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Chocolate Sponge Reviews

Our Customers' Reviews and Testimonials

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Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Yummy, been looking for sponge candy. Just like I remember. Thank you.
, Greenwood, IN
December 11, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
I am 74 years old and this honeycomb candy is just like the kind when I was a teenager. I am sure I will be ordering more in the coming months. Keep making it.
, Lockport, NY
December 1, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Years ago I finally found this again in a small town candy store - and when they went out of business figured I would never see again! THANKS to you it is back in my special "snack" list! Hope you always keep on hand, I try to!
, Fair Haven, VT
October 29, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
I absolutely love it!
, Elgin, IL
October 2, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Been searching for this, no one has it locally. Just delish 1st of many orders!
, Morrisville, PA
September 13, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
We've had all these before and they are all very good
, Cudahy, WI
August 24, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Wonderful! Despite nearly 100 degree heat all of my chocolate candies arrived in perfect condition due to your careful packaging. This candy is delicious! I'd never had it before but its so tasty and not too sweet (tastes sort of like Butterfingers (with dark chocolate); love the tender, crunchy middle that is not overly sweet. You guys are the best!! Great candy; outstanding service; careful packaging all at a very reasonable price! Thank you so much! xoxoxo
, Murchison, TX
July 12, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
very nice quality! Good flavor
, Saint Louis, MO
May 27, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Second time ordering Sponge Candy, had it when I was little in New York Great
, Kingsville, TX
April 7, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Oh, I think I am in heaven. Hadn't had these for years. They ar absolutely yummy! Once again I'm letting you know that this is our first time ordering from you but it won't be the last. Everything was packaged so well. Love the empty air package of "peanuts." All of the funny comments on the box are great, too. Package arrived a day sooner than promised. Keep up the good work. We'll be ordering again.
, Lebanon, NH
April 6, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
These are delicious and I will order more in the future
, Box Elder, SD
April 6, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
These are delicious - very much like my favorite British candy bar.
, Warwick, RI
February 15, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
This candy is delicious. The dark chocolate has the BEST flavor I have ever tasted. Back in the old days I used to buy this candy from Fanny Farmer's before they went out of business. They were called honeycombs, not sponge candies. The only thing I liked more about the honeycombs is that they were very thin and easy to bite into. I will definitely buy these again. I just wish they could be thinner.
, North Royalton, OH
February 12, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
my favorite candy hard to find, so good
, Yorktown, VA
February 4, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
These are just what I was looking for! Sponge candy can vary like crazy and these are true to the picture and 'honeycomb' like - just what I wanted!!
, West Chester, PA
January 19, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Every one that shows up in my living room finds these!!
, Salisbury, MD
January 4, 2017
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Melts in your mouth.............!
, Saint Louis, MO
December 13, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
I like the ones from Sprouts better. Although your dark chocolate is superior to theirs, their sponge candy is much tastier!
, Campbell, CA
October 29, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
So excited to be able to purchase this! Was only able to find at a small, local candy shop that went out of business! I was lost - so thankful that you have all of these unique, tasty treats! I'll definitely be back!
, Fair Haven, VT
October 24, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
E10 Star review. These are the tastiest candy in the whole world!
, Flushing, NY
October 21, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
taste great, it was the first we tried..
, Cudahy, WI
September 15, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Wonderful! Just as good as I remember having as a child!
, Cartersville, GA
September 9, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Cannot find these anywhere in town. So glad I found Nuts.com
, Kansas City, KS
September 8, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
People keep showing up and eating these first!
, Salisbury, MD
March 26, 2016
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Like always fresh well packaged, (not all broken apart} love It!
, Wells, NV
November 25, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
These are the best chocolate sponges I have ever had!
, Blackwood, NJ
October 17, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Personal preference is still "Scroogy's" sea foam, but yours "was" very good
, Christiansted, VI
May 12, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Your company has made my day! LOVE these tasty pieces of heaven! I'll be back - promise.
, Fair Haven, VT
March 23, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Tasty..just like I remember from when I was a kid and memorized the candy chart on the box of assorted chocolates ..I'd take all the chocolate sponges..lol
, Pottstown, PA
March 19, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
I haven't tried the other items yet, but I have to tell you that I can't live without Your Dark Chocolate Sponge. You have probably noticed by past orders. There is a homemade candy business near me where my family would purchase these for me. I had to tell them not to waste their hard earned money, that yours were superior to theirs. True Story..
, East Rockaway, NY
March 11, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
These are FANTASTIC!!!! Had been looking everywhere for these since the local candy store closed 2 years ago - my package took a side trip to Tucson, AZ (yup, really!) so it landed a little later than expected - but it was definitely worth the wait - and your packaging is wonderful - great job. Really appreciate the "extra" treat of ultimate malted milk balls - THANK YOU! You'll be hearing from me again!
, Fair Haven, VT
February 9, 2015
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
these are really good! I ordered these after reading another person's review. Almost like a dark chocolate toffee, but more light in texture. Definitely something I will order again!
, South Bend, IN
December 30, 2014
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
, Vero Beach, FL
November 22, 2014
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
, Wantagh, NY
November 6, 2014
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
Such great quality!
, Garfield, NJ
November 4, 2014
Just received my first order from Nuts.com. (Dark Chocolate Sponge). EXCELLENT quality and delivered in less than 46 hours - outstanding. Looking forward to my next purchase.
, Chesterfield, Michigan
November 1, 2014
couldn't be happier with my order. candy is delicious and delivery was as promised. special thanks to sam for helping me with that!
, alamo, tx
June 6, 2014
Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy:
, Wantagh, NY
May 15, 2014
I ordered the dark chocolate sponge candy and the chocolate nonpareils. Both were delicious. Better than I had anticipated. I looked forever for the sponge candy and I will definitely order again. It arrived unbelievably fast. Also, thanks for the cashews, what a nice surprise.
, Huntley, Illinois
February 3, 2014
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. These hard to find dark chocolate sponges were delivered to my son in NJ for his 41st birthday. He gave them two thumbs up. They are my favorite chocolate and I can't find them anywhere. So glad I found them on your website.
, Greenbush, MI
August 9, 2013
Life is great again! My chocolate stash has been replenished with all my favorite dark chocolate treats. Malted balls, sponge candy and let's not forget the best, chocolate covered apricots! Thanks family! Z man
, Grantham, Pa
April 9, 2013
Shipment just arrived. "Cold Pack" still very much cold, but not needed today as we haven't broke 60 yet today. The candy, chocolate sponges was so good on the first order, we tripled the order this time.
, Leesburg, Florida
March 27, 2013
Wow...great candy. I ordered the dark chocolate sponges. Excellent. I live in Florida now and couldn't find good ones here. Ordered some from upstate New York, but just not the same. Again...yours were excellent and packed well to avoid the Florida heat. Will order again!
March 14, 2013
I just received my order. Wow I just ordered yesterday! I am so delighted to have finally found sponge candy! I thought it was only a regional thing since I have not been able to find it anywhere! I just tried the dark chocolate sponge candy and it is absolutely amazing!! I also tried a handful of the Chick pea and Fava bean mix. They make a nice crunchy snack with the just the right amount of salt. I can see I am going to have a hard time giving the rest of my order away as gifts. Thank you Nuts Online for my favorite childhood candy -sponge candy!
, Morris, NY
December 9, 2011
Just got my order this morning at 10:30.......already tried several of the items.......loved them all!!!! I'm so glad I found my childhood favorites at Nuts Online!
, Mansfield, Texas
October 27, 2011
Besides having the greatest products on the market, your website is one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks Guys!!!
, Auburn, ME
May 23, 2011
WOW--great fast shipping! Ordered Sunday afternoon and ordered arrived today (Tuesday)--have not tried everything BUt the cinnamon apples are outrageously good--and my all time favorite Dark Chocolate Sponge (we call it honeycomb) is beyond delicious!-Will try the coffee and other goodied tomorrow--right now I am in love with the apples and the DC Sponge- Thanks for great products and fast shipping!!
, Barneveld, NY
May 3, 2011
I was so happy to find dark chocolate molasses sponge candy--they were the best I have had in years--I also treated myself to the dark chocolate covered graham crackers--yumm a blast from my past.. Thanks for the great candy and nut assortment--Next time I order I am going to get some Indian nuts--have had them since my grandfather gave them to me as a kid--can't believe you have them..
, Congers, NY
March 9, 2011
Got the order quick and nice to have some nuts sent too. My only suggestion would be that I enjoy the thicker chunk version of sea foam than the thin pieces but still delicious.
, Fairfax, Va
March 2, 2011
I ordered two, one pound bags of dark chocolate molasses sponge - great stuff !!!- it has been very difficult to keep from consuming one whole bag at one setting. Great and fast service in filling and shipping my candy - order placed/filled late Thursday afternoon - goodies delivered Saturday mid-morning. Not bad at all.
, New Castle, VA
February 22, 2011
Everything is superb! You can not beat the quality nor the price. Thank you!
, Brunswick, ME
February 4, 2011
Love the banana chips and the choc covered seam foam...super quick delivery. Thank you !
, Eugene, OR
August 28, 2010
, Edgewater, Fl
June 16, 2010
He guys, I'm just swallowing the loveliest Coconut Macaroon! How yummy!!!And the Dark Chocolate sponges are huge and taste great!!Had to break it up by knife cause it sure is too big to just bite!! Thanks sooo much!! Marg
, Salisbury, MD
May 11, 2010

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