Custom Gifts

Make them feel special with our delicious, made-to-order gifts for any occasion, curated by our gifting specialists.

Build Your Own Box

Create your dream snack stash in minutes with our all-new box builder. Choose six of your favorite treats from 50+ unique options – and voila! Your tasty curation awaits.

Build Your Own Box product
Assortment of nuts, chocolates and dried fruits in tray

Custom Tray

For an extra special touch, treat them to a custom tray crafted by our gifting specialists. Choose from 150+ unique options of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and more, available in sizes medium (3.5 lbs) and large (5.5 lbs).


Don't know what to get them? Cue: Our guess-free gifting service. The concept is simple: You pick the gift, they choose the treats inside – so they get what they're nuts about, every time! And the best part? No mailing address necessary.

Assortment of nuts and sweets in gift tray
Various trail mix bags

Custom Mix

Choose from 150+ fresh nuts, dried fruits, snacks and sweets to make your own signature blend. No matter what you're craving, the possibilities are endless.