Nuts for The Gabriel Foundation


Shelf Life: Store open or closed under refrigeration for up to 6 months. This item can be frozen.

Origin: United States

Product ID: 1208

Help support The Gabriel Foundation Aviary and Adoption Center with a specially priced care package of some of the birds’ favorite treats.

This special care package includes one pound each of:

Walnuts (In Shell), Hazelnuts (In Shell), Unsalted Pistachios (In Shell), Brazil Nuts (In Shell), Hard Shell Pecans, Pine Nuts (In Shell), Almonds (In Shell), Unsweetened Banana Chips, Raw Pumpkin Seeds (In Shell), and Organic Tropical Mix.

This item must be ordered by itself. During checkout, this care package will automatically be sent to:

The Gabriel Foundation Aviary and Adoption Center
39520 County Road 13
Elizabeth, CO 80107

The total cost of this package includes the shipping.

Also, if you would like the Gabriel Foundation to acknowledge receipt of your care package, please include your name and e-mail in the “Message for Recipient” field in the shipping information.

Customizable box: a big white box, with six colorful mini boxes filled with nuts.

Build Your Own Box

Customize with 50+ different options of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and more.