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Delicious. I liked this as an alternate to chemical-laden peanuts.
, Omaha, NE
April 9, 2016
I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! I will order this again and again and again!!!
, Montgomery Village, MD
March 19, 2016
Very good!
, Chicago, IL
December 11, 2015
Strange but good. Taste like a stronger Brazil nut. You can really taste a volcanic earthiness in them. If you like Brazil nuts, I think you will like these!
, Farmington, WV
November 29, 2015
Thanks for the very fast delivery totally impressed with everything
, Lakeside, CA
November 11, 2015
they work good.
, Albany, TX
October 26, 2015
I've always had trouble getting the Brazils to come out in one piece but with this handy little tool it makes it a lot easier. It takes a little practice though. I like em a lot! Thanks from Kentucky
, Bowling Green, KY
September 21, 2015
Works great! No mess!
, Rockwell, NC
June 28, 2015
, Costa Mesa, CA
June 18, 2015
Wow...this thing is heavy duty! It's the Swiss Army Knife of nutcrackers. Where were you when I couldn't find REAL nutcrackers in the stores at Christmastime? Oh, yeah, probably right here. Too bad I hadn't discovered you sooner. I've been using a wrench to crack nuts. This is so much better.
, Las Vegas, NV
June 18, 2015
Got to try something I never experience before....they are really good!
, Reno, NV
May 28, 2015
works great.
, New Hyde Park, NY
April 28, 2015
Brazil nuts without a meat pik. LOVE this item.
, Spokane, WA
March 31, 2015
Second time I have ordered these, and just as good as the first! They are a great snack for studying!
, Farmington Hills, MI
March 7, 2015
What a time saver and so easy to use....and, ladies, your fingernails remain intact!!!!
, Houston, TX
March 5, 2015
They look great so I will have to try them when I get home !!
February 19, 2015
Works good on my hazel nuts from last order.
, Bartlesville, OK
February 19, 2015
I love this nut cracker worked great
, Harlingen, TX
February 12, 2015
This is THE BEST nut cracker EVER!!!!!
, Tiverton, RI
February 6, 2015
I decided to try the nut cracker for the Brazil Nuts in shell that I had ordered. It works great. It was surprising at first as I had not seen one that looked like it does and a bit of adjustment as to how I normally just attack a nut but it works very well and I'm very happy with it. the shelled nuts are nice and fresh and the nuts in shell are as well which makes the cracking of them much easier.
, Smyrna, South Carolina
February 3, 2015
This nut cracker is just what I've been looking for! What a clever invention!!! Thank you so much.
, Sinsinawa, WI
February 2, 2015
works great on by peanuts which can get pretty tough getting open with lady hands.
, Westland, MI
January 30, 2015
This was the first time that I ordered from your company, and it certainly won't be the last. I loved reading all of the cute messages on the shipping box. And, the pili nuts taste fantastic. I bought the nuts for my birds, but they're going to have to fight me for them. Glad I found this site.
, Duluth, MN
January 22, 2015
So buttery! I'll definitely buy this again. Thank you!
, Chicago, IL
January 19, 2015
It's actually really better than the old fashioned kind!
, Ardsley, NY
January 6, 2015
It's great!!! Thank you!!!
, Lubbock, TX
December 11, 2014
The box is funny and the nutcracker has allowed me to eat my six months old Brazil nuts. Thank you very much. Have a merry merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!
, Fresh Meadows, NY
December 11, 2014
Never had heard of them before -- thanks for the intro!
, Beacon, NY
December 11, 2014
This company really is all about customer satisfaction!
, Henryetta, OK
December 10, 2014
Best thing I've had in years
, Alexander, NY
December 4, 2014
Best nut cracker you can buy! Love it. Giving for Christmas gifts along with pecans to crack!
, Willis, TX
November 21, 2014
Great product, easy to use and no mess at all.
, California, MO
October 30, 2014
Gave these a try based on the description. Will definitely order more of these.
, Port Jefferson, NY
October 28, 2014
We love this nut cracker.... We see how it holds up over the holiday compared to traditional cracker we have used for 30 years.
, Stevensville, MI
October 24, 2014
Replacing one I've had for years that broke, I expect to like it.
, North Las Vegas, NV
October 24, 2014
No Mess Nutcracker What a great product !!!!!! It cuts through the shell neatly and easily leaving the nut intact. No more time consuming gleaning through pieces of nut and nutshells ! I did 3 dozen almonds in a fraction of the time. So glad I bought two. Highly recommend !!!!!
, south plainfield, nj
October 22, 2014
Simply wonderful, real food. Tastes different and to me they're almost a pistachio flavor but with a much better after taste. These nuts contain the highest fat of any nut and are highly recommended for HFLC (all low carb) food plans. My preference is for a larger quantity bag or bulk.
, Dexter, MI
October 8, 2014
Super easy to use. Cracked the brazil nut with ease and left the insides intake without being smashed. I am glad I bought one. I have been wanting one since last year. Thanks for such a good product. Well made.
, Monroe, WI
October 5, 2014
First time I've eaten them, never heard of Pili nuts before Nuts.com........delicious, will be getting them again!
, Bullhead City, AZ
September 12, 2014
I love these, like a combination of a pine nut and a brazil nut but soft and luscious. I like to give these because they are unheard of ordinarily.
, Hull, MA
September 5, 2014
, Atlanta, GA
August 30, 2014
I am very happy with everything I have ordered. Your box makes me smile. I love it. And the follow up email I received was great too. You have wonderful product and you make me laugh. I will continue to order from you!! Thank you!
, Saint Petersburg, FL
August 13, 2014
Delivery was awesome :) everything was good... Love the pili nuts, dried mango, vegetable chips and almond bark the most :)
, Dedham, MA
August 7, 2014
Great product and price. My 90 year old dad loved the funny packing and nuts very much. Excellent nut cracker. Will order again and recommend
, St. Clair shores, Mi
July 12, 2014
Ok, I have never even heard of these before so when I saw them I figured I should try them, and I am so glad I did. These are my new favourite nut (not even sure if I had a favourite before, but now I definitely do!)
, Gainesville, FL
July 11, 2014
Great nut cracker! My husband will get more use out of it than I will :) Super fast shipping!!
, Kansas City, MO
May 23, 2014
works great
, Hanceville, AL
May 19, 2014
Unbelievable! the shipment arrived in less than 2 days, worth mention after a severe storm all over NEngland. But here comes the best part: I'm amazed at how easy it is to crack nuts open with my new toy- any child can do it! and the nuts, so fresh, so much tastier than any I've had. Call me a customer for life. I'm hooked! Pedro
, Marblehead, Massachusetts
February 6, 2014
This gift was delivered exactly when I was told it would be... The giftee enjoyed them immediately. Said they just "hit the spot "! No complaints at all.I also sent the nutcracker which worked perfectly!! Would DEF order again!!
, Whitestone, Ny
December 23, 2013
We are thrilled to have found your business. Your produce is OUTSTANDING. Pili nuts are addictive - our new favorite!
, Atlanta, GA
December 20, 2013
I wish all companies great and small operated the way nuts.com does! Everything from the website, the delightful product packaging, the customer service, fast shipping, even the friendly delivery notification e-mail, was a pleasure. Last but not the least, the nuts are fantastic! I ordered 4 different nuts. They were delivered very fresh and so tasty. I even received a sample of goji berries! Nuts.com exceeds expectations.
, Sacramento, Ca
December 3, 2013
I love nuts.com If you have not tried the Pili nuts you need to. Everything I have ordered is shipped super fast. Products are the freshest available. I will never buy from anyone else. Thank you Nuts.com
, pensacola, FL
October 9, 2013
The nuts arrived and in great shape. Loved the box they came in... Fresh and very tasty. Now, if I could only find some that were candied and not TOO expensive. Thanks so much for being so FAST with your great service.
, Chico, CA
July 21, 2013
Fast service, and huge, fresh nuts! Love the nutcracker, too- what great innovation. Will definitely order again.
, Waterford, MI
May 8, 2013
Hadn't heard of pili nuts, so ordered them just to try. Softer, not crunchy, with a great melt in your mouth taste.
, Tyler, TX
April 23, 2013
I received my goodies this morning , moringa powder , they are truly delicious . Also as usual my matcha and the deluxe house mix are great !!No mess nut cracker MUST HAVE !!!!thank you
, Dallas , Texas
April 16, 2013
My order was shipped and delivered within two days. Can't beat the speed! Nuts were fresh and delicious. Great customer service and products!
, Brookville, PA
March 29, 2013
Hi I placed my order and 3 days later I have my order and already enjoying. I really appreciate your customer service and will order again. L. McDonald
, Collierville, Tn
March 14, 2013
This company is amazing! Delivery is on time, packaging is immaculate and the product quality is the best possible. The pili nuts, boiled peanuts, and sugar free gummy bears are the best I've ever had. The pili nuts have that light creamy texture that is unique and tastefully different from any other nuts. The boiled peanuts taste fresh and each shell is a burst of briny nutty nuggets. The sugar free gummy bears are a healthy alternative from the sugary ones available on the stores. Thank you Nuts.com for what you do! You show a lot of pride with what you are doing and truly treat your customers like family.
February 2, 2013
My nuts arrived today! They are delicious and fresh. The nutcracker took me a minute (literally) to learn how to use it, and it works like a charm. The only problem is I should have ordered more!
, Kirkland, WA
September 5, 2012
Wow..these pili nuts are great! I've never had a nut that has a cooling, melt in your mouth texture like these do.
, Egg Harbor, NJ
April 14, 2012
love your company. fast delivery and superb products. we love the pili nuts, pistachios, assorted energy bars, heck we love everything you sell!!!
February 28, 2012
January 18, 2012
At last!!! I have been trying to find a nutcracker that will work. Yours is the best. Thankyou. I'll be back.
, High Point, NC
December 28, 2011
Received my order, pecans & nut cracker, yesterday. Talk about the worlds best nut cracker - ZOWIE! That thing is so simple & amazing. Super easy to use & a lot less mess in my living room. So, my husband & I are both happy. Thanks for the prompt service - got it clear across the country in less than a week. Thanks you nutty people!
, Darby, Montana
December 14, 2011
This nut cracker rocks! Got it in lightning speed. I've avoided cracking nuts for a lifetime. Hate the hassle and mess. This nut cracker is simple, easy and leaves the nut in full shape. Amazing! Enjoyed our fresh walnuts last night. THANK YOU!
, Fallbrook, CA
November 19, 2011
This is a great nutcracker. Easy on your hands, (who ever designed it knew their physics) and does a great job. I'm sure i am not even doing it according to instructions and it's still good. You don't end up smashing the nut and shell into pieces. Easy to get the nut meat out. Sign of a good product, does what it's supposed to do with ease.
, NY, NY
June 25, 2011
Best I have used for pecans. I will buy another soon and have already told friends.
, Bloomington, Illinois
November 16, 2010
Loved the hazelnuts in the shell. Service was fast! The nut cracker is well worth the $.
April 10, 2010
we liked your nut cracker so well ,Told brother about it,tried it,and insisted I order one for him. So I did,and he got it today,tried it,and loves it. Who knows,might order more. Ilene
, Tacoma , Wa.
March 12, 2010
Thanks for the great customer service! The brazil nuts were fresh and awesome!! And the nutcracker works beautifully!! Oh yeah, and the coconut bon bons were the bomb!! You have a loyal customer-will be ordering again soon!! Thanks again!!
, Tulsa, OK
January 25, 2010
I must say the nut cracker is great, so far,works like a charm.Hope it keeps on cracken. Husband loves it.
, Tacoma, Wa.
January 18, 2010
We ordered the nut cracker and could not wait to test it out on some holiday nuts. It works fantastic - I cannot wait to try it on my lobster!
, Mastic, NY
December 18, 2009
I am duly impressed with the speed of your order fulfillment and prompt delivery-- one day from placing the order to having it at my door. Good job!
, Staten Island, New York
December 8, 2009
Thanks for the email confirmation--I like your style!! Made me smile this morning! The nutcracker works fine on my 'gifted' pecans. LOVE the goji berries, they are really good!
, Nipomo, CA
November 16, 2009
I am very pleased with your quick service and the quality of the Brazil nuts that I ordered. It is hard to find just Brazil nuts by themselves. They're usually hanging out with a bunch of other nuts. The nut cracker I ordered works great also; it cuts through the shell very easily. Thanks!
, Madison, MS
October 26, 2009
I have just received my order (my 2nd) that I placed not even 36 hours ago, and I am already cracking pecans with the no mess nut cracker. It is a god send as I have trouble with my hands. With just a little pressure the pecans are cracked. thank you nuts online. You will be the only place I will get my pecans, peanuts, and all other nut products in the future.
, jackson, ohio
September 5, 2009
My Husband and I want to thank you for the "Best" Nutcracker we've ever had! Our old Nutcracker from 1979 just couldn't take it anymore and expired! We didn't know what we were going to do until I saw this one on your site. I have problems with my hands so I didn't know how this would work out--but we got it today and tried it and I can't believe anything could be so simple and yet stand up to any size nut. I am ordering a second one to put away in case they stop making them! So if you have strength problems, you will love this Nutcracker!
, Harrisburg, PA
April 21, 2009
The nut cracker is awesome... it makes opening nuts a breeze. The nuts are some of the freshest I've ever had. You have a new fan!
, Phoenix, AZ
February 27, 2009
My husband and I love this nut cracker. We are slightly disabled and have had problems shelling walnuts and pecans. This is the daddy of all nut crackers and everyone should get one! Thanks!
, Freesoil, Michigan
January 26, 2009
Happy Holidays! Wow! I can't believe how fast I received my order. Ordered nut crackers yesterday and they were delivered today. This nut cracker is the best also. Works great. My husband was very impressed. I know my son and daughter will feel the same when they get theirs Christmas. I will deffinitely shop again and will be telling everyone about how great you guys are and the super fast service. Thank You So Much.
, Croton on Hudson, New York
December 16, 2008
thank you so much for getting the nut cracker to me so soon. i spent hours last night using it. it's wonderful. thanks again jeannette
, sedalia, mo
October 24, 2008
Received my No Mess Nut Cracker on 2/21/08. Works like a charm.
February 21, 2008
Once you learn the trick to these crackers you'll be amazed at the amount of time you spend eating the nut, not picking up broking pieces mixed with shells. They are pretty amazing. Especially for brazil nuts.
, athen, ga
April 16, 2007

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