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Our custom gifts are here for the season! Shop Now

Yellow, White, and Black Candy Buffet

Your guests will agree that this yellow, white, and black candy buffet is fun and playful. Buffet tip: Use pretty, color-coordinated tags to label your candy.

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Candy Calculator

Wondering just how much candy you need to fill a container?

Candy buffet tips

Check out our tips on how to create the perfect candy buffet.

Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 5 lbs Lemon Gummy Bears (90 oz container); (2) 5 lbs Buttermints (175 oz container); (3) 5 lbs Yellow Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds (125 oz container); (4) 3 lbs Yellow Shimmer Pearls (130 oz); (5) 5 lbs Mango Australian Licorice (139 oz container); (6) 8 lbs Jordan Almonds (Black) (140 oz container); (7) 10 pieces Lemon Candy Sticks; (8) 2 lbs Licorice Ice Chalk (157 oz container); (9) 2 lbs Yellow Sprinkles (50 oz container) and 3 Smile Pops; (10) 7 lbs Black and White Sixlets (157 oz container) and 4 Yellow Whirly Pops; (11) 3 lbs Yellow M&Ms (50 oz container); (12) 6 lbs Lemon Drops (139 oz container); (13) 7 lbs Silly Yellow Bananas (200 oz container); (14) 10 lbs Black and White Gummy Peach Penguins; (15) 8 lbs Mochi Rice Cakes (3/4 of 490 oz container); (16) 50 pieces Licorice Candy Sticks (157 oz container)