Roasted Baru Nuts (Salted)

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Origin: Brazil

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If you love peanuts and cashews, beeline for Baru Nuts! Hailing from the Brazilian savanna, the Baru nut has less calories and more fiber and protein than almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts. These nutritious nuts taste like a cashew-peanut hybrid and are downright delicious. Enjoy Barus straight out of the bag as a filling snack, tossed over salad or blended into smoothies for a generous source of plant-based protein. We lightly salt and roast this nut in-house for freshness you can taste.

Baru Nuts: The Backstory

Besides its high nutritional value and delicious flavor, the Baru nut has been essential to the economical and ecological support of the Brazilian Savanna—specifically an area known as The Cerrado. Before the Baru nuts’ health benefits were recognized, the people of The Cerrado were deforesting the savanna at an alarming rate for charcoal mining and cattle ranching—central sources of economic stability in the area. With the Baru nut catching the attention of nutritionists in the U.S., the Cerrado community has begun to maintain existing trees to harvest Baru.This change has helped improve the ecology of the region.

Barus also happen to have a lower water footprint (that is, the water required to grow and transport the nut) than almost all other nuts and seeds, making it a pro-planet pick.

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4 out of 5 stars

– May 8, 2023

Shelia, Floydada, Texas

Verified purchaser

Good. They are not quite as hard/crunchy as almonds, but not as soft as a cashew. The taste is more similar to a peanut, but with a bit of bitter, like coffee flavor added. I'd probably eat them regularly for the health benefits (I need the lower fat and higher potassium they offer), but they're just too expensive to have daily. I love the nutritional value, like the taste, but I can't handle the price but once in a blue moon.

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Size: 8oz bag

3 out of 5 stars

– 3 months ago

Russell, Washington, Pennsylvania

Verified purchaser

Too hard for me. Best

Size: 8oz bag

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