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Guilt Free Chocolates

Submitted by: Barbara K.

Recipe Ingredients:
1 Cup Gently melted coconut oil
1/2 Cup (or less) cacao powder ( can use only 2 Tbs and less stevia)
20 Drops chocolate flavored liquid Stevia
2 Tsp. vanilla
1/2 Cup dried unsweetened coconut (optional)
1/3 Cup raisins (optional, but yummy)
chopped Nuts to taste (optional)

Cooking Directions:
1.  While the coconut oil is melting, line a 10"X 14" lipped cookie sheet with waxed paper, going up over the lip with the paper.

2.  Scatter the raisins around in the pan as evenly as possible,as you will be pouring the mixture over them. (When I used to mix them into the mixture they plopped out pretty unevenly and it took more time to distribute them around this way.)

3.  When the oil is barely melted, and not too hot, add the cacao powder and the Stevia and mix it it well so there are no dry lumps. Now add the vanilla and optional coconut and nuts and stir well. Adjust sweetness to taste. Be careful with stevia as it can become over powering and ruin your dish.

4.  Pour into the pan and carefully put it into the fridge or freezer. Leave there for about 20 minutes, remove from the pan with the paper and lay it onto a cutting board. You can either try to slice into pieces on the paper or just break it up with your fingers. Put into some kind of freezer container, and enjoy! Keeps in freezer for months.

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