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My husband and I are big root beer fans and these candies are wonderful.
, Chatsworth, CA
May 20, 2016
Absolutely delicious! Best lollipop we ever tasted! Your service is great!
, Van Horn, TX
May 3, 2016
Good price, great to have on hand when grandgirlies have sore throats
, Sharon, VT
April 29, 2016
Fabulous...not too sweet....good ingredients...small enough to pop in my mouth without having it bulge...and, ginger is good for you..
, Staten Island, NY
April 23, 2016
These are by far the best mints on the market. I have stomach sensitivity, these mint quickly settles down my stomach within minutes. they are also very good
, Yorktown, VA
April 8, 2016
Love these!!! Would like to be able to buy by the pound, all the individual favors though.
, Everett, WA
April 2, 2016
Fun Packaging and excellent customer service!
, Yorba Linda, CA
March 29, 2016
I love these organic ginger balls. Thank you.
, Columbia, SC
March 9, 2016
I like the taste of these and will not stop ordering these.
, Opa Locka, FL
March 2, 2016
I like the taste of these and will not stop ordering these.
, Opa Locka, FL
March 2, 2016
Fresh breath and refreshment. Just a little pick me up. And soooooo yummy
, Milton, PA
January 15, 2016
Perfect little something to keep in my purse. And soooo yummy!!!!!
, Milton, PA
January 15, 2016
As usual, these are THE BEST peppermints ever! Not only do they taste really really good, but they help me breathe if I am a little stuffy. I keep them around me wherever I go and we keep them in our office to share with those who stop in to support our nonprofit! We first ordered these for a conference we were hosting last year and they were a big hit! Thanks for making such a wonderful organic peppermint!
, Searcy, AR
January 6, 2016
This was the first time I ordered these. I am pleasantly pleased. They are not too strong, not too sweet, but just right. I love that they are organic! Thanks so much!
, Searcy, AR
January 6, 2016
I ran out of your Organic Butterscotch Drops before our new order arrived...almost went into withdrawal!!!
, Livingston, MT
January 4, 2016
Agift for a family member who loved them as a child...she will really love these!
, Livingston, MT
December 11, 2015
We have a bowl of the Organic Drops handy by the computer.
, Livingston, MT
November 21, 2015
The best Peppermint I tasted. I love peppermint for opening my sinuses and these are perfect.
, Rosedale, NY
October 28, 2015
My favorite mints to get from the store. I love that they are organic. Can't find a better price anywhere.
, Westport Island, ME
October 17, 2015
I am an Organic Butterscotch Drops fan, my husband loves the lemon - and the assorted are great, too!
, Livingston, MT
October 2, 2015
September 16, 2015
OK - we love your Organic Lemon Drops and the Assorteds are great, too. But the Organic Butterscotch drops are wonderful. Not super sweet. Very buttery and smooth. A new favorite in our house.
, Livingston, MT
September 7, 2015
I have never had better peppermint. feel the cool. ooooooooo
, Douglasville, GA
September 3, 2015
These were the first thing my son opened - he said he wants one in his school lunch everyday ! Yummy
, The Plains, VA
September 3, 2015
Fantastic!! The flavor is so perfect and the packaging they come in is so fancy and heavy duty! Love it! We used these and the root beer float barrels as favors for our wedding. Can't wait to see our guests' reactions.
, Kittanning, PA
September 2, 2015
LOTS of peppermint flavor without the corn syrup. Great mints!
, Woodbury, CT
July 27, 2015
Very good without the chemicals and corn syrup! Delicious!
, Woodbury, CT
July 27, 2015
We are torn! Love both the Organic Lemon AND the Organic Assorted Drops! I take them to work (and fight off my co-workers) and we have a bowl of them on the counter at home. Wonderful! Another Nuts.com winner!
, Livingston, MT
April 29, 2015
Everyone loves these lemon drops...thanks!
, Livingston, MT
April 7, 2015
Excellent product like the packaging too. Thank you and welcom us to the family too; like that.
March 27, 2015
These drops are Refreshing and delightful-I use them for after dinner mints, and will carry a bag to family members when we leave town soon. Thanks,
, Chicago, IL
March 14, 2015
A great taste of cherry, just right.
, Brooklyn, NY
March 6, 2015
A super favorite for both my husband and I and the people at work! Co-workers were checking out your website immediately!
, Livingston, MT
March 6, 2015
Enough lemony goodness to knock your socks off!
, Sierra Vista, AZ
March 4, 2015
We HAD to open these to try. YUM YUM YUM. NOT sugary like other ginger candies. Real ginger taste comes through! Love them
, Montgomery, TX
February 11, 2015
My grandchildren love them.
, Bronx, NY
February 4, 2015
Burst of Lemon flavor fills your mouth with goodness.
, Anaheim, CA
February 1, 2015
Great ginger taste without too much "burn".
, Chino Hills, CA
January 29, 2015
Awesome mints!
, New Carlisle, IN
January 20, 2015
Wonderful! and all the better, knowing they're ORGANIC!!! Thanks so much!
, Covington, LA
January 5, 2015
Great tart lemon taste.
, Liverpool, NY
December 20, 2014
I am thrilled to find non-HFCS peppermint candies. Thank you for these. Enjoying them. Want a "sweet" treat in the evenings and one or two of these does the trick. Also enjoy one in my morning coffee. :- )
, Phoenix, AZ
December 14, 2014
very good... the flavor isn't to strong... wish it was a bit stronger but it works for me...
, Boston, MA
November 24, 2014
Smaller than my expectations but more than made up with a strong cherry flavor. All I can say is wow.
, Union Beach, NJ
November 21, 2014
This is my 3rd time ordering these mint. I love that i don't have to worry about whats in the mint.
, Lawrenceville, GA
November 16, 2014
My partner blissed a bit when he tested the first one.
, Albuquerque, NM
November 14, 2014
These are the best!! I love them. Got a bag of them from a friend and that is what prompted me to order them since mine were all gone! By the way, just want to share this.... they work great for an upset stomach. I happened to just have one with me one day when I had an upset stomach. After sucking on the mint my upset stomach was gone. Since then I had my wife try it and it worked for her too. She remembers when she was young that her Dad would put a drop of essence of peppermint on a teaspoon of sugar for an upset stomach. So not only are they great treats and great breath mints but also great for the upset stomach. Thanks for a great product!!
, New Carlisle, IN
November 13, 2014
These are tasty, but not as "gingery" as I thought they'd be.
, Louisville, KY
November 13, 2014
These organic drops are tiny explosions of a variety of natural flavors. Yummy as a treat for your purse.
, Lebanon, OH
November 6, 2014
These are always a hit with my bible class kids.
, Albertville, AL
October 30, 2014
So Delicious!!!
, Amawalk, NY
October 24, 2014
Sooooo good!!!!!
, Amawalk, NY
October 24, 2014
Great tasting and no guilt trip about the ingredients!
, Tooele, UT
October 17, 2014
Great tasting and no guilt trip about the ingredients!
, Tooele, UT
October 17, 2014
Great tasting and no guilt trip about the ingredients!
, Tooele, UT
October 17, 2014
Amazing little morsels! They are jam-packed with tarty goodness and were a huge hit at the office. I am going to share my next bag with my nieces and nephews. The suckers must be awesome too.
, Flin Flon, Manitoba
October 12, 2014
Great assortment, sharing them at work and almost everyone asked for more.
, Germantown, MD
October 8, 2014
Very nice drops, they will be coming with me to work to award to PhD students who did what they were told, one at a time.
, Sandusky, OH
September 17, 2014
nice surprising taste
, Rochester, NY
August 27, 2014
I love ginger .... And I LOVE the ginger drops!! I will buy these many-many more times. They aren't "hot/spicy" like some ginger.. But taste exactly like ginger root. My hat is off to you, Nuts.com... Theses little drops of ginger are the best hard candy ever made... Absolutely amazing!
, Pembroke, GA
August 21, 2014
Excellent organic candy. I don't like chemicals in my food and these are great. Great customer service. Even the delivery man called me to ensure I received the shipment because it was left at my door.
, Thonotosassa, FL
July 19, 2014
Love, love, love you! You are always super speedy with your deliveries. My mother loves your organic lollipops, and they have helped her stop smoking after being a faithful smoker for 50 YEARS! Thanks a bunch!
, Chicago, IL
July 17, 2014
Super Nice A Sweet Treat with Lots of Flavor!!!
, Waterford, MI
June 2, 2014
I love the ginger drops and used the flour salt which is quite good. The nuts are yummy! Thank you
, West palm beach, Fl
May 22, 2014
This is heavenly goodness in each bite as always and i know that i couldn't be disappointed. Thank you for the free bag of yogurt pretzels they are so delicious . I tried cocoa nibs and I never tasted anything like that before at the beginning they are kinda cool and after kinda warm... love them .And lollipops ,energy squares and fruit slices yummy ........Thank you for everything i'll be back soon :)
, manchester, nh
April 22, 2014
package arrived. the organic ginger drops a hit! thank you very much for the free sample, no time to cook so was a big part of my dinner! will have to see if the Boss likes the new coffee, hope so. Very easy to order from you folks, will do so again. :)
, WA
April 8, 2014
Co-worker brought some in to hand out - looked at it skeptically at first - then tasted it... OMG!!!! Best Lollipop ever and I'm not a lollipop eater! A week later split the 5lb bag with a work friend - we now have visitors just to snag lollipops. Will most definitely be ordering more items!!! Fantastic job with the lollipops, too good as a matter of fact, as I can't stop eating them!!!
, DFW Airport, TX
January 9, 2014
Just received my 1st order- the packaging is too cute! The mints & organic butterscotch drops are delicious. And thanks for the sample of coffee!
, Rochester, NY
August 22, 2013
I love that I can order candy by color. My niece is in the Navy and has been feeling extremely homesick. With that on my mind I put together a Box of Sunshine to send her (everything yellow). So thank you, thank you!
, Saint Louis, MO
August 2, 2013
Second time I ordered from your firm, and am still thrilled with your speed of service, quality, and the free samples. You are our go-to online candy company. Keep up the good work!
, Georgetown, TX
June 7, 2013
I want to say thanks for actually making it really easy and a hassle free billing experience for someone outside USA to make an order, compared to other online stores. I sent some peppermint candy as a surprise birthday gift to a friend who's living in the US, and she's absolutely ecstatic and nuts over getting her favourite sweets :) So thank you for being such a charm to shop with!
May 25, 2013
Absolutely delicious !!! I love the seeds & lollipop. they're both addictive
, Northridge , Ca
May 1, 2013
Thank you! The order arrived on the day I was told and everything is great.
, New Florence, PA
April 23, 2013
I'm completely satisfied with your products!!!!! I opened the organic peppermints right away and WOW they're very soothing if you have a little nasal congestion. I just opened the ginger candy to taste one after I had finish my dinner it's very nice and mellow to the palate. The pecans I only ate one and placed them into the freezer until I'm ready to make some brownies and a carrot cake, the one piece was delicious. Thank-you very much Jeffery & family for your delicious products!!!
, Walterboro, SC
April 11, 2013
I have a new addiction! Nuts.com provides amazing products for great prices and who could resist the adorable shipping! My kitchen is filled with the brightly colored bags... and I'm restricting myself to opening one bag at a time. So far the garlic sesame sticks, veggie chips, organic butterscotch drops and cajun corn sticks have been fantastic. Looking forward to trying my hemp seeds, carob covered raisins and the other ones I have tucked away. The free samples make it even better. Nuts.com has hit a home run in my book!
, Vestal, NY
April 3, 2013
Love, love, love, this whole family. Their products are the BEST in this Nutty World. And the Service in unbeatable. I trully believe that they go around by themselves each night to deliver. I placed an order the other morning at 3am, and found my goodies at my door at 6:30pm. The only hard thing to do, is to have to pick what I want out the the huge selection??? Decisions, decisions, what is an old Granny-Nut to do lol. Last year my computer broke down, and couldn't order for 1 year. I was NOT a happy person at all. But with a new computer, I am BACK. Back to my home with the freshest bunch of nuts again. Love to all of you!!
, Yonkers, NY
March 22, 2013
I can't believe how fast I received my order. Very pleased with everything. I will definitely be ordering again!!
, Manahawkin, NJ
March 15, 2013
Quick shipping after ordering on a weekend (just 4 days to ship). The organic lemon drops are delicious and our pickling efforts will benefit from the alum. Now to pick some salted nuts and some sweets.
, Bellevue, NE
March 14, 2013
Great products...great prices.... super fast shipping.. can't wait to order more great stuff!!!!
, Bethlehem, pa
March 14, 2013
my order was delivered the day after it was placed. Great job!
, Upton, MA
February 22, 2013
Everything I ordered exceeded expectations! I will be ordering again.
, Appleton, WI
February 11, 2013
Excellent choices, excellent quality, excellent service. Thank you!
, Durango, Colorado
January 26, 2013
I feel so fortunate to have found your site. Not only are the products a delight eat, the packaging and box are so good that I have recycled the box as it travels to our people with gifts inside. The nuts and other items were so well received. The box makes everyone laugh. Thank you. Michelle
, Riverside, CA
January 22, 2013
you have the best service .&Good products
, Davison Mi, usa
November 12, 2012
My goodness these are good! By the way, after eating some of these it will be tough to go back to hard candies with high fructose corn syrup because hfcs has an aftertaste that I never noticed before.
, O'Fallon, MO
October 17, 2012
Hi All, I wanted to express my appreciation for the quick delivery of my order and the gift bag of gummy bears. I used my tumeric this evening with my salad, it was great. I had a mint after dinner. Original !!!!!! Thanks again for the efficient service. Martha
, Washington, DC
October 5, 2012
Totally Satisfied and Very Happy with my first time order! The dark chocolate covered rasberries,chocolate covered coconuts,Cocoa Cappuccino Cordials,Organic lemon drops + regular lemon drops and chia seeds were all freshly packed in Cute/Pretty sealed bags! Everything tasted Delicious and Fresh! My husband is picky and when he tasted those chocolate covered rasberries he couldn't stop eating them. We're both Pleased and Happy,Loved the Box they shipped in also, Creative & Clever!! Will be buying from this nutty company again and again....!!!
, Coral Springs, FL
September 27, 2012
What can I say this was an awesome buy!~
August 23, 2012
I have had cheeky lemon before your price was better besides I didn't see anyone offering bulk 5lbs good buy and very fast ship. Thanks.
, Davison Mi
August 8, 2012
Everything arrived intact, and not melted, in a nice styrofoam box with the two ice packs. The peanut butter fudge with gooey marshmallows was to die for! The lemon, cinnamon, and peppermint drops were delicious, with the tart lemon being my favorite.
, Crescent city, Ca.
July 25, 2012
I am so glad I found your site. Everything I have ordered has been top quality and very tasty. I am sure I will return often.
, Topeka, Kansas
July 12, 2012
I needed treats for my clients, but not just any treats - because my clients are over-the-top terrific. Organic? Cool. Raw? Wonderful. Fun? Yup, this is for me! - oops, I mean, my clients! So far, the ginger drops are my favorites and my husband loves the cinnamon. Clients? Oh, well, I haven't put the treat dishes out yet. But I will, soon, ish.
, White Sulphur Springs, WV
May 11, 2012
You put a big smile on my face & made me laugh with your cute/funny email when my product arrived. :) I haven't tried everything yet! I did try the Organic Banana Chips OMG!!! So Delicious!!! The Organic Plums & Turkish Figs are very good! And the Organic Butterscotch Drops are yummy!!! Thank you for the sample, I think you have to have an acquired taste for the Goji Berries. I couldn't believe how fast the shipment arrived either! Thank you :o)
, Sedona, AZ
April 1, 2012
My technology teacher keeps a bag of Organic Lemon Drops in his office. He once offered me one. As soon as I finished it I begged him for the web adress. He's got me hooked!
December 23, 2011
Thank you for easy and FAST service! I have looked all over retail stores for a lemon hard candy for my dad. They just don't carry them any more. Your organic lemon hard candy is very tasty and lemony! The other hard candies I ordered are also very tasty. Thank you
, Huntingdon Valley, PA
December 15, 2011
This was my first order, but definitely not my last. I LOVE the firendly, prompt and professional service! A+++++
, Lynchburg, VA
December 12, 2011
Organic ginger drops are drop-dead perfect little treats. Crystallized ginger is a chewy burst of flavor. Wonderful snacks!
, Bozeman, MT
December 7, 2011
I received a sample of the ultimate malted balls in my first order and I fell in love! It's everything I would want in a malted ball. I also ordered the organic lemon drops and they are delicious.
, Philadelphia, Pa
October 26, 2011
This is the best company to order wedding candy from I just ordered my candy Sat 7/2 - I didn't think it would get here until 7/9 but it is already here 7/6. It is what I order and looks great to go with my party Favors for my Big Day Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
, Charlotte, NC
July 6, 2011
The delivery was prompt and the ordering process was simple. The package arrived to the recipient in excellent condition and the candies were enjoyed by all! Thank you, Jessica
, Wyandotte, MI
June 14, 2011

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