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Sprinkles Reviews

Here's what our customers thought:

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Yellow Sprinkles:
very happy with my selections, I will definitely be ordering more supplies. Thank You, I am very pleased.
, Wilmington, MA
April 19, 2017
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Tastes amazing
, Biddeford, ME
March 4, 2017
Chocolate Sprinkles:
Smells heavenly
, Biddeford, ME
March 4, 2017
Chocolate Sprinkles:
, Keene, NH
February 28, 2017
Green Sprinkles:
Just the right shade of green.
, Keene, NH
February 28, 2017
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Perfect! Super-fast delivery and well-packaged! Best price around including shipping charges!
, Bellevue, WA
February 23, 2017
Rainbow Sprinkles:
These are amazing! I have a teenage son with severe autism and the only way he can take his vitamins/supplements are crushed up in yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. These are the best priced sprinkles I've ever unable to find, and they are super colorful, and yummy!
, Mebane, NC
December 22, 2016
Chocolate Sprinkles:
My hubby loves these in ice cream!
, Hickory, NC
September 30, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
I am a big fan of your company! Everything arrived in good shape (although a day late) and was packaged very well. I look forward to ordering more goodies.
, Monterey, CA
September 8, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
They came perfectly wrapped to endure the Florida heat. Couldn't be more pleased, can't wait to place another order. Jan
, Inverness, FL
August 11, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Excellent-large quantity
, Milwaukie, OR
August 9, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Yummy...no off taste like the ones in the stores. Just lovely sweetness. Sent some as a birthday gift to a sprinkle lover in the family. We think he must been sprinkle deprived as a child since we're ancient and there weren't home computers way back then. He can't seem to get enough sprinkles now. :0
, Greenville, IN
August 5, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Fantastic service. Thank you!!
, Swindon, GB
July 26, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Fastest shipping I've ever experienced, great customer service. I'll look here again for sure.
, Salt Lake City, UT
July 19, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Beautifully vibrant. Perfect for making rainbow cakes to adding them on top of ice cream. I love these sprinkles!
, Middlesex, NJ
July 5, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
These sprinkles will bring great joy to a Group of Big, Bad bikers during the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally.
, Sturgis, SD
June 23, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Best Sprinkles Ever!!!!!! Hands down!! On top of that the packaging and follow through are so cute!!
, Palatine, IL
June 15, 2016
Yellow Sprinkles:
Thank you so much for the very quick delivery ! I will certainly use this site more often. Using the sprinkles for a bridal shower goody. Thanks again !
, Wakefield, MA
June 15, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Yummy sprinkles and great value. You get so much more for your money than buying sprinkles in the grocery store. Came quick and packaged perfectly with a surprise treat!
, Exeter, CA
June 14, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Wow, these really do taste better than others I've found!
, Boston, MA
June 9, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
I'll be back thank you
, Valley Center, CA
May 28, 2016
Green Sprinkles:
, Valley Center, CA
May 28, 2016
Pink Sprinkles:
Loved it
, Valley Center, CA
May 28, 2016
Yellow Sprinkles:
Brighter then I thought they would be. I'm so pleased
, Valley Center, CA
May 28, 2016
Red Sprinkles:
Loved them
, Valley Center, CA
May 28, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Sprinkles add a lot of color to everything! Great customer service and fast shipping!!!
, Logan, UT
May 23, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
I've always love the sprinkles here I have bought bulk sprinkles from other places and it just have this horrible taste that it affected my cake flavor but these sprinkles have a fresh sweet taste! my cakes always come out perfectly!
, Philadelphia, PA
May 13, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Hello Nuts! The sprinkles are just perfect and came packaged so nicely!! Thank you
, Dallas, TX
April 16, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Thanks so much! I bake a lot of jumbo funfetti cookies, and your prices are great! I also LOVE the bags they came in
, Boiling Springs, PA
April 16, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
, Pueblo, CO
April 12, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Love, love, love the sprinkles, but your packaging REALLY put a smile on my face. It's nice to find a company that doesn't take business seriously, but does have a GREAT business sense. I will surely turn to Nuts.com the next time I am in need of a little chuckle or any of the available products! THANKS! Chris
, Woodland Park, NJ
April 12, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Gosh...I've been looking for these "Rainbow Sprinkles" everywhere. They are so beautiful and they taste delicious and are very fresh too! The colors are so bright, just like in the picture. Nothing like the ones you get at the grocery stores. Definitely a keeper. A very satisfied customer here. Thanks so much.
, Detroit, MI
April 3, 2016
Chocolate Sprinkles:
My sprinkles arrived this morning and i have to tell you they are exactly what i have been looking for to put on my coffee drinks. I am so happy i found these on your web site and i will be back for more. Thanks Cheryl
, Neenah, WI
March 2, 2016
Green Sprinkles:
I will be ordering from nuts.com again! I got exactly what I ordered, delivered quickly and pricing was great!
, Newton, IA
February 27, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Love these sprinkles for cookies & cakes. Very festive.
, Austin, TX
February 23, 2016
Red Sprinkles:
, Middletown, NJ
January 30, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Great service and the sprinkles were really awesome too!!
, Whiteland, IN
January 19, 2016
Green Sprinkles:
///////////////////////////////terrific. These sprinkles will be the grass where our dinosaurs will frolic (on cupcakes)
, Deerfield, IL
January 8, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Great colors! And thanks nuts.com for the delicious dried strawberries! I will be ordering these!
, Mahopac, NY
January 7, 2016
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Delicious sprinkles. Fast delivery. Good price
, Fairview, NJ
December 21, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Will make an adult boy happy with a Funfetti Cake of his childhood.
, Saint Helena, CA
December 15, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Extremely fast shipping! Ordered sprinkles yesterday (10-5-15) received package today (10-6-15) great quality sprinkles!! And can I just say how awesome your boxes are! Love love love them! I will definitely order from nuts.com again!!
, Cypress, CA
October 6, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
fast shipping. love the colors and quality of sprinkles. They are gonna be a hit at the birthday party!
, mcallen, TX
September 18, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Saving these for when I make cookies.
, Toms River, NJ
September 15, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
They bled a little in the confetti cake I made, but they are great sprinkles.
, Monterey, CA
September 10, 2015
Chocolate Sprinkles:
a little soft in the package, but I can use
, Napoleon, OH
July 29, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
I have been ordering from you for a year. You guys rock. I will always buy from you
, uniondale, PA
July 8, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Fast delivery and great sprinkles! The packaging was great too! Thanks! Will order again!
, Brick, NJ
June 13, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Make a big difference in baked goods
, Frisco, TX
May 12, 2015
Chocolate Sprinkles:
There is a real difference when you bake with this product vs those off the shelf at the supermarket. They taste great -you can tell that this is really good chocolate
, Frisco, TX
May 12, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Nice colors, good packaging, really fast delivery.
, Lexington, MA
May 8, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Chocolate covered pretzel rods with rainbow sprinkles. a surprise Mother's Day treat for the family. I'm going to divide the rest of the bag up between my sisters. They are perfect.
, Des Plaines, IL
May 8, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Made a beautiful "Funfetti" cake. Colors stayed true, didn't dissolve, like others I have tried.
, Victoria, TX
May 3, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
These are great sprinkles! I have never seen this color combination in the store. They arrived in a thermal pack to protect them from melting. Looking forward to baking and decorating with them.
, Tomball, TX
April 30, 2015
Pink Sprinkles:
Perfect sprinkles, great quality. The color is exactly as pictured and fast shipping is an understatement. I received my sprinkled the very next day only 26 hours after ordering them and that was with regular shipping.
, Brooklyn, NY
April 22, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Love this they are terrific if you dip pretzels in chocolate then in sprinkles big hit
, Oak Lawn, IL
April 11, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
thanks so much for getting it here so fast! I did not expect until Friday and her its Thursday! need the for a church dinner and make your own sundaes for Sunday. timely arrived, think I will have to be frugal with amount on each sundae! thought 2 pounds would be a bit more I guess, it will be fine and its great to find you and order from you! Kathy
, Minneapolis, MN
April 9, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
love all the colors; will be great for decorating and on ice cream :)
, Burke, VA
March 19, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Best fast friendly service available! love it!
, Beaver, WV
March 13, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Really delicious sprinkles that almost a vanilla cake like flavor to them. I bought these to make the "Baked Birthday Cake" from baked bakery's baked occasions cookbook for my birthday. I cheated a bit and had some of them on ice cream last night to try them out, and they were so delicious!
, Wareham, MA
March 11, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Perfect! And thank you for the golden flaxseed!
, West End, NC
February 26, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
I haven't opened these yet, but I am super excited! I am a first time Nuts customer, and I ordered these sprinkles for some homemade Funfetti Sugar Cookies. I loved the affordable price, and the fast shipping was fantastic! I ordered these sprinkles on Friday night and received them Saturday morning (not even a 24-hour wait). The most surprising part for me: these sprinkles come in a resealable pouch! I'll be visiting Nuts.com for bulk sprinkles in the future, that's for sure. I've already got my eye on some sanding sugar and sorted-by-color candy sampler packs. :)
, Bridgeton, NJ
February 21, 2015
Pink Sprinkles:
you guys really make it so a person wants to find a reason to order from you again! you got my business...I'm hooked ..from your emails....boxes....And of course your products...you delivered super fast too! thank you
, Campbellsport, WI
February 7, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
We used all of the sprinkles as a rainbow shower of sprinkles for a bride and groom as their send off. Great pics and they loved it! So much fun! The couple love sweets so I thought this would be unique.
, Phoenix, AZ
January 20, 2015
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Could this company be any cooler!?? I just cried after reading the back of the bag (Nuts.com story), and I wish I was a part of your family for REAL! THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing HUMANITY to a business. XO
, Plainview, NY
January 3, 2015
Chocolate Sprinkles:
I am so pleased with your service .......!!! The delivery was quick! I ordered it on Fri morning and received it on Monday .......! I needed this stuff for Tues! We all enjoyed reading those silly messages on the box that the order came in! The sprinkles was perfect for our cookie making! Thanks so much ......I will definitely order from you again!!
, Barto, PA
December 23, 2014
Green Sprinkles:
I grew up in New Jersey and now live in North Carolina - and for some reason can NEVER find red and green jimmies here - SO GLAD I found you guys!
, Summerfield, NC
December 18, 2014
Green Sprinkles:
Exactly what I was going nuts looking for. And speedy delivery! 2 thumbs up!
, Garwood, NJ
December 16, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
All of my sprinkles are fresh and tasty. I can't believe how fast they were delivered. I hope you get the green sprinkles in soon. You guys are helping me keep our family Christmas cookie tradition alive and at a more reasonable cost. Thank you
, Catonsville, MD
December 11, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Nice big bag of sprinkles!
, Manassas, VA
December 3, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Easy ordering process, wonderful packaging, great product, and a great place to buy from! I will definitely be back for more!
, Lindenhurst, IL
November 26, 2014
Red Sprinkles:
All the sprinkles are great....I just wish you had a larger variety of colors......I like to make my own custom mixes of colors......I would be especially interested in white, and also orange, if you ever expand your choices ..... LOVE the packaging, and fun style in communications, too :-)
, Newfoundland, PA
November 20, 2014
Chocolate Sprinkles:
i love the quality and packaging. i am so thrilled to have found the baking portion of nuts.com. I expect to have a long, lasting relationship with you.
, Warren, NJ
November 16, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
I ordered yesterday and they arrived today! They must have magic elves working at Nuts.com
, Newburgh, NY
November 15, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Perfect for Gingerbread houses!!!
, Miramar Beach, FL
November 13, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Fastest shipping ever! Thank you very much!
, Wilmington, DE
October 30, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Just the box, bag and note alone make me love you and your company!!!! Great value, shipped so quickly, and your sense of whimsy has slayed me!!! Bravo!
, Scarsdale, NY
October 28, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Best sprinkles I have ever had. They were crunchy until the last bite of ice cream. Never got soft. Will definitely reorder in the future.
, Hickory Grove, SC
October 27, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Fast delivery, nicely packaged with some humor thrown in for good measure!
, Angels Camp, CA
October 26, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
First of all, I can't believe how fast I got the package. Rockin'. Second, your box is extra cute. Third, the price. Maybe it was me, but I thought I was only receiving like a 2.8 oz shaker bottle size of sprinkles for a "resonable" price and you guys sent me a pound in a resealable bag for an excellent price! Wo. So, yes. Thank you. You rock and you deserve every star. P.S. I am not a paid spokes person....I am a real, new customer. Thanks.
, East Orange, NJ
October 23, 2014
Chocolate Sprinkles:
Perfectly fresh and extremely good
, Quincy, MA
October 17, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Just what I wanted in a large quantity. Thanks for the fast service!! :)
, Vero Beach, FL
September 20, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Love this company, a little humor makes anyone's day! I will be ordering again!
, Kinston, NC
August 8, 2014
Loved working with you! Prompt shipping and fantastic product! Exceeded my expectations....your packaging was awesome, want to frame it for my office!!!!
, Marlborough, MA
June 25, 2014
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Super speedy delivery time and the packaging was fun! The free sample was a big hit also. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a nut or candy product!
, Parkersburg, IA
May 15, 2014
Wow! That was fast service! I needed ice cream sprinkles for school. I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and received them on Wednesday. Thanks for a great product and fast service.
, Zebulon, NC
April 12, 2014
You guys are great. The price was right and the delivery was exceptional. Thanks for being top rate.
, Dermott, Ar
April 11, 2014
Thank you for the chocolate sprinkles. I could not believe how big the bag was for the price.
, Candor, New York
March 13, 2014
Wow, extremely fast service!!!! I placed an order before I went to bed, the next day I went to work and my package was on my front step when I got home. Thank you!!! Glad I found you!
, Hopatcong, New Jersey
December 10, 2013
I received my nuts.com order today & am officially obsessed with this company. The packaging was AWESOME! Can't wait to use all the ingredients as toppings for our ice cream bar at my daughters 1st birthday!! Thanks nuts.com!!!
, Buffalo, NY
September 28, 2013
I love your style.
, Bristol, CT
July 16, 2013
Great products..... Shipment arrived right on time, and because it was weather sensitive, it was shipped in the proper packaging and I couldn't be happier!! You'll be very satisfied with your order so don't hesitate to place on!! Thank you, Nuts.com
, uniontown, pa
July 11, 2013
Well I'm happy my product got here the day you said! I won't run out of Sprinkles for awhile, the Kids/customers are happy. They love them in their Nitrogen Infused Ice Cream/Yogurt!! Oh and love the Box!! Frozen N2 Time
, Dublin, GA
July 4, 2013
Amazing Selection! My first order from www.nuts.com was for my daughter's 6th birthday party. She wanted an ice cream party and I thought I would have to search every where to get what she wanted. They had all the toppings she wanted and more. I plan to order again in September for my brother's wedding. I'm in charge of the candy buffet and can match their colors perfectly. I have to say www.nuts.com has it all! Thanks for the great products and service!
, Somerset, Ky
June 20, 2013
I needed green and yellow sprinkles for a brasilian dessert I was making. Found nuts.com in google search. Ordered yesterday and it was here first thing this morning for a 7 dollar shipping fee. What an adorable box!! My kids loved it! Couldn't believe when I opened the box and got a bag of gummy bears as a treat. Your packaging is adorable!! I will chose nuts.com again. Thank you!!!!
, Manchester, Ct
May 11, 2013
WOW, received my order today and it amazed me how quickly I got it. Loved, loved, loved the box with all the writing on the outside! Loved, loved, loved the packaging, I won't need to put into Tupperware for the wedding, ice cream bar, as the packaging is perfect sizes. But most of all, love, love, love the email indicating I had received the order and they called me Nutty Jane, how did they know. What attention and I will order again, could be very soon to complete the wedding ice cream bar. Thanks!!!!
, midlothian, va
May 7, 2013
Well! I have to say what a joy it was to receive your package! The box it was shipped in was so much fun for my kids and I to read and the packaging is really colorful and appealing! Today we finally got a chance to open the bag and try the chocolate sprinkles. What a hit! They are by far the best ever! I am done buying those at the grocery store! Yours are so fresh and crunchy! I am so glad I fell upon your website and will be ordering from you again soon! Keep up the great work! ~ the Fallon family
, Wethersfield, CT
May 5, 2013
LOVE you guys! I have to say though it took me forever to open the box....I had to read it all! Cracked me up!!
, Felton, DE
April 23, 2013
The toppings were exactly what I was looking for to garnish a sundae bar at my wedding. The prices were amazing and the delivery was so quick.
, Chicago , Il
April 18, 2013
Dear Nutty Family Lovely sprinkles to add to the foam on my hot & cold coffee lattes each mornig. I shall enjoy! Thanks & have a good year! Rosie
, Torrance. , CA
January 11, 2013

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