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Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino Reviews

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Premium Hot Chocolate:
, Bowie, MD
July 22, 2016
Premium Hot Chocolate:
Just the best.
, Warwick, RI
June 14, 2016
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Love this, even put a half teaspoon in my morning coffee.
, Bella Vista, AR
April 30, 2016
Premium Hot Chocolate:
And a winner love this alone and with my coffee! Home run with all three
, Ida Grove, IA
February 27, 2016
Dark Hot Chocolate:
haven't tried it yet but am sure it's delicious
, Orland, CA
February 24, 2016
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
Smells wonderful but haven't had a chance to try the hot chocolate yet. I think it would be great to try in coffee too.
, Valdosta, GA
February 2, 2016
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Super Nightcap. Helps me to sleep.
, Stone Mountain, GA
January 29, 2016
French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix:
First time for this and it's great.
, Monroe, MI
January 29, 2016
Dark Hot Chocolate:
I haven't tried it yet. But I know I will love it.
, New Brunswick, NJ
January 14, 2016
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
these look good and they smell good too i am looking forward to try them
, Danville, CA
December 18, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Haven't gotten around to trying it yet but I know I will love it. I had to go back on line to get the instructions for making it. It would be a good thing to have the instructions on the bag.
, Heppner, OR
December 15, 2015
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
I finally found something that my daughter loves. She waits for her birthday and Christmas.
, Spring City, TN
October 31, 2015
Premium Hot Chocolate:
I love this hot chocolate! I'm ready for fall now that my favorite hot chocolate has arrived. I'm so excited to be able to schedule my shipments so that I'll never run out. I'm a Happy camper!
, Catonsville, MD
September 3, 2015
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
The freshest and best.
, Statesville, NC
September 2, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Its Chocolate!!! No comments! =)
, Brooklyn, NY
August 26, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
very good
, Travelers rest, SC
July 29, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Great Choc
, Grafton, WV
June 10, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Dark hot chocolate is delicious !!!! Yummy cup every time
, Santa Clara, CA
June 3, 2015
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Mix:
Oh Boy. A real winner. And: So easy to prepare!
, Naples, FL
May 22, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
thank-you for the fast service.
, Westerly, RI
May 21, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Yummy dark sweetness!
, Port Arthur, TX
March 3, 2015
French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix:
My daughter loved it. Will be getting this again.
, Signal Mountain, TN
February 26, 2015
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
Hubby loves this.
, Taunton, MA
February 25, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
omg, added to my coffee, VERY good!!
, Olean, NY
February 20, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Not too sweet, great with milk and really smooth and creamy.
, Hempstead, NY
February 16, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
It's the best Hot chocolate. I love It!
, Creighton, PA
February 5, 2015
Right now I am having a Swiss Mocha Cappuccino and again, it is another home run! I add a dash of cream to make it even richer. I cannot wait to get rid of the flu so I can really get down to business; eating my goodies!
, Port Colborne, ON, Canada
February 4, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
, Elma, NY
January 31, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
, Brooklyn, NY
January 31, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Best chocolate ever !!!
, Austin, TX
January 14, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Good in my morning coffee!
, Winter Springs, FL
January 9, 2015
French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix:
Everything I ordered is very good and the shipping was so quick
, Mexico, MO
January 9, 2015
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Mix:
Everything I ordered is very good and the shipping was so quick
, Mexico, MO
January 9, 2015
French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix:
already drinking a cup--yumm -- and thanks for the veggie chip sample-- will get those soon
, Ashland, KY
January 8, 2015
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Bought this Dark Hot Chocolate as a gift for someone who LOVES dark chocolate, but can't find it locally. Nuts.com is now my go-to source for this! Also really appreciate the sample of Dark Chocolate Expresso Beans included in my order! Coffee and chocolate, the perfect combination!
, New Freedom, PA
December 26, 2014
Premium Hot Chocolate:
wonderful for a cold night!
, Ocala, FL
December 19, 2014
Premium Hot Chocolate:
The best hot chocolate I've ever had!
, Catonsville, MD
December 14, 2014
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Mix:
So good on a cold Eastern Oregon High Desert Morning! Perfect for when you come in from feeding the livestock.
, Burns, OR
December 13, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
I love the dark chocolate taste. great on a cold night
, Long Beach, CA
December 12, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Your dark hot chocolate is the best that I have ever had.
, Congers, NY
December 10, 2014
Premium Hot Chocolate:
Fast delivery very very creamy Prefect
, Cedarville, NJ
November 21, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Put it in your coffee- best Chocolate Mocha you'll ever taste!
, Forest Park, IL
November 18, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Super ...Super fast shipping..Thank YOU !!
, Cambridge, OH
November 8, 2014
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Mix:
Best Year Ever!!!
, Burns, OR
November 8, 2014
Premium Hot Chocolate:
Totally love this, been craving hot chocolate since the temps have dropped. I love that i can be confident it's not full of junk, your stuff is always the best quality!
, Starkville, MS
November 5, 2014
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Mix:
Going to have to fight off my friends who are going to suddenly want to pop by for a cuppa! Oh well, the price we pay for excellence...LOL!
, Starkville, MS
November 5, 2014
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
Thank you so much for a great hot chocolate. I'll be ordering this again for those cold winter nights for my friends and family. The order was here in a timely manner and that was awesome. Thanks
, Farmington, UT
October 29, 2014
Premium Hot Chocolate:
This is amazing...it smells delicious it tastes delicious. It's simply perfect..bring it winter I'm ready for a snow day with this hot chocolate.
, Sussex, NJ
October 27, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
Saving this weekend to try, but it smells great!
, Middleton, TN
October 16, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
, Tustin, CA
October 8, 2014
Premium Hot Chocolate:
, diamond springs, CA
September 29, 2014
French Vanilla Hot Chocolate:
Mixed it in the single cup coffee ,Awesome!
, Quakertown, PA
September 29, 2014
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Mix:
, diamond springs, CA
September 29, 2014
what can I say about you! Your products are great, your shipping is amazing as well as the packaging. I really enjoy the little surprises you pack in each box ordered. I always look forward to whatever it is! Thank you for being so customer oriented and using care at all times.
, camilla, ga
August 6, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
It has a deep, rich taste without the cloying sugar taste. This hot chocolate makes a great pick-me-up drink.
, Asheville, NC
June 25, 2014
Dark Hot Chocolate:
just right...not too sweet. Definitely some of the best hot chocolate mix that I've ever tried!
, South Bend, IN
June 21, 2014
This is a very delight especially after babysitting all day. I will be ordering this and more in the near future.
, Lemont, Illinois
January 15, 2014
Came very quick, am anxious to try it, from reading others testimonials, shall enjoy the French vanilla cappuccino very much. Thank you!
, Owasso, Oklahoma
January 14, 2014
I enjoyed all of your incredible goodies I received from your website.The hot chocolate is delicious, the cashews, sunflower seeds, dried apricots are exceptional. I'm very happy I've found your website. Thank you for your next day delivery. I got excited when I found my order. June RI
, pawtucket, Rhode Island
December 14, 2013
Got it. Thanks for promptness. The products are wonderful. Dark chocolate mmmmmmmmmmm good!
, Houston, Texas
December 13, 2013
OMG, I love my French Vanilla Cappuccino (FVC) I have a new BFF - Nuts.Com French Vanilla Cappuccino (FVC)!!! Dallas has been under a weather advisory for the last 4 days/ Freezing Temps and Ice.....No worries been curled up with my FVC from Nuts.Com....Simply the best!!!
, Dallas, Texas
December 9, 2013
Not only is the delivery speedy, but this mix is amazing!! I'm never going to a coffee shop for cappuccino again! Great, quality product!
, New Fairfield, Connecticut
November 1, 2013
Making gifts at my work for clients and I needed assistance regarding the measurements I called Nuts and they were very helpful! When the package came the box had all kinds of writing with cute sayings and the packages of the items were adorable!!! Their personal touch makes you feel like part of the family. Thanks Nuts for putting a smile on my face! It sure is refreshing to get great customer service these days and I will be using you again and again. You made me Happy Happy Happy!!! :))
, Palos Park, IL
October 17, 2013
My Mother-in-law absolutely LOVES your Vanilla Hot Cocoa. She's tried others but none match up! Thanks!♥ PS I tell everyone to check out NUTS.com what a great site!
, Lincoln, Maine
July 31, 2013
Best french vanilla hot chocolate I have found since Hershey's quit making theirs. I had almost given up but am so so glad I tried yours. I give you 10 stars! You earned it. I will definitely be a repeat customer & will spread the word. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!
, wolf point , mt
April 19, 2013
What can I say? Other than I'm so happy I came across Nuts.com!! I didn't even panic when I was running low on banana chips, the shipping is that fast. I'm practically opening the box as I get in the door. And the box...it just makes me smile when I see it, (my neighbors too!) Today was like Christmas. banana chips, salt and vinegar kale, dark chocolate hot cocoa, dried kiwi, and more. Thank you for your awesome products and your phenomenal shipping! I will continue to shop and spread the word.
, Nedrow, NY
April 16, 2013
received fast -earlier than expected. I am now drinking the French Vanilla and it is good
, Milton, WV
April 10, 2013
I just received my order. I got here pretty quick so I'm happy! I'm eating the goji berries now. It's my first time to eat them and I like them because they're chewy but not too sweet like a raisin. The dark hot chocolate is wonderful too. I also ordered a sample of black licorice for my sister but now I'm wondering if she will get it! Thanks for the good stuff!
, Norwalk, Ca
March 1, 2013
Love this stuff! As usual, the delivery service is exceptional! I am a big fan of this family business. If I want top quality stuff, I know exactly where to go. Nuts.com! You guys Rock!
, Arlington, TX
February 23, 2013
Received my package today Love the box it came in. Have tried one of the figs and the hot choc all I can say is wow what a flavor and it filled me up Can't wait to tried the rest of the stuff I ordered
, Marion, Ohio
February 2, 2013
Ordered white and dark chocolate drink mixes on Monday, they arrived on Tuesday. Tried them both tonight and they are absolutely wonderful. I'm sure we'll be ordering more products from Nuts.com
January 23, 2013
delivered really fast. very fresh products, delicious. I will be back for sure again and again. Great service overall Five Stars. Thank you
, San Jose, CA
January 23, 2013
This is my second shipment of spirulina and I am trying chlorella for the first time. I am looking forward to the additional health benefits chlorella promises! The dark hot chocolate is my reward for taking better care :) Once again the next day service is impressive and I'm curious to try your gift of goji berries. I'm spreading the word!!
, philadelphia, PA
January 10, 2013
I received the hot chocoolate made a cup and it was very soothing.
December 22, 2012
WOW...Fast Shipping! Just tasted the Cappuccino and I Love it! And the stuff you write on your boxes make it such a fun transaction. It makes it so much more personal. What a family of joy you must be. Please feel free to send me any specials you have on the French Vanilla Cappuccino...I am quite a drinker. LOL
, Kasota, MN
December 21, 2012
i ordered dark hot chocolate and dark chocolate covered orange peel, for my fathers birthday. the shipment came within a few days (before the estimated time of arrival) and the packaging was done well and it was verry cute. i was sent a sample of the energy squares, which were amazing they really made a difference and tasted great. my father enjoyed his gifts very much. these products are great and the people who run this are great as well. defiantly going to be a frequent costumer. THANKS NUTS.COM!!
, Sussex, Wisconsin
December 15, 2012
I love your website! Great products you can't find elsewhere and the best quality and prices along with fast and very reasonable shipping! Thanks so much!
, Columbus, OH
December 12, 2012
just made my first cup of dark hot chocolate using warm milk. talk about a decadent drink... this just made my evening. cant find a dark chocolate mix near me thats this good. your my new go to site for my special treats. love u NUTS.com
, Latham, NY
October 26, 2012
I NEVER leave feedback on the web EVER-Nuts.com earned the best-because they sent the best-Just buy what you desire! Quality: excellent on every item. Fudge:creamy and rich-no grit taste-highest grade ingredients. Tea: luxury in a cup. Hot chocolates and warm coffee mixes-yummy. Delivery-as promised-well worth the price. Packing of products-excellent, indulge yourself you won't regreat your choices.
October 13, 2012
You nuts are the best. Your products are outstanding and delicious. I just received my second order of new items I selected and they are all FANTASTIC. I must tell you your hot chocolate (in my first order) compares to the first time I had real hot chocolate in Paris, France when I was 20 something back in the late 60's early 70's -- it is stupendosus -- as good or better than Paris'. I'm so glad I found your website. Keep up the fantastic products!!
, North Miami, FL
March 26, 2012
Everything arrived right on schedule and in perfect condition. An immediate taste test was essential. Fresh, bursting with flavor and just as advertised. Just had a cup of the dark chocolate hot chocolate and it was superb. The crystal ginger was like eating a piece of candy only hotter! Best ginger ever. The sour cherries are outstanding. I will be ordering more for sure.
, Oakland, CA
February 28, 2012
This hot chocolate is the best!! I am NUTS over you guys!!
, Las Vegas, NV
January 13, 2012
FANTASTIC!!!! DELICIOUS!!! and right on time!!! We'll be back! Thanks, my nutty friends!
, Missouri
January 13, 2012
I found your website while searching onine for bulk cocoa for Christmas gifts. What a treasure! Yours was my favorite package to open this Christmas. Lots of childhood favorites and, of course, the cocoa. Thank you!
December 28, 2011
I used to grab a SuperTest cup of french vanilla cappuccino on my way home or to work, when I lived in Indiana, but since I moved to Missouri, I've missed out on that deliciousness, yours is the only ( cap ) that I will drink, so I can't wait to get it so I can really enjoy myself, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
, Kansas City,, Mo.
December 6, 2011
The french vanilla cappucino was just what I was looking for taste great. Quick delivery. Will order from again.
, Sheffield, Iowa
November 20, 2011
Great customer service...thanks!
, Scituate, MA
November 2, 2011
Cant say it enough. you guys are great!
, Las Vegas,, Nevada
September 30, 2011
Lightning fast delivery, extraordinaire service,& the price! Thank you again
, Taunton, MA
July 6, 2011
I recently placed an order for a variety of dried fruits, nuts and dark chocolates. Wow! The entire order was wonderful and shipped quickly. Both the organic dark chocolate chips and the dark chocolate cocoa were exceptionally incredible. I will definitely be ordering from this site again and I have encouraged my family and friends to do the same. You absolutely exceeded my expectations!! Thank you!
, Las Vegas, NV
June 14, 2011
Wow, lightening fast delivery (I only just ordered yesterday!!) and both items are extremely tasty. Thanks for great service and wonderful products!
, Wolcott, CT
March 25, 2011
This is the best commercial hot cocoa out there. We are a hot chocolate loving family, and I have to hide it from my kids, otherwise it's gone in an embarrassingly short amount of time. It's deliciously creamy and easy to make because all it needs is hot water, and I really appreciate the fact that it contains no hydrogenated oils. Thanks for another fantastic product!
, Ridgefield, CT
March 9, 2011
What fantastic service! What top-quality products! I can't believe how fast my order got from New Jersey to Nebraska. Half way across the country with lightening speed. And all the products I ordered are even better than I had hoped. Thanks so much. You definitely put a smile on my face!!!!!!
, Lincoln, NE
February 18, 2011

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