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SO happy with Nuts.com! Ordered the green tea matcha and it is beyond amazing. I even received a yummy bar from them too! Package arrived a day before delivery date and shipping label as created same day ! Definitely coming back!
, Kellogg, ID
February 6, 2015
Hi there I just received my order and am amazed at the quality of your products for their more than reasonable prices. That and how quickly I received the order and the lovely product packaging. I'm the chef and like nuts.com work at a family owned and operated business. I look forward to cooking with the items especially the green tea powder which I use to make green tea rice pudding and green tea Creme brulee. This was my first time ordering with you but definitely will not be the last!
, Chicago, IL
October 23, 2014
I waited a whole week for my package to get here from Nuts.com and was not disappointed when it arrived! GREAT products!! Will definitely buy again soon!
, Tarboro, NC
August 2, 2014
Rec'd my order yesterday, made my Green Tea Latte last night, was so good. Sampled the nuts, very fresh and ate several chia chips. Will be placing another order soon. Also told my friend at work and she is ordering today.
, Garden Grove, CA
July 16, 2014
I purchased the Matcha green tea powder because I did not feel like spending an exuberant amount in a famous coffee establishment. When my nuts.com shipment of the powder came, I crossed my fingers. To my surprise, it was the exact tasting beverage! I have fell in love with green tea, and nuts.com is my new best friend.
, North Brunswick, NJ
June 16, 2014
The wonderful pure Matcha GreenTea, this is exactly what I'd been looking for... Your logo said it all...100% Guarantee...Satisfied! Thank you so much! It is Deliciosooo Lecker yummy good!
, Dickinson, ND
May 19, 2014
The Green Tea that I ordered is excellent! Arrived very quick too. :) WooHOO!!
, Olympia, WA
May 9, 2014
Just received my first order from Nuts.com and knew immediately you were a winner. Your packaging is fun and creative and I couldn't wait to open it! I ordered the Match Green Tea Powdered Mix and it was wonderful! You have a new friend. Thanks Nuts.com
, Kaneohe, HI
May 9, 2014
OMGoodness I cant believe how fast I got my order. The days of waiting in line at Starbucks for my green tea latte are Over! YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE....thank you so much for my little surprise of nuts....love them :)
, southington, ct
May 5, 2014
Absolutely love the Matcha Green Tea powder mix. Great product and fast shipping!!
, Miami, FL
May 3, 2014
I will NEVER buy a Starbucks Green Tea Frap again! I love starting my day with a hot cup of this tea every morning instead of coffee! I'm hooked! Thank You Nuts.com!!!
April 30, 2014
You guys are amazing! After reading all the positive reviews I finally bought some almond flour and I will never go back to buying it from my local grocery store. Your almond flour is ten times better than what I've been buying. I just made some matcha green tea macarons using the matcha green tea powder that I purchased from you guys as well and it came out perfect. I didn't even have to whip out my food processor to grind up the chunky bits of almond flour, because there were no chunky bits! Again, you guys are amazing! I will definitely come back for more. And thank you for the gift of chia seeds. I have been eating it every morning with my bowl of honey granola and milk. Love the texture. Will probably be my next buy. Keep up the awesome work, NUT Family!
, Boston, Massachusetts
April 23, 2014
Thanks for my order ....arrived Wednesday, I love green tea...and this brand has an excellent taste! Thanks again......
, Cumming, GA
April 10, 2014
Backstory: I LOOOOVE Starbuck's Green Tea lattes! Like I could do a commercial, free of charge, I love them that much. Sadly, I developed lactose intolerance and could no longer drink them. And I don't do soy milk. So I started going to my local Starbucks and paying full price for a latte with no milk (in other words, just the powder) and adding my own lactose free milk at home. But even I had to admit that cost-wise, that made no sense. So I started shopping around for a substitute. I found one that was crazy expensive and just didn't come close. And then I discovered Nuts.com. I read the reviews for the matcha mix and figured I'd give it a shot. The truth is, it doesn't taste just like Starbucks'--its EVEN BETTER!!!!!!! Starbucks has seen the last of me. I am now a Nuts.com matcha mix fan!!! Thanks so much for this amazing product!
, Washington, DC
March 28, 2014
Just received my first order today! I opened the bag of toasted corn, which were awesome! Tried the Dry Roasted Edamame, awesome! The Turkish Figs and Medjool Dates felt plump (through the package). Mixed up a glass of coconut water with the 100% Matcha before my workout, and off I went! Great products so far. Can't wait to have the Harmony Soup, that is soaking, for lunch tomorrow! And looking forward to the other items as well. Love the packaging and the fact that everything is resealable, added bonus!
, Metamora, Michigan
March 26, 2014
Thank you Nuts.com for your awesome service! This was my first time ordering and it will not be my last! I ordered the Green Tea Matcha powder and it is amazing - then I saw the Raw Sampler Pack and decided to order that as well as I was interested in trying those products. On top of your excellent products you provided super fast shipping - it got here a day ahead of schedule! Thank you - I will be a returning customer!
, Porter, IN
March 26, 2014
I ordered the 100% Matcha Green Tea Powder, and it is perfect. As authentic, as good as, but way better value than the ones I buy from our local Japanese market here. As soon as I opened the bag and smelled the tea that it is the real deal. I ordered it to use more in my Green Tea Matcha macarons using the matcha in the cookies and in the matcha infused white chocolate ganache filling. Made a batch last weekend, and the macarons had the perfect matcha taste. Shared some of the matcha macarons, along with pistachio macarons made with nuts.com pistachio flour, with my french meetup group on St. Patrick's Day and they were a hit. :-) Thank you for the great products, nuts.com!!!
, Bloomingdale, Illinois
March 21, 2014
Wonderful, just lime Starbucks certainly will order again.
, dayton, ohio
March 20, 2014
Wow! Why is this so good and affordable? I love it!
, Hayward, Ca
March 19, 2014
Delivery was quick! (next day). Green tea powder smells fresh and is tasty. Looking forward to using it in yogurt, tea drinks, smoothies, etc. Much thanks.
, Lancaster, PA
March 4, 2014
I ordered my spirulina and matcha yesterday and it came today. I was so happy with this fast delivery! I was also so surprised and beyond excited with my free sample of chia seeds!!! Thanks so much nuts.com!!!
, PA
February 25, 2014
I'm so happy I found nuts.com. Our son got hooked on green tea smoothies and was paying almost $10 a pop for one at a smoothie place. I researched recipes and needed to find matcha green tea powder, No easy task. I found some at an Asian grocery store but it was very expensive. I took the search online and found nuts.com I've been buying a pound at a time now for much less money than I could find anywhere else. The matcha is delicious, shipping is speedy and and the customer service is awesome.
, Plano, TX
February 25, 2014
Already repurchased the Green Tea Matcha powder not even a month after the first time. Came in 2 days and still great quality. Thanks again.
, Palm Bay, FL
February 23, 2014
Thanks so much for my green tea powder. The package got here so quick. I think that I got a nice amount for the price, and it taste so so good. I enjoyed my surprise sample as well. I plan to treat myself again real soon. Thanks again.
, Indianapolis, Indiana
February 12, 2014
I have waited for so long to type this review! My post office completely lost my package and I had to get a replacement but of course nuts was very helpful and when I finally received my replacement, I immediately cracked it open and made my first green tea latte. JUST like starbucks! I don't know why I've wasted so much money when I could have made them the whole time! The packaging was adorable an the shipping(aside from my delay) was fast! I referred my sister to you guys and she's placing an order tomorrow! Thanks you guys! I love the cute green resealable bags! Totally adorable, I can't wait to order again! Thanks guys!
, Palm Bay, Fl
February 6, 2014
My review in Haiku: matcha yummy tea from nuts dot com great value will order again - This was my first order. I have been browsing the site for a while and finally gave them a try. I'm glad I did. I placed my order late on a Sunday night. The order was processed early Monday morning and I received it from UPS just as scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. I just made a cup of matcha and it's very good. I like these people at Nuts.com and I like their matcha. Their packaging is cool and I assume the company is cool in general. The whole process was easy and the other products they have to offer look great. I'm sure I'll order the matcha again (and other items) once I deplete my 8 oz supply (which was a great price!). I'm tempted to tell everyone I know about this place. On the other hand I'm also tempted to try to keep it a secret. Now I'm off to finish my tea and dream of this winter being over.
, Munster, Indiana
February 5, 2014
Placed my order yesterday morning and just received my matcha tea. Couldn't believe it was delivered overnight, WOW! Made my first bowl of matcha and this is premium quality. Will definitely be ordering again!!! Monica
, Philadelphia, PA
February 1, 2014
Thank you for getting me order to me so fast. I REALLY LOVE this tea.
, Cashiers, N.C
January 20, 2014
received my matcha green tea powder today and immediately prepared a cup. loved it!
, Colville, WA
January 18, 2014
WOW, you guys are fast shippers and I am being 100% honest when I tell you the green tea is delicious! I made a cup immediately and it hit the spot with this frigid weather we're having! Dr. Oz talked about the tea on his show the other day so I'm anxious to see how I do with it. also thanks for the "extra" treat, will definitely be ordering for my sweet tooth!
, Columbia, South Carolina
January 18, 2014
This is the best! Just like the "milk tea" I had in Japan. Plus my order ALWAYS arrives within a day or two of ordering. Everything I order is fresh and so good, no exceptions!
, poconos, pa
January 17, 2014
I ordered my Matcha Tea last night around 5:30pm and it's arrived already. It's 9:30 the next morning. Thank you so much. Can't wait to try it.
, Mountville, pa
January 16, 2014
I just love that my Matcha powder arrived the next day and it tastes wonderful! Thank you!!
, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
January 15, 2014
Green tea is an antioxidant and it helps you loose weight. Having said that, I just like the way it tastes say in a smoothie. Jamba Juice makes one called Green Tea Match Mist that I have copied. 'Love it!
, Oklahoma City, OK
January 14, 2014
Received my Matcha Green Tea Powder Mix within 2 days. I was skeptical when ordering it but now all I can say is... Love it Love it Love it! You have a customer for life.
, Elyria, Ohio
January 11, 2014
Couldn't believe the amazing delivery! Ordered my Matcha powder yesterday and came this afternoon! Great price and great service. Thanks nuts.com!
, Middletown, Maryland
January 8, 2014
If you love the Starbuck's version, prepared to be converted to this delicious matcha green tea powder mix! The taste is amazing, its a breeze to make and delivery was extremely fast! Thank you nuts.com for finally providing me with an easy to make green matcha tea mix that far exceeds my expectations! LOVE it!!!
, Columbia, SC
January 4, 2014
First time order, was impressed but I had a feeling I would. Smart packaging, good tasting products and they threw in a small bag of chia seeds. I'll be back!
, Chardon, Ohio
December 13, 2013
WOW. So impressed by nuts.com. I am not a review-writer but really blown away. Not only is the price (matcha) phenomenal but shipped and arrived a day early AND with a fun free sample. Even received a fun email when package had been delivered. SO GREAT.
, Edmonds, WA
November 24, 2013
Finally the PURE green matcha tea I have been searching for! I commend you on your quality, prompt delivery and overall professionalism. Thank you and be well.
, Los Angeles, CA
November 17, 2013
If you love green tea fraps from Starbucks prepare to save yourself $$$$$ because this is where it's at ! Love this! Blend it up with some ice, water/milk and boom! Satisfaction in your own home! Fast delivery and great product! Definitely recommend. Love to support wonderful companies like this one :)
, Elizabeth, Nj
November 4, 2013
You have the jackpot on sugar free goodies ! I am thrilled to have found you! Your gummies and sugar free fudge are awesome. You also carry green tea powder which I use. You have such a great selection of everything.Thank you so much.
, Ga.
November 2, 2013
Bought both the matcha green tea powder mix and the pure 100% matcha green tea powder. Since I do not like really sweet drinks I mix the two powders 1:1 and use it like that instead of one or the other by themselves. Made homemade latte with the mix, using little milk, soy milk, and some water...delicious!
, Otis Orchards, Washington
October 31, 2013
After reading some of the incredible testimonials from other customers I was wondering if the company was writing it's own testimonials. Well, I placed my order at 9:53 am, received notice that the order shipped exactly one hour later at 10:53 am and my order was delivered to my door before 10am the following day. From internet order to my door in less than 24 hrs, this place is nuts! Great prices, great service.
, York, Pennsylvania
October 24, 2013
So I received my order in two days, just tried taro and green tea for bubbly shakes, and I'm more than satisfied. Green tea powder is amazing- sooo long starbucks green tea frappe...... definitely a repeat customer.
, killeen, texas
October 19, 2013
Fast service placed my order on Monday my Matcha Green Tea Powder was here by Wednesday. Having my latte now and it taste great just like Starbucks.
, Las Vegas, Nv
October 10, 2013
I have been on the biggest Matcha Green Tea Latte Kick recently and have been wanting to make them at home! I am so happy I ordered from here. It arrived exactly when you said it would and I tried it immediately. Absolutely delicious! You can expect more orders from me!! :D
, Orlando, Fl
October 9, 2013
Super fast shipping...the packaging is so cute and what's inside is amazing. The nuts are so fresh and the tea is delicious. We will definitely be ordering from this company again!
, Ft Lauderdale, Fl
October 3, 2013
I received my package in two days so that was incredible fast! I love how you guys contacted me through email to let me know my order arrived (I wouldn't have checked my mail that day!) I have been spending a ton of money on Starbuck's green tea fraps and decided to google "matcha powder" that's how I came across your site. I ordered both of your matcha powders and they are both wonderful!! The pure matcha one tastes just like Starbucks! Now I can enjoy my favorite smoothie at home. Thanks for the speedy service and great products! I posted my matcha mixes on Instagram and friends are already telling me they will be placing orders.
, Las Vegas, Nv
September 29, 2013
Love Love Love Nuts.com!!! I have searched high & low for the perfect matcha green tea and have finally found it!! Nuts.com has super QUICK service and I love their packaging! I am hereby a lifelong customer of nuts.com :)
, El Paso, Texas
September 28, 2013
I just happened to stumble across this site, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. I was looking for green tea matcha powder, and didn't want to pay ridiculous Starbucks prices. The product was absolutely delicious. The service was awesome. They quickly fixed a mistake I made on my order for me. I love the creativeness of the emails & packaging. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company. I will be ordering again!
, Phenix City, AL
September 26, 2013
AMAZING!! I've been obsessed with Matcha green tea lately, but so bummed about the prices. But then when I discovered Nuts.com offers an 8-ounce bag for the same price as most companies charge for a 1.5-ounce bag, I flipped! The flavor and quality are good (I've made many a smoothie), the shipping was fast, and I felt well taken care of. Shipping was a bit high, but the quality of service really lessened the sting. 2 thumbs up!
, New York, NY
September 17, 2013
I placed my first order with Nuts.com on Sept. 8th, 2013, and I must say I am very happy with what I received. The packaging is very fun, yet professional, and the products all seem to be high quality. I especially like the powdered acai and match green tea! As far as logistics are concerned, I received my order on the date it was estimated I would receive it. Overall, I am very happy and will be ordering from them again. Bryan
, Denver, CO
September 16, 2013
I love the Matcha green tea mix and Matcha green tea powder...I have it everyday!!! Great quality and taste! I will be buying from y'all from now on :-))
, San Antonio, Tx
September 11, 2013
I have been looking for matcha powder so I could make my own starbucks green tea lattes with vanilla soy milk and once I saw this on your website I decided I had to give it a shot! .... It is delicious and totally made my morning! The box was also the cutest thing, keep up the great marketing and awesome products!
September 11, 2013
This website is awesome! I wish I had discovered it sooner! The matcha green tea is delicious and the bubbles were super easy to make. You also have the best sunflower seeds around! I'll never go back to David's! Thanks Nutty guys!
, Lakenheath, UK
September 10, 2013
I ordered some of this a while back and used it to make green tea ice cream. It was perfect. After making the ice cream, I quickly used up the rest for hot matcha milk. I'm sad that it is all gone now, and plan to order more soon!
, Atlanta, GA
August 26, 2013
This matcha green tea was DELICIOUS!!!! I make myself a frap (similar to starbucks) every 4 days throughout the week!! It's taste is wonderful!! The shipping was great and they included a pack of peanuts!! I love www.NUTS.com!!!! I am definitely going to continue to buy my matcha green tea here!! *:)
, Jacksonville, FL
August 19, 2013
My first order and it was awesome! The extra goji berries you included were what I had in my cart & decided not to try this time. Thank you! Now I know I will order them next time! YAY!!!! Love the green tea powder also a first & I always love chia seeds!
, Garnett, Kansas
August 19, 2013
You've done it again! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your Matcha Green Tea Mix!! This is the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered and again am amazed at how quickly the order arrived -- on the 2nd day after I ordered!! Keep up the good work and I'll be ordering this item FOREVER!!!!!!!! :-)
, PA
August 3, 2013
Just tried the Matcha tea. It is very interesting. I liked it cold with ginger and a little agave to sweeten it. Might just be the energizer I need.
, Racine, WI
August 1, 2013
Well...I'm sitting here on my porch, lovely summer evening and guess what...I'm drinking a tall glass of iced frothy matcha green tea from guess where! That's right! YOU GUYS!! Thank you so much for prompt delivery, great quality product. Goodbye Starbucks, Hello you Nutty Guys :)) I'll be back...
, Penn Yan, NY
July 31, 2013
Excellent!!!! !Excellent from a great company. This matcha tea is great and the follow up from purchase to arrival was awesome....Will be purchasing from you many times again....Best service I have ever had from a company.
July 31, 2013
I ordered some matcha green tea powder on-line a less than an hour later, I got a note that my order had shipped! Today I got an e-mail saying the order had been delivered. I went to the door to check, and there stood the FedEx guy! That's what I call great service. I opened the package right away to make frozen green tea yogurt. I cheated and tasted the yogurt before putting it into the ice cream maker...this is gonna be great stuff! Thank you Nuts.com, I will be back!
, Kerrville, Texas
July 25, 2013
I thought it was important to leave a review from the other side of the border. It's my second order from you (within a month :)), and both times, the packages are received 48hrs after being shipped, and shipping cost is very reasonable. That is pretty awesome! Everything i`ve ordered has arrived in perfect fresh condition, and everything tastes great! 100% Matcha is what brought me to your site, and got 5X the amount from you, for the same price as a local tea shop here, so really you do not have any competition. thank you!
, Quebec, Canada
July 25, 2013
I have been drinking Matcha tea for several years now.. So I tried Nuts.com for my Matcha and it is excellent !! and the price is amazing compared to the asian stores I was buying it from..I bought others things from here too and they were all excellent!!! Happy I found this site and recommend it to all my friends...
, Alexandria, LA
July 21, 2013
You are a great company. My was shipped very fast and I love the Green Tea. Will be ordering again. Thank You for being NUTS!!!!!!!!!
, laceyville, pa
July 20, 2013
Wow! I was surprised how quickly my order got to me. I placed the order late Thursday night and it was at my door by noon the next day- awesome! The products are wonderful- I love the smooth taste of the matcha and the dark chocolate covered espresso beans are so good. I will definitely order from from nuts.com again. I am in love with your business and products :)
, Andrews AFB, MD
July 20, 2013
Immediately opened the matcha powder when the package got to my house. I made green tea ice cream and iced green tea lattes. The matcha is amazing compared to Teavana's matcha. It does not clump and can be mixed with cold liquids and dissolve instantly. Best matcha powder quality I have tried so far. Thank you nuts.com!
, El Monte, CA
July 15, 2013
I just got my Matcha green tea in the mail today and made a smoothie right away and it was GREAT... I am in love with it.... It shipped pretty fast since I live in Idaho. Thank you very much...... One happy customer..
, Nampa, Idaho
July 10, 2013
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! The Matcha is just like Starbucks and the service/delivery is outstanding got it 2 days after I ordered!
, Lake Geneva, WI
July 4, 2013
greetings all! couldn't find instant green tea so looked on the internet and found your site! tea tasted wonderful. don't celebrate xmas but haven't had that much fun opening a box in years. thank you for the extra nuts and they all tasted wonderful. what a unique and pleasing business enterprise to do business with. linda
, joshua tree, ca
June 26, 2013
5 STAR RATING WILL ORDER FROM AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! My 100% matcha green tea powder came in two days as promised! I am extremely happy with the consistency and pureness of this powder. It tastes so fresh and yummy!! You've also made it very affordable!! I shopped all around the internet and found that you were the most reasonable price. I'm so happy I can purchase matcha from a family owned company, in the US! ps....LOVE the packaging guys!! Really great. Makes me feel like I am apart of something special. Thank you Jeffrey, Kenny, Uncle Sandy and cousin David!
, Hendersonville, TN
June 21, 2013
After looking over SEVERAL different sites that seem to sell pure powder Matcha, I finally came across nuts.com. I was hesitant to order at first because I wasn't sure if this was going to be genuine (and I didn't really want to spend almost $30 and it be the wrong kind!!). I had searched so many different sites and had done my research for a while, so I wanted to make sure it was just what I was looking for. Let me tell you, it IS! This is GENUINE Matcha Green Tea POWDER. I have been so excited about my Matcha, I was worried I might be disappointed if it tasted bitter. This Matcha is so smooth, and it tastes amazing. If you love the taste of Green Tea you will definitely fall in love with this! Highly recommended! Thank you nuts.com, I will be ordering from you again! <3
, Amarillo, Tx
June 20, 2013
What a wonderfully delightful company! Such speedy service too! I received my order sooner than expected and in such adorable packaging! Plus an extra gift was included of my very favorite nuts - how did you know?! We just tried the Matcha Powder this morning making my favorite Blended Green Tea Latte and it tastes BETTER than Starbucks!!! I'm going to save so much money now!!! :O) Thank you Nuts.com and also thank you for making me feel like party of the family with all of your cute personable messages! I will definitely be buying lots more products soon and telling all my friends!
, Beaverton, Oregon
June 16, 2013
Product is great and prices are extremely reasonable! Love you guys!
, Bedford, Texas
June 9, 2013
We received our order in a timely manner, faster than expected mind you. All of the packaging was utterly charming and cute, the little captions and comments were adorably witty and we just loved them. The amount of the product for the price really gives new meaning to the term "bigger bang for you buck". Loved the free gift and the suggestions on how to use it was very handy and informative. We are very pleased with our order, and hope to have the liberty of ordering again soon. Great job and we love this site! <3
, jasper, indiana
June 4, 2013
I read the other reviews and one of my friends buys from nuts.com and all I can say is WOW. I ordered on Sunday afternoon and it was delivered less than 24 hrs later. I even got a free gift! Amazing customer service. You got yourselves a new regular. Magic. Thank you! Can't wait to make my own boba tea and my bird is a happy camper with her tropical dried fruit!
, Monroe twp, Nj
June 3, 2013
You guys are great! I previously purchased the 100% matcha green tea and the trail mix and just placed a large second order to try a bunch of new things! I even ordered several sample packs for my neighbor! Great service! Why can't more companies operate like yours! Bet its a blast to work there :)
, Falls Church, VA
June 3, 2013
All I can say is, "Wow!" The delivery was so unbelievably fast, the box was adorable, the product packaging itself is very high quality, and the actual product (matcha green tea powder mix) is amazing and delicious!!! Then to top it all off, a nice little free sample. I will absolutely be buying from you again and again and recommending you to everyone I know! I love that this is a genuinely nice family-run company, keep it up.
, Millington, Md
May 30, 2013
Love my 100% matcha powder! Shipment arrived early and loved the packaging. I'll definitely be reordering! Thanks!
, Minneapolis, MN
May 29, 2013
Just received my first order from you "nuts" and I'm very pleased. Excited that I can now make my own green tea smoothies. Bought the vanilla chai for my friend for her birthday and she loved it. Your packaging is cute. I will definitely be trying other items in the near future. Thank you
, Endicott, Ny
May 25, 2013
Ordered wednesday arrived friday. 2nd time using Nuts.com Will use again great products.
, North Carolina
May 24, 2013
We will be using your products in our Culinary Arts Program at Milford High School. Exactly what I ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours! WOW!
, Milford, NH
May 24, 2013
I have been ordering this 100% matcha green tea. Delicious as ever. nuts.com has the best price of all the natural fruits and nuts..Always satisfied and you always get a free sample of all the best dried fruits or nuts. Thank you.
, Avondale, Arizona
May 17, 2013
I received the green tea powder, I am so impressed with the delivery and the product. Just Love It. Will order from you again. Thanks for the little gift.
, Lombard, IL
May 11, 2013
It all started with searching for Matcha.. I wanted to try my hand at some recipes. I clicked on dozens of sites but they seemed expensive and boring. I always read through reviews to see the quality from actual customers so when I came across Nuts.com I probably read through 100 reviews on various products, customers claIming this or that their FAVORITE.. bad idea! I ordered me some matcha! And then some.. and then some more! I am BEYOND satisfied with your service. Received my cutesy box within 22 HOURS. like wow! This NEVER happens! I already whipped up a green tea frap and it is as good as Starbucks. I've been snacking on all my goodies and I'm in love! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm nuts for Nuts.com!
, coeymans Hollow, ny
May 10, 2013
YIKES!! i ordered the night before and in a blink of an eye my tea arrived home from work next day made some tea and it is delicious wonderful service and product thank you!!!! you guys ARE nuts!!!!
, wayland, MA
May 7, 2013
I loved the box, it made me smile not only because I got my Matcha mix, but because it was so cute!! The Matcha powder is perfect. I will definitely be ordering again. <3
, Ackley, IA
May 7, 2013
Hi, well the order came 2 days early which was great I was afraid it wouldn't come on time. my daughters birthday is May 7th. Now I can make her favorite green tea cheesecake. thanks for everything. marianne piccola
, chicago ridge, IL
May 3, 2013
Very happy with the Matcha green tea and fast delivery.
, Davenport, Ia
May 2, 2013
I ordered Matcha Green Tea at 7 o'clock Monday evening, and it arrived at noon the next day! Great prices, and great quality. I will definitely be ordering from Nuts.com again.
, Lancaster, PA
April 30, 2013
Very happy with that next day delivery. Product was tasty but disappeared too fast. Must get some more. Love the price on the matcha powder. Best I have seen.
, avon, ct
April 29, 2013
Super fast shipping, great price, can't wait to try the matcha green tea powder in some new recipes! Thanks for the great service!
, Lincoln, NE
April 26, 2013
WoW!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have found nuts.com. I was looking for Green Tea Powder, and also ordered some nuts. They arrived super fast, and are INCREDIBLE! I've bookmarked your site and am looking forward to trying everything. Thank you!
, Mount Ephraim, NJ
April 23, 2013
Always great fast delivery--have been using this product for over a year--love that matcha green tea powder--have recommended nuts.com to many neighbors and friends! Keep up the good work!
, Sno Pass, WA
April 23, 2013
Love.Love.Love my order! The green tea powder is great.. hot or cold.. the corn nuts were awesome and the High Octane Energy mix was wonderful.....love the little surprise you included... thanks!!! Will order again.. again
, Houston, TX
April 16, 2013
I received my goodies this morning , moringa powder , they are truly delicious . Also as usual my matcha and the deluxe house mix are great !!No mess nut cracker MUST HAVE !!!!thank you
, Dallas, Texas
April 16, 2013
This was my second time ordering from Nuts.com and I am one happy customer! Super fast shipping and a little surprise in my order as well!! Love Nuts.com and will most definitely be back! Thanks for amazing service!! 5 stars from me!!!
, Vail, AZ
April 15, 2013
Just tried the green tea powder today. Great taste! Thanks!
, Colusa, CA
April 14, 2013

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