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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I'm totally nuts about nuts.com, no joke. I'm originally from California but live on the East Coast now, and winter can get pretty depressing with respect to fruit. On top of that I'm very, very picky - I worked at a produce company and have always loved fresh fruits and veggies. I've supplemented my fruit habit with expensive dried fruit bought on amazon or fresh direct. The quality varies, and whew it's expensive! Nuts.com saves the day! I was shocked to see a 1#bag of Organic, unsulfured nectarines for such a low price. On top of that, THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!! I like my dried fruit to have a tart little zing. It's not too tart, and milder than conventional dried peaches (sulfured) which I love but have to limit because of the sulfur dioxide. My new favorites are these delicious nectarines. I ordered a bunch of other stuff, and am pleased with almost all of it. The cherry on top was that I was able to get a credit for some product that was not what I expected, no hassles. I couldn't eat the strawberries because they were too sweet for me, and the peppermint balls were too hard. And my email was replied to the same evening, way after work hours! A+++++ My entire experience has been exceptional, and I'm definitely going to be re-ordering. Nuts.com, you're an oasis in the desert of online shopping & east coast dried fruit. Thanks to the 100th power."
Oct 2014 -- Cristina from CA, Brooklyn, New York

"wow..delivery in 2 days! love the complimentary gift pack~~~nutty box of summer treats!~~~, eating some dried nectarines right now..not sweet..no added sugar, just the right amt of chewy...you all are rock stars! you do not disappoint!"
Jul 2014 -- Linda, Bedford, Ohio

"Wow, super fast delivery! Thanks for the sample, dried organic figs and the white nectarines so yummy!!! I will definitely order again!!"
Mar 2014 -- Wilmer, New York, New york

"I got the box today. Nice packaging. Nice packaging for the fruit I ordered too. The nectarines are Luscious!! Thanks for the Date goodies. Thanks for everything. Good doing business with you."
Mar 2014 -- Marion, Eastbrook, ME

"Hello Nuts.com, Thanks you so very much for my latest shipment! Always appreciate your prompt delivery, as well as the email notifications. Everything so far is very good... The dried cantaloupe is amazing! The taste is almost inspiring; truly a special treat. And we love the dried nectarine and pears. My husband likes the pineapple (I am allergic) and all the nuts are super yummy. The snack mixes are one of our favorite treats - crunchy and delicious! Thanks for the Chia sample, but I don't like Chia, so I will find someone to give it to. Thanks again! Already looking forward to my next order..."
Mar 2014 -- Sarah, Hoboken, NJ

"The best dried fruit around. Such a variety. Moist, sweet, delicious apricots, figs, dates, raisins..... wonderful strawberries, white nectarines, peaches etc etc.....for a snack or to cook/bake with. Mmmmm....good! !"
Mar 2014 -- gary, Niagara Falls, New York

"Honestly, I am absolutely positively surprised. Your packaging, your branding = outstanding. I was jumping up and down when I got your package. The dried fruit I ordered: out of this world! I have been looking for quality dried fruit for almost a year and have finally found my spot to shop for it. Fresh, full of flavor, clean, absolutely delicious. Worth every penny. This was my first time shopping on nuts.com and you have made me a life long fan! <3 please never stop being nuts <3"
Apr 2013 -- Carina, Yorktown, Virginia

"Your packaging is so much fun that I usually wait a day to open my box. Of course the contents are delightful! Thanks for the giggles, followed by the yums."
Apr 2013 -- shiner, Asheville,, NC

"the nectarines and pear are delicious!!! I look forward to trying the white nectarines but there was a back order. Best I have ever had, so moist and sweet!!!"
Mar 2013 -- Karin, Rockville, Md

"Everything is very fresh and good...Thank you all so much! :)"
Mar 2013 -- Carol, Des Moines, New Mexico (NM)

"I bought a variety of the dried fruits. They are delicious. The nectarines are my favorite. I highly recommend your products. Great for gifts."
Feb 2013 -- Larry

"Things received in excellent condition. Thanks."
Feb 2013 -- Martha, El Dorado, AR

"I'll admit I shop around, but I always come back to you because nobody can beat you on quality and service. Your products are always #1. My only regret is the stuff spoils me and makes me want more."
Feb 2013 -- Rodney, San Diego, CA

"Everything is always FAST, FRESH, and YUMMY"
Jan 2013 -- Cathy, Rochester, MI

"I have been ordering from the site for over a year now and Love IT!. Great products, quick shipping and personal customer service. I will be a lifetime customer!!!"
Dec 2012 -- Jennifer, New York

"The best dried nectarines I ever tasted. They were moist and sweet."
Sep 2012 -- Carla, Inverness, IL

"these are so moist and delicious! LOVE THEM!!"
Feb 2012 -- linda, grand junction, co

"the dry nectarines and mangos are better than any other I've taste"
Nov 2011 -- mary bayze, los angeles, ca

"I received my first order today - pistachios, sugar- free chocolate-covered raisins, apple chips, dried nectarines and dried cranberries. Every item was fresh and delicious! I'm a Nuts Online customer forever!"
Sep 2011 -- Anne, Highland Park, Illinois

"Yummy!!!! I received my goodies, and I have to say the dried nectarines are to die for. They are so fresh, and I highly recommend this company! I will be back for more:}"
Jul 2011 -- Burgundy, santa rosa, ca

"These white nectarines are the best dried fruit ever. So moist and tasty, cant resist them. Best snack ever!"
May 2011 -- Joan, dallas, tx

"Absolutely excellent!!!!! This stuff is awesome, and I would like to thank you, packaging and shipping are top notch. I will be ordering again, and with so much variety the choices are extreme. : )"
Apr 2011 -- James, Bayside, WI

"I have ordered Walnuts, Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds, Australian Licorice, Dried Cranberries, Peaches, & Nectarines, and Cheese Pretzels, and I can state without a reason of a doubt that all of these products are the best. I have purchased some of these items in local stores but they in no way compare to the quality of your products. In addition you have the best delivery time. I order today and receive it tomorrow. Long may you stay in business."
Apr 2011 -- Joseph

"Great service & products and delivery arrived the very next day! Thank you :)"
Mar 2011 -- Jacky, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

"We opened each container as soon as they arrived. All are wonderful, especially the dried nectarines. Also do you have the boysenberries and dried raspberries in larger quantities than 2 oz? Thanks, Linda"
Jan 2011 -- Linda

"I ordered some nuts and dried fruit. The quality is outstanding, much better than what you find in the grocery store. I'll be back for more."
Dec 2010 -- David

"Just received our nectarines. They are delicious. Very tasty and a good snack!!"
Nov 2010 -- Sara, Beaumont, Tx

"I am very impressed with the selection, prices and speed of delivery. Definitely 5 star service. Thank you!"
Nov 2010 -- Gabriel, Staten Island, NY

"I ordered for the first time from "Nuts Online" The dried pears and nectarines are two of the items I have tasted so far.LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! Of course I will share them with my family so that they also may know how wonderful they are."
Oct 2010 -- Shirley, Swanzey, NH

"Just received my package from you. All I can say is Yum!! Love the dried nectarines and the candy coated sunflower seeds are fabulous!! Can't wait to try the other goodies.Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I will be sure to order again soon."
Sep 2010 -- Peggy, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Wow, are the dried nectarines great! Love them! And thank you for enclosing the dark chocolate mint cookie surprise"
Mar 2010 -- Martha, Toledo, Ohio

"Wonderful dried fruit: nectarines,pears and apricots arrived to gift recipient, on time; they tried each and said they were outstanding, delicious,the best they ever had. Thank you for providing great products, especially sulfur free!!!"
Dec 2009 -- Heather

"Hi Jeffrey- were are so thrilled with the dried fruit that we purchased that we will definitely reorder! My husband really likes the Dried cantelope and I love the Nectarines! I can tell this will be the way we stay on top of our dry fruit consumption! Thanks! Michele Gilliam"
Jun 2009 -- michele gilliam, freeport, maine

"Just received my order. As usual I am very pleased. My favorite the Japanese peanuts, I have to hide these from everyone, they are very addictive. The dried nectarines were nice and moist. Of course all of my friends went straight for the roasted cashews, they had almost ate all of the before I even got to the. I will remain a loyal customer for a long time."
Mar 2009 -- Charles C. Burke, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I just received an order with the infused apples =, which are wonderful and freeze dried bananas, which are also great! However these white nectarines really are like heaven in a bag. They are Awesome!"
Mar 2009 -- Amie, Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Got your pkg. My favorite is the dried nectarines. My husband loved the blueberries in homemade ice cream. I wished I'd gotten the sweetened bananas. Everything else was good and delivered when expected."
Jan 2009 -- Mary, Bradley, CA

"The dried nectarines are big, thick, and luscious. I never dreamed they would be so good."
Nov 2008 -- Nicki

"WOW is all I can say about the dried fruit. I just received the cantaloupe, strawberries and nectarines; all of which are delicious. The chocolate covered raisins are divine, very plump, sweet and fresh.....my son loves them! I am in the process of planning my next order. I really want to try the raspberries and blackberries....YUM! It is amazing how fast the delivery is..THANK YOU!!!!"
Oct 2008 -- Leah, Columbia, MD

"I came on Nuts Online just looking for dried kiwi, and then the dried nectarines caught my eye and I must say there are absolutely no regrets!!! The taste is fantastic and they make the tastiest snack (not to mention healthy!) I will tell my family about this wonderful website and its fantastic prices!"
Sep 2008 -- Megan, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

"I ordered 3 1lb bags of the nectarines. The only problem with them was they disappeared!! They were large, soft and full of flavor. Much better than store bought or even Trader Joe's bought. I have just ordered another 6 pounds. Hopefully they will last a bit longer. I am also looking forward to my choc covered raisins, peanuts and pretzels. Ordering is a snap and delivery is as promised. Thank you nutsonline."
Feb 2007 -- Corkey H., Bufors, GA

"I ordered 3 times in the last week! it's never enough! The White Nectarines are Heaven in a bag. I am now a Nuts Online addict!"
May 2006 -- RALPH J Harary, New York, NY

Showing 1 - 41 of 41 reviews

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