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Thanks for the figs, delicious. Finally i got the dried elderberries. Want to make sambucol. Have made it for years now and always gets us thru the winter without getting sick. It was very hard to find a supplier that sold homegrown elderberries. Thank you.
, Northwoods, Maine
January 27, 2014
The Elderberries arrived on time and well packaged. Although, I have not tried them yet, they look and smell good. I bought these Elderberries to make Elderberry tincture for a tonic for the flu bugs that go around each year. Everyone that I have had try this who had the flu, has gotten better quickly. This is enough to make quite a batch as well as storing some unprocessed berries for future needs. But I will most likely be buying more again next Fall if local crops fail as they did last Fall. Thank you for having this available. -Christa
, Eugene, OR
January 24, 2014
Thank you so much for your exceptional delivery of the elderberry jelly. It is going to make my daughter very happy on Christmas morning! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
, Chappaqua, NY
December 25, 2013
Truly delicious macadamia nuts - so fresh and the freeze dried berries so excellent as well. These folks have customer service and quality down to a perfect science!!
, Houston, Tx
August 16, 2013
Last time I tasted elderberry jelly was probably about 1960. Made by my grandmother from wild elderberries I gathered near Chagrin Falls, Ohio,. The elderberry jelly I received yesterday from Nuts.com tasted just the same and brought back wonderful memories. Thanks.
, Lakeland, FL
July 17, 2013
Thank you so much for my shipment, which I just received, along with the free goji berries!! Must tell you, the reason I ordered your elderberry jelly and dried elderberries is because the herb of the month at the Evening Herb Society of the Palm Beaches is elderberries. Trouble is, elderberries here in South Florida don't ripen for another month or so and our meeting is next Tuesday! Elderberry jelly on cream cheese on a Ritz cracker is the perfect appetizer! Haven't figured out what to do with the dried elderberries, but I'm thinking cookies of some sort. Again, thank you so much for coming to the rescue!!
, West palm Beach, Fl
May 22, 2013
Fantastic jellies and jams! Speedy and reasonably priced shipping with great care taken for the safe delivery of the contents!! Count me in as a regular customer!
, melrose, Massachusetts
April 24, 2013
I tasted everything I had ordered and it was all good. not just good, but very good. I will order again.
, Trenton, NJ
April 2, 2013
I loved the coffee and jam I ordered from Nuts.com!!! I also loved the super fast shipping!!! I will definitely shop with Nuts.com again!!!
, Old Greenwich, Connecticut
January 22, 2013
My order arrived quickly and with an added surprise! The dried fruit was delish :) Thanks
, Accokeek, MD
January 8, 2013
My package came to me as quick as can be. The Jelly was so... good too! I give you a great big two thumbs up. Sincerely, Mrs. Rybitski
, Schenectadyt, NY
December 7, 2012
Just received my second order and just as thrilled as I was last week with the first one. That's right... two weeks=two orders. I'm HOOKED. The PUMPKIN PIE FUDGE is the best fudge I have ever had. The dried elderberries will be perfect in my cereal. And elderberry jelly...we like elderberries around here...is delicious. The covered espresso beans and dried mushrooms are unique snacks that the whole family enjoyed. I'm already hunting for my next fun-filled order. Thank you again for such a interesting and fun selection of products.
, Falmouth, Kentucky
October 23, 2012
Exceptional products. Taste as if right off the vine. A breath of Fresh Air dealing with your Superb Company. Will definitely use Nuts.com again as needs persist. Thank You for your Professional Ethics, Walter Hursey
, Westerville, Ohio
October 2, 2012
I received the jelly yesterday and could not wait to taste it. It is delicious! Thank you so much!
, columbus, ga
September 14, 2012
We enjoyed the jelly with some hot biscuits Thanks for the great service. patsy jones
, Austin, Texas
September 13, 2012
Mild Blueberry/blackberry taste, not bitter. Interesting chewy texture.
, LeFlore, OK
May 18, 2012
We bought these by the case. They make a wonderful syrup, which we all take some of everyday. Helps boost the system, and it really does help with colds and flu, or at least it does around my house! Will definitely be buying more when we're out.
, Ottawa, Ontario
April 13, 2012
i recved my order on time and the jelly was great!! i also received chocolate covered almonds and they were great!! your service is the best. thanks tony
December 31, 2011
I must say,that was the fastest delivery,from the U.S.It was here in less than 1 week.The jelly is amazing,hard to find in Canada.Sweet.Thanks.
, Toronto, Canada
November 14, 2011
Great customer service...thanks!
, Scituate, MA
November 2, 2011
October 21, 2011
Absolutely stellar company! I placed my first order with nutsonline.com at about 8:30am - within literally 2 hours, I received an email with my FedEx tracking number & notice that it had been shipped! Received my order the next day as promised - and all the items are just outstanding. Can't recommend this company highly enough - will definitely be back to order again!! :-D
, Hamburg, NJ
June 30, 2011
Just unpacked my first order, you guys have the fastest service I have ever seen. Your products are fresh and delicious thanks for the great service. I'm already working on my next order.
, Butte, Montana
May 17, 2011
April 11, 2011
I received the elderberries yesterday and made my homemade syrup - to ward of the winter symptoms!! Great stuff! Thanks for great products at great prices!
January 14, 2011
Yumminess achieved! My daughter and I share elderberry jelly as our favorite. We can't find any in our stores so it was great to have found your web page. We will be ordering again when the time comes.
, Naples, FL
December 10, 2010
My husband was waiting anxiously for the bucket of BB Bats I ordered for him through Nuts Online. He used to eat them as a kid. It wasn't long before they were delivered to our home. He was like a kid when he saw them--and they are just as good as when he was young. He's a 75 year old kid again.
, Madison, WI
November 18, 2010
These were for my mom; she loves elderberry jelly; this is going to be one of her christmas presents. I am sure she will love it. Thanks so much
, Cleveland, OH
November 11, 2010
Figs and Jellies are great! We are enjoying them a lot. A big thanks for the wonderful surprise. Hillu
, N. Las Vegas, NV
September 29, 2010
just placed my order 30 minutes ago and already received shipping confirmation! that's just one reason I love you. I also love the elderberries for my elderberry syrup. It kept my family well all last winter and I'm hoping for the same this year. Thanks
September 28, 2010
Just received my first order from you. It was delivered the day after placing my order. It was perfectly packed. I was pleasantly surprised by a complimentary package of figs which were not only delicious but tasted like they were just picked. Needless to say, you now have another returning customer. Many thanks for a very pleasant experience.
, Hillsdale, N.J.
September 21, 2010
The jellys are very good. I ordered them for my friend to taste. He had never heard of Gooseberry or Elderberry jellys or jams. My parents use to make them back in the 1930's when I was a small boy living on a ranch. Your shipping was very good. Thanks for having your products available. Tommy Dice
, Greeley, CO
August 21, 2010
My Grandmother looooved her elderberry jelly! Thank you so much! You are perfection and I will be ordering it again!!!
, Houston, Tx
July 30, 2010
Your jams and jellies are some of the best. I have tried three of them --- Cherry, Elderberry, and Passionfruit and all of them are very delicious. When paired with your flavored nut butters it gives new tastes to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you are searching for new sandwich ideas you must try them.
, Rome, GA
May 22, 2010
I got my shipment on a Saturday! That was unexpected, and awesome! Of course, I opened the box so I could sample the goodies inside. I tried the Simply Elderberries, which are tart and flavorful! I got the Chipotle Pistachios, which are spicy (not too spicy) and very yummy! Then on to the BBQ Veggie Chips. Wow! These are hard to put down! Smoky and sort of sweet, crunchy deliciousness! I think I filled up on the BBQ chips, because I haven't had a chance to try the rest of the things I got.
, Frederick, MD
March 21, 2010
Thanks for your speedy delivery! It arrived just in time for Valentine's Day. It made my sweetie's day!
, Gainesville, FL
February 14, 2010
the fruit was wonderful you delivered on time and next month i will order more.please keep up the good work
, adams, ny
January 19, 2010
Just received 3 jars of Elderberry jelly this am. Have a dear friend in her 80's who loves it, so thought I would treat her with a jar. Also bought one for my husband's aunt and a jar for us to try.
, Osceola, Iowa
January 5, 2010
So, my 80 year old Grandma LOVES old Fashion Bon Bons, but guess what? They are NOO where to be found. BUT WAIT! You can find them @ NutsOnline!! Love this place! Even ordered some really neat jellies for my Grandpa! PERFECT!
, Gray, pa
December 23, 2009
We ordered chocolate covered coffee beans from Nuts Online. As soon as they came (very fast shipping by the way) I ripped open a bag of the Kona chocolate covered beans and mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop!! Our Eclectus loves the dried elderberries and mulberries (we do too). We'll order again! Thanks, Noah
, NJ
December 5, 2009
Talk about quick delivery! Unfortunately, I can't comment on the elderberry jelly as yet since it's a Christmas gift for my son...who fell in love with this type of jelly while recently visiting Peru. Until then, based upon first impressions, I highly recommend nutsonline.com!
November 28, 2009
Hi Friends, Yep stuff arrived yesterday. We tasted the elderberries right away, wow! were they ever good. We will dip into rest of order today. Thanks
, international falls, Mn.
February 4, 2009

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