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Weddings & Events - FAQ

Planning & Themes

Q: I am having 150 people at my event. How much candy do I need per person?

A: The answer will depend on how you are planning to serve the candy. Once you have decided if you are going to have a candy buffet, candy favors or candy dishes at the individual tables at the reception, then you can refer to more specific information below.

Q: I'm looking to do a themed party, what kind of products do you have for my theme?

A: We've got tons of suggestions for fun ways to create all sorts of candy themes. Also, if you're looking to keep with specific colors, you can search our candy by color selection. Our wedding candy page has even more ideas for all kinds of celebrations!

Candy Buffet

Q: How much should I order per guest?

A: We recommend about a third to a half pound per guest. (Or put another way, 1 pound for every 2-3 guests). But keep in mind that it's better to go a little over than go under. Think of the last guest in the line, who should still get a few options. We've put together some additional tips to help you create a beautiful candy buffet.

Q: How much candy do I need to fill my container?

A: You can use our candy calculator to figure out how much candy you'll need to fill your container. Just enter your container size, select your candy, and we'll let you know how much candy you'll need.

Q. How many different items should I include?

A: 5 items would make a nice a assortment; however, more items would certainly be lovely as well. The items you choose might depend on your answers to the following questions.

a. Do you want all items to be in a specific color or colors?
b. Do you want to use only chocolate items?
c. Do you want to include nuts and dried fruits in addition to candy?

Candy Favors

Q: Can you add personalized labels to your packaging?

A: Yes, we can print labels with a design that you submit. You can add them to any of our candy favors. Call 800-558-6887 to speak to one of our customer service agents to submit a label design of your own. We can print them for you and apply them to each package for $25 per 50 favors.

Q: I've already bought my favor bags or containers. How do I figure out how much candy to put into each one?

A: Figure out the dry volume of your favor bag or container. In order to do this, you can fill your container with either rice or sugar to the point you think would be appropriate to fill with candy. Use measuring cups to pour out the rice or sugar in order to find out the total volume. You can use this table below to help you figure out how much candy would fit into the bag. You can also enter the size of container and your candy type into our candy calculator, and we'll let you know how much candy you'll need. Alternatively, you can give this volume to one of our customer service agents who can guide you for your choice of candy.

Cups Ounces if Small, Dense Candy Ounces if Medium Candy Ounces if Large Candy
1/4 cup 2 1.5 1
1/3 cup 2.75 2.5 2
1/2 cup 4 3.5 2.5
2/3 cup 5.5 4.5 3
3/4 cup 6 5 4
1 cup 8 6 4.5

Candy Dishes on Tables at Reception or during Cocktail Hour

Q. I am planning on serving candy and nuts in candy dishes on the tables during a reception, how much do I need to order per person?

A. Approximately 2 oz. per person


Q: How can I use candy as a placecard?

A: Lots of different ways! You can attach a tag or personalized sticker to a favor, you can place a a little placard that stands in a box or container of candy. Check out some candy pictures for inspiration!.

Gift Bags or Hospitality Bags

Q: I want to give my guests hospitality bags when they arrive, or gift bags for them to take at the end of the event. What should I include in them?

A: For hospitality bags, you might consider including some treats that'll help people settle into the event. For example:
  • A bottle of water
  • 2-3 snacks — for example, small packages of nuts, trail mix or candy
  • Aspirin
  • Information about your event (e.g., maps, contact information, a schedule of events)

For gift bags, you can consider including decadent candy treats, a thank you note, and perhaps a memento of your event. You can also set the theme for your celebration with our candy samplers.

We can help you put these together. Please call our customer service team at 800-558-6887 to talk through what you have in mind to see how we can help you.

Life Events

Q: How can I use candy at a baby shower?

A: Based on whether the mother-to-be is expecting a baby girl or boy, you can order lots of pink candy or blue candy. Unsure of the baby's gender? Pick gender neutral yellow candy and green candy. These can be used for decoration in glass bowls around the room or as favors. There are also lots of fun baby shower candy games, like 'Candy Bar Pregnancy', where guests have to match candy bar brand names to different phases of the pregnancy. For instance, 'Seeing your baby' (Tear Jerkers), 'Triplets' (3 Muskateers) and 'Baby Giggles' (Snickers).

Q: How can I use candy at a bridal shower?

A: Decorate the venue with candy vases filled with candy in vivid colors - try red candy or purple candy - and consider accents of white candy, gold candy, or silver candy. Play candy games like 'Candy Bar Stories' where guests create stories based on names of popular candy bars. Send people off with candy favors wrapped up with a pretty bow.

Q: Do you have candy / treats that would be special for my son or daughter's birthday party or bar / bat mitzvah?

A: Yes! We have a wide variety of fun themed products like old time candy, and kosher and pareve treats! Check out our rainbow candy collection, too! Get more inspiration on our candy themes page.


Q: I'm hosting a big party for my organization and want to leave our guests with something special. What kind of take-home gift can I give each guest?

A: We've got some really posh products! Our absolute faves are Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans , just one option from our decadent candy collection. You can also create a candy buffet or use candy favors in your corporate colors; you'll be sure to find the right match in our candy by color department.


Q: Why don't you offer customized M&M's?

A: Custom M&Ms are only offered directly by M&M. And as nice as they are, it can be a bit weird having guests eat your names and your pictures on your wedding day. Wouldn't you rather have your guests admire your moments, rather than popping them into their mouths?

Q: I'm looking for a product that you don't have. Can you get it for me?

A: Email us and let us know what you're looking for. We'll do our best to help you create a phenomenal experience!

Q: What are your best products if I'm looking for something unique?

A: We have some real crowd pleasers that will wow your guests, like our decadent candy and old time candy.


Q: When should I place my order? My event is a few months away.

A. Our candy generally can be stored up to 6 months in a cool dry place. Please refer to the details for each candy or treat for the exact storage information. It is a good idea to have your wedding candy arrive 2-4 weeks before the wedding day so that you will have peace of mind that everything is in your possession. However, you can place your order up to a month before you wish to have your candy shipped.

If you live in a warm area with temperatures in the 80's or above, please contact a customer service representative at or at 800-558-6887 to determine the best time and way to ship your candies, especially if chocolate or yogurt coatings are involved. UPS 2nd Day Air, heat resistant packaging and avoiding transit over a weekend might be preferable.

Q: How quickly can it get here? Help! My event or wedding is this week! When will my order ship? When can I expect to receive my order?

A: We'll hustle, really hustle. Orders placed by 4pm EST are shipped that same business day!. Check out our shipping estimator to figure out which shipping option will get your order to you fastest. If you live in a warm area with temperatures in the 80's or above, please contact a customer service representative at or at 800-558-6887 to determine the best time and way to ship your candies especially if chocolate or yogurt coatings are involved. UPS 2nd Day Air, heat resistant packaging and avoiding transit over a weekend might be preferable.

After you place an order, you can track your package.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Find out with our easy shipping estimator.

Q: Where's my order?

A: Check out Order Tracking to see how much longer you have to wait before tasting heavenly bliss.

Q: Can I ship to multiple addresses within the US?

A: You sure can. Simply add all the items into your cart, choose Ship items to multiple addresses, click continue, and take stuff out of your cart for each additional address you will like to ship to. For more information, see About Shipping to Multiple Addresses.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: YES, we ship to Canada!


Q: How should I store the nuts? What is the shelf life?

A: Nuts should be stored in a cool, dry environment, preferably the refrigerator. Raw nuts can last at least several months, whereas roasted nuts have a shorter shelf life (a little more than 1 month).

Q: How should I store chocolates and candy?

A. Our chocolates and candy can generally can be stored up to 6 months in a cool dry place. Please refer to the details for each candy and treat on our web site for the exact storage information. We recommend storing your chocolate in areas that are between 59-63 degrees Fahrenheit (15-17 degrees Celsius) and with a relative humidity of less than 50%. "Blooming" can occur if chocolate is refrigerated.

Q: How should I store teas and coffees?

A: Teas and coffees can last several months and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Q: What about dried fruits?

A: Dried fruit should be stored in the refrigerator for up to several months.


Q: How are your products packaged?

1 Pound BagA: Our 1 pound bags are beautiful and resealable. We heat seal the top before shipping — view example of 1 pound bags .

5 Pound BagOur 5 pound bags are resealable as well — view example of 5 pound bags . By the Case purchases for the most part come in 1 large bag within a box.

Q: What is the difference between by the pound and by the case?

A: By the pound is by the pound and by the case is by the case. How's that for an explanation??? By the pound would represent purchasing in multiples of 1 and 5 pound packages (i.e. retail) and by the case would represent bulk purchases (i.e. wholesale- e.g. a 25 pound case).


Q: Are there any allergen considerations for your products?

A: We package our products in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and milk products. However, our gluten-free and wheat-free products are processed and handled in certified gluten-free facilities.

Q: Do you have sugar free products that would be appropriate for diabetic or diet conscious guests?

A: Yes — See our Sugar Free products.