Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

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Shelf Life: Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

Pieces per pound: Approx 110

Origin: United States

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Dark Chocolate nonpareils are a centuries-old confection. These premium dark chocolate discs are coated in crunchy white sprinkles on one side. Enjoy them as a treat to satiate your chocolate desire, or use them as a decoration for elegant cakes, charming gingerbread houses, and more.

What are Nonpareils?

Traditionally, “nonpareils” referred exclusively to tiny round sprinkles made from sugar and starch. In French, the term nonpareils means “without equal” and it was named as such because the candy was believed to be better than the rest. Today, the term nonpareils come in a variety of flavors (such as dark or white chocolate) and several unique colors.

History of Nonpareils

The first known use of nonpareils was in the 18th century when an American wedding cake was decorated with the confection. By the 19th century, colored nonpareils became popular throughout the U.S. The original nonpareils eventually sparked the rise of sprinkles, which are characterized as being oblong and soft, as opposed to round and brittle like nonpareils.

Nonpareils Around the World: In Australia and New Zealand, the tiny nonpareil sprinkles are commonly eaten atop buttered bread as a treat known as fairy bread. This is a popular treat served at children’s birthday parties. They are also commonly used on “patty cakes,” a.k.a. cupcakes.

6 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate Nonpareils

1) Chocolaty Trail Mix: Whip up a standard trail mix of your favorite nuts, and dried fruit, but substitute the chocolate chips for these dark chocolate nonpareils.

2) Nonpareil Cookies: Press a nonpareil into the top of freshly baked cookies, immediately upon removing them from the oven.

3) Cake Decorations: Bake and frost a cake of your choice. Beginning at the base of the cake, gently press these nonpareils into the sides of the cake. Continue working around the cake, and repeat with additional layers until you reach the top.

4) Holiday Decorations: Start with a foam cone, and hot-glue dark chocolate nonpareils around it to achieve a wintry look. The cone can be displayed in a decorative pot.

5) Gingerbread House: Decorate a snowy gingerbread house with these nonpareil discs. They can be used to complete a roof, or even as a walkway leading up to a front door.

6) As a “Just Because” Treat: Although they’re hard to find in stores, you can always buy nonpareils from Nuts.com. Enjoy them straight from the bag when your next chocolate craving hits!

How many dark chocolate nonpareils are in a one pound bag?

There are approximately 110 dark chocolate nonpareils in a one pound bag.

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5 out of 5 stars

– June 25, 2023

Linda, Yorktown Heights, New York

Verified purchaser

I was THRILLED to see that you sell these nonpareils! I couldn’t find them in ANY stores and I looked all over. My son found a recipe that has them placed on top of the cookie and now I made them for him. Thank you so much for carrying them! I’m so happy.

Featured Review

Size: 1lb bag

5 out of 5 stars

– a month ago

Elaine, Renton, Washington

Verified purchaser

These are my husband’s favorite treat and Nuts.com is my secret supplier! SHHHHHH! Don’t tell him!

Size: 1lb bag

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