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Recipe for Holiday Fruit Drops

Submitted by: Lynn B.

Recipe Ingredients:
cup Crisco
cups brown sugar
3 1/2  cup flour
tsp baking soda
tsp salt
cups Mixed Nuts
cup Green Glazed Cherries
cup Red Glazed Cherries
cups Pitted Dates, cut in thirds
1/2  cup water

Cooking Directions:
1.  Cream sugar, crisco, eggs and water. Mix the rest of the ingredients.

2.  Drop large teaspoons on greased cookie sheet.

3.  Bake at 350 for 12 minutes.

    Glazed Green Cherries Glazed Green Cherries
This moist and sugary variety of green glazed cherry is ideal for fruit cakes.

Glazed Red Cherries Glazed Red Cherries
Glazed red cherries are used for fruitcakes and decorations. These delectable glazed cherries are moist and sugary. They make a gorgeous addition to holiday treats, thumbprint cookies and other baked goodies.

Pitted Dates Pitted Dates
Our pitted dates are ready for baking or just to pop in your mouth. An excellent source of fiber and potassium, these sweet and delicious dates also provide a generous health boost.

Roasted Mixed Nuts (Unsalted) Roasted Mixed Nuts (Unsalted)
Our unsalted roasted mixed nuts are an exciting combination of freshly roasted Brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, filberts and cashews. These deluxe mixed nuts are absolutely wonderful!

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