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Seems very healthy for the body. Very sour for those who like sour foods. Packaging is great.
, Laguna Beach, CA
July 15, 2016
Great taste and very nutritious
, Cliffside park, NJ
July 6, 2016
These are the best berries and highest antioxidant in the world.
, Chattanooga, TN
June 13, 2016
I love rasins and I love everthing sour so these berries were spot on.
, Remington, VA
May 7, 2016
Organic Gooseberries:
OHHHHH the tartness of these berries is addictive!! I toss these in cranberry sauce recipes, fruit salad, and with energy trail mixes. YUM!
, Old Lyme, CT
March 15, 2016
Lovely packaging, good price for a hard-to-find item in a large quantity, and delicious quality! Although they are dried fruit, that didn't mean that they were stale. Freshness and flavor were packed into each berry. Exceptional service, would shop at nuts.com again!
, Missouri City, TX
February 8, 2016
RIDICULOUSLY fast shipping!! Ordered yesterday, received this morning. Delicious and fresh product as usual.
, Burbank, CA
January 14, 2016
Organic Gooseberries:
The way they should be. Exactly as pctured golden orange. I bought so many bad ones from different companies in the past dark brown with a funky overly ripened taste and smell. These ones are gorgeous. Thank you. love them and great customer service. Please continue such outstanding customer support. I would like to buy from you in the future. :)
, Ann Arbor, MI
November 6, 2015
Organic Gooseberries:
I like to think I am eating a bag of Skittles when I sit down with a handful.
, East Aurora, NY
November 5, 2015
Organic Gooseberries:
Totally addicted to these! I mix them in a pineapple/grapefruit salad so the next day after they absorb the fruit juices they are really soft. I also mix in with apples for raw apple pie, a "secret ingredient" in cranberry sauce, etc. Nuts.com always delivers fast and fresh!
, Niantic, CT
September 22, 2015
, Manhattan beach, CA
September 10, 2015
Organic Gooseberries:
Berry berry berry good. Tart, nice crunchy seeds.
, Baton Rouge, LA
May 16, 2015
Organic Gooseberries:
Yummy ! Thanks for the sample too:-)
April 9, 2015
Organic Gooseberries:
mouth puckering goodness...and good for you!
, Peyton, CO
February 12, 2015
These are wonderful! Trying to eat healthier and having Nuts.com is a great help.
, Siler City, NC
January 21, 2015
read they were very healthy so wanted to try them dried in an oatmeal cookie recipe. They are the best tasting and oh so good for you. Thanks again for selling them.
, Wilson, NY
December 8, 2014
Organic Gooseberries:
Very good. Your products, (I have tried two of the four products I ordered), and they are awesome...Will be ordering more of the products.
, Thornton, CO
November 28, 2014
This is the only place I know of to get gooseberries for my husbands annual Birthday Pie. They rehydrate well, and make a great pie, for those who love gooseberries. I also love the little treats that get tucked into the boxes when I order. thank you.
, Burnt Hills, NY
November 13, 2014
Organic Gooseberries:
Number one in quality!
, Hawthorne, FL
October 31, 2014
Organic Gooseberries:
Awesome, need I say more. Will order all my products here, soooooo much cheaper. Thank you
, Big bear lake, CA
October 13, 2014
I just love these little dried berries. For some they are too tart, but not for me. They also go really well with almonds! Yumm
, Benton City, WA
September 6, 2014
Organic Gooseberries:
Great price and great taste. Just received them today along with a few other items. Have yet to try the other products, but I did get into these and they are the best I've ever had.
, Akron, OH
July 31, 2014
Organic Gooseberries:
Fresh, juicy, delicious!!!
, Wagoner, OK
July 13, 2014
Organic Gooseberries:
Just got my Nuts.com box of delights from Fed Ex that they secured from the rain in a plastic bag. I first opened your free bag, thank you, of Australian licorice. The best tasting licorice ever! Many years ago I learned to love the licorice taste as a six year old on visits to uncle Jim's garden-yard in Daytona, Florida where I was allowed to pull up, dust off, and eat all I wanted of the fennel growing all over the yard. Such a happy memory. I'll be ordering the Australian next time. I'm now going to pop this delicious organic popcorn in olive oil and your wonderful Himalayan salt, yummy. Thank you.
, Palatka, FL
July 10, 2014
Thank you for your fast delivery. I love the organic gooseberries. I received everything I ordered. I will be ordering each month. Thanks again. Owen
, Athens, Alabama
December 3, 2013
On a whim, I decided to order dried gooseberries and gooseberry jam for my English class. We were reading a book and none of my children have ever tasted gooseberries, which figured prominently in the chapter we were reading. The order was placed on a Tuesday, and delivered on Wednesday. The kids got to taste gooseberries in a timely fashion. Fabulous company, fabulous customer service. I would definitely order from this company again!
, Dover Plains, Ny
June 5, 2013
My son introduced me to your products. I went online and signed up for your emails. I couldn't wait to get home from work because I knew my very first order would be waiting for me! I opened everyone of my treats and my husband and I sampled every single one of them! Delicious!! We are ready looking to see what we can order next!
, Allentown, Pa
May 29, 2013
Shipment arrived quickly, and the product quality is top-notch. I love dried figs, and yours are The Best! Dried gooseberries are a bit pricey, but delicious and the package lasts a long time, so it is a worthwhile splurge. Thank you!
, Bryn Mawr, PA
May 4, 2013
Soooo..after listening to my friends brag about Nuts.com I finally took the plunge. I found a very hard to find item: Aronia andalso great prices on the other items that I was paying out the nose for at my local food coop. Lightening fast shipping to boot!
, Mound, MN
March 22, 2013
It is totally insane how FAST the shipping was. I placed my order Thursday evening and it arrived Friday afternoon. That was with normal FedEX ground. Lightning isn't that fast! haha. I love every product I received!! So fresh and tasty! You have made me a customer for life with your service! Thank you Nuts.com!!!
, Carbondale, PA
February 15, 2013
I am never disappointed with the quality of your nuts and berries. The appearance and freshness is unsurpassed. Thank you for having a website so informative and user friendly. :)
, Holbrook, MA
February 5, 2013
Holy quick shipment! Holy amazing yumminess! From the gooseberries, to the cacao nibs, to dark chocolate macadamians, truly delish! Thanks for the gojis...you guys are fantastical!
, Monroeville, Pa
January 12, 2013
Unbelievable...Placed my order yesterday...and this morning in time for breakfast I was able to enjoy the Gooseberry’s! YOU’RE THE BEST!
, West Hartford, Connecticut
December 29, 2012
You guys are speedy! love the gooseberries; haven't tried anything else yet. Thanks you!
, Lenox, Ma
November 14, 2012
Great product and fast delivery. Awesome golden berries, juice and plump. Wonderful dried plums and goji berries. Thank you,
October 20, 2012
Got my order this morning. That was soooo fast for receiving my order. I have just had time to try the dried gooseberries : so so good that I will be ordering again.
, Pickering, Ontario
March 1, 2012
This was my second order and, as with the first, I am NUTS about everything! First time eating goose berries and I can't stop eating them! Ordered two bags, one for me and one for my BFF Diane! She, too, can't stop eating them. We are NUTTY over goose berries (well, actually we were already nutty but the goose berries gives our nuttiness a wonderful boost)! I am NUThing without Nut.com goodies!! You guys are the best! I am a customer for life (or at least until they come take me away to the nut house! Jacqueline
, Springfield, Tennessee
January 13, 2012
HOLY MOLEY! My order really came to me in LESS than a day! WOW! and not only that, my order was so tasty! I am a lifelong gooseberry lover!
, Amherst, MA
October 24, 2011
great service and product - love the pride of Nuts Online....please keep up the superior service...I look forward to your other products I wish you a wonderful day!
, Mastic, New York
October 4, 2011
I am so very happy with the organic gooseberries! They are wonderful, tart and have been enjoying them since I opened the box (right after it was delivered) Thank you! Your quality assurance is amazing and I will order from your company again!
, Waukesha, Wisconsin
September 30, 2011
Just received my order! Quick delivery! The taste of the Turkish apricots is delicious.! The best I've ever had. The gooseberries are amazing too! They probably won't make it to baked goods,just snacking right out of the bag. The taste of freshness! This my first time ordering and it won't be the last!
, Hemet, CA
September 21, 2011
These were a staple in mine and my mother's garden. I was raised on the Kansas Oklahoma line and later finished my high school in Ohio.I am going to try some of these products. Elderberry and gooseberry pies can't be beat, as well as the jelly. I used to make currant and raspberry jelly but can't find currants anymore. I'll have to buy a bush (if I live long enough!) Kathleen
, sylvania, ohio
July 13, 2011
I received the wonderful Chocolate covered Gooseberries & Bubble Tea Supplies & am excited about making my first passion Fruit Bubble Tea before the 4th of July !
, Vero Beach, Florida
July 1, 2011
I've been looking for Gooseberries for a long time. A friend of mine talked about them all the time. I'm going to try to rehydrate the dried Gbeeries and make a pie for him. Wish me luck!! Thanks for the free gift! They're GREAT!!
, Dallas, TX
June 8, 2011
I was surprised how fast my order came. The quality was incredible.The site is also user friendly. I would keep coming back. Thank you.
, TYler, TX
May 25, 2011
Loved my box of nuts and things! Upon its arrival, I immediately made a mixed sample bowl of all that I ordered! Man, were my taste buds happy! And one of the best parts is it's a one stop shop. No more going to this store and that store to get the variety I'm looking for. Thanks so much! Oh, I work for a Chiropractor who practices Clinical Nutrition. The patients are always asking where they can find the right kinds of foods to eat. Now I have an easy answer, Nuts online! Thanks so much. It was an A+ experience all the way around!
, Gainesville, GA
May 18, 2011
You guys are AWESOME!! We love all of the yummy stuff.
, Columbus, Ohio
May 11, 2011
Rec'd my first NO order today. Thanks to food allergies I had to search for special flours / nuts & was excited to find this site. Items arrived in great condition, superb packaging & I have already sampled 5 items. So far....absolutely divine. Nuts are fabulous, choc covered gooseberries yummy and energy bars delicious. Thank you NO!!! I will be back.
, Charlotte, NC
April 20, 2011
amazing!!! You guys rock!!!
, comstock park, Michigan
February 3, 2011
I love everyone of your products. ----I love how fast it was delivered. Thankyou so much
, Coulee City, Wash
January 24, 2011
The treats arrived today, and we've opened nearly every bag. This was a Christmas gift from a friend and we have thoroughly enjoyed all our organic goodies! Very tasty and what a selection! Thanks :)
, Sanford, FL
January 13, 2011
everything arrived in ship shape condition. i am especially excited about the gooseberries...thanks for the directions on how to cook the quinoa!!! will try this weekend...
, mulvane, ks
October 15, 2010
I had ordered some cashew from a different company before and was very disappointed. Then I found your company, got the nuts today I was so happy there is no comparison with the cashews from the other company. I also ordered some of the chocolate covered goosberry's they where so good. The only regret I have is that I only ordered a small amount of each. I'm in the process to put an other order together. I just love our products, were where you all my life?
, crosby, MN
August 26, 2010
What great service! I received my order the next day, and loved the Gooseberries that made the natives pucker. Thank you, and i look forward to my next order. Shannon
, Port Byron, NY
February 4, 2009
Great Service, and the quickest, I got my delicious gooseberries, they are so tasty and the price is great. Thank you, Nuts online ,will order again!
, Winchester, MA
December 9, 2008
As usual--your nuts beat all! Oh, and the berries too! I have not gotten such fresh gooseberries (Incan berries) anywhere else, ever. And the raw cashews are to die for! If I had known how delicious and creamy they are raw, I would never have eaten those dried-up salty things they sell in the grocery store! You Guys Are The Best!!!
, ormond beach, fl
October 26, 2008
Wow--was I surprised to find my order on the doorstep when I got home this afternoon!!! Especially since I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow! Everything looks exactly like what I pay much more for at the "health foods" stores; that is when I can even find organic, raw nuts and Incan berries. Thanks for your fast, friendly service! You will definitely be getting more orders from us!!!
, ormond beach, fl
October 2, 2008
I received Incan berries, chia seeds, and organic quinoa today. I tried the Incan berries and they are great. I will use the chia and quinoa in my salad tomorrow. I placed the order as part of my research for a Native American character in a novel that I'm writing. You web site looks great and I will order from you again. Your fulfillment was very prompt, your products are fresh, and you provided the ultimate care in shipping. Two thumbs up!
, Ashford, CT
July 16, 2008
I just purchased 2 pounds of gooseberries because I could not find them anywhere on the islands and the order arrived in a week. The gooseberries were plump and delicious just as they were described on your page. I love them in my cereal.
, Waialua, Hawaii
July 1, 2008

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