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Peacock Candy Buffet

Sophisticated and elegant, this peacock candy buffet draws its inspiration from the regal bird. Buffet tip: You can find inspiring colors and themes all around you (and often in nature). Keep a scrapbook of your favorite color combinations, including fabric swatches, to help you compose beautiful and unusual palettes.

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Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 6 lbs Grape Gummy Bears (116 oz container); (2) 5 lbs Jordan Almonds (Dark Blue) (90 oz container); (3) 5 lbs Lime Fruit Slices (170 oz container); (4) 7 lbs Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (Pastel Purple) (165 oz container); (5) 4 lbs Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels (175 oz container); (6) 5 lbs Grape Fruit Slices (200 oz container); (7) 3 lbs Teal M&Ms (50 oz container); (8) 5 lbs Jelly Belly Watermelon (50 oz container); (9) 7 pieces Light Blue Rock Candy (Unwrapped), 12 pieces Blue Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped), 8 pieces Purple Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped) (94 oz container); (10) 6 lbs Gummy Blue Raspberries (116 oz container); (11) 3 lbs Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices (48 oz container); (12) 7 lbs Chocolate Jordan Almonds (Purple) (140 oz container); (13) 9 lbs Lavender Shimmer Gum Balls (165 oz container); (14) 2 lbs Sanding Sugar (Green) (18 oz container), 4 pieces Light Blue Whirly Pop (3 inches), 4 pieces Purple Whirly Pop (3 inches)