Nuts for Parrot Education and Adoption Center


Shelf Life: Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

Origin: United States

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The Parrot Education and Adoption Center’s (PEAC) mission has always been a two-pronged approach; though they currently provide a place for parrots to go in the event the owner can no longer ensure care, it is through their educational programs that they hope to bring about a better understanding of the commitment represented by parrot ownership.

Both approaches require funding and donations of nuts which off-sets some of the expenses associated with caring for the birds currently in their foster program. Their long-term goal is to see a day where we have diminished the cycle of unwanted parrots.

This specially priced care package contains:

One 5 Pound bag of Mixed Nuts (in shell) and
1 Pound of Pistachios (Raw, in the Shell)

This item must be ordered by itself. During checkout, this care package will automatically be sent to: PEAC
PO Box 600423

San Diego, CA 92160-0423
The total cost of this package includes the shipping.

Customizable box: a big white box, with six colorful mini boxes filled with nuts.

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