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About Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds are candy-covered almonds that are a classic wedding candy. Incorporate Jordan almonds into your wedding, shower, or other special celebration by serving them as candy favors or adding them to a candy buffet.

Our colorful selection of Jordan almonds makes them a sweet addition great for any celebration. Try our gorgeous white Jordan almonds for weddings, pretty pink Jordan almonds for bridal shower decorations, or colorful assorted Jordan Almonds for parties; the options are unlimited! With our selection of over 25 candy by color choices, you will surely find the perfect shade of this candy to match any theme or occasion.

Jordan almonds are versatile and beautiful. Place a handful of the sweet treats into glass bowls or champagne glasses at each guest table or wrap them in delicate organza bags to hand out as favors. As guests savor their candied almonds, the sweet of the exterior will melt away and leave the creamy taste of the nut.

Jordan Almonds in History

Jordan almonds are a mainstay at weddings because the sweet sugar coating sweetens the bittersweet taste of the almonds, just as marriage is meant to sweeten the bittersweet journey of life.

In the 15th century, when Europeans were introduced to sugar canes, they used the sugar to create the trademark hard candy coating on the almonds. As a result of its sweetness, Jordan almonds were paired with honey-coated nuts and seeds eaten at births and marriages. Through this tradition, candy like Jordan almonds have become a staple wedding candy at Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern weddings.

In Italian weddings, five almonds are traditionally served as favors to symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity for the couple.

In Greek weddings, the candy almonds are typically served in odd numbers, indivisible, just like the newlyweds.

And in Middle Eastern cultures, Jordan almonds are believed to be aphrodisiacs, so they’re kept on hand during wedding receptions for the guests and the newlyweds.

These almonds’ cultured history, nutritional benefits, and great taste make them a sweet addition to any event - wedding, shower or party. Buy Jordan almonds in bulk from Nuts.com to share with all your guests at your next celebration.

Health Bits & Bites

In addition to their rich history, Jordan almonds are heart-healthy and rich in protein! They contain 11g of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat per 1 oz serving. According to the American Heart Association, monounsaturated fat helps lower the LDL cholesterol that leads to heart attacks and strokes. Also, 1 oz of almonds contains 7.6g of protein. In contrast, one egg contains just 5.5g of protein. A handful of Jordan almonds treats your guests in more ways than one!