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Mulberries Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Incredibly fast shipping, a company devoted to customer service, an amazing product that I couldn't find at the grocery store, and a surprise in the box! I wish more companies were like Nuts.com."
Jan 2015 -- Marrianna, Ankeny, IA

"This is my second time ordering from nuts.com, I was thrilled with how quickly I received my order. The dried goods I ordered were delicious, especially the mulberries! I will definitely continue to be a loyal customer."
Sep 2014 -- Ewa, Sweden, Me

"These are really beautiful! My first time trying dried mulberries and I really enjoy their taste. They're "berry" enough without being too sweet. I bought 1lb and there looks to be enough in there to last me for a good while. I would most certainly recommend these--a great snack alone or as an add in to a smoothie or trail mix!"
Sep 2014 -- Jackie, Lumberton, NJ

"I've never heard of Mulberries to be honest, but they looked like a healthy snack, thought I'd give it a shot! I'm so happy I tried these. They remind me of mini gummy bears, but berry flavor. I've never had any flavor like this - but it's really good. They are very, very small and chewy, I think that's why I really loved it. Helped me curve my sweet tooth a bit. They have stems, careful while eating, other than that - enjoy! These are super flavorful and delicious! There's a TON in the 1lb bag. My order shipped out on a Monday and I got it the next day - earlier than expected, yay for Nuts.com!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"I am very happy with all of my purchases! The no salt sunflower seeds in shell are delicious. The unsweetened coconut and dried mulberries are wonderful too! I will be ordering again!"
Jul 2014 -- Christine, Atascadero, California

"Today I received my order and it was well packed. I love their Turkish figs (dried), and the white mullberries are delicious. I was happy to receive a nice sample of Turkish apricots. I love buying from this store."
Jul 2014 -- sarah, Prescott, az

"I just LOVE the white mulberries. I hydrate them in a bowl for a short time in cold water, and they are so delicious. I use them in cereal, greek yogurt, etc. I've bought 1 lb bags, but now I'm on my second 5 lb bag. I also love your delivery boxes, as they make me laugh, and the little extra you throw in (this time it was Turkish figs - mmm) is appreciated. You're all nuts - and I love you!"
Jul 2014 -- Morven, San Rafael, CA

"I have never tried white mulberries before, and was pleasantly surprised. They were soft and the packaging is great because it re-seals. I love them in smoothies or even plain. Will be buying more!"
Jul 2014 -- Robert, ELK GROVE, CA

"OK SO I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED: Why do I say that? because this is my second time ordering from Nuts.Com and the second time was better than the first. I was in Whole Foods the other day and saw they had mulberries in stock. I remembered I ordered from nuts.com the first time. I decided to do order from nuts.com again. What surprised me was that not only is nuts.com less expensive, but I ordered in the week of the July fourth holiday. I was expecting it to arrive on Monday and it came two days early!!! So from this day forward, I made up in my mind, I am going to be a regular customer with Nuts.com forever! Thanks Nuts.com for your excellent and speedy customer service. I love you guys!"
Jul 2014 -- Cherelle, Rock Hill, SC

"I was searching over the web for mulberries...it took me a while to decide which site to buy. Finally i decided to go with nuts.com! I am so glad I did!! Love their organic mulberries soo much!! had a free sample too! and loved their cute packaging! Will be back soon!! :)"
Jun 2014 -- sammi, Temple City, CA

"Wow was very surprised to find my Order here so soon. They are very tasty can't stop eating them. It's a fresh new great tasting snack. Thanks to my brother David for recommending them."
Jun 2014 -- Barbara, San Jose, CA

"The Mulberries were really good! Very fast shipment also!"
Jun 2014 -- Chris, Abingdon, VA

"These Black Mulberries taste fantastic! Better than the white mulberries by Navitas and at much better price! Great packaging in tight zipped lock bags . Excellent service. I received the berries I ordered the next day."
Jun 2014 -- Mark, Framingham, MA

"Here already?? You folks rock! Mulberries...hemp seeds...chocolate sunflower seeds...goji...ginger...spirulina. This NYer in TX is happy today!"
Jun 2014 -- Kimberlie, Austin, TX

"thanks the mulberries are great"
Jun 2014 -- eve, seattle, wa

"The mulberries were great! Would definitely order again."
Jun 2014 -- Wello, Brooklyn, New York

"Great stuff and QUICK! I ordered yesterday and got everything today - I'm very pleased with everything so far... the organic dried mulberries are big and delicious."
Jun 2014 -- Suzette Stewart, Lewes, DE

"Wow! And the nutritional value of the Triple Berry Super Antioxidant mix is phenomenal. And my cat plays with your box."
Jun 2014 -- diane, twin mt, New Hampshire

"My first time ordering was last weekend! I received my order promptly, and loved my mulberries so much, I quickly placed another order today before I run out!!! Great Product, and Great Service!"
May 2014 -- cheryl, douglassville, pa

"I never write reviews, but this company desires all the accolades! The customer service and shipping is by far the best I have ever experienced, and I do a lot of online shopping. Great products! Right now I'm hooked on the dried mulberries and energy squares, but I have also tried: the salad booster, oils, cacao nibs, sun dried tomatoes, and dried fruit... All of which are magnificent!"
May 2014 -- Shaela, Framingham, MA

"Amazing as usual!! I am continually impressed with the quality and freshness of ALL of your products!! First time trying the dried mulberries and I am totally addicted!! Delicious!"
May 2014 -- Trinity, Concord, NH

"Absolutely Delicious! I ordered my first bag last month, now I'm ordering four more bags. I love Nuts.com, staying healthy costs money, but it's cheaper than being sick. :)"
Apr 2014 -- Jim Francis, Assonet, Massachusetts

"I love the mulberries! I had them years ago when family from another country brought some to share. I was never sure what they were until I saw them on Nuts.com. I was delighted that they taste just like I remember & I love their sweet chewy texture. Your company is great, it's just like getting a Christmas present when the box arrives. Thanks for the wonderful selection & great products!"
Mar 2014 -- Tammy, Buffalo, WY

"I just received my 3rd order of a 5lb bag of white mulberries. I eat at least 2/3's of a cup daily, sometime more. They are good for snacking when you want something sweet and crunchy. Dr. Oz, says this is a good fruit to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. I'm all in....plus I love the way they taste."
Mar 2014 -- Trish, Stone Mountain, GA

"I am reordering the While Mulberries, they are delicious and the quality is fresh. I add them to my mixture of mixed raw nuts for a tasty snack. I also add them to my morning smoothies."
Mar 2014 -- Jenny, Georgetown, Ontario

"Perfect product, perfect service. Will order again,"
Mar 2014 -- Ninneta, Nanuet, New York

"Started out just ordering dried white mulberries, which I am now addicted too! I love the convenience and products packed in such cute boxes! I cannot wait to receiver order. This order I was sent a sample of Veggie Chips, which are awesome! I will now be a repeat nut. Could you please add white mulberry tea to your products? Thank you! Diane"
Mar 2014 -- Diane, Yellville, Ar

"You have once again outdone yourselves! Your service is impeccable. I don't know how you get your products out so quickly but everyone else should take notice!! And the dried mulberries and veggie chips?...HEAVEN!! Thanks for Another great experience!"
Mar 2014 -- Nancy, Mahwah, NJ

"I LOVE the edamame and organic mulberries, and the extra little pack of organic almonds was a pleasant surprise that tickled my taste buds! Thanks SO much :-)!"
Mar 2014 -- Bill, New York, NY

"Great job. The white mulberries arrived even earlier than I expected and they are absolutely delicious. The site was recommended to me by a friend that uses them often. And now so will I."
Mar 2014 -- Lorene, Albany, GA

"Thank you soooo much for my order! I received it so fast and…I am now officially hooked on your mulberries! :) This is my second order of two more huge bags. You guys are great! And thank you soo much for the free baggy of goji berries and chia seeds in the other order! Oh and I love your packaging, it really is awesome ;)) Thanks again! I'll probably be ordering again veryyy soon!"
Mar 2014 -- ali, Wappingers falls, NY

"I love mulberries and use them in large amounts. I used to get them from Whole Foods, but you only got 8 oz. and it was mighty expensive. On here, you get twice the amount for half the price! So I ordered the 5 lb bag. I ordered it at like 10 pm and it arrived the next day! Fastest shipping EVER! And it came with a sample (I'm a sucker for samples). I also love how on the package it said 5 yummy pounds of mulberries."
Feb 2014 -- Tori, Enfield, CT

"Love the product, Love the service!!"
Feb 2014 -- DJ, Garfield Heights, Ohio

"Hi there, My order arrived just as you said it would regardless of another snow storm. Everything was "PERFECT" and I love the mulberres. I will be busy eating and baking for awhile and making room in the cabinets for future orders, so please don't miss me tooooo much. I will be back!!!! Thanks for all the great samples and the over the top products."
Feb 2014 -- Maxi, Morton, IL

"my order of mulberries arrived on schedule, the berries are delicious, and I love the free sample of goji. I will buy from this place often, and will recommend it to my friends and family. thanks!"
Feb 2014 -- charles, east hampton, NY

"The Mulberries are wonderful! They taste like figs, with the texture of raisins. What a great snack!"
Feb 2014 -- Claudia, Athens, AL

"My wife loves the mulberries. The coffee I got last time is superb. The cashews I got on this new order are incredible. I will be back for more. Thanks"
Feb 2014 -- Michael, Morgan Hill, Ca

"This is the second time I order from nuts.com and I can say thank you! First of all, fast delivery. Also, awesome fresh good quality product and they included a little sample gift both times which makes me taste new product! My husband can't eat much, health problems, and I make him smoothies with superfoods and anything thing that is healthy and can go in a smoothie! Now I can help him feel better without being to expensive :D As a kid, I ate fresh mulberries once a year only and can't find them anywhere, now I can eat dried mulberries anytime :D"
Feb 2014 -- Maria, Montreal, Quebec

"I received my order of Mulberries and Turkish Figs yesterday with a sample of Medjool dates. Just as I suspected it was DELICIOUS! I love the mulberries and this is my second time ordering from Nuts.com in 2 weeks haha. So obviously I love there products! The dried fruit is delicious and at such a great price. Yum!"
Feb 2014 -- Natasha T., Cleveland, Ohio

"I've tasted mulberry and they are fresh and delicious they taste just like a raisin. I'm satisfied with my order I would recommend it to other customers. I can't wait to try other stuff. thank u :)"
Feb 2014 -- madeline, brooklyn, new york

"I just received my dried mulberries today and wow are they wonderful. Thank you so much for the sample of goji berries as well. What a great surprise. You Rock"
Feb 2014 -- Jerri Applin, Norway, MI

"I heard about the white mulberries from the Dr Oz show. I first got a 1 lb bag to see if I would like them. Love them. My next order was a 5 lb bag and I received the sample of the goji berries. I appreciate the reasonable prices and fast shipping. Love the cute packaging. Makes getting a package fun!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Christina, boulder, co

"The package arrived exactly on time. The product (dried white mulberries) was delicious and the packaging was delightfully whimsical! I plan to order more items from your sugar-free selections."
Jan 2014 -- Pam, Moreno Valley, CA

"Just received my order of Mulberries, honey dates, and halawi dates. I love that nuts.com offers the variety of dried fruits that they do. I have never seen dates other then the medjool dates at any health food store. It's wonderful to try dried fruits you can only get from nuts.com. The service and packaging was great and adorable. And the mulberries are very addicting!"
Jan 2014 -- Natasha T., Cleveland, Ohio

"Love the Dried Mulberries and the prompt delivery. OH and the sample of the goji berries, Thanks Nuts.com"
Jan 2014 -- Jodi, long beach, ca.

"Just got my order of dried mulberries and pumpkin seeds. They are both delicious and I will be reordering as needed! Thank you! Susan"
Jan 2014 -- Susan, Winchester, VA

"I just got the mulberries out of the mailbox and have eaten some and they are delicious, you will be getting orders from me in the future."
Jan 2014 -- Octavia, Kansas City, Missouri

"I don't know how you guys do it! I ordered last night, Friday, not expecting a ship out until Monday, but here, Saturday, FedEx is ringing my bell. You are an amazing company and your product (dried mulberries) is delicious! I am a fan, and will continue to order from you AND recommend 100%!! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Robyn, harrison, NJ

"Ordered the dried white mulberries. The bag was huge and they are super tasty . Think I found my new guilt free snack with oober health benefits as well!"
Jan 2014 -- Marisa, Villas, Nj

"Was so impressed with the service and the product the Mulberries are awesome a taste to get use to but will be ordering from you guys again hope it does the stuff Dr Oz said it would again thank you love the box it came in"
Jan 2014 -- Linda Rodgers, Lebanon, Tenn

"The dried mulberries are excellent with my morning cereal! I can't imagine a morning with out them."
Jan 2014 -- sherry, eaton, oh

"I've never had a company deliver an item so quickly! I love, love, love the box the contents were packed in! Tried the mulberries right away and they were delicious. I researched other companies but many of their customer responses said the product did not taste good. I highly recommend this company and their mulberries. Hoping for the whole family to reap the benefits of good health from these dried white mulberries! Thank you so much for offering a superb product."
Jan 2014 -- Ritamarie, Oxford, CT

"Got my mulberry berries way ahead of delivery...tried them very tasty....will be ordering more"
Jan 2014 -- barbara, stratford, wi

"Received order and was pleased with the taste of the dried mulberries."
Jan 2014 -- John, Houston, Tx

"I love this company and i love there products!!! I have ordered several things and have always been very happy with each and every item!!!! I love the White mulberries, I tried some locally and decided to see if you guys carried them as well so i ordered a bag and just loved them!!! So i am going to add those to my list of items i order. So thank you for having such wonderful products and customer service."
Jan 2014 -- Debbie, spokane, Wa

"I purchased the Dried Mulberries and they arrived quickly. Not sure what to expect in taste - but I have snacked on my first pound and have just placed another order for more. I do like that they are not too sweet as in other dried fruit. They are a great snack - I am a Mulberry FAN."
Jan 2014 -- Sheryl, Kent, WA

"Thanks for the wonderful package. I opened the mulberry seeds immediately and enjoyed them immensely. The Chia seeds were a great surprise and will enjoy using them in my daily smoothie."
Jan 2014 -- Patty, Plano, Tx.

"The white mulberries I ordered are awesome! It was shipped in record time and your prices are good too! Thanks, Diane"
Jan 2014 -- Diane Collins, Saint Helen, Michigan

"True to the Nuts.com's word, I received my bag of dried white Mulberries on time. The bag was packaged nicely and good. My husband and I tried the berries and they're so good! Hopefully, by eating these fruits, it would give benefits to us healthwise, as reasearch and Dr. Oz mentioned on his show. I will certainly pass this info to my friends and relatives and to order these dried fruits at Nuts.com. Good job and good service Nuts.com! If you have dried papayas in the future, I would certainly order them."
Jan 2014 -- YOLANDA, San Mateo, California

"Thank you for your prompt service. The mulberries and figs are delicious!"
Jan 2014 -- Aicha, Madison, Wisconsin

"The dried mulberries arrived a day early. My wife and I were anxious to try them, so that was a good thing. They are super! It's good to know that something that is good for you can taste so good too! Of course, the box they came in had all of your nutty sayings on it, which was fun to read. I'll be ordering again, only this time I'll get the 5 pound bag instead of the 1 pound!"
Jan 2014 -- John, Harper Woods, MI

"I ordered the Mulberries last night and got them today. Never saw a delivery so fast. It also snowed today. The mulberries are so good. I will be ordering these again. Thank you Nuts.com"
Jan 2014 -- Diana, Colchester, CT

"I received the White Mulberries which are very fresh and tasty in a nice funny little box. look forward to a long relationship with the Nuts family."
Jan 2014 -- Trish Huguley, Stone Mountain, Georgia

"I received my order within a couple of days. Very nice packed! Took great care in shipping. The dried mulberries are so delicious!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer and can't wait to try other products!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Shelly, Fremont, Ohio

"I ordered the dried white mulberries,. The company verified my order and gave me a date. That day came and my mulberries had arrived in great shape and on time! Thanks. I also got a gift. Thanks for that. I will order from your company again. Loved the shipping box, too. Marcie"
Jan 2014 -- Marcie, Warrensburg, MO - Missouri

"Just received my package today. It was so quick. I love the lupini beans. This is my second order. I also ordered the dried mulberries and they are excellent. The bags everything comes in are super cute and fun. You guys are great at customer service. Love your products and can't wait to try more."
Jan 2014 -- Anna, New Windsor, Ny

"The organic mulberries are yummy and I'm in love with the antioxidant mix that I ordered a sample of...definitely will order again!"
Jan 2014 -- Pam, TN

"I received my order in a very timely fashion. I love your mailing boxes! It's so much fun to read all the notes, and I appreciated an email telling me my product was delivered. I ordered the white mulberries and found them to be very tasty. I will definitely order them again. I've also looked at customer reviews of other items you have and expect to try some of those as well. Thanks too for the little sample you sent."
Jan 2014 -- Beverly, Alliance, NE

"Thank you for the quick delivery especially over the holidays. I had heard about the white mulberry on the Dr. Oz show. I decided to order. They are extremely yummy. You guys have a great business and I will continue to order from you."
Jan 2014 -- Bernadette, Saint Johns, FL

"I wouldn't normally take the time to do this, but I must say that "I'm pleased as punch" to have found your website. I was looking for dried white mulberries after seeing them recommended by Dr. Oz. Looked around Oceanside for a health food store that carried them. No luck. Found your website by a Google search. Easy site to navigate and use, you had exactly what I was searching for...I ordered. Prompt shipment that came a day earlier than promised...cute packaging...good communication throughout the order/delivery process...and I love the quality of the mulberries. Totally impressed with you guys. I'll be a regular customer and be looking for additional items I can obtain from you. Good Job!! Thanks."
Jan 2014 -- John, Oceanside, CA

"Awesome!!! Not only the best price I could find but every review I read lived up to what they actually delivered. Mulberries are freaking awesome. Packaging is top notch and I got a nice little bonus. Unbelievable service. Placed order 7p Jan 3, received shipping tracking in 30 minutes. Shipped Jan 4 and received Jan 6. NOW that is service!!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Brent W, Meridian, ID

"I ordered my Mulberries on Friday and they were deliver on Saturday at noon. I was surprised it came so fast. I love the Mulberries and Mix Nuts I order. As a matter of fact I'm having some this morning. Thank you so much Nuts.com"
Jan 2014 -- Sandra, Centreville, VA

"My first time with mulberry, It's the best snack I have in the house next time I'll get some nuts -- you are what you eat."
Jan 2014 -- bernie, milpitas, ca

"Package arrived a lot sooner than I expected. Even during a pretty significant winter storm. Product was very fresh & packaged nicely. My "picky-eaters" can't seem to get enough of the dried white mulberries. Much better tasting than what even I imagined. Eating as a snack after a workout & mixing just a tablespoon in with my oatmeal, they hit the spot & helps me get my sugar fix for the day. Best customer service I have had in a long time. Looking forward to being a lifetime, generational customer. I can definitely see why you have been in business this long."
Jan 2014 -- Robert, Abingdon, Maryland

"delivery has been made and I am enjoying my white mulberries. thank you for your business. and I hope to be doing business with you again the future. bless you and your family keep up the good work."
Jan 2014 -- James, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaina

"Thanks for e-mailing me that my package had been delivered. I wasn't home when the mailman delivered it, so I was happy to see it on my front porch! This is the first time I had tried the dried mulberries (ordered at the recommendation of our favorite Dr. OZ)! They are yummy! And thanks for the extra little gift of Chia seeds! That was a nice surprise. :)"
Jan 2014 -- Sherrie, Chino, CA

"I received my order today Saturday, January 4, 2014 and I sampled every item and they all were delicious! Nuts of all kinds are my favorite snack but all of the ones I received were far above the norm. The white mulberries were more than I expected! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Virginia, Oxford, Al

"Super Fast Delivery and my delicious dried mulberries and lemon yogurt pretzels and thank you nuts.com for the complimentary figs"
Jan 2014 -- Kiki, Charlotte, NC

"I ordered the dried white mulberries. They were delivered on time and I opened them up immediately to taste them. They are fresh and delicious. I will be ordering more from nuts.com when these run out. I am extremely satisfied with the product."
Jan 2014 -- Nathan, PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania

"Just received my box this morning. First the box is so fun and inviting. Like a package from a friend. Then I opened the box and sampled the mulberries (fresh and sweet), veggie chips ( really good) and fruit chips (very fresh and very good). Also thanks for the free sample. I will definitely order from you again."
Jan 2014 -- valarie, sugar hill, ga

"Fast delivery, love the packaging. As soon as I received the order I had to sample. The mulberries are wonderful to eat by themselves. I'm using the goji and acai for smoothies. The cacao nibs I will be using for cooking and ice cream. My husband went nuts over the taste of the mulberries. I will soon be ordering again. I was even sent a free sample. Awesome company*****"
Jan 2014 -- Diane, Holly, Michigan

"Could not believe the fast service you provide. I just put in my order and it is already here. The packaging and quality of the mulberry nuts are beyond what I expected. Look forward to placing my next order."
Jan 2014 -- Terri Jambor, Lake Geneva, WI

"Super Fast Shipping! Courteous and Professional Service! Love the Mulberries. Will Order Again and Again,Thank You,Wayne"
Jan 2014 -- Wayne, Jackson, NJ

"I ordered organic mulberries because I can no longer buy them in bulk at my local co-ops. They arrived quickly, with a nice little bonus enclosed, and are fresh and delicious."
Dec 2013 -- Deb, Chanhassen, MN

"The white mulberries that you sent me were super delicious. The packaging was so cute and adorable. When I first received my order at the door, just by glancing at the box, I got excited. By the way, the white mulberries are really tasty and I can't seem to stop eating them! Keep on doing what you do as a company, and you will forever have me as a customer. Thank you for making my day."
Dec 2013 -- Luz, new york, New York

"Oh, my goodness! My second order is SOOO good that I am ready to place my third order this month! The antioxidant berry blend is wonderful, tender and delicious. The cilantro/lime pistachio-pepita blend is outrageous and addictive. I'll have to portion it so I don't eat it all right away! The sample of dried berries looks delicious, too. Thank you, you nuts!"
Dec 2013 -- Donna, Lancaster, CA

"This is my new favorite website!!! I first heard about it when I searched online for dried mulberries and decided to place an order. Not only did my order (both since I've since re-ordered) arrive in no time but the mulberries, goji berries and seeds are absolutely delish yet very inexpensive. The order follow up and delivery notifications are wonderful with amazing customer service too. I'm recommending nuts.com to everyone I know, I love it!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Elizabeth, Milwaukee, WI

"We just received our shipment of organic mulberries and we are very pleased with the quality and the promptness. We are customers for life. Viola Ferebee"
Dec 2013 -- Viola, Fayetteville, NC

"I place my order online yesterday afternoon and just opened my package a few minutes ago, amazing! I wish other sites had your quick service! So far have opened the dried pomegranate and black mulberries...yum!!! Great products, great service and you now have a loyal customer. I'll be spreading the word to friends!"
Dec 2013 -- jodi, hanover, pa

"White mulberries arrived nicely packaged and in a timely fashion. Fresh tasting and seem to be of good quality. Will order again as they actually do help bring sugar levels down naturally. THANK YOU."
Dec 2013 -- Lorr, tucson, az

"I love the dried white mulberries. I eat them in my oatmeal and the are sweet enough I don't have to add sugar. Dr Oz recommended them and my weight gain has stopped."
Dec 2013 -- Evelyn, Hastings, Ok

"The organic mulberries, organic chocolate, organic flour, organic figs, and spice rubs arrived within a week of ordering. Each product was flavorful as well as fresh. I plan on ordering again for Christmas baking. This site is awesome!"
Dec 2013 -- Evelyn, Calgary, Alberta

"You guys are the absolute best. I order the white mulberry berries,Goji berries, organic snack mix and all of them are so fresh and delicious. Today my surprise treat was the Cocoa Nibs and I can't wait to try them. I highly recommend ordering from you. Thanks so much for the fast delivery and for the follow up on the same day you get your goodies! I look forward to trying more of your products and what a great idea for gifts!"
Dec 2013 -- Patsy, Panama City, Fl

"Package arrived today (right on time) and we couldn't wait to open the white mulberries. They are absolutely delicious!! So glad I found Nuts.com. Thanks for a great product at a great price!"
Dec 2013 -- Xina, Ellicott City, MARYLAND

"Great Mulberries! Love em with yogurt. Inter-galatic amazingly great product, customer service and family business story. Stay nutty!"
Dec 2013 -- Ken, Huntington, New York

"We are well pleased with our order of Dried White Mulberries. They are great as a snack right of the bag. Our favorite way is to re-hydrate them. We just add a little water and mulberries in a small bowl with a lid and steam them in the microwave for about 30- 45 seconds, give them shake or stir about half way and a good stir when finished. Then eat them by themselves or any recipe idea you may have. Thanks"
Nov 2013 -- Norm, Kannapolis, NC

"Love the White Dried Mulberries"
Nov 2013 -- Karen, Merrill, WI

"Just received the Mulberries and they are fabulous!!! I heard about them on Dr. Oz and was so happy to discover that you carry them. We have been ordering from you for years and have always been pleased with the quick delivery and wonderful products."
Nov 2013 -- JeannieC, Katonah, NY

"Just received my white mulberries today. Love the packaging and the berries are so tasty!! Appreciate the quick delivery and wonderful product! Will be back for more. :)"
Nov 2013 -- Kimberly, St. Mary's, MD

"We love the mulberries and we all love your your packaging! Very quick shipment. I am about to order some of these for my father-in-law."
Nov 2013 -- steven, carrboro, North Carolina

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