Veggie Chips

Size:12 oz. container

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Origin: Taiwan

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Veggie chips are a tasty and colorful assortment of orange and/or purple sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, and taro. Packed with fiber, these vegetable chips are a healthy snack option that contains less fat than regular potato chips. Vegetables have never tasted this good before… so good that you won’t miss potato chips one bit.

How Are Veggie Chips Made?

Veggie chips are made from different types of sliced fresh vegetables, including orange and/or purple sweet potato, squash, carrots, green beans, and taro. After the vegetables are sliced, they are lightly fried in batches to achieve a crispy texture.

Our Favorite Ways to Eat Veggie Chips

School and Office Snacks: A healthier alternative to potato chips, these veggie chips satisfy cravings for something tasty and crunchy. Pack them in kids’ lunchboxes or bring them to work for an afternoon snack.

Parties and Celebrations: Vegetable chips are real crowd-pleasers. Leave a bowl of these crunchy munchies out at a party and you’ll see why. The veggie chips will disappear in no time!

Served with Dips: Although veggie chips are delicious all on their own, sometimes we like to change things up by serving them with our favorite dips. Try them with hummus, salsa, or a french onion dip to make your taste buds spin.

Crunchy Side: Enjoy veggie chips paired with your next sandwich or a warm bowl of soup. They make a fun alternative to potato chips and croutons in any setting. You can even break them up over a salad.

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Ratings & Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

– September 17, 2022

Judith, Monterey, California

Verified purchaser

Very good chips! What I particularly like about them is that they do not contain rice flour, as most other veggie chips do. I have an intolerance to rice and cannot eat any product with rice or rice flour in it. So I really appreciate that your chips don't have rice. And they taste great too!

Featured Review

Size: 12 oz. container

5 out of 5 stars

– April 26, 2023

Beth, Satellite Beach, Florida

Verified purchaser

Oh my goodness…. I’m addicted! Weird comment, but my dogs love them, too! They stare at me until I share.

Size: 12 oz. container

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