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Squash Seeds Reviews

Our Customers' Reviews and Testimonials

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Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
, Reno, NV
October 11, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Oh my goodness I'm addicted!!! I used to buy the Nuts.com pumpkin seeds & loved them. But when they salted them less I was a bit disappointed :( So I decided to try these for the first time & they're so yummy! I love the salty goodness! I also have to add that I purchased these 3 days ago & received them yesterday. AWESOME shipping you guys! ❤
, Tumwater, WA
October 6, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
Very nice! Less tough than the in-shell squash/pumpkin seeds I'm accustomed to. Good for snacking as is, but also a nice blank slate for your own flavor mix.
, Seattle, WA
July 31, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Much better than Pumpkin Seeds for snacking!! Love the flavor!
, Lakewood, WA
July 1, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
I love these squash seeds so much I ordered 5 pounds of them. So fresh and delicious, they are the best I ever tasted. Thank you Nuts.com for your great products and great prices.
, Peachtree City, GA
June 29, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Flavorful and not too salty!
, Downers Grove, IL
April 27, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
I have been looking for these for a long time. They are great.
, Bismarck, ND
April 23, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
April 18, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Your company is the best! Love your products and quick delivery ! Keep up the good work !
, Wilmington, DE
February 23, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Great item
, Bellmawr, NJ
February 2, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Nutty Forecast shows MORE Squash Seeds delivered to my doorstep in the near future. They're ULTRA Delicious. WARNING: Highly Addictive!!! Better than any Pumpkin Seeds I've ever eaten, Meaty insides. If I'd know then what I know now, would have immediately tripled my order. Color me a squirrel in Nut-Heaven.
, Madison, WI
January 18, 2017
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Thanks so much.
, Florissant, MO
November 26, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Oh so WONDERFUL! Healthy too.
, Houston, TX
October 27, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
very good and salty
, Las Vegas, NV
October 9, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
, Flanders, NJ
September 7, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
The seeds are great...I'm using them for this diet I'm trying that include squash seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachio and cashew along with other stuff. I am very pleased, and having them a day early is even better. Thanks for the great service. I will definitely be order from you all again. Thank You, Scot
, West Covina, CA
June 20, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
This was the first bag opened, and I can't get enough.
, East Chicago, IN
June 7, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
They are perfect and arrived all intact.
, Montgomery, AL
May 24, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
This is my third order of the roasted squash seeds and I have not been disappointed yet. The quality is consistent each time. This is my new addiction! Thanks so much for such a great product. I will be reordering (as well as some dried fruits - the Kiwi was outstanding!) And shipping is phenomenal. Seems like I just placed the order and it was delivered so quickly. Great job guys! I will recommend you every chance I get!
, Oak Harbor, WA
April 23, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
This is the first I've tried these, and it was the first thing I tore into when the box arrived. I'll stop eating them soon . . . the bag will be empty. These are tasty!
, Belton, TX
March 31, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Service is excellent, squash seeds perfect and many thanks for the gift of pumpkin seeds. I will reorder when they are gone!!!!
, Hale, MI
February 20, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
When my package failed to arrive, staff took immediate action, and provided a replacement order within 24 hours! And, you cannot buy better squash seeds anywhere!
, Acton, MA
February 15, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
, Citrus Heights, CA
February 10, 2016
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
OMG....these are the best ever, have been looking for roasted squash seeds for a long time; so glad your company carries plump squash seeds that are salted just right. Thanks again
, Milton, FL
December 21, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
I LOVE these seeds!
, Ludlow, MA
November 28, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
A bit more salty than expected, BUT I love them. Frankly, I'm a healthnut. My doc has been on my back for weeks due to a low sodium level. Brothers, this will do. They're great.
, Dorchester, MA
November 2, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
love them, they have the right amount of salt
, Colorado Springs, CO
October 19, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Thanks...... delivered fast & taste great
, South Elgin, IL
October 14, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
What a unique product! I love roasted squash seeds, but usually only get them when I roast squash in the fall. These had a nice flavor and they are not very overly roasted. I personally like my seeds roasted till they are deep brown and crunchy. These ones are softer, but the flavor is good. I can't even imagine how many squashes I would have to cook to get this many seeds so it doesn't bother me that they are gently roasted, that probably means its healthier anyway. And the seeds are so large! I like that, sometimes in squash you get small hard to deal with seeds. Great fun product!
, Hays, KS
September 10, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Very good
, South Amboy, NJ
July 27, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Love my nuts!!!
, Washington, DC
July 7, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
As always, delivered as advertised and promised! Thoroughly salted and scrumptious! Reminds me of the "good old days"!
, Miramar Beach, FL
May 26, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Best I ever Had, Thanks
, Gladwin, MI
May 19, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Best squash seeds I ever had!
, Colorado Springs, CO
April 27, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
I used to buy squash seeds (for me, my brother and sister's family) from "G*rm@xx', but when they ran out of jumbo squash seeds, the sly dogs shipped itty-bitty-not-so-pritty pumpkin seeds. 'Bait & switch'. Their seeds were good (when they shipped the jumbo squash seeds), but waaaay too salty. I ordered my brothers family some 'test' seeds from Nuts.com and they loved'em. I then ordered me some, got them yesterday and glad I found your site! As an added bonus, Nuts.com is just nutty! From the crazy box they ship in, to the lively sales rep on the phone - one feels as if they found just the right dealer for their nutty fix.
, San Angelo, TX
April 12, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
, Hesperia, CA
April 10, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
An unusual treat for a family (or a selfish member therein)! Really a great nutty taste!
, Ocala, FL
April 3, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. My husband really loves the unsalted in the shell Roasted Squash Seeds, and they are so good for him, too. Thank you!
, Edgewater, FL
March 5, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Not only were these SO yummy,(& my girls loved them) but they came early & with a grift!!
, Austin, TX
February 19, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
I'd not only get these again, I'm looking at other products!!
, Austin, TX
February 19, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
I have no better sense than to eat these things until my tongue gets sore.. Still beats smoking!!! Thanks guys.. I use to buy the squash seeds from a punjab market in Sacramento but the price kept creeping up and the packages getting smaller plus, I live in Davis, Ca so it is a bit of a drive. .. $3 for 8oz... I think you have a customer here...I have never seen them anywhere else but that market and here... Are they a fairly common item?? fdupr
, Davis, CA
February 12, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Love these . My fav !!!!!!
, Shirley, NY
February 6, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
What a great way to keep busy and watch a sporting event or two. Sure hope they are not as addictive as your pumpkin seeds! (HELP! THESE ARE MORE ADDICTIVE! WE'VE LOST COUNT ON HOW MANY BAGS WE ATE!).
, Ocala, FL
January 28, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Yummy with salt!
, Southfield, MI
January 20, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
Yummy, thanks!
, Southfield, MI
January 20, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
Very tender shells.
, Pompey, NY
January 2, 2015
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Amazing Product
, La Grange, IL
December 22, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
very good not too salty like the pumpkin seeds
, Dixon, IL
December 19, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
Great distinct squash seed flavor. Love it. Fresh, great taste. Love the packaging!! Delivered quickly. I also love the updates, the email was sent letting me know the package was delivered seconds after my door bell rang!
, New York, NY
October 31, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Like to mix the plain w/salty for a lower sodium snack I have to work at to eat.
, Southfield, MI
October 28, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
Like to mix the plain w/salty, yummy!
, Southfield, MI
October 28, 2014
I just wanted to say that I have been buying and eating Squash seeds for over 40 years, and yours are by far the best I've tasted. They are plump and fresh. I love 'em.
, Bolingbrook, IL
October 23, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Arrived a day earlier than expected! And in resealable packages, bravo!
, Los Gatos, CA
October 17, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Nice large seeds, going to try the unsalted seeds next.
, Pembroke, GA
October 3, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Salted, In shell):
Delicious. Excellent delivery time. I will be back
, Bloomingdale, IL
September 11, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
these are my favorite seeds. I can eat these all day long. can't get these in my area so I am glad I can buy them from your company. Also happy I get them in a matter days. you folks are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work.
, North Port, FL
August 29, 2014
These are great. Salt covered seeds are hard to find and these are the best.
, Mesa, AZ
July 26, 2014
I don't usually leave comments or reviews on sites, but, WOW!!! Nuts.com is GREAT! I have been hooked after my first order! The products are always fresh and tasty. They also take great care in packing...and shipping is super fast! Nuts.com ROCKS!!!
, Allentown, PA
June 8, 2014
Roasted Squash Seeds (Unsalted, In shell):
The best!! Even better than the ones I make at home (and mine are pretty darned good!)
, Madison Heights, MI
June 4, 2014
This is the second time I have ordered from nuts.com. The first time the product was superb and the shipping right on time. I ordered my second time a few minutes ago and already have a tracking no. Look forward to getting the seeds Friday. Thanks Nuts.com
, Newnan, Ga
May 28, 2014
Absolutely terrific! Ordered Monday morning, on my porch Tuesday afternoon. The absolute best squash seeds I've ever had! Thanks for making unsalted options, would love to see a light sea salt version for squash and pumpkin seeds.
, Syracuse, NY
December 22, 2012
You guys are the best. My order came today and I am sitting here eating my delicious squash seeds as we speak. You guys are ALWAYS on time, I always receive good quality and quantity time and time again! I love you guys!
, Pittsburgh, PA
November 14, 2012
Love, love, love the squash seeds! I've not had them before but now I'm addicted. Also love the wasabi peas - nice and hot! Will order again,soon.
October 12, 2012
You "NUTS" are awesome. So happy I found the site last year. This is the only place I can find pumpkin squash seeds...I order the 5lb bag and my family loves them. Service is fast attitude is great and the sample bags you send are a great treat and nice surprise. Have you thought about adding Pinterest to your site??? I would love to Pin you.
, Lumberton, NJ
September 19, 2012
so this is my 6th bag i have ordered and i have to say the quality is consistent every bag has been great
, cherry hill
August 7, 2012
my 2nd time ordering these seeds and there still the biggest and the best i ever ate
, cherryhill, NJ
June 29, 2012
love these squash seeds...nothing better and you guys have the best!
May 23, 2012
Amazing !!!!! My order of squash and pumpkin seeds arrived less than 24 hours after I placed my order. As usual , the quality is superb . It is a pleasure doing business with your company. I would give your products and service an 11 out of 10 if I could. Fantastic. Thank all of you at the nuts.com family. Sincerely , Joseph
, Shirley, Ny
February 20, 2012
I must say that I do a lot of shopping on line and I have never posted a comment good or bad on line...but I felt compelled to do just that regarding Nuts On Line. The commitment, the quality, the professionalism is outstanding. I highly recommend this site to all who need peace of mind when you shop along with great taste. One extremely satisfied customer.
, Coram, NY
October 11, 2011
yo guys, these are the best tasting squash seeds i ever had.I'm glad I found you guys. well gotta go my 5 pound bag of seeds are waiting. P.S. love the quick delivery too.
, palmyra, new jersey
October 4, 2011
these seed are just the BEST very LARGE seed good tast will buy a 5lbs bag next time
, cherry hill, nj
September 7, 2011
I got your squash seeds yesterday and immediately ate 1/2 bag. Absolutely delicious!! I recommend this product to all seed eating junkies rite now!!!! Mike
, Mt. ephraim, NJ
August 17, 2011
I placed a sample order yesterday to check out your delivery time and the quality of your products. I must say, that both are impressive! Your order arrived the first thing this morning and both the pumpkin and squash seeds are the largest, freshest and best that I have had since I was a child and I am in my late 50's. I will continue to order from your fine company and recommend Nuts Online to all my friends. Thank you for a job well done! Ray B.
, Philadelphia, PA
August 11, 2011
I love the squash seeds - they are just what I wanted and remeber from my childhood! I haven't had any this good in FOREVER!
July 3, 2011
The macadamia nuts, squash seeds, pistachios, and pepitas are really fresh! The raspberry jelly sticks, buttercrunch mix, vanilla light and crunchy granola, and dark chocolate dipped pineapple were yummy! The veggie chips are my new favorite munchie! I really enjoyed sampling your sample packs!
April 19, 2011
We've ordered roasted/salted pumpkin seds several times and love them. In our last order I added roasted/salted squash seeds, too. It's actually hard to tell the difference, they are both scrumptious. We'll continue to split our orders between the 2. We also ordered almond chocolate bark, chocolate covered caramel and boiled peanuts, (our first time for these and we haven't sampled them, but we're sure we'll be back for more.) Thanks again for your terrific products and service..
, Antioch, CA
April 7, 2011
awesome stuff always the best thank you
, ga
February 1, 2011
We tried the roasted squash seeds and the raw pumpkin seeds. We roasted the pumpkin seeds and saved a lot of money. They are great!!! The roasted squash seeds were good too. We ordered organic pistachios in shells (good!), organic raw wild jungle peanuts (very good and did not upset stomach as some raw peanuts do), organic roasted almonds (have not tried yet), and other organic nuts. Both orders came extremely fast and everything was in good order. Prices are comparable to a local co op with bulk section (some prices are better with Nuts Online). I would highly recommend the company and will order again. I am very happy with them!
December 12, 2010
My order came just as they said. I was stunned with all the goodies. The almonds cashew mix, the roasted squash seeds and chi square is awesome. i had to put them away or else I would have ate them all. Awesome! I will order again later this month with my free coupon.
, Dunwoody
November 10, 2010
Oh my goodness. I have had pumpkin seeds all of my life but had never tried Squash seeds. They are so good. I am so happy that I tried these. I also got the Mandarin Oranges and the Wasabi Peas. It is all amazing. I love you guys. Thank you nuts online.
, Japan
August 10, 2010
The squash and pumpkin seeds were just great. Everything was so fresh. The toffee pecans were the hit of the of the party you could eat just one
, Philadelphia, PA
August 6, 2010
Hi and thanks for the follow-up Everything arrived and was better than I expected. Your products are really first rate. My wife and myself are really going nuts for the goodies we ordered. Thanks for having such a great company,and believe me I will be ordering more soon. William Scofield
, Greenville, SC
July 29, 2010
Lightening fast shipping !!!!!!! I love the salt free pumpkin seeds, they are the best !!!!
June 23, 2010
Great products. Incredibly fast delivery. Why would I go anywhere else?!
, Quakertown, PA
May 16, 2010
You wanted a piece of my mind so here goes.... YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Enough said!
, Clinton Twp , Mi
April 16, 2010
I can't believe how quickly my order arrived....the very next day!! Everything is delicious. I don't think I have ever seen such large squash and sunflower seeds as these....more delicious in nuts inside. Thanks so much for your promptness and quality.
April 7, 2010
Just got yesterday, every thing I tried was fresh and wonderful. I have been eating pumpkin seeds all my life but have never saw HUGE crispy seeds like these Thanks, Ruben.....
, Brighton, Mo
December 11, 2009
Hi, I just want to say I am so impressed with your company. What a wonderful thing it is to do business with folks who understand how important good customer service is! So far I love the products I ordered. I haven't tasted all of them yet. (The order just arrived today). It is far more important to me, however, to be treated well by a company. That is certainly the case with Nuts Online. I was surprised by the free gift and want to thank you for that also. I will be ordering again. Merry Christmas to all of you at Nuts Online! Keep up the good work.
, Brookings, OR
December 3, 2009

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