Earl Grey Sachet

Size:25 sachets

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Shelf Life: Store in a cool dry place. Refrigeration is not needed.

Origin: United States

Product ID: 1921

Relax with this fragrant, full-bodied classic black tea! Our earl grey sachets are enhanced with the aroma of bergamot citrus, which gives the tea its distinct flavor and aroma. This quintessential British tea is a favorite of tea drinkers everywhere. Delicious with a splash of milk and honey, or all on its own, earl grey tea can enhance focus and help stimulate the senses. Enjoy the convenience of these sachets the next time you are in the mood for tea.

Caffeine Level: High

To make a hot brew, use one .5-oz sachet tea per half gallon water. Bring water to just below boiling. Add in tea. Brew for 5 minutes and remove tea. Chill.

To make a cold brew, use one .5-oz sachet tea per half gallon water. Add ambient water. Allow to sit for up to 1.5 hours (covered), but for no less than 1 hour stirring or agitating occasionally. Remove tea.

Ratings & Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

– December 4, 2021

Carol, Indianapolis, Indiana

Verified purchaser

This is the best Earl Grey tea I’ve tried. No hint of the taste of the bag and you can actually see leaf fragments, not just dust. I have it on auto ship!

Size: 25 sachets

5 out of 5 stars

– November 18, 2021

SHAWN, Tulia, Texas

Verified purchaser


Size: 25 sachets

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