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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Another great delivery--ordered yesterday, got it today. All as I have asked for AND a little gift of salted cashews! Yay. The organic papaya are a staple here, and always welcome. The boiled peanuts are as good as I had anyplace, and it is the third time I order those, too. Same for the Wasabi peas--consistent quality is one of your hallmarks, you Nuts people. :) (Nuts in the best way possible!) Thanks again!"
Oct 2014 -- AnnieNY, New York City, NY

"My favorite thing about your dried papaya is that you keep the sugar to a minimum. This is good for two reasons: (1) refined sugar is not good for my health (2) the lower amount of sugar lets the true flavor of the papaya come through. I didn't know how dried papaya should really taste until I tried some of yours. What a wonderful flavor that I've found nowhere else."
Jul 2014 -- Pam, Overland Park, KS

"As usual, you guys totally rock. The organic dried cranberries, raisins, apples and papaya are super yummy. You make it easy to eat mostly organic and healthy. BEST of all, you also sell your organics at a price that we can afford. Doctors tell patients to 'eat healthy, eat organic' and that is all good and fine for someone on a doctor's salary! But when you are a single income family with a very limited grocery budget, finding organics at a reasonable price like you have here at nuts.com is a blessing - thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Gail, North Versailles, PA

"Thanks for another speedy delivery--you are spoiling me! Soon I will come to EXPECT superior service from you guys (oh, I forgot--I already HAVE superior service from you guys and gals...). :) Love the re-ordered organic natural papaya and the wasabi peanuts. Thank you, too, for the yummy treat of freeze-dried medley. You know how to get me hooked! ;)"
Jun 2014 -- AnnieNY, New York City, NY

"Wonderfully smooth texture and fresh flavor---best dried papaya I've tasted and organic, to boot!"
Jun 2014 -- Gail F Harinek, Chicago, IL

"Received my papaya today! It is so so good ! So glad I found you on the net and this will not be my last order. Thanks for the fast delivery to ! My Thanks to All !"
Jun 2014 -- Kathleen Bass, Brooksville, Fl.

"I have never ordered from "Nuts.com" before; however, if their dedication in the first few hours is any indication of their overall performance, I'm just sorry that I haven't heard of or dealt with them before -- So far, it is amazing - Rod"
May 2014 -- Rod, Omaha, NE

"I just received my natural papaya order... and WOW...WHAT A Wonderful DIFFERENCE in flavor compared to store bought fructose filled papaya spears!!My husband is diabetic and your fruit is a God-send. And I loved the box like everyone else...feels like I got a gift from a friend :-) !! I will be ordering more for sure."
Apr 2014 -- Brenda, Arlington, Washington

"I ordered the no sugar added natural dried papaya. I absolutely love it. So fresh and also shipped so quickly. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and plan to order more!"
Apr 2014 -- Kim, Reidsville, NC

"Once again, you come through with flying colors--super fast, yummy everything. Thanks for the sample gift of Goji berries--I have actually pondered getting them and now I'll be able to taste them before ordering next time! Your natural papaya is a staple here (if you did not 'get it' yet from the multiple pounds I order every time--the bulk of my orders), and so are the unsweetened coconut flakes and lovely barberries, which I cannot get anyplace else and are a great morning sprinkle-on-or-in-cereal/muffins/pancakes favorite. We're trying out the sour balls (not usually big candy orders here, but one does need some candy for mental health, don't you think?...). Will let you know how those go. So glad that you are as wonderful as you are! Nuts galore, Nut-people, Annie (and the papaya-nuts)"
Apr 2014 -- AnnieNY, New York, NY

"This organic papaya is some of the best dried fruit I have ever tasted! I order the papaya and the organic apricots. Both have far exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be getting a 25lb case of this next time! My kiddos, 4 and almost 2, love it as well. The delivery was quick and the packaging so sweet! I will be coming back for more and more!"
Mar 2014 -- Sabrina, Highgate, VT

"I would like to start off my review by saying wow! I am supper impressed how fast my order arrived. I live in the back woods of Maine and my order was here in three days! Which is fast considering they still use horse and buggy out here (lol). The figs I ordered are excellent! I ordered 4 pounds of Mission and 4 pounds of Turkish, and my only regret is not ordering more. Now on to the papaya, thick juicy slices that make my mouth water thing about them. The goji berry sample I ordered was larger than expected, with whole dried berries not crushed pieces. The box and packing are very cute and make me want to leave them out on the counter for guest to look at. All the way around I could not be any happier!! Thanks for taking the time to make my family and I happy happy happy!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Harrison, Brooks, Maine

"Order the dried mango and papaya. Super fast delivery and extremely delicious! Will definitely order more once I finish my four pounds worth!"
Jan 2014 -- Jonathan, West Lafayette, IN

"My package arrived earlier than scheduled. I love the messages on the outside of the box! The packaging is eye catching, but the dried fruit inside was exceptional! I tried the natural papaya first and loved it. We also loved the blueberries, coconut, and turkish figs that we ordered. I was surprised to find an extra bag, which turned out to be a package of medjool dates for us to try. They were so soft and sweet! My 4 yr old took one bite and demanded to eat a whole date herself. Thank you for the sweet fruit, cool packaging, and awesome customer service! Definitely ordering again!"
Jan 2014 -- Kimberly, Nampa, ID

"Great experience, AGAIN. I am a nuts'oholic by now. Do you have an AA program for people who cannot do without your products anymore? ;) Everything arrived, all delicious. The dried papaya are a staple and consistently good. I have to say that my absolute favorite for this shipment are the organic dried pitted plum--OMG!! The best I'd had in a long time! Now I just am sorry I did not remember to order the wasabi peanuts. Oh well, gotta leave something to pine for till the next order comes around... (won't be long, I reassure you...)."
Jan 2014 -- Naama, NY, NY

"I am very happy with the quality and freshness of the organic papaya chunks. Super satisfied!! Will be a returning customer! Thank You!"
Nov 2013 -- Kellie, Fort Kent, Maine

"My first order with NUTS.COM. I received the order in within 24 hours. Nuts and dried fruit very fresh!! And I got a free yummy gift! Thank you! I will be back!"
Aug 2013 -- Ginny, Huntington, NY

"I am becoming a repeat-repeat-repeat customer, and I am loving it! Thank you for another perfect experience with your site and order and packaging and delivery. Ordered late Sunday, received Tuesday afternoon. Can't ask for more! The natural papaya is a staple here--it is a great food, snack, candy, digestive, and all around lovely. I keep ordering more of it every time, I think next time it might need to be even more... Thanks, too, for the barberries--not very known, maybe, but excellent and the kiddos love'em in pancakes and yogurt. All the taste, all the healthy benefits... Same for the unsweetened cherries and the jumbo raisins. Thanks for the gift of raw-almonds to try. They will pair excellently with the raisins for snacks tomorrow! Will let you know how the coconut is when I try it...which will not be in too long... Again, you are the best! Keep up the good work. The kids said to tell you that: "we are nuts about the nuts at nuts.com!""
Aug 2013 -- AnnieNY, New York City, New York

"Got my nuts. very good, but really LOVE your packaging!! That made my day. I would recomend you just for your creativity. Thanks for the nuts. Jolene Anderson Artist"
Jul 2013 -- Jolene, Los Gatos, CA

"Having tons of food allergies, papaya is one of the few things I can eat. And the natural papaya is out of this world!! No sugar, it is sweet and delicious all by itself!! (Note: I much prefer the natural papaya to the organic papaya; the latter has less flavor to me.)"
Jul 2013 -- Deanna, Upland, CA

"LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Please also sell turkey jerky, and then I can order everything I eat from you guys!! SERIOUSLY THE BEST COMPANY OUT THERE!! (Sorry for yelling, but I'm eating your delicious natural papaya right now and it makes it hard to control myself :D)"
Jun 2013 -- Deanna, Upland, California

"This is my second order with you. Everything that I've ordered from you has been fresh and delicious. The Goji Berries, Natural Papaya, and Rainier Cherries are all wonderful! I'm in love with the flavor of your Habanero Beef Jerky. The Buffalo Peanuts are incredibly addictive. Thank you so much for showing such wonderful customer service. Delivery was on time and packaging was spot on. I will be ordering many more times in the future!"
May 2013 -- Emily Drew, Pittsburgh, PA

"We just came up from Florida so we had let our supplies run out and are loving that we again have your terrific products to snack on. THANKS!! Jim"
May 2013 -- James, Ventnor, N.J.

"It's always guaranteed that my order will be perfect when it arrives perfectly! Thank you for being YOU!"
May 2013 -- Barb, Rio Rancho, NM

"Everything I have ordered has been delivered quickly, exactly right, fresh and delicious! You have a customer for life, Nuts!!! Love you guys!"
Apr 2013 -- Irene

"Excellent website...excellent products...very satisfied...looking forward to my next order"
Mar 2013 -- Tom, Stoneridge, Ny

"I could not be happier with my order! After seriously narrowing down my selections (there are SO many delicious-looking items to choose from!), I purchased 10lb of goodies, and they are WELL worth the price! My favorite things right now are the natural papaya (try it if you've never had it!!), organic mango, and maca powder, which I've never tried before but am loving! I will definitely be placing more orders in the future! You guys rock!!!"
Mar 2013 -- Amber, Commerce Township, Michigan

"When received the package I immediately fell in love with the packaging. Once I tasted the goods I fell in love with the whole experience. Excellent presentation, excellent quality on all products. The natural papaya and the apricots are amazing, just right not too dry. The habas out of this world. Bombay kale chips, yum!! Will definitely shop at nuts.com again very, very soon. Telling all my friends about it as well. Nuts for Nuts.com"
Mar 2013 -- Rose, Elizabeth, NJ

"glad to get them thank you very much"
Mar 2013 -- Jonette

"yummy yummy yummy to the nth degree'"
Mar 2013 -- Linda, Mayflower, Arkansas

"Move over, Casa de Fruta !!"
Mar 2013 -- John, Springfield, MISSOURI

"I ordered a 5lb bag of goji berries, a 5lb bag of maca powder, and a 1lb bag of dried papaya and I couldn't be happier. The fruit tastes fresh (as fresh as dried fruit can be) and is soft and chewy. The maca powder is very good - I will absolutely be ordering again. Thank you so much!"
Feb 2013 -- Margaret-Anne, Blue Grass, IA

"I found the prices to be pretty reasonable. I also noticed that the papaya spears were actually quite juicy compared to others that I have tried. Never had jackfruit before & I really like it! I will definitely be ordering again. Oh & by the way, love your packaging!"
Feb 2013 -- Robert, Jackson, NJ

"I bought the organic papaya and love it. For anyone like me who is older or just have tooth problems I re-soaked the papaya and dried it half way. I have a sweet tooth so i used a raw sugar syrup and soaked it overnight then dried halfway in a dehydrator. Although a little sticky they are soft and chewy and ohhh so good. I use the left over syrup in juicing, smoothies or anything else i can think of. I would keep the papaya in the refrigerator but they don't last long enough! Oh yeah, the papaya is also correcting my digestive problems!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Filita, Kingston, Idaho

"Great products! Great Service! And Great Prices! I have already recommended this site to several family members, friends and co-workers. I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer."
Jan 2013 -- Michael, Palatine, IL

"Ordered the dried Papaya, kiwi, banana chips, and apricots. It arrived very fast and it's all delicious!! It was my first time buying from Nuts.com and will definitely purchase more. They also included a sample of figs =] mhmm tasty! Thank you to the awesome staff of Nuts.com!"
Jan 2013 -- Julia, Fairfax, Virginia

"This papaya is absolutely amazing! So delicious and so much better than the sweetened kind. I'm addicted to Nuts.com!"
Dec 2012 -- Taylor, New York, New York

"I am very impressed with how fast our shipment arrived! The dried papaya is delicious and very fresh! Our chinchilla's favorite snack! He was pleased as well! Thank you!"
Oct 2012 -- Samantha, Salem, Ohio

"These taste great. Dehydrating papaya is a bit of work, and the price on these is low enough that I can buy them here without much guilt. I wish they were smaller pieces and a bit more dried, but they're still one of my favorite items on the website."
Sep 2012 -- David, San Antonio, TX

"Once again you have excelled at your super fast delivery and all of your products. My family and I always rip open every package and find the quality to be exceptional. I ordered the dark chocolate pecan clusters as a thank you gift for my mother in law and they were gone in 2 days!!!! My husband is loving the protein boost from the hemp powder for his shakes, my sons love the chocolate covered sunflower seeds, I got a sample this time and I will have to reorder them soon. As for me I am loving the diced papaya and starfruit. Thanks again for your exceptional service and quality!!!!"
Aug 2012 -- Michelle, Bloomfield, Ct.

"Excellent Service and delicious products! So good I have to smack my hands to stay out of it. THANKS!"
Aug 2012 -- Don L. Daniel, Beckley, WV

"Just tried the organic dried papaya spears we received today - they had not been available for awhile, and I'm so glad I bought 5 pounds! So very delicious and hard to eat just one piece! Ok, I don't even try to limit myself to one piece, why withold something that is so good for me and so yummy! LOL! Was happy to have the surprise dried strawberries in the box - thank you so much! We love your organic walnut pieces, the quality and size are better than what we can get at our local health food store, and we go through them so fast - the 5 pound bag I bought this time might last us a little while, but not as long as one might expect. :)"
Jul 2012 -- Connie

"Nothing beats natural. The Natural Papaya is as good as it gets. A better choice than candy. Reasonably priced too. A winning combination."
Jun 2012 -- Ann, Monroe, CT

"These are very good. I would recommend them."
Jun 2012 -- Melissa, Pittsburgh, PA

"Aways a pleasure to receive my order. It is always fast,every order should be that fast. The product OMG is the best"
Jun 2012 -- bridget, brooklyn, ny

"I clicked "order" and less than 15 hours later my shipment was delivered. How is that possible?! You guys are incredible! I have been ordering from you for almost 3 years and have never been disappointed. You have the freshest and cheapest products. The natural papaya, energy squares, and falafel mix are my favorites!"
May 2012 -- Tracy, Washington, DC

"The service was exceptional. And the products were fresh and tasty. I had not been able to find papaya in my area, so I took a chance on ordering online,and am so pleased I did."
May 2012 -- Minnie, Bossier City, Louisiana (LA)

"Loved my first order! It definitely won't be my last! I ordered dried strawberries, kiwi, dates, mixed berries, and papaya...they are all delicious! My seven year old daughter loves the kiwi, and is taking some to school today for "show and tell"!"
Apr 2012 -- Heidi, Waupaca, WI

"After I finished placing my order on line....I walked out to my mailbox and there it was!!!....Well....not quite that fast, but you get the idea. Good quality too."
Mar 2012 -- william

"After having problems with the quality of unsulphured dried papaya I was getting I came across nuts.com and decided to try theirs.Well,to my delight I received my order the next day and jumped right in! Yum Yum Yum!! The natural papaya was a perfect substitute for what I used to get. The Chocolate covered pretzels and energy squares were almost all consumed before the end of the day!! I just placed my 3rd order and added on the chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels which are ammmmmazing!! You guys rock!! And have a loyal customer for life. Thank you!!"
Feb 2012 -- Nicole, Queens, New York

"Received my order, the gummy bears are so very very fresh. The papaya sticks are delicious. The nuts, dried pineapple and cherries are for fruit cake, they are perfect. Coffee smells delicious, cannot wait to use. Will definitely be a steady customer."
Jan 2012 -- Judith, Raleigh, NC

"First of all, I couldn't believe how quickly my package was delivered. It felt like it was the next day, but maybe it was the day after. Regardless, it was astonishing. So far, I've tried the blueberries and the papaya and both are sweet, tender and DELICIOUS! I couldn't be happier and I plan to order lots more from you in the very near future!"
Dec 2011 -- Toby, Boston, MA

"Just received my order of dried papaya and mango and dark chocolate covered coconut. I am so pleased with all of the things I have ordered. This order couldn't be any fresher and tastier than if I was in the store with you. I liked the surprise sample of dried strawberries that you included and will probably be seduced into ordering it when I am finished with these treats. You guys are the yummiest!!!!!"
Nov 2011 -- Marilyn, Canonsburg, PA

"I tried several new yummies this time. The dried papaya--superb; dark chocolate covered coconut--sinfully delicious; and bridge mix -- double yum!! I placed my order on the 19th and here it is on the 21st. Can you be any faster? I love everything I ordered and right now the bridge mix and dark chocolate coconut are finding their way into my little tummy. I'm so glad I found this site. You guys are the yummiest."
Oct 2011 -- Marilyn

"Order came in two days. The quality of your products is great. I am already adding to my next cart load of stuff to try. I'm thrilled with the amount of organic products you carry. It is truly a treat to get organic dried fruit without the preservatives and color enhancers. I can fully enjoy eating dried fruit without the worry of health risks!! Try it you'll like it!!"
Sep 2011 -- Kristine, Madison, WI

"WOW! I received my order so quickly and the dried fruit is deliciously perfect. I will be ordering again from Nuts Online! Thanks for such great service and a quality product."
Aug 2011 -- Carla, Jackson, Tennessee

"The natural dried papaya is phenomenal! Way better than I expected. Can't wait to get more."
Aug 2011 -- Dave, cincinnati, ohio

"100% Impressive! Thanks very much."
Aug 2011 -- Jane, syracuse, NY

"My goodies are fantastic. They were delivered on the expected day!!"
Jul 2011 -- Carri, Frederic, WI

"I just received my first order. I immediately ripped open all of my goodies to share with my staff. I cannot wait to try it all!"
Jul 2011 -- Gary, Pasadena, CA

"We are pleased with our order and the speed of delivery. We will use NUTS again for hard to get seeds and dried fruits."
Jul 2011 -- Harold, Washington, District of Columbia

"Was thrilled to receive my papaya. Our local stores have stopped stocking them and I have been searching everywhere for dried papaya. I only have one problem, I can't stop eating them. I will definitely order again."
Jul 2011 -- Martha, Albemarle, NC

"Very quick service. Very good products Will be using again"
Jun 2011 -- Teresa, Shelby, NC

"Super fast shipping. Great product. My next order is in the planning stage right now. Want to eventually buy at least one of everything in the store. They are that good!"
Jun 2011 -- Dave, Lexington, TN

"i was as was my family so very surprised with the taste of this product, you can buy dried fruit just about anywhere now a days, but from now on, nuts online is our dried fruit headquarters"
May 2011 -- mag, leavenworth, ks

"You guys are AWESOME!! We love all of the yummy stuff."
May 2011 -- Christos, Columbus, Ohio

"Great service and communication. How exciting to also get a free sample! Can't wait to begin trying out all of my new purchases. Thank you!"
Apr 2011 -- Barb, Lake Zurih, IL

"TY, for your fast service. As always everything is fresh and tasty. You have a lifetime customer!"
Apr 2011 -- Cindy, Rochester, NY

"Fantastic. Products arrived so quickly! Items are yummy and what I expected. Thank you!"
Apr 2011 -- Christina, Emmaus, PA

"The items I ordered arrived. I am pleased as to how they're packaged. I have little doubt that I will continue to purchase these items and will try many of the other products your company has to offer... you have a most interesting list to choose from."
Apr 2011 -- Harold, Yakima, WA

"fast delivery. I don't know where you could ever find better nuts and snacks, I for one will never even waste my time looking. These are the best we have ever tasted."
Apr 2011 -- victor, new market, va

"i've ordered from you twice now and am sooooo impressed with the speed of delivery and quality of your food. EVERY THING!!!! is so YUMMY! see you next time!"
Apr 2011 -- lucinda, culloden, wv

"I ordered a number of different products to try, and I couldn't even tell you what my favorite is! The papaya spears are humongous and wonderful. The wasabi peanuts are just brilliant. The shipping was insanely fast by ANY standard. Thanks for the free Chia seeds! I look forward to cooking with the chutney and the hot pepper jelly, and enjoying all the health benefits of the superfoods and nutritious snacks. Great company, great site, will definitely order again!"
Mar 2011 -- Josh, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you for such great service! My order came quickly, and in excellent condition. Look forward to doing business with again."
Mar 2011 -- Ronnie, Radford, Virginia

"The products we received(mango, papaya and ginger) are excellent! They are so fresh and flavorful. We will definitely be back for more!!"
Mar 2011 -- John

"Just received my first order today. I ordered the Honey Pistachio and assorted energy squares. They are all sooo good. Thank you for the superb service and the Cacao Goji squares you sent, they are my fav already. Papaya is a terrific buy. Cant wait to try the steel cut oats in the morning. Keep up the great job! I will be a repeat customer."
Mar 2011 -- Kelly, Mount Juliet, tn

"Shipping was fast - products were great. Plan on reordering - family loved everything."
Mar 2011 -- Joanne, Coudersport, PA

"Delicious! I try not to get sweetened dried fruits often, but they're a great treat, and these papaya chunks gave me a real bang for my buck!"
Mar 2011 -- Kayla

"I LOVE your dried papaya! My local health food store used to carry dried papaya (without sugar), but now they don't and no one else carries it. I'm so glad I found it at your web store. And, by the way, my parrot loves it, too!"
Mar 2011 -- Wendy, Santa Clara, CA

"I received my order today just as was scheduled. I especially love the dried papayas, very addictive. I was pleasantly surprised to find a packet of dried ginger in my package. Thank you. This is my first testimonial that I ever written. You have one more happy customer."
Feb 2011 -- batchimeg

"The box arrived earlier than expected and everything was great. The nuts were very fresh and we couldn't keep out of all the goodies. Thanks!"
Feb 2011 -- Sandy

"Terrific Customer Service - Fantastic Products - Fast Delivery. That says it all!"
Feb 2011 -- Alissa, Tennessee

"Wow--natural dried papaya and mango were delicious! It's hard to find them without added sugar, but both of these are incredibly sweet and tasty. The papaya takes a bit of chewing, but I really like that about it! Thanks for a fantastic order--my package came very quickly, too!"
Feb 2011 -- Nancy

"I can't tell you how wonderfully perfect my dried strawberries, peaches, papaya and mixed berries are. They were the most delicious fruit I've ever had; moist, sweet, tender and just fabulous. I'll order again from you guys forever. The shipping was so fast I simply couldn't be happier with everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys!!"
Jan 2011 -- Brooke, monroe, ga

"My mom and I sampled the no sugar added apples, bananas, papaya and mango; everything tasted real good. My mom seems to love the papaya the most and I think I loved the bananas the most. The packaging was nice too. Thank-you for the free mango sample. P.s. the only negative with your product is the price of shipping, please reduce that if its possible. Thanks!"
Dec 2010 -- Deborah Fischer, Elkhorn, WI

"Your company is very organized! I barely pressed the 'submit order' button and you have my order shipped. You do this every single time that I place an order. I Love It! Plus, I can track my order and I get it fast. My holidays are happier and easier with you. Thank You!!!"
Dec 2010 -- D, New Mexico

"I am very impressed with the selection, prices and speed of delivery. Definitely 5 star service. Thank you!"
Nov 2010 -- Gabriel, Staten Island, NY

"The order came in today. My wife & I are fighting over, I mean, sharing, the goodies..."
Aug 2010 -- Henry, Rome, NY

"..very fast delivery and products were just like they were described. I will continue for sure to order here. Thanks, Theresa"
May 2010 -- Theresa, Rye Brook, Ny

May 2010 -- SUSAN, NJ

Apr 2010 -- barbara

"fantastic stuff (natural dried papaya spears)! and prompt and friendly! thank you!"
Apr 2010 -- Celeste, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I love, love, love the organic papaya, the organic figs, the organic persimmons, and the organic mangos. The delivery is extremely fast! :)"
Mar 2010 -- Patty, Pine Grove Mills, PA

"Once again I was thrilled when my order arrived. The natural papaya is absolutely delicious - - why would anybody opt for the sweetened variety when this one tastes like candy? The quality and service provided by Nuts Online is second to none!"
Feb 2010 -- Debbie, Martin, OH

"super fast processing with next day delivery, i couldn't believe it! The products I've sampled so far are delicious, especially the natural dried papaya. High quality food at generous prices, I highly recommend this company. Keep up the good work, I'll be back again soon"
Jan 2010 -- Jay, Portland, ME

"Quick delivery! My husband just raves about the dried papaya, while I'm crazy about the crystallized ginger. Will be reordering..."
Jan 2010 -- giedre, Taos, NM

"We received our order today( Many assorted items), and my husband has said a hundred times: "I really wish you had not ordered all of this stuff, it is all absolutely delicious!!!I am going to want you to order again, really soon!!"
Dec 2009 -- Carmen, Pittsburg, Tx

"You guys are NUTS!!! All of the products I ordered are awesome!! Thanks, bunches!"
Nov 2009 -- Sheri, Cresco, IA

"The dried natural papaya I received from you today is the best I have ever seen, thick, just the right amount of moisture and taste...Wow wonderful taste. Thanks much for a very good product, I will be purchasing from you again."
Oct 2009 -- Ansel, Georgetown, TX

"First let me tell you that I ordered the wasabi peas as a gift for my daughter's boyfriend, who's birthday was yesterday(thur). I ordered his gift late(wed)and told him I'd have something for him next week. Wow, was I surprised to see the UPS man at my door this a.m.(fri). Boy are they good, and the papaya and mango are to die for. Will definitely be ordering again soon. Great products, FAST ship."
Jul 2009 -- Anne, North Smithfield, RI

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