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OMG! In exactly 24 hours my goodies arrived! I'm sampling everything right now. I love the monkey munch. It's great! The whole wheat fruit bars are yummy! Astronaut ice cream sandwiches are so good. Heck, everything is yummy in my tummy! My staple are my beet chips! Thanks you for making me a happy customer! God bless!
, Long Island, NY
March 22, 2014
I have been a customer for 6 years now. I have ordered numerous times for snacks for my husband and I. I have also ordered as gifts for everyone in the family at one time or another. I get on Facebook and shout out praises to get others to shop here. To me - it is that good and a find! This time I got all kinds of yummy snacks - the Monkey Munch is to die for. You open the bag and you get crisp pieces of yummy. You can not eat one piece and walk away. You end up telling yourself - ok that is it - ok one more piece. My husband makes a "mmmmm" sound when he is eating this. This is a hit at the Socolov home and will go fast - I am sure :)
, Columbus, OH
March 19, 2014
As usual, nuts.com com has yet to not impress me with there products. Items arrived fresh and in one piece. Nuts.com has once again produced excellent quality product with high quality ingredients, The Monkey Munch is my all time favorite, then yogurt covered pretzels, then chocolate covered raisins. Nuts.com you rock!!!! Keep up the excellent work with continuing to always produce great quality products.
, Greensboro, North Carolina
January 14, 2014
The first box of goodies I ever ordered went to my beloved niece recovering from major surgery. Despite being knee deep in gifts just like this to wish her a speedy recovery, she said her nuts.com box of goodies was the best of all! So I just sent one to my own daughter as a congratulatory present. Having opened the box, we are now drowning in deliciousness and joy. Everything is so fresh and scrumptious - dried cantaloupe, choc covered rice krispies and gummy bears, and cookie dough, even freeze dried corn - unbelievably good. Who needs to look good in a bathing suit? This is so worth it (though we did order the low-cal healthy trail mix - yum too). Thank you for another amazing box of treats. Wish every company had such a commitment to excellence in what they do!
, skillman, nj
January 3, 2014
Was so excited when I received my delivery yesterday! The "Monkey Munch" is wonderful (and I don't even like chex cereals)! I love the cute packaging your products come in, and they're resealable too! I originally looked only for the semolina flour, and found so much more, and you had the best price of the many sites I explored. Can't wait to make my homemade pasta! I'm sure I'll be a returning customer! Thanks for a job well done!
, Titusville, Florida
November 24, 2013
Monkey Munch Rocked my insatiable appetite! One of a kind product and very addictive for every bite. Thanks nuts.com highly recommendable!
, Hamden, CT
September 28, 2013
Love your products! Lightning speed shipping (seriously!) and exceptional customer service. You have a customer for life!!!
, Quincy, MA
March 7, 2013
You guys rock! I've been a faithful client for a couple of years and am continuously blown away by the quality of the products and your super fast shipping. I ordered stuff on Sunday morning and was stunned to find it awaiting me on Monday when I got home. With the speed of shipping, it's as close to instant gratification as you can get with online products. Keep up the good work!
, Windsor, CT
February 18, 2013
Absolutely AWESOME!! Had it delivered to my work and had a difficult time keeping everybody out of the box! Thank you!
September 19, 2012
This is like Chex on crack, I'm addicted!
, Valdez, Alaska
April 3, 2012
My order arrived yesterday, as expected, couldn't be more pleased! The Monkey Munch? Absolutely delicious! Thanks for the gift bag of yummy crunchy chocolate treats. Will definitely order again!
, Haleyville, Alabama
March 30, 2012
just received my order, per the usual it came right on time.. My first time ordering the monkey crunch..So good. I am once again extremely satisfied with my order.
, philadelphia, pa
March 27, 2012
AMAZINGLY fast! I ordered at 4:45pm yesterday. It arrived at noon today! The office was excited to get the Monkey Munch. :-)
, Wilmington, DE
March 23, 2012
Who could resist Monkey Munch? Well, certainly not me!! Had to try them and wow, what tasty peanut-buttery little bits of happiness these are! Yummy!
, Brooklyn, NY
March 22, 2012
I honestly can not stop eating this monkey munch..as we speak. It is light and airy with a great aftertaste from the peanut butter, chocolate, and sugar. You guys have an amazing product here! I'm in love!
, Philadelphia, PA
March 7, 2012
you guys rock , I cant believe I actually got my order less than twenty four hours after i placed it , enjoying the monkey munch and thai cashews.. rock on
, Port Chester, New York
November 18, 2011
Monkey Munch is AWESOME. I've been thinking about buying it for a while, and I'm glad I finally did. It has just enough sweetness, chocolate and peanut butter to make it one of the best sweet snacks I've ever eaten. I'll be buying more, trust me.
, Buffalo, NY
November 7, 2011
I can't believe how fast the order arrived. 18 hours after I placed it, we were snacking on monkey munch and S'mores mix. Unfortunately, we didn't order enough and need to place another order!
, New York, NY
June 30, 2011
NUTSONLINE is the hands down best business on the internet. The products are spectacular and the ordering is simple with excellent follow-up communication. MY FAMILY'S FAVORITE--we anxiously watch for our UPS man on our Nutsonline delivery days
, Louisburg, KS
June 29, 2011
Just received my order and it is wonderful! Super fast delivery and yummy treats. I ordered mint cookie malted milk balls, cookies and cream malted milk balls, chocolate covered rice krispies and s'mores. DELICIOUS and amazing quality. I will definitely order from you all again. Found your site by chance and am not disappointed. Thank you for a wonderful online order experience!
May 25, 2011
Besides having the greatest products on the market, your website is one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks Guys!!!
, Auburn, ME
May 23, 2011
I'm in Iraq and all the soldiers here LOVE nutsonline! We get the shipments fast and you guys carry all the things that we miss from back home, plus a bunch more extra! I've found all new favorite snacks since I discovered nutsonline.
April 20, 2011
I LOVE your products and will order from you again and again!!!
, Coatesville, PA
April 12, 2011
I have ordered twice now from Nuts Online for my husband who is currently deployed. He LOVES them!! I will continue to order from here because it puts a smile on his face and it is the little things that make them happy over there! Thank you Nuts Online for making my soldier happy!!
, CO
December 18, 2010
Super fast,fresh and great tasting, what else is there? Also your Monkey Munch is drop dead good.
September 5, 2010
I used the chocolate covered rice krispies in my chocolate chip cookie batter instead of the morsels! They are just delightful! Try it!
, Southampton, N.Y.
August 27, 2010
Thank you very much for getting my order to me so quickly...and a special thank you for throwing in the chocolate vanilla cookies for us to try. What an unexpected treat! The family loves them and we appreciate your company and all it has to offer.
, Atlanta
April 15, 2010
I can't stop eating my monkey munch or my other goodies.I love love monkey munch.It is so good.I have already eaten half the bag.Yall are awesome and have a wonderful business.Can I work for you please!!Thanks so much for everything you do.Keep smiling! sincerely, Kristan Boldrick
, tampa, florida
March 31, 2010
This is fabulous! You can usually only find this mix at Christmas called "Muddy Buddies" and usually only homemade. Thanks for delivering yet another hard-to-find fave to my door all year round!
, Annapolis, MD
March 9, 2010
Just placed my 4th order....I'm hooked!! Great nuts, snacks, candy, all of it! Super fast delivery! You are my new favorite snack store.
, North Carolina
January 26, 2010
OMG, just opening the box i was impressed! The packaging of the products are great. I did not expect the packages to be that large, when you buy the can nuts and get nuts online the difference is amazing. Oh, i should say how fresh and tasty they are. i do have 9 bags to go through. i think the ones I have in my cart for sample sizes are going into pounds!! You will not be disappointed!
, St Clair Shores, Mi
January 6, 2010
Used my Christmas gift card and purchased everything I wanted to try. Received order very fast. Was like a kid on Christmas morning opening the box. Had to try everything and everything was wonderful! Will be back again and again and again!
, Loxahatchee, FL
January 5, 2010
Hey everyone! You totally rock! I "found" you from a friend that got the choco covered sunflower seeds and haven't stopped using you since! I LOVE your products, your delivery time is absolutely unbelievable, the elephant is adorable and such a lovely surprise! I really did giggle and get excited when I saw him. And what you do for our troops is just amazing. I mention you to absolutely everyone and people stop in my office all the time to see what great goodies I have. Monkey Munch, Cinnamon Walnuts, Orange Pecans, dried strawberries, Oriental Mix - just everything is wonderful. I will never stop using you or recommending you! Love you guys!
, PA
December 23, 2009
Way to hard to not eat the full bag in one sitting! This is really close to the crunch my childhood neighbor lady (like a second mom to me) would make during the holidays. Brings back good memories eating this - I know dorkey to say but it is true. This is so worth the cost and be warned - if you have a husband or kids - it will disappear within minutes - so eat a bunch (mom or wife) before they get home/find out. Or do I what I do - stash some in a hiding place for a treat with some hot cocoa. hmmmmmm
, Cols, Ohio
December 17, 2009
Just got another order from you. Your marshmallow bits were fantastic. Great childhood memories. We also tried the Monkey Mix. AWESOME!!! Your quality and service is second to none. Thanks for all the great and unique products.
, Poland, ME
December 4, 2009
I sent a college care package to my nephew and added the monkey munch because it looked so good. It's now his favorite and he asked for more. he said it is delicious. Thanks. You made me a happy aunt.
, Farmingdale, new york
October 21, 2009
i am blown away! i received my order in less than 24 hrs...very impressed! love everything but omg the sunflower seeds....i order only a sample size and now all of us can't stop eating them! they are extremely addictive! looks like i will have to place another very soon... you have definitely gained another very happy customer..... and i will definitely tell all my friends about you!
, Windsor Locks, CT
September 10, 2009
Fantastic service-as usual!! Exceptional product!! It's always a pleasure doing business with your company!!! Thanks Again! :-)
, leesburg, Va.
August 6, 2009

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