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Mango is a tropical fruit native to South Asia with a distinctive flavor that is popular worldwide. Though there exist several varieties of the fruit, most are sweet with varying textures and different degrees of tang. This variance lends versatility to the food, allowing it to be used in a wide range of recipes. Many enjoy the fruit in the form of chutneys, juices, smoothies, and more; in addition to its particularly palatable savor, part of its popularity may be attributed to the preponderance of nutrients it provides.

Dried Mango Nutrition Facts

Mangoes are packed with vitamin A, with the dried form of the fruit providing 20% of your daily recommended value with each serving. This nutrient is essential for maintaining skin and mucous membranes to supply invaluable support to both immune and ocular systems. A significant portion of B-complex vitamins also assist in maintaining a healthy metabolism, a balanced mood, and a healthy cardiovascular function. The fruits are also packed with digestive-enhancing dietary fiber and immune-boosting antioxidants.

Drying the mango creates a uniquely delicious juxtaposition between the rich succulence of the fruit and the dehydrated texture of its form. Our assortment of mango includes sweet, spicy, and savory snacks to satisfy your every craving. Find your favorite here at Nuts.com.