plump and yummy. They were full of flavor and taste. You will not be disappointed. I also recommend the dried strawberries. They are probably the tastiest product I have ordered as of yet. Big, plump (even though they are dried!) and jam-packed full of yummy taste! Save on time and don't get the sample, go ahead and get a pound. You will not regret it."
Feb 2014 -- Melody, Petal, Ms

"These Turkish figs are to die for, the freshest I have had since I was last in Hungary that was 1985 , thank you Nuts I'm now a lifetime customer , I have been telling everyone I see about Nuts.com"
Feb 2014 -- Franz, Fairbanks, Ak

"I received my order of Mulberries and Turkish Figs yesterday with a sample of Medjool dates. Just as I suspected it was DELICIOUS! I love the mulberries and this is my second time ordering from Nuts.com in 2 weeks haha. So obviously I love there products! The dried fruit is delicious and at such a great price. Yum!"
Feb 2014 -- Natasha T., Cleveland, Ohio

"My family has ordered on numerous occasions with this company. They are the best at what they do, PERIOD! Quality foods, shipped very quickly. Vibrant and fun packaging. Never a complaint about their service. In a time where ordering online is mostly haphazard at best, these people give good old fashioned customer satisfaction, each and every time. LOVE YOU NUTS.COM!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Dianne, Bismarck, North Dakota

"I ordered only a sample pack as I wasn't sure I would like them. Was I ever wrong. They are sweet, juicy and very delicious! Never liked my home state's California Black Mission Figs, but these rock!"
Feb 2014 -- Marsha, Lehigh Valley, PA

"Have tried both varieties of figs that I just received. Both are very yummy!"
Feb 2014 -- Kathryn, Oakland, MD

"The Turkish figs are delicious, this is my second time to order, I will be back. Thanks"
Jan 2014 -- Sharon, Fort Worth, TX

"Thank you for your prompt service. The mulberries and figs are delicious!"
Jan 2014 -- Aicha, Madison, Wisconsin

"Love the organic figs!!! They are the best I've had since I lived in Chile. I will definitely be ordering them again."
Jan 2014 -- Nerissa Nordquist, Oakdale, Minnesota

"I have tasted figs from many places, Portugal, Spain, Grecia, Turquia, Marrocos, Argelia, Libano, etc. etc. Nothing to compare with those from nuts.com !!! Congratulations, and thank you. Great figs. Jose"
Jan 2014 -- Jose, Glendale, AZ.

"I ordered the sample pack to see how they were (some you get are very dry). These are excellent quality and love them will be ordering the regular quantity this time. Wonderful!! Very impressed."
Dec 2013 -- kim, panama city, fl

"Dear Nutty family, Received my dried figs order yesterday. I want to let you know that I am very happy with it, the figs are delicious and the service was great. Thank you. One very happy customer, Margarida"
Dec 2013 -- Margarida, Los Altos, Ca

"I have sampled figs from at least five different companies and by far these are the best I have ever had. They are moist and tasty!"
Dec 2013 -- Corinne, Reston, VA

"Hi, I received my order of Turkish figs & was super impressed thank you loads you have a steady new customer. Merry Christmas & happy new year. Sincerly Bill Strait"
Dec 2013 -- bill, n.c, state road

"My blueberries and Turkish figs arrived right on time yesterday. They're always a treat ... my very favorite! I appreciate how quickly you nutty folks send my packages, and the flavors never disappoint. I'll be back!"
Dec 2013 -- Rosemary, Fairfax, VA

"The figs I ordered for my folks were far better tasting than the store bought ones and buying the 30 lb size resulted in a cost of ~$4.70 per lb including shipping; the paper between the layers kept them from sticking together and getting crushed. We eat loads of figs, and, I'll be using Nuts.com as my supplier from now on. Thanks for the prompt shipment. Made a great early Christmas present."
Dec 2013 -- Anthony, Lake Mills, WI

"I just placed my second order. I was amazed at the QUALITY and SERVICE of the products that you sent me. I make Italian cookies for the holidays and have received much acclaim for them. I placed a small order with your company and the Turkish figs were so amazing they never made it to the oven, eaten like candy. I have liked you on Facebook and will share your name with everyone I know."
Nov 2013 -- Paul S. Oliver, Marcy, NY

"Delivered as promised. I opened the bag as soon as I got home and ate a couple Turkish figs. Delicious!! I'm glad I ordered the 5 lb bag!!"
Nov 2013 -- Thomas, Signal Mountain, TN

"We received our order very quickly, the Turkish figs are absolutely delicious! Everything was absolutely TERRIFIC quality! Count on us as a new customer!!"
Nov 2013 -- Mark, Springfield, Or

"Ordered figs and love them. Great packaging by the way! I will be back, count on it."
Nov 2013 -- Sharon, Ft Worth, TX

"The figs and dates are amazing. Juicy and sweet"
Nov 2013 -- Donna, sc

"I must say that your Turkish Figs are the best I have ever put in my mouth!!!!! I just received my second order of them and I will be ordering them again and again and again and again! They are GREAT!"
Nov 2013 -- Debra, Columbus, Ohio

"Totally pleased. Order arrived super quick & I was not disappointed! I ordered the roasted fava beans and the turkish figs. Both are superb! I will definitely order from you again!"
Nov 2013 -- Lisa, Hamden, CT

"Love these figs! I had to chuckle when I read the information on storing the opened bags of the figs. They don't last long enough to worry about the "use by" date. Long gone within the month."
Oct 2013 -- Priscilla, MN

"You have the best nuts and the fastest delivery! Turkish Figs, Goji Berries and Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are fantastic. I loved your package design as well. Thank you for your wonderful service!"
Oct 2013 -- Nad, Staten Island, New York

"I am enjoying the Organic Figs..they are deliciously addictive. Thank you for the prompt service and quality product! Love your upbeat packaging!"
Oct 2013 -- Sharon, Webster, FL

"Thanks for the sample package of figs. I was so surprised at how fat and moist these figs were. Definitely not like any figs I have ever purchased at my local grocery store. This was a real eye opener to me - I never knew how figs were really supposed to be like! Love the new (to me) packaging too. All my items lined up on my counter and the colours were so pretty, I had to take a photo. I will be ordering figs for sure when I am making my cheese cakes at Christmas time. This will amp up the flavour and texture. Love them!!-"
Oct 2013 -- Janice, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

"Hi, received the figs yesterday and they are wonderful. Will definitely order again. Thanks"
Oct 2013 -- Karen, butler, pa

"The figs are the best ever. Takes me back to the ones that I buy in Turkey. Will buy more from there and recommend others."
Oct 2013 -- Erzsibet, Maplewood, MN

"Best tasting figs I've ever had! Fast delivery. Couldn't be more satisfied!"
Oct 2013 -- Maria, Buffalo, NY

"With out a doubt the most organized company going. Impressed with everything I ordered, the figs were the best, wished that I had ordered more. The Caramel Pecan Fudge...thought I had died and gone to heaven, was thankful that I had a salad for lunch so I was able to sample all that I ordered. Yes, I`m in."
Sep 2013 -- Geraldine A. Hamilton, East Greenwich, R.I.

"I ordered some figs and they taste great. Fast shipping and friendly service too. I definitely will buy again!"
Sep 2013 -- Jacob, Austin, MN

"I received my shipment of figs and apricots. They arrived wonderfully. The taste was extraordinary. The Turkish figs taste just like a fig newton with a crunch. The California figs are sweeter and milder and the apricots are absolutely delicious. I am going to get more of them when mine run out. Very fast delivery and very pleasant company to work with."
Sep 2013 -- Arlene, Gwynn Oak, Maryland

"I received my package from you guys the same time my coffee came. I just broke into the Turkish Figs and OMG are they good and nice and gooey. I can't wait to try the goji berries in my smoothie. The cereal, I will be eating tomorrow morning most likely that will be amazing just like the figs.the squares.....haven't tried but I can't wait. Love the way they're packaged......so cute. Thanks guys. Your amazing. I will definitely be continuing my business with you. Thank you for being the greatest place ever for dried fruits and everything else you sell and yet, your prices are reasonable as ever."
Sep 2013 -- Ginger Haggerty, North Tonawanda, NY

"Why oh why did I buy the 'Premium Dried Turkish Figs' from my local middle east store? They were dried alright; like newspaper! Had just one and pitched the rest. Why? Because I was out of Nuts.com plump, juicy and divinely delicious Organic Turkish Figs. I'm addicted. Another 5lb. bag on the way."
Sep 2013 -- Noah, Alexandria, VA

"I have had knee replacement surgery and I thought I had stocked up on enough treats (one being French Burnt Peanuts) to hold me for the duration, not so! The closest place to purchase these little gems is a 1 hr. drive, not going to happen. So I went on-line and located nuts.com and in doing so I have made friends for life!!!! The French Roasted Peanuts have the most incredible flavor I have ever tasted in my life and that's a long time. I also purchase dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts and dried Turkish figs and they are also of the highest flavor and quality, not to mention next day delivery. In my opinion you would be "Nuts" to do busy elsewhere "I will return". GS from Watkins Glen, NY"
Aug 2013 -- George W. Schmidt, Watkins Glen, NY

"We received the box of GF flour and are really delighted with it and the packaging is so very cool with a free gift and all. The figs are wonderful and the note was so funny. A really neat company to buy flour and nuts from. We will surely get back for more. Yippee!"
Aug 2013 -- Linda, Mesa, AZ

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the figs!!! They are the best we've ever eaten. Will try the Italian coffee tomorrow morning. Also love your very creative packaging!"
Aug 2013 -- Diane, Baltimore, MD

"Package arrived on time and I immediately opened it. The figs were soft and plump. They were simply delicious. Hope to be ordering again. thanks."
Aug 2013 -- Jacob, Los angeles, Ca

"Extremely fast service! Product was fresh....and soooo yummy!!!! Turkish figs have become hard for me to find, and Nuts.com is just the answer when I have the craving! Thank you. Will continue to use and recommend."
Aug 2013 -- Lynda, Fayetteville, NC

"Ordered the dried figs and they were delicious! I'll be ordering more and trying new items in the near future. Yum! And thank you for the complimentary buckwheat sample!"
Aug 2013 -- Christina, Garden grove, Ca

"You figs are fabulous. So sweet and plump. I toasted the sample of almonds you gave me and they were also wonderful. I am so glad to have found you. Amazing quality and fast delivery. Thanks."
Jul 2013 -- Sandi, Westlake, La

"Aloha ! Received all the goods and everything is way beyond my expectations , fresh and tasty ! Can't wait to order again ...Love the figs and carob spirulina energy squares. Many Mahalos!"
Jul 2013 -- Roy, Hawaii

"Absolutely wonderful. Better than I imagined. Once many years ago in an expensive restaurant in Canada I had figs like these and I never forgot them. I love, love them. How do I keep them fresh?"
Jul 2013 -- Sandi, Westlake, La

"I have purchased many things from a very well known health food store and been disappointed. Like dried figs, dried veggie chips etc. and have thrown them out. OH MY GOODNESS are yours excellent. The figs are so moist and yummy and I am addicted to the veggie chips. Thank you so much for such great items."
Jul 2013 -- Pat and Keri, green valley, az

"I really love Nuts.com. I've had the best dried fruit, nuts and snacks from this place. Most notable: medjool dates, Turkish figs and bhakarwadi (sensational!!). This company really cares about quality and their customer service is excellent."
Jul 2013 -- Aliza, Portland, Oregon

"My Turkish Figs were great!! gonna get some mission figs next!"
Jul 2013 -- Lenny Reber, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

"This was my first order and have to say the figs and dates I ordered are good and fresh, this is a fine family business, they ship fast and do customer follow up, excellent product and service.I will be doing business with you again, Thank You!"
Jul 2013 -- Randy, Naches, WA

"Awesome, I Love your products every thing I have ordered is amazing and I have ordered 3 times Thank you for being a Great Company."
Jul 2013 -- Tammy, Jacksonville, FL

"1st time ordering from here. Ordered Sunday night and received Wednesday afternoon. Got what I ordered. The figs and dates are delicious. Same goes for the walnuts. Very pleased with the quality and service. Everything was fresh. Will order from here again."
Jun 2013 -- Brian, RTP, NC

"WOW!! Amazing! I ordered the raw Turkish figs and they are amazing! And they are completely raw! Nothing added. I also ordered the Japanese Green Tea and it is great as well. I will definitely buy again. Shipping was incredibly fast also. I placed my order around 7pm and it was delivered the next day!! Amazing! Thanks nutty family!"
Jun 2013 -- Jamie, Akron, PA

"I LOVE Nuts.com! I even got my office hooked! I don't know where to begin.. I am nuts and crackers about all the nuts, and flours and various other items. BUT the Turkish Figs and Jumbo Medjool Dates have got to be my ongoing favorites! My husband found Nuts.com a few years ago and we've been so happy with the great service and quaility of every product we've gotten.. Thanks for the yummy samples too.. They are awesome! We are here in California now for 25 years but are originally from NJ!"
Jun 2013 -- Pamela, Costa Mesa, CA

"Wow! I just ordered this last night, and it's here already! Box opened, and it's all here. We've sampled the figs. Mmm! Good!"
Jun 2013 -- Thomas, harrusburg, PA

"Received a sample pack of these and oh my, something to add to my orders in the future. Dried cantaloupe will forever be my favorite item, but these are a close second."
Jun 2013 -- Sylvia, Metairie, Louisiana

"Thank you!! Figs and Dates were delectable!! as well as the sunflower seeds! We will order again soon! Nice and fresh! Thanks for excellence!"
Jun 2013 -- Carol, North Port, Fl

"I definitely will be a regular customer and recommend nuts.com to families and friends. The moist organic figs is my favorite and can't wait to order other fruits."
May 2013 -- Courtney, Irving, Tx

"The Turkish Figs were delicious!! Thank you! I love your packaging and emails- you really have fun with the products. I haven't tried the dates yet but they look delicious, I"m sure I will be pleased!"
May 2013 -- Julie, Jefferson, SD

"Very prompt shipping! I ordered several variety of figs and find that your organic turkish figs are the BEST!"
May 2013 -- Linda, Guilford, CT

"I received my order 1 day after ordering...how is that even possible? The pine nuts were delicious and creamy fresh, the sumac fresh and fragrant and the organic Turkish figs simply devine! i do not know why anyone would want to shop elsewhere!"
May 2013 -- toni, queens, NY

"The figs were soft and better than what I can find in CT."
May 2013 -- Linda, Guilforfd, CT

"The marcona almonds were superb - as were the turkish figs. My husband adores them! And thanks for the little treat of dried apricots. They are going on my oatmeal tomorrow a.m."
May 2013 -- Kristin, Niantic, CT

"Shipment arrived quickly, and the product quality is top-notch. I love dried figs, and yours are The Best! Dried gooseberries are a bit pricey, but delicious and the package lasts a long time, so it is a worthwhile splurge. Thank you!"
May 2013 -- Glen, Bryn Mawr, PA

"First, you have incredibly fast & efficient service. Second, your website is easy to navigate & appealling. Third, & most important, your products are fresh & delicious. The mushroom popcorn is fat, flavorful & crazy good. I have purchased other site's mushroom popcorn, but yours is the best. Your figs, wonderful, chocolates, wonderful, everything, so far for me wonderful. Thanks, I'll be back."
May 2013 -- Luci, New Kensington, PA

"Hello Nutty Family, Thank you so much for delivering my order so quickly. Unbelievable. I love your packages and products. I will definitely will order again. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much and now I can eat my figs and drink my favorite peppermint tea. (jumping, jumping) Irma :)"
Apr 2013 -- Irma, Jersey City, New Jersey

"As usual, you guys are the bomb! Super fast delivery and everything fresh and delicious. I'm a customer for life."
Apr 2013 -- Randy G., Durant, OK

"First let me say I never expected to receive my pkg. until next week, so to receive it today was a pleasant surprise. The Turkish figs are delicious, moist not dry, nearly as good as fresh picked off my mums tree in her backyard. But the Black Australian Licorice... I love black licorice but have never tasted any as good as this. I have consumed Spirulina in many different ways, but never raw like this, so will have to get creative in my usage, but the price is great. I will most definitely be a returning customer. Thank You! Dom"
Mar 2013 -- Dominick, Flagstaff, Arizona

"I ordered the black mission figs, turkish figs and dried persimmons...all were so great! I have tried many other brands of figs and these are so delicious and fresh! I am beyond happy! Will be ordering again soon! Thank you so much!"
Mar 2013 -- Bethany, Southern Pines, NC

"Absolutely Delicious! These Turkish Figs are wonderful and so fresh it's unbelievable. They are a nice medium size and will have your taste buds dancing with a mouth full of these nutritiously packed beauties. One or two of these adds a lot of flavor to any bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat. The uses for these figs are endless and we can't wait to update this testimonial to share our very own recipes with you. Don't hesitate to order. Try and Enjoy :-)"
Mar 2013 -- Natasha, Rockville, MD

"You all at Nuts.com definitely provide the best and fastest service ever. As always the organic Turkish apricots and figs are my favorites (moist, full of flavor, just like the ones I became dependent on in Greece), but it's fun to try new things too. I had never had a hazelnut by itself before -- they're so good! Dried papaya is amazing too. I don't know what I'd do without you guys! I can't find such great dried fruits and nuts (especially organic) anywhere else, especially in large quantities. The free samples and the box are always fun too! Thanks. :)"
Mar 2013 -- Juliana, CT

"Just got my first order! As with everyone else, I received it very quickly (1 day), and the quality of everything is so great! I got the raw hazelnuts, dried apples, pitted dates, and Turkish figs, and as soon as I opened the box I sat down on the floor and sampled them all. Will definitely be ordering again!"
Mar 2013 -- Lindy, Baltimore, MD

"Absolutely incredibley GOOD products and service not like anything I've bought before the Turkish figs are huge and fresh so are the Medjool Dates and I've never heard of Goji Berries and they are wonderful --- A wonderful Business - Great family - Incredible products --also the packaging is excellent -- Wonderful business OH I already said that !! People like you make this country proud and we need more of that right now thank you"
Mar 2013 -- John, N. Vernon, Indiana

"I just received my order, and I was so delighted with the box so much, I had to read it before I could try what I ordered. I ordered the Turkish Figs and Pitted Dates, they are so fresh and delicious. I absolutely recommend Nuts.com and will reorder from them again. Good job everyone. Love your humor!"
Mar 2013 -- Claudia, Alexandria, Virginia

"I absolutely LOVE them ALL. My husband was also impressed especially the meaty FIGS. Thank you, your service & products exceeded our expectations."
Mar 2013 -- CRISTINA, TUSTIN, California

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