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I tried Chakri for the first time and I fell in love. I have to watch my consumption though after barreling through the Bhakarwadi like no tomorrow and I felt like a real glutton. I do have some Chakri left, but not many. They are a real treat and I have been walking around with turmeric breath for days now! If it weren't for you, I would never have experienced these spiral treats.
, Port Colborne, Ontario
December 23, 2014
These are so ridiculously delicious that we put them on everything except ice cream (although that day may come). They're nothing like the fried onions you get at the supermarket. These have aroma, these have flavour, these have crunch. Limited ingredients (that's a good thing) and low in sodium. Did I mention that they're delicious? Don't let the bilious yellow colour in the photo put you off (it almost put me off) -- they are an appealing brown, like onions you fry yourself. I see the beginning of an addiction here ...
, Oconee, SC
November 3, 2014
I ordered about 6 items from you guys and all I can say is WOW!!! The free gift of Wasabi peas was very nice of you! I have tried the ranch peanuts and the Sing Bhujia nuts today and LOVE them! You boys have a customer for life!!! And now to get serious, never ever, ever, ever change the way you do business. From the way you package (LOVE the box!!!) to the nuts, I love your company and what you have to offer. If you were to change too much, your Poppy Sol would be heartbroken! You have a great company and product so keep up with the times but do NOT get so modern that the spirit is destroyed. Thank you again for your kindness, your generosity of spirit and your great sense of fun!
, Los Angeles, CA
August 14, 2014
Just received my package of treats and I must say that the Fava(salted) and Chana Chor Garam is absolutely addictive. Looking forward to enjoying all the other items soon. Nuts.com is an absolute treat to deal with and eat.
, Edgerton, Ohio
August 13, 2014
High quality, fresh, reasonable prices, cute bags, full measure, fast fulfillment, great delivery (thanks for the tracking link!). The free sample of figs was terrific and probably will make the next order. The Chakri is fascinating; I'd never had anything like it. Dried fruits are wonderful! Jordan Almonds a real treat. Copenhagen coffee an excellent blend and WELL worth the money. Flours and grains the very best quality. You now have a regular customer! Allen, from Chicago
April 23, 2014
The samosas are the perfect blend of spices- sweet and spicy! I have to stop myself from eating the whole bag. A wonderful snack to have on hand. Impressively fast delivery as well.
, New York, NY
April 5, 2014
Our local grocery store has some super high prices on their nuts. I just happen to love Cashews, so I went online to see if I could buy them in bulk. I ran across Nuts.com. Everything looks so good on the website.. however I knew I could not order 1 of everything (that would be nuts). Sorry guys. So I picked some favorites. Cashews, Raisins, Coconut Chips,and Chakri (indian tea buscuits that I had never tried before) It's almost like I hit the send button on my computer and the Nuts.com package was here! It was so fast it almost came a day before I ordered! Do they have a time machine out there??? I love the cute packaging, and the great prices. The Cashews and raisins are of perfect quality. The Chakri tastes great and will go well with the Chai tea that I like in the morning. The Coconut flakes huge and fresh! Thanks for everything Nuts.com! I'm very pleased!
, PA
April 1, 2014
This was my first nut.com order and I was wowed. The package got here lighting fast and the products were incredibly yummy. My favorite is Chana Chor Garam which I bought completely on a whim it is perfectly spicy and crunchy. It's whetted my appetite for more Indian snacks. I'll be trying each one definitely.
, Chicago, Il
March 5, 2014
So glad to have found a supply for my cravings for crunchy legumes. They're my absolute favorite and difficult to find in my area, but so much more satisfying to me than corn and potato snacks. This time I got green peas, chana chor garam, and fava beans, which are new for me but taste simply wonderful. I like that you stock so many items that are either rare or very expensive at the average grocery, and I'll definitely be back for more ingredients and treats to stock my kitchen, and some gifts too, I think. And if you one day carry more legumes such as roasted moong dal I will surely buy it.
, Norwood, PA
February 6, 2014
All I can say is Delicious. My favorite out of this order is the Chevdo. But everything is nut-tastic!!! :-) next paycheck I need to order more and a bigger bag of the freeze dried fruit cocktail.
, Chelsea, Massachusetts
November 29, 2013
Very spicy!! I love the little kick the small crisps give! 100% satisfied!
, West Roxbury, MA
September 14, 2013
So now that I am part of the NUTS.COM Family... I thought I would provide my overall experience, from start of my order to the end of my order... I am a Japanese rice cracker NUT, I love them and have for years. The problem? My local market was out and they said, "Come back in a few days after our shipment, we should have more in." So after doing this twice and no rice cracker mix, I talked to a clerk and he did some digging... Here is what I found out... My local market only carried this particular mix seasonally! WHAT??? Like I said before, I am picky about my rice cracker mix and this mix is by far the best I ever had! It is the Indian Summer Party mix. I love that they poofed out the chili bits and wasabi bits which makes them lighter in taste and not so harsh, blends better with the rest of the cracket mix... So, onto my quest. About a week after being told this horrible news that my rice cracker mix is seasonal at my local market and would probably have to wait until next spring, I got a craving for The Indian Summer Party mix. I decided to search the internet. Nuts.com was right there at the top. AND, for very good reason... 1. Their website is very inviting and easy/friendly to navigate, love all those pictures, made me hungry AND low and behold they have my mix in different sizes: 1. 1 LB, 2. 5 LB and 3. Was more for grocery orders, huge! So, I opted for the middle choice, 5 pounder bag. 2. So I placed my order. It would take a week and sure enough the order arrived right on the day/date nuts.com said it would. While I was thinking about my rice cracker mix order, I was hoping the packaging would come equipped with a zip lock, it does. 3. The outter box cracked me up and was decoratively covered that I literally waited the next day to show my BFF the outter box/packaging on Skype. She was busting up. The box is a keeper. 3. The packaging for my rice cracker mix is extremely durable and the zip lock zips with a breeze, sealing in the freshness and quite well. 4. So the taste test... Better than local store bought, the comparison didn't compare... nuts.com was much much fresher, every cracker was much crunchier! 5. Then I received an email that the nuts.com family acknowledged my receiving of my order and a link provided to write a review. So here I be, writing away. Why am I going through all the steps of this ordering process? Because the nuts.com family deserves it. I will order again from them, please retain MY Indian Summer Party mix, it is the best blend of rice cracker mix I have ever had and I have had a plethora of them. Thank nuts.com Family for my order and once my 5 pound bag is close to depletion, I will order another 5 pound bag, beats the local store in price, taste and freshness. Oh and I almost forgot, the nuts.com family included a smaller bag of their corn nuts mix, thanks for that! Mo P.S. Even the packing slip had some funny stuff on it. Very well thought out company and process, comprehensive. AND with years to work out the kinks :) Keep going strong nuts.com!!! Mo
, California
August 23, 2013
I tried the Garam or whatever it is last night and it is so scrumptious. . .will be a while before I get to the others but packaging is always nice. . .can't wait to try the plump strawberries!
, Kents Store, VA
August 23, 2013
My order arrived speedily and was very much appreciated. Your products are excellent and very, very tasty! Keep up the terrific work!
, Bowie, MD
August 11, 2013
My order did arrive. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I sure that I will be ordering again. Me and my family love your products.
, Salem, Utah
June 15, 2013
OMG the Chana Chor Garam is AWESOME. I wasn't sure if I would like it because I had never heard of it before, but it's the perfect protein snack! Spicy, seasoned, crispy, crunchy and satisfying. My new favorite snack!
, Riverside, ri
June 13, 2013
I've ordered from nuts.com for about 8-9 years and I have never been disappointed!!!! You and your company are a solid 10! I pass on the website to others all the time! Love your products and service!!!! And sense of humor!!!!
, Grand Blanc, Mi
June 12, 2013
love one or two of the samosas with greek coffee. both yummy. I like the sweet yet spicy flavor!
, henderson, tx
May 22, 2013
I normally never leave testimonials for websites but this site is fantastic. The site is easy to use, items ship quickly, and the items themselves are good quality. I have used this site a few times to sent care packages and people love them. The diverse options are a great plus!
, Herndon, VA
May 16, 2013
We love your products, the boxes they are sent in and your enthusiasm. I can't believe how fast we received the order--in less than 24 hours. Thank you.
, Cape May, NJ
May 1, 2013
OMG, I absolutely loved the turkish delights, the chocolate monkey trail mix, pretzels, and the samosas. You will definitely be getting more orders from me :) And I am telling my friends!!!!
, San Jose, CA
April 1, 2013
I love your nuts!!! My order: maca powder 1 lb, raw cacao goji energy squares .5 lb, raw peanuts 5 lbs, hemp & greens superfood cereal .5 lb, cacao nibs sample size, punjabi mix 1 lb, gunpowder tea .25 lb & a free sample of acai blueberry superfood cereal. I sampled everything as soon as I got the shipment (except the acai cereal, maca powder & gunpowder tea) & they were fresh & delicious. I love the surprise burn of the punjabi mix that lingers long after the little morsels have traveled down my throat!! My only suggestion is to include recipes for products that are ingredients like the maca powder & cacao nibs (not that nibs really need to be added to anything) directly on the the labels. My shipment arrived as scheduled & I'll definitely be ordering again & telling my friends about nuts.com!
, Cayucos, CA
March 29, 2013
Once again you have shown great concern in your prompt and excellent service. The best p mix I have ever tasted, and I have several here in the states and in India! Hot, oh yes! For me to say it's hot, it really is:) Love it! will be ordering more this week. Last weeks raw organic nut mixture was fresh and tastie. To my surprise it had every kind of nut know to man and equal amounts of each nut, no filling in with peanuts, thanks! Organic cranberry apricot squares, wonderful a real treat! Great for those night time cravings with a good source of protein, I can indulge a little! Can't wait to try all my other goodies, also I always like to see my special little sample the it included in my order. Great doing business with all you fellow nut's!!
, N Myrtle Beach,, SC
February 9, 2013
After reading the "super fast shipping" reviews, I decided to put it to the test. I placed my order at 3:30 yesterday and my order was delivered today, during a snow storm. I'm very happy with the product and the shipping!
, Milford, CT
February 8, 2013
Ordered the Chakri, not knowing if it would turn out be the "real thing." Deeelicious. Addictive. Really satisfies the need for a crunchy snack. Very happy with everything I've ordered so far from Nuts.com
, New York, NY
February 3, 2013
Tasty. Quick service
, Missouri city, TX
January 24, 2013
As always, everything was perfect. The roasted fava beans are amazing, as are the roasted chickpeas and punjabi mix. Delicious!
, MA
January 22, 2013
OMG, I am totally addicted to your site. I have to force myself not to pursue as I usually find stuff I want to buy and it is so easy to order and super quick shipping. I love your boxes they are so cute and fun to read. I look forward to getting them in the mail full of awesome treats. The customer service is impeccable. I have told everyone about. I usually buy just regular nuts and things. But I have found your roasted whole coffee beans to be amazing (Ethiopian harrar and Guatemalan-yum) Now I am addicted to all sorts of specialty items, including the thai coconut curry cashews, masala peanuts, ceci fava mix, pomegranate seeds, and so much more! I am so thankful to have you as a resource for healthy eating!!
, saratoga, ny
January 9, 2013
A first class operation that provides tasty treats in a most personable way! I love ordering from you and love the outstanding service you provide! Thank you for your hospitable & superior service!
, Columbus, IN
December 30, 2012
OMG! Super fast shipping!! The samosas are tasty! I didn't expect the spicy kick, but very welcome. I haven't tried the rest of my purchases but I cannot wait!
, NEW YORK, New York
December 29, 2012
My order arrived so quickly! Awesome service! Thank you! :)
, syracuse, ny
October 16, 2012
Wow! I can't believe how fast that was delivered. Of course I had to sample a little of everything immediately. I think my favorite was the Chana Chor Garam. It was delicious! I had never had it before but knew I like Indian spices and it is great little protein snack. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again!
, macomb, mi
September 14, 2012
Just received my newest order this afternoon. The Sing Bhujia peanuts are incredible - spicy but not overwhelming! I let my husband try them and had to grab the bag from him so he wouldn't eat half of the contents in one sitting! I also loved the Thai Coconut Curry Cashews, the Baby Dried Strawberries and the Raspberry Cordials.
, Piscataway, New Jersey
August 21, 2012
nuts.com was the only company, online or brick and mortar, who actually had what I needed (puffed quinoa and puffed rice). Not only did they offer me the option of when I could have my order ship, I also could decide who I wanted to deliver my order; FedEx or UPS. I ordered on Monday and my package arrived on Wednesday morning with an extra gift of plain organic quinoa! Although we can get most of our grains in bulk locally, we will be using nuts.com again for any hard to find items or the occasional coffee treat :)
, Kalamazoo, Michigan
August 1, 2012
I could not wait for this order to get here. This is the first time I've ordered more than nuts, chocolate and dried fruit. I ordered the fried onions. I couldn't wait to taste them. Needless to say, they were so much better than the kind you get at the supermarket. So crunchy and taste terriffic. I will be ordering more of them. This is not to take away from the GIGANTIC dark chocolate covered Macadamia nuts or the coconut chips. The dried fruit platter and mixed fruit helped me to enjoy evening tv watching more. Your "free" custom trail mix made receiving this order, one of the best..... but I really feel this way when opening all of the orders I have placed with Nuts.com. The box, with its nutty messages, always makes me laugh. Thanks for keeping the quality so high, all you nutty guys!!!!!!!
, Canonsburg, PA
July 31, 2012
Received the Punjab Mix-arrived on time and taste good. thanks.
, Brea
July 12, 2012
You guys get it. Something as simple as super fast shipping for no extra charge makes ordering from you an incredible experience. Oh, and the food I order? Well, that's the Best part! I'm still addicted to masala peanuts! This raisin medley is better than expected. These wheat bars are my new pick-me-up snack. I think the dates and falafel are going to be on each order in the future. Simply amazing experience all around at nuts.com! Thank you all!
, Springfield, IL
May 17, 2012
I use this and flavor like you would popcorn (garlic or caramel, etc.) because my son has a corn allergy. It works great and the whole family loves it!
, Minneapolis, MN
January 15, 2012
Ordered a few things to try on Wednesday. Received them on Friday well packaged and to my surprise they even added a sample of wasabi peas in my package. I ordered Wasabi Peanuts which I am sure I will be getting more of, as well as some Sing Bhujia peanuts that were very good also. Everything I ordered is great and I am sure I will be ordering more.
, Rocky Point, NC
January 14, 2012
Thank you again for the best service and foods in town! Love the free sample of the Berry mix, those are awesome, will have to order next time. The Samosa's are even better than we had imagined, great to snack on. Thanks again for great selection, cannot find half of what you guys have anywhere else on the planet!
, Salt Lake city, ut
January 11, 2012
Everything arrived on time and in great condition. Everything we have tried so far has been delish! I will definitely order again.
October 2, 2011
Cashews, veggie chips (both no salt,) fried onions, vanilla bean honey--- all sooooo tasty! We can't stop eating everything and will probably soon explode! Delicious. Also order poppy seeds and sesame seeds but haven't tasted them yet. I'm sure they're as good as everything else. Best thing, besides the taste, of course, is the freshness of all products, and of course, the SUPER FAST shipping. Thanks!
, Northern, NY
July 22, 2011
Extremely delicious and amazing service, really does treat customers like family, will order from here for life!
, Milwaukee, WI
July 22, 2011
Got my order earlier this week. Fast as usual! The dry roasted edemame is so good! Crunchy and not overly salty. The Punjabi Mix is perfectly spiced. My Indian friends love it too. But I think the winner of this order is the chili mango. I've never had anything like it before. Sweet and spicy hot enough that my nose starts to run after a few pieces. I'm addicted to those. Even my sister who isn't that crazy about spicy foods loves them!
, MD
July 14, 2011
Thanks so much!!! The snacks are great!! Loved the SUPER SPEEDY Shipping. Will be ordering more.
, West Lawrence, New York
June 24, 2011
Wow, you guys who haven't tried these Masala Peanuts really should! They're these spicy, chickpea flour coated peanuts with spices and mango powder, and really yummy!! It tastes like deep fried tempura peanuts with spicy curry powder. There's a HUGE CRUNCH and a delicious pea-nutty ending that reminds me of eating a hot curry dish. In fact, I may just add some of these next time I cook curry. YUM!
, fairborn, oh
June 11, 2011
I just received my first order from you, and I'm definitely hooked! All the snacks are diabolically snackable! I bought, among other things, Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky, Sing Bhujia (Masala Peanuts), Jericho Party Mix, Cinnamon Pecans, and Roasted Mixed Nuts (50% Less Salt). They're all delicious and they're all going to be gone very, very soon! Thank you so much for your wonderful foods and customer service. Looking forward to ordering again, Elanor
May 28, 2011
Very happy with the taste and quality of these, and the price is amazing for the amount you get.
, long island, ny
May 4, 2011
Savory and spicy with a touch of sweetness... ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL! These make a nice afternoon snack with a cup of tea.
April 20, 2011
I have been buying things from Nutsonline for years, starting from when i first googled cashews and literally stumbled across the site. The cashews, the dates, the figs and the peanuts are all wonderful, but what is even better is the chance I have had to try things I never heard of like Samosas. They are completely delicious and I never would have even known about them except for you-know-who. The other great surprise was crystallized ginger root. I thought it sounded boring, ho-hum, but boy was I wrong. It's like eating a cookie and it's even good for you. I even enjoy the veggie chips, and who would have thunk it since i hate squash! Great products, great samples and keep up the good work!
April 17, 2011
Received my order of Sacha Inchi, Sing Bhujia (masala peanuts) and cocoa nibs today. Fresh, fast, delicious, excellent stay-fresh packaging...I could go on and on. There are so many products available on this website; I can not wait to try them all. Awesome!
, Madison, WI
April 8, 2011
Love looking forward to receiving my order thank goodness I never have to wait long to receive it because the product I've received is always terrific. Thanks for your fast service.
March 19, 2011
YUMMMMMMMY. I bought alot of items that I would never be able to find here in payson or possible even in Scottsdale or Phoenix. I love trying new and different foods. The Chana Chor Garam, Sev , Wild organic Jungle nuts are just a few and so far I have found all to be Very tasty. I will definately be ordering from NUTS ONLINE again.
, Payson, AZ
March 12, 2011
Now that I have tasted everything in my order, I can add my gushing testimony to the rest. Everything is DELICIOUS. Roasted fava beans: way better than the ones I've tried before, I'm putting them on everything. Dried canteloupe: incredibly soft and delicious. Sugar free dark chocolate chips: bought on a whim just because I like bitter dark chocolate - can't stop eating them - they're so excellent! The dried apricots, crunchy roasted chickpeas, and spicy chana chor garam (also bought on a whim) are also all delicious. I will definitely be ordering again, thanks!
, Brooklyn, NY
February 28, 2011
Just received my 2nd order. Love everything I've ordered. Exceptionally fast!!! Thanks, Brenda
, Brandon, MS
February 18, 2011
I was very impressed with how quickly they came. The packaging was very nice and the products were very fresh. This is a great product line and will probably be placing an order again very soon.
, Sanford, Florida
January 31, 2011
Got my FOURTH order in exactly 24 hours from when I placed it. Looking forward to Simply Sinful Coffee and 8-Grain Wheatless Cereal for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I'll add some of the Goji Berries of the Unsweetened Coconut! I had just used the last of my Fried Onions at lunch so this arrived just in the nick of time. Those onions are incredible!
, Gloucester, MA
January 6, 2011
Another great batch of goodies, with the speed of shipping, I feel like I'm your only customer, and you guys are sitting there waiting for my next order :)
, Clinton, CT
January 3, 2011
We received our Southern Heat Mix, Oriental Mix, Cajun Roasted Peanuts, and Hot Mix today. They are all wonderful. Super fast shipping, too!
December 3, 2010
I purposely waited after several orders before writing to make sure that the amazingly fast delivery service and quality of the foods were not a fluke. It isn't! Each of my 4 orders has been delivered by the next day. Your selection is incredible, and you offer unusual & tasty items that I have not seen anywhere else. I especially love the spicy Indian snacks, the dried fava beans & the wasabi greenpeas. Also, the chocolate covered ginger is a combo I would never previously have considered trying - but am glad I did! I will certainly be a returning customer.
November 14, 2010
Incredibly good products incredibly fast. Simple yet so many fall short. I don't know of a better business to deal with! Thank you!
, Clay, NY
November 10, 2010
Great product. Great, quick service. Great communication. I have a happy med student with nutritious snacks. Thanks.
, Port Ludlow, WA
November 3, 2010
Absolutely awesome!! I have been searching for quite some time to find Hotmix that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to ship. I purchased some from your site, not only was it shipped and received next day for a very reasonable shipping cost, but the quality/freshness was high, and it tasted great. You can look forward to future business from me! The Freebie was a great touch as well!
, CT
November 1, 2010
I couldn't wait to get home from work when I realized my order had arrived (I just ordered on Saturday!) Everything LOOKS delicious but what I can attest to this time around is my first experience with the samosas! I have been *desperately* trying to find frozen samosas that can be delivered and heated up when in the mood, these little dry snacks beat even THAT idea! They are DELICIOUS! And exactly the taste I was looking for - I knew ordering two without ever having even tasted them wouldn't be a mistake! I also LOVE (also a first time order) the BBQ veggie chips, SO tasty I will never buy greasy BBQ potato chips again. We ordered blueberry yogurt covered pretzels last time around and this time we went with strawberry... I can tell you my boyfriend is not sharing in this order!!! Delicious. Thank you again for exceeding expectations, I don't know how you do it EVERY time! I'm so lucky I found you!
, Great Neck, NY
October 26, 2010
Fast delivery, great products. The snacks and nuts I've gotten have always been top notch, fresh and enjoyed quickly. I've recommended this site and company to many people because of the quality and service.
, Boston, MA
October 13, 2010
I'd never heard of this before, but thought it sounded good. I'm so glad I ordered it and will definitely be back for more. Delicious.
, Gainesville, FL
September 13, 2010
I received my first order today. I just want to say that I am impressed with both the quick delivery and the quality of your products. I am definitely going to order from you again. Thanks for everything.
, Cassandra, PA
August 25, 2010
As Always everything I ordered came on time and in great shape. Everything tastes yummy! You guys are so caring and funny.You make me feel like I am a real member of your family. I love the updates about you family. I love your website and all of you! Nora
, Triadelphia, WV
August 3, 2010
The Samosa's are so addicting. I can literally sit and eat a whole bag at once. Also the edamame is wonderful. Thank you nutsonline.
, Japan
August 2, 2010
WOW! Did you ship my stuff from right nextdoor? I can't believe I got it in one day! Thank you for my sample of Chia seeds I have used them in the past and can't wait to try yours. The onions are great! I will soooo be back thanks again!
, Bellingham, MA
July 17, 2010
I can't find any holes in your operation..the products are great, price is great, shipping is awesome! Thanks a bunch, I'll be back! A+++++
, shepherdstown, wv
July 14, 2010
Great One Yummy Pound bags..... absolutely deeelicious Indian Mix and Quinoa. Wish the Quinoa also came in bags though. Will definitely buy again and more from you guys.
, Boulder Creek, CA
June 25, 2010
Received your e-mail rush to the door found your package. Just in time to have the onions over salad for supper Which was enjoyed by all. Thanks Jim Ma and pa bro and sis and the two cats Defect and Reject believe me the rule the house PS Loved you food but to bad postage is to high...But ma loves her onions so wanted to treat her..She a good ma
, Careywood, Idaho
June 18, 2010
I am thrilled to have received my shipment so rapidly. I sent in the order just 2 days ago! My past experience with Nutsonline guarantees I will love everything I ordered. I used to have my daughter in England send me the Indian snacks and recipe ingredients that I've loved and used since childhood. Nutsonline comes through with terrific quality and speed. Now my daughter asks me to send her the speciality items -- the quality of all your products is infinitely superior in every way, Thank you from two devoted fans of Nutsonline! Cheers, Terryne Spencer
, Fredericksburg, VA
June 11, 2010
Amazing -- everything is beautiful and delicious.
, Oakland, CA
May 13, 2010
Another perfect order! I love the new Indian treats. The Kachori are spicy and super yummy! The samosas are both adorable and taste great! :) Everything is fresh and very high quality. Thanks for constantly expanding your product line and still keeping our old favorites! You guys rock!
, Grand Rapids, MI
May 6, 2010
Hi, I love my snacks..can't believe how fast they were shipped. Thanks so much for the extra treat you sent..delicious I'm sure I will be back for more and I will recommend my friends to this great nutty family....Thanks again
April 29, 2010
5 Stars on all counts...Wonderful products- Oriental Mix, Veggie Chips & Indian Summer Rice Snack Mix; Lightning fast delivery...Delightful follow-up email & a surprise in the package. Will be back soon. God Bless!
, IL
April 2, 2010
WOW!!! The Sing Bhujia (masala peanuts) exceeded my expectations and the roasted pecans made my mom's day. Of course the glace apricots are most excellent! One problem though...now I'll have to order again real quick and 3x as much. Thank you for great products, great prices, and super fast shipping.
, Bertrand, NE
March 17, 2010
I ordered a number of products for the first time 2 days ago and they've arrived already. The Indian Chevdo snack mix is great!! I also tried the Garlic Bagel Chips....highly recommended. Can't wait to try the rest of my order. You folks rock!
March 12, 2010
All of your Indian snacks are so yummy! Love the Hot Mix, Chevdo, and Chana Chor Garam! :) You guys rock!
, Northeast, Alabama
February 17, 2010
Just received my shipment, uh....yummmmmmmmmm! Made my day! Everything is fresh and tasty! Thanks! Will do business again!
, Independence, Mo
February 16, 2010
You know those "french onions" in a can, with about a million ingredients? These taste even better! And there is only two ingredients! How awesome is that. My husband and I were both eating them straight out of the bag. I don't think I'll ever be able to live without these. Yummy!
, OR
February 12, 2010
I ordered some Indian snacks -Sing Bhujia, Chevdo, Hot Mix, and Chana Chor Garam - for my friends. Here's what my friend's husband had to say, "You guys made my day today! :) I was totally surprised by your nuts online gift. I have to admit one of my best surprised gifts, I am loving it. I don't know if you knew, but if not then it was a great random selection. As a kid, I loved Chan Chor Garam snacks. I had tried looking for them here in Tampa, but could never find it. Thank you so much for all these yummy snacks and for letting us know about this wonderful online store. I am definitely going to use them, they have got good options."
, Northeast, Alabama
February 9, 2010
everything arrived quickly and is delicious.the goodies are of much better quality than in the local stores.the Indian mix is super crunchy and has quickly become a household favorite.
, Jackson, GA
February 5, 2010
I purchased some Indian snacks for my Indian friend who lives in Florida. This is what he sent me in an email to thank me for the snacks. "I have to admit one of my best surprised gift, I am loving it. I don't know if you knew but if not then it was a great random selection, as a kid, I loved Chan Chor Garam snack, I had tried looking up for them here in Tampa but could never find it. Thank you so much for all these yummy snacks and for letting us know this wonderful online store. I am definitely going to use them, they have got good options."
, Northeast, Alabama
February 4, 2010
OH my goodness, I will never use croutons on a salad again... these treats are delicious with just the right amount of heat! Great right out of the bag, and I can't wait to sprinkle them on a bowl of soup :)
, PA
January 16, 2010
I LOVE this stuff!!! FYI ...freezing it for storage works great!
, Columbus, IN
December 15, 2009
Awesome!!! Very delicious and I love the follow-up email with the delivery notification - funny!
, Columbus, IN
December 9, 2009
I've been dying to try chevdo since reading about it in My Life in Orange and in the novel The Namesake. It's very good! The spiciness takes a few moments to hit and then lingers in the back of your mouth. Very interesting!
, Portland, OR
November 19, 2009
Fantastic service and great wasabi peas, beans and crackers. Ordered Monday and arrived Wednesday with regular shipping. Thanks!
, Columbia, SC
August 26, 2009

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