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Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Bought these for mom, she loves them and again sugar free and you can't even tell, unless you eat more than you should, then expect a trip to the loo.
, San Francisco, CA
July 13, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
, Chardon, OH
July 2, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Tastes like 1950. Gonna eat it while watching Laurel and Hardy.
, Prospect Park, PA
June 14, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
I just want to tell you lovely people at Nuts.com how impressed I am with you all. I paid the small amount extra as was suggested on your site for the "cold pack process" and every item in my box was perfect. No heat damage. Is it any wonder why I love you so?
, Milton, PA
June 14, 2016
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Just like the "real" taffy
, Sterling Heights, MI
June 11, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Each color has a distinct flavor. I was happy you can even taste the coconut and the chocolate in the neopilitan flavor. The candy has a smooth texture and seems to be softer than other salt water taffy. I will order this again.
, Independence, MO
May 13, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
So good!!
, Montgomery, TX
May 6, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
I appreciate the speedy delivery and the taffy is awesome
, Easton, PA
April 29, 2016
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
These are my husband's favorite candy, this is his second time ordering them.
, Detroit, MI
April 29, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
The Taffy came in perfect shape. Pieces were perfect size and there were plenty of each flavor to distribute throughout our bags. Great Job!
, Elma, NY
April 25, 2016
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Gave a bag to my nurses at the hospital. They said thanks but we won't eat them. Left them with them and the gone in 20 minutes. Won't eat them hahaha.
, North Royalton, OH
April 14, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Thank you so much for everything. The taffy is delicious and it arrived (less than 24 hours after I ordered) in a great box and the packaging is outstanding, I love that I can reseal it. Plus the tracking system is arguably the best I have every experienced from an online vendor. I truly enjoyed my experience and will definitely do business with you guys again, thanks A LOT!
, Turlock, CA
April 2, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Just like what I remembered from my youth.
, Cincinnati, IA
March 12, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
, Pensacola, FL
March 3, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
So fresh and wonderful flavors. This is not the salt water Taffy you get I the stores that is of unknown age this Taffy is excellent
, Greene, NY
February 24, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Nothing bad about salt water taffy. Ever!
, Austin, TX
February 23, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
I have searched all over the Internet looking for salt water taffy flavored with citric acid. Many use malic, adipic,or tartaric acid or a combination types of acid, which bother my stomach. Yours is perfect! Fresh, soft, delicious flavors, and only citric acid!
, Oakland, ME
February 13, 2016
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Much better product than people think. Always very pleasing.
, Los Angeles, CA
February 13, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
DELICIOUS and so fresh. I will be ordering more for the candy jars. I placed my order on the 2nd (around 10:00 p.m) and received it on the 5th...WOW that was fast They arrived on a cold day and they were solid...now I see why you suggest the cooling pack in the summer months. That would be a must have if you don't want these to melt.
, Tuscaloosa, AL
February 5, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Best tasting I have ever had
, Weeki Wachee, FL
January 29, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
Love it
, Middletown, OH
January 15, 2016
Salt Water Taffy:
I thought I was on the Boardwalk. Love it.
, Baltimore, MD
December 26, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
This Salt Water Taffy is terrific! I bought some Salt Water Taffy at the grocery store a couple weeks back and it was hard. I was so upset that I Googled Salt Water Taffy just to see where I could get some that was fresh. I was surprised and pleased to see that you sell it! Yay! Your Salt Water Taffy is absolutely great and I will be back for some more before too long. Also, my order came really fast! I love that about you guys! Thanks!
, Reno, NV
December 16, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
It was purchased as a gift and I can't wait until he is ready to jump into these pleasurable goodies.
, Jaffrey, NH
December 7, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
I remember Salt Water Taffy from Jersey years ago( since I was born there many moons ago)- still real good. Brings back some good memories.
, Nashville, GA
October 16, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Thanks for the extra cooler packs you put in, no melting of anything!
, Kennesaw, GA
August 28, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
GREAT, reminds me of a very long time ago. They are delicious.
, Fairburn, GA
August 27, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
love them
, Virginia Beach, VA
August 5, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Our county fair did not have any salt water taffy for sale this year, so I got it from your company; it was just delivered, and we had a piece; it is wonderful! And your packing keep it from melting! THANK YOU! A very happy Cami!
, Urbana, IL
August 1, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
I really enjoy these salt water taffy. My kids can't get get enough of them either. Very good candy.
, Florence, SC
July 31, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
, Newton, NJ
July 27, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
excellent for a sugar free !
, Coronado, CA
July 25, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Have been looking for this item and at a reasonable price. The taffy is wonderful and the price was perfect.
, Titusville, FL
July 24, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Talk about fresh! Hubby and I love taffy and these are a winner in our book!
, Jackson, TN
July 10, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
This taffy is fantastic! Nice and ooey gooey!!
, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
June 4, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Taste delicious and the assortment of flavors is awesome. Everything was packaged so neatly.
, Annapolis, MD
June 2, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
There's a store by my house that sells this taffy and ever since I've discovered it I wanted to find out where they bought it from. Now I found it! I eat probably a half pound of this a week! It's that good!
, Cleveland, OH
May 30, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Just received my goodies and nuts.com you ROCK!!! I've ordered the salt water taffy before so I know my taste buds are in for a treat. Because the weather has turned warm it was recommended that I choose to have products shipped in heat resistant packaging Which I did. Everything arrived in perfect order. Refrigerants were still cool and there was no melting of my taffy. Thanks for the figs. Love you.
, Greensboro, NC
May 28, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
So yummy :) definitely reordering soon!
, High Point, NC
May 22, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Very good!
, Kansas City, KS
May 14, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
My Mother is salt water taffy FREAK and she just loves, loves, loves your candy! Made a great Mom's day gift. Ordering was easy and shipping was prompt. I'll be back!
, Chicago, IL
May 12, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Such a speedy delivery process (we waited until the last minute for this wedding favor idea) and professional service from your staff. Can't wait to try all the flavors and share them with our guests. Thank You!!
, Ewing, NJ
May 9, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Very good love all the flavors.
, North Royalton, OH
April 30, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
I've loved taffy since I was a kid but then I developed diabetes so taffy was not for me any more and then I found your diabetic taffy, yummm and memories of days gone by for a 70 year old.
, New Bedford, MA
April 29, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
These are as taffy should be!!
, Pittsfield, MA
April 29, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Great Product. Very Happy with service. Will order from Nutsville again.
, Winsted, CT
April 16, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Great product for a great price!
, Mount Union, PA
April 15, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Makes me think I'm at the beach a favorite for the Grandchildren
, Bethesda, MD
March 26, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Awesome stuff!!! Thank you very much!!!!
, Dallas, TX
March 2, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
This taste like candy I had as a child. DELICIOUS!!
, Greensboro, NC
March 1, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
My daughter loves the taffy. .
February 27, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
I barely had the box in the door before I was into the taffy. It was just as good as I hoped it would be. I was that little girl at the Jersey Shore on the boardwalk, eating my taffy and enjoying ever minute of that special treat. I will be ordering more. Thanks You Nuts
, Neptune, NJ
February 26, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Excellent and like the other three products I bought for the first time here, extremely fresh, not tough or dried as some taffy can be. Nice large size pieces too!
, Lexington, SC
February 25, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Ive never salt water taffy before now, and now that I have I love it
, Hattieville, AR
February 24, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
I took some to work with me and everybody just loved them
, Waco, TX
February 21, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Very tasty
, Ozark, AR
February 12, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Delivery was even earlier than promised. The taffy is fresh and delicious! I'm sure I will order from you again.
, Albany, NY
February 4, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
good mouthwatering flavors
, Bellmead, TX
January 24, 2015
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Maybe the best salt water taffy I have ever eaten! My husband and I loved it!
, Mount Union, PA
January 24, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Really fresh, great.
, Newton, NJ
January 23, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
I received this order so fast. The salt water taffy was incredible -- I mean, I think it is pretty much the best I ever had! The order was perfect, but thank you for the pistachios, that was very kind of you. I can tell you one thing now: I will forever be a customer of Nuts.com and will gladly share this with my friends and family. Thank you for a great job!
, San Antonio, TX
January 13, 2015
Salt Water Taffy:
Hubby treats! Very good candy.
, Trinity, AL
December 30, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Only missing peppermint flavors but so good very soft and fresh. Great taste!
, Chardon, OH
December 22, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Good flavor assortment
, San Juan Capistrano, CA
December 18, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
, Pace, FL
November 14, 2014
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Fast delivery. Custumer service was a great help.
, Kerhonkson, NY
November 14, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Orange and Cream was my first trial and it has an unusually good flavor and it is really fresh. I like it.
, Charlotte, NC
October 29, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Soft, fresh, and yummy!
, blue island, IL
October 28, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
The BEST Salt Water Taffy ever! I enjoy shopping here as you make it so darn fun and everything is yummy for my 'sweet tooth". My Dentist says "Thank You!" :-) I will be back for sure. You are thorough with packing and such quick delivery. xoxo Bonnie
, Red Wing, MN
September 9, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Perfectly YUMMIE
, Saint Augustine, FL
August 22, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
nice and fresh
, Lorton, VA
August 20, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Great product and super fast shipping!!!
, Parlin, NJ
August 6, 2014
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Ever since I haunted the Jersey Shore as a boy, I've loved Salt Water Taffy. I still do and your delicious Sugar-Free Salt water Taffy brings back many happy memories.
, Easton, MD
July 8, 2014
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Sticky but tasty
, Ashland, NE
June 11, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
Came so fast...loved the free sample of cashews...will definitely order again.soon.
, Brewster, NY
May 23, 2014
Salt Water Taffy (Sugar Free):
Being a diabetic, this is, by far, my favorite snack. Not only are they delicious, but it's a great value.
, South Bound Brook, NJ
May 23, 2014
Salt Water Taffy:
You guys rock! The candy is fresh and tastes great, the special free sample salted cashews are really wonderful (guess I'll need to order them for my honey next time) and the order arrived here in Hawaii via USPS Priority in three days! You saved me so much money by using them! I'm way impressed! I've tried 2 other online candy stores and you are, by far, the best in all around quality and service. From one nut to some others, thank you for making my day!
, Waianae, HI
May 14, 2014
It has been 20 years since we have been anywhere near true saltwater Taffy. My mother opened her gift took her some out took a bite and I saw years melt away. You made my mom's mothers day very special for her and me. Thank you Lee Spruell
, Hueytown, Alabama
May 7, 2014
great i love the taffy sugar free i bought 5lbs. of it and everyone at work loves it. it was so easy to deal with this company, i could track the package and i did, and it came when it said it would. but great sugar free taffy, i will be ordering more from this company give them a A+
, columbia, missouri
February 25, 2014
a friend bought me some of this sugar free taffy, loved it so buying 5lbs. and who knows maybe 20lbs. next time. great taste, easy purchase
, columbia, mo
February 20, 2014
You guys are.....AWESOME!! My boyfriend loves your salt water taffy. I order for Christmas two Christmases ago and I reordered this week for valentines day. I know he will love it. Expect more business from me any day :) I recommend you guys all the time to my friends.
, Robertsdale , Al
February 8, 2014
I had not even been aware that the box from you had been delivered until I saw your e-mail. Thanks! I just tried the sugar free taffy and I was very pleasantly surprised. It is delicious. I will try the fudge tomorrow. We will order again.
, Sequim, WA
December 30, 2013
Wow! I ordered sugar free candy for my daughter who is diabetic and it tastes amazing. The salty taffy is my favorite. My daughter loves everything gummy bear and warm, taffy and gum balls. She couldn't contain her excitement. Thank you for great products!
, San Diego, Ca
November 14, 2013
I was looking for some sugar free taffy for an elderly neighbor when I came across the site. I'm so glad that I did. The candy was amazing and was delivered very quickly. I love the delivery email and thanks a bunch for the extra little pack of gummy candy to sample. Definitely will be placing another order soon!
, Mandan, ND
November 7, 2013
Salt Water Taffy is Wonderful! I added this to my usual order of Almonds and English Walnuts for my "rescue" squirrels: we were all delighted! Thanks for the quick delivery.......
, Cincinnati, OH
September 8, 2013
Just received my order. Wow love the peach jam, taffy and the veggie chips. My next order will have the veggie chips. thanks again
, Luxthervville, Md
September 4, 2013
Oh YUM! I ordered the seashell chocolates, gummie fish and salt water taffy for a bridal shower, and of course, had to sample everything! Wonderfully fresh and tasty! And the cashews, as a surprise in the package, were heavenly!!
, Forest Ranch, CA
August 28, 2013
Received my saltwater taffy in great shape very fast delivery. taffy tastes great. lots of grand kids they will love it. I plan on ordering some nuts later. nuts.com, you are a great family. thank you very much for your great efforts have a nutty day .
, hainesville, il
August 22, 2013
Rec'd shipment today. As your note said, "open me first!" and I did - My first bite of the salt water taffy was delightful; however, it had a "MOREISH" taste, so I tried another, with no difference..Now I'm hooked. - Thanks! - Betty Trahan
, sulphur, louisiana
August 17, 2013
Yippee indeed! Thank you so much for the wonderful service and the yummy products!! I will be visiting you again soon!!
, Chattanooga, Tennessee
August 15, 2013
Delicious. Just like it came from the candy counter at the corner store,
, Port Byron, Il
August 11, 2013
I just received the package of sugar free taffy I ordered. I was surprised at how quickly it got here, Of course I had to open it and try a piece. All I can say is YUM!!!!! I will definitely be ordering from your company again. Sincerely, Vicky Hess
, ORWIGSBURG, Pennsylvania
July 9, 2013
I received my first order from you today and I am happy to say it won't be the last. Everything was packaged beautifully and it arrived quickly. How did everything taste? FANTASTIC! I have finally found a place where I can get sugar free candies that taste as good as their sugary peers. I will definitely be coming back for more. I also intend trying some of the many other products you offer. I'm so glad I found you, NUTS.COM.
, South Bound Brook, NJ
July 2, 2013
To all you Nuts, shipment arrived,super fast delivery! Great Taffy, just in time for my sons school "Parade of States" Party, he was assigned NJ. You are really great with customers,love the e-mails. Will definitely do business with you again! Best wishes, Silke
, Hollidaysburg, Pa
May 29, 2013
I've never ever did an online purchase and was so pleased with my service and delivery time as dealing with Nuts.com, great job people, I will be back again and again and will spread the word of a great company I've dealt with !
, Fall river , Mass
May 24, 2013
The price was very reasonable, shipping was super fast, the taffy is delicious and the box and correspondences are super fun! I would definitley purchase from them again!
, Waxahachie, TX
May 9, 2013
The best Salt Water Taffy ever and the delivery super fast!! I can't wait to try lots of your other goodies.
, Ceres, Ca.
May 7, 2013
love your products that were sugar free.
April 26, 2013
I have been looking all over for great tasting sugar free candy and i finally found it. I ordered the peach rings, taffy and fruit chews (plus you sent me a free sample of the gummy bears) and they were all awesome!!!! thank you so much!! I will definitely purchase more!
April 18, 2013
Yay!! My Salt Water Taffy arrived on time. I loved your Watermelon Slices so much I decided to buy some yummy taffy as well. Thanks a bunch for being the best!! :)
, Fort Wayne, Indiana
March 16, 2013

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