Roasted Pistachios (Salted, In Shell) - Single Serve

Size:12 single serves!

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Shelf Life: Store in a cool dry place for up to 1 year. Refrigeration is not needed.

Origin: United States

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Introducing our Roasted Salted Pistachios, now available in single serve packaging. In a hurry? Enjoy them in individually wrapped bags so you can take them with you wherever a craving may catch ya!

About the Product

These lightly salted Colossal Roasted Pistachios are wonderful and HUGE. At, we are proud of our nuts, and these roasted pistachios certainly take the cake, as they are the biggest and most delicious variety that we have seen in years!
This is a naturally colored pistachio grown in California. Excellent to serve for all occasions. As the pistachio ripens the shell within splits, naturally indicating the proper harvest time.

Health Benefits of Roasted Pistachios

A one-ounce serving of roasted pistachios equals 49 nuts – more nuts per serving than any other nut and contains more than 10% of the Daily Value for dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, thiamin, phosphorus and copper.

Pistachios are especially rich in phytosterols, which are directly associated with lowering cholesterol levels and may offer protection from certain types of cancer.

Pistachios are a very high-quality plant source of protein, providing adequate and balanced amounts of essential amino acids. In addition, pistachios are relatively high in a nonessential amino acid, arginine, which may play a potential role in prevention or reduction of cardiovascular disease. While pistachios contain fat, the fat is predominantly monounsaturated, similar to that found in olive oil.

Now Available in Single Serve Packaging!

  • Contactless & Safe Snacking - whether you are sharing or eating on your own, the individual packaging limits the number of touchpoints.
  • Portion Control - Single serving size to help balance out our daily nutritional needs
  • Grab and Go! - wherever you may travel, take a little bag of snacks on the way

Ratings & Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

– February 7, 2022

Irene, Wilmington, North Carolina

Verified purchaser

I absolutely love this company and these Individual serving packets of goodness. These nuts, make me nuts, until I eat every single pack! They are delicious, high quality, salted just right, and so fresh. I keep them in my bag, car, just to have on hand for a fun snack. Having them in shell slows down the eating process & makes it enjoyable to eat. Excellent product, always shipped fresh, great company to work with. Love that they have so many individual servings packs of snacks & treats.

Featured Review

Size: 12 single serves!

5 out of 5 stars

– 2 weeks ago

RuthHickie, Orange, California

Verified purchaser

I Give Single Serve Pistachio as Small Thank You to many! Not a person has turned them down - If they Can Chew !!

Size: 12 single serves!

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