Bulk Coffees

We roast beans in small batches that we ship to you fresh — with all the rich flavor locked in a convenient, zipper-lock pouch.

A coffee’s flavor depends on two things — where the beans are from (ours come from all over), and how they’re roasted. Here are the 5 roast types we offer:

  • American Roast: Dry beans with no oil, a very sweet and subtle flavor
  • Viennese Roast: Beans with a light sheen to them caused by a touch of sweat (oil) making it a bit stronger (also known as Cinnamon Roast)
  • French Roast: Beans with a deep brown color and a glossy oil covering, making a stronger coffee with more aroma
  • Espresso Roast: Beans with a dark brown to near-black color that are heavily covered in oil, lending a very strong, intense — sometimes almost bitter — flavor
  • Blend of Roasts: A totally unique taste and style comprised of beans of lighter and darker roastscoffee beans

Can’t decide? Try our Coffees of the World Sampler.