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Recipe for Noodle Pudding (Kugel)

Submitted by: Aimee B from Edison, NJ

Recipe Ingredients:
12  ounces of packaged noodles (medium wide)
eggs, beaten
3/4  cup of sugar
handful of Light Raisins or Dark Raisins
jar of applesauce (about 8 ounces, you may add more)
sliced apple or Cinnamon Apple Wedges
1/4  lb. butter, melted
sprinkling of cinnamon

Cooking Directions:
1.  Boil and drain noodles.

2.  Add eggs, sugar, raisins, and applesauce.

3.  Pour melted butter into casserole reserving some for top.

4.  Sprinkle generously with cinnamon, sugar, and remainder of melted butter.

5.  Placed sliced apples on top.

6.  Bake for 50 minutes, uncovered, in 375

    Cinnamon Apple Wedges Cinnamon Apple Wedges
These cinnamon apple wedges are one of the best things since apple pie and that's because they taste just like the apple pie Grandma made! We aren't kidding either.

Dark Raisins Dark Raisins
Our deliciously sweet dark raisins are excellent for snacking or baking. These nutrient-dense dried grapes are an excellent source of fiber and iron.

Jumbo Golden Raisins Jumbo Golden Raisins
These jumbo golden raisins are out of this world. They are huge, almost as big as a grape itself, and with double the deliciousness of ordinary golden raisins.

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