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Help Support our Troops!

As a proud supporter of our troops, has worked with our valued customers to send thousands and thousands of care packages to our servicemen and women stationed overseas. To make an even larger impact, we’ll be donating 10% of proceeds from all military related orders back into our nuts for our troops program.

If you want to support our troops overseas, here are TWO easy ways you can help!

  1. If you know someone stationed overseas and want to brighten their day, simply purchase any goodies,enter in the recipients’ APO/FPO address during checkout and we’ll get your delicious treats overseas in just a few days…amazing!

  1. If you don’t know anyone overseas, fret not! For the low price of $30 (which includes shipping), we’ll send over a delicious snack pack to one of our troops listed on an online database of stationed servicemen and women. The 7 pound snack pack, shown above, contains:
  • Fruity, chewy gummy bears
  • Our popular Southern Heat mix
  • Roasted sunflower seeds
  • Fresh roasted peanuts
  • Our *incredible* dried mango
  • Our energy-packed Health Mix
  • Our protein-and-flavor-rich Power Mix

If you have a specific service person you would like the Nuts For Troops package sent to, you must email us immediately after placing your order at We would also love to receive as many names and addresses that you might have to send as many packages as possible!

Don’t worry about selecting a recipient or shipping if you don’t know anyone specific; we’ll take care of it all! Write a message to the recipient, and if you’d like, include your e-mail address so that he or she can thank you directly! (Keep in mind that some recipients may be unable to answer if they are moving around or in combat. While we cannot guarantee a response, we can guarantee your gift will be so very appreciated!)

Whatever your gift, our servicemen and women cannot get yummy treats like this at their posts…and we are proud to be one of the only online companies that ships to APO and FPO addresses.

With your support, we can indeed make a difference to our troops!

The following are some excerpts from thank you letters we receive from overseas - so that you know how much it means to troops when they receive a care package:

Raymond, Wolfgang and Craig in Basra

Subject: A bunch of nuts in Basra

Hello NutsOnline Family,

From our nuts to yours, tanks for the package. I have a bunch of fans in America since I am not that close to my family. Not sure who contacted your company for the nuts in a box but they were welcomed. I am glad I can share my goodies.

I have been blessed with two friends that you see pictured here. The guy (SSG Raymond Dukes) sitting down is my favorite bogus friend whom I have deployed with before. The guy with glasses is yours truly (SSG Wolfgang A. Rivas) and the guy next to me is SGT Craig Wigginson of Utah who is currently visiting his family in Colorado as I type.

SSG Wolfgang A. Rivas

Mike, Chad, Thad and Eric in Kosovo

My name is Eric Athman and I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the Minnesota National Guard. I am currently stationed at Camp Bondsteel in Southern Kosovo. My platoon and I are all a part of KFOR9. We are here to provide a safe and secure environment in Kosovo as they transition into an independently governed nation. We are stationed here for roughly a year and it has been somewhat difficult being away during the holiday season. Your care package of assorted nuts really helped boost the morale of my platoon.

I've attached a picture that we took on Christmas Day. You can see in the background we created a fireplace on the wall (out of construction paper) to make it feel like home. Pictured from Left to Right is Specialist Mike Lemier, Staff Sergeant Chad Blake, Sergeant Thad Flaherty, and myself 2nd Lieutenant Eric Athman.

Thanks again for your terrific care package. I hope the holidays were great for your company and all of your families!

Take Care,

2LT Eric Athman
Jan 2 2008

138 degrees in Kuwait I just want to say thank you to the person who sent our team a package. I am on the Navy Combat and Operational Stress Team (mental health) here in Northern Kuwait.

Teri Phinazee sent us a package and we really enjoyed it. I attached a picture of me beside the thermometer. The picture was taken in August. I actually lived through days that were 145 degrees. Yeah, that's nuts. Thank you for your support!!!!!

We love your products!!! The mangos and cashews went REALLY fast.

Take care and God Bless!!!!

Angela in Afghanistan WOW!! What a surprise. A box filled with all kinds of goodies. This was a great idea, and beyond a thoughtful donation. Being deployed it is hard to get proper nutrients. Nuts, have a great source of protein, giving us energy and not giving us all that fat. Gummy bears, FAT FREE, just a great sugar snack to keep you going and taste great when nuts start to give you cotton Mouth (HAHA!). Anyways, with this amazing package I got, I brought it to a meeting I was about to attend and everyone dug in and had a great snack. The younger Soldier's took the gummies and trail mixes, as the older Soldier's took the nuts peanuts.

NUTS for our Troops is an amazing program, thank you again for the support and dedication of the troops in Afghanistan, especially the 864th Engineer Company.

Sharana, Afghanistan

I would like to thank you for your kindness in sending your products to us, the HHC, 412th ASB Soldiers station over seas in Balad Iraq. When you are working 7 days a week anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a day in 120 degrees day in and day out and to received a care package without asking for it is a Blessing. It makes you feel that someone out there do care about you and what you do in order to keep Freedom alive. Once again I would like to thank you and your family for taking care of our family.

SFC Pamela Midgett

Hello Kenny, Jeffrey, David & Sandy,

Thank you, and The NutsOnline Family, for your donations and support...I held an Air Force All meeting last Thursday to discuss issues and also bought in your box of goodies and distributed before dwelling into business. The team was pleasantly surprised and send their thanks and appreciation. The mangos were the raved with several of our guys as well as the other nuts. I find it really gratifying to here from supporters, such as yourself, and I posted your card in our office for all to see and read. Believe you me...the smallest little note of encouragement and uplifting can bring great joy to anyone deployed and I'm grateful that you are supporting us.

I have a contingent of 20 Air Force personnel. Myself and 4 others mentor Afghan soldiers on logistical processes and the remainder of the team support camp operations with everything from personal administrative actions to medical support. We are doing fairly well, the windy season will probably be over in about another 30 days or so and the days aren't as hot as they use to be. Believe winter will probably be here in a couple of months...from what I'm told though it should be pretty mild. Once again, I thank you and the NutsOnline Family for your support. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Herat, Afghanistan
Aug 27 2007

I want to thank you for your delivery. There are precious little good, nutritious snacks here in Iraq and that fact that I can get what I want expeditiously and quickly is wonderful! I have shared the almonds and wasabi peas with my troops and they love them! This site is a winner and a definite keeper! Thank you again for your support!!

Aug 2007
MAJ Melissa Espina, LSA Anaconda, Iraq

I'm serving in Basra, Iraq, with the British and eating British cooking everyday, so it was nice to get some snacks from home. Great stuff..." Aug 2007
Fred, Basra, Iraq

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– January 7, 2016

Patricia, Ragley, Louisiana

Verified purchaser

This is one more reason to buy from your company. I want to purchase these with every purchase I make for myself. Only problem is that if you put these in the same order with items to ship to my home I cannot mark items for automatic shipments. The computer system sees this order as multiple addresses and one cannot do automatic orders on multiple shipments. Not a problem because next time I will place this order separate from my personal order

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– June 16, 2020

Ethel, Stone Mountain, Georgia

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I think this was a great thing to do.

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