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About Shipping to Multiple Addresses

Want to ship to multiple addresses?

Shipping to multiple addresses is really easy. Simply add the total amount of the products you want to send to all your intended recipients.

So, if you want to send 5 friends 10 1-pound bags of chocolate raisins, put 50 1-pound bags in your cart. Or if you want to send 5 Chocolate Trios to 5 different people, put 5 Chocolate Trios into your cart. Or you can put 2 pounds of Honey Cashews, 3 pounds of Chocolate Pecans, and 5 Berry Medleys into your cart and mix and match to all different friends and family.

On the first page of the checkout, simply select "Ship items to multiple addresses."

For your first shipping address, in the cart on top designate how many pounds or quantities of each item you want to send to that recipient.

Enter shipping information and personalized message if you’d like.

Press continue and follow the same steps until you are finished emptying your original shopping cart and have sent your friends and family enough goodies for the time being! So long as you originally placed enough items in your cart, you can continue to send stuff to as many people as you’d like.

Note: For a large number of recipients feel free to call us at 800-558-6887 or e-mail us at care@nuts.com. We will gladly make this process as easy as possible and can easily extract addresses from Microsoft Excel.

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