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Pistachio Gelato

Submitted by: Sherry

Recipe Ingredients:
4 cups Whole Milk
2/3 cusp Sugar
4 tbsp Cornstarch
1-11 ounce can Pistachio Paste
Lemon Juice or Orange Juice
Green Food Coloring

Cooking Directions:
1.  Make a slurry by mixing the 1/2 cups of milk with the cornstarch, mixing until the starch is dissolved and the mixture is smooth.

2.  Heat the rest of the milk in a medium-sized saucepan with sugar. When it almost starts to boil, stir in the cornstarch mixture and cook at gentle simmer for 3 minutes, stirring constantly.

3.  Remove from heat, scrape into a bowl, and chill thoroughly, preferably overnight.

4.  Once chilled, whisk in the pistachio paste and just a few drops of citrus juice and green food coloring until smooth.

5.  Freeze the gelato in your ice cream machine according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    Gluten Free Corn Starch Gluten Free Corn Starch
Gluten-free corn starch is commonly used as a thickener for sauces, puddings, and such. It tends to form lumps so it is usually mixed with a small amount of liquid to make a paste before using it.

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