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Perfect size - well packed.
, Plano, TX
May 17, 2016
, Mamaroneck, NY
May 4, 2016
It mixed in great and doesn't have a "flavor" that stands out like other protein powders. This is good stuff.
, New Orleans, LA
April 22, 2016
I bought a small amount for fun to see if the local birds would like them-- they certainly do! They smell nice, too.
, Ringtown, PA
April 14, 2016
I've been buying these hemp seeds for years...for my mini macaw. She has always loved hemp seeds so I supplement her regular food with these seeds. She's a big fan!
, Cicero, NY
April 3, 2016
Great nutty taste!
, Lambertville, MI
April 1, 2016
Wonderful service as well as great product.
, Langhorne, PA
March 26, 2016
Super fast shipping. Love nuts.com. very satisfied with your products. Thank you!!
, San Leandro, CA
March 24, 2016
Great for my smoothies!!
, Tampa, FL
March 18, 2016
My family love the flavor
, Stanton, CA
March 7, 2016
Reorder...Good as always
, Phoenix, AZ
March 6, 2016
, Concord, CA
March 2, 2016
Great prices, delivery ahead of schedule, humorous personalities....what more could you ask for ??
, Silver City, NM
February 18, 2016
, Decatur, GA
February 12, 2016
What can I say? We're "nuts" about Nuts.com products. Everything we order and eat is carefully selected for health-bringing properties. The quality of Nuts.com products is far superior to anything else we've tried.
, Houston, TX
February 11, 2016
Hoku loves her seeds! Mahalo!!
, Princeville, HI
February 5, 2016
As always....delicious, fresh, quality and fast shipping.
, Hagerstown, MD
February 2, 2016
Purchased the 5 pound bag! What a deal. I won't need to re-order for at least a year!
, Dublin, OH
January 20, 2016
Now these are new to me. I just learned that they are loaded with good things for your body. Since I know you products are as fresh as anyone could ever want, I ordered some. They do have a nice taste but I like mine mixed in smoothies. Thank you for caring enough to have the very best product.
, Hurricane, WV
January 20, 2016
Great tasting: precious bag presentation. Makes me wake to a smile, good mood and perk in my nutrition. Had my first smoothie with it today and had no mid morning dip in blood sugar due to the added proteins of this and several of the other Nuts.com supplements. Great stuff! The delivery box was almost as great a a kid's Christmas racing to see what's inside! :)
, Hermitage, TN
January 14, 2016
I have been looking forward to buying hemp seeds for such a long time. Finally found a site that had them and needed to get them. Taste amazing and are wicked good for you. glad I bought 25 pounds and look forward to ordering more in the future. I am very impressed and cannot thank Nuts.com enough.
, Shrewsbury, MA
January 1, 2016
First time order from Nuts.com and I was so happy with the freshness and value of my items, as well as the fast shipping and great packaging! The free sample that was included was a fun surprise! I highly recommend nuts.com for fresh products and fast shipping! I went nuts over my purchase!
, Glynn, LA
December 26, 2015
Got the hemp seeds for my 40 year old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot. He had not enjoyed these since the 1970's, but as soon as he saw them he got excited and began eating them out of my hand. I guess he has a good memory. After reading some of the other reviews I will have to try some myself. The service from Nuts.com was prompt and easy. Thank you.
, Bloomington, IN
December 23, 2015
Going to try this out right away. Thank you for the samples...
, Mount Vernon, NY
December 23, 2015
These are for my 20-year-old little Senegal parrot. She unequivocally loves them, so much so that she abandons all other activities and foods to go eat them.
, New York, NY
December 11, 2015
Perfect protein! I can't get through the day without it. I add it to my yogurt every morning.
, Spring Hill, FL
December 2, 2015
I buy these for my conure.....only kind he'll eat :D
, Westmont, IL
November 25, 2015
I love the flavor of these seeds.
, Florissant, MO
October 28, 2015
Had been looking for these for long. Not many people carry them, was very happy that Nuts.com had them. They are non-gmo!!! Perfect and crunchy. I put them in the soup I made right away. They are delicious. LOVED the packaging, LOVED the fast shipping, LOVED the reduced rate of shipping! VERY happy that I finally found them with you as its full of fiber and I can use them in my salad to my oats to protein bars that I make.....so many possibilities. Thank you
, Alexandria, VA
October 22, 2015
Fast and accurate order!
, Estacada, OR
October 20, 2015
Part of my White Eyed Conure's diet that has given him the longevity of twenty seven years and counting.
, Soddy Daisy, TN
October 14, 2015
the seeds are delicious as well as nutritious; thank you for the speedy service and for the free sample of chia seeds, which i may buy from you when my present stock is close to running out. i especially liked that the hemp nuts contained some hulls (the more the better) which are especially healthy. i am presently buying 4 types of organic nuts and about 7 or 8 types of organic seeds - which i consume daily - from the local health nuts store but will check out your prices and availability, next time out.
, New York, NY
September 24, 2015
enjoyed and will continue using it for sure, it is of good qualty and not as expensive as other brands i have seen.. i make protein fluff aka fruit like soft ice cream dessert with it (blend/whip: 4+oz frozen banana-1/4 to 1/3 cp vanilla almond milk-10g of powder-2 drops ezsweet). The only thing I wish is that it was higher in protein per serving (30g is quite a bit to use in shakes /etc for only 15g of protein and 30g will overpower other ingredients).
, Waldorf, MD
September 18, 2015
I'm hooked...these go great with my oatmeal!
, Dumont, NJ
September 16, 2015
So yummy. Thank you
, Laguna Hills, CA
September 4, 2015
Can't wait to start using it again! Spent most of the evening grinding into flour to use in baking
, Flippin, AR
September 3, 2015
I am so happy I found this website. Excellent quality product, quick delivery - couldn't believe how fast I received my order. You have a returning customer!!!
, Terre Haute, IN
September 3, 2015
Makes awesome protein shakes especially with pumpkin
, Apple Valley, CA
August 29, 2015
Cannot live without these - and this is the best place to get them and the best price!
, Garland, UT
August 27, 2015
Love them! Goes great with oatmeal.
, Dumont, NJ
August 7, 2015
excellent !!!! thank you !!!
, palm coast, FL
August 5, 2015
Love these in my smoothie everyday!!
, Nashville, TN
August 5, 2015
Great product and fast delivery.
, Langhorne, PA
August 4, 2015
I always SMILE when I see the Box has Landed!!! I do have some questions about my hemp seed order...I have read wonderful reviews about them and have tried them,I seem to want to add something to them to make them less bird seed like!
, Rohnert Park, CA
August 1, 2015
I am adding a scoop for smoothies! DE-LI-CI-OUS!
, Goshen, NY
July 31, 2015
Love healthy hemp milk!
, Brownsburg, IN
July 27, 2015
Love it delivery was fast and I was informed the moment it was delivered to my door great service.
, Jersey City, NJ
July 11, 2015
Fresh, delicious, eat 2 Tbsp every morning on my yogurt!
, Bellmawr, NJ
July 2, 2015
Perfect for adding to my Green Smooties!
, Pottstown, PA
June 11, 2015
Great price, arrived incredibly quickly!
, Royal Oak, MI
June 6, 2015
Very very good!
, Lowell, MA
June 5, 2015
The best
, Brunswick, ME
May 28, 2015
My most favorite! Eat some everyday. So fresh! I even make hemp milk from it. So versatile too!
, Bellmawr, NJ
May 23, 2015
I LOVE THESE! They taste like quinoa and couscous combined!
, Maricopa, AZ
May 23, 2015
Love putting it in my smoothie bowls!!! And love you guys! Ordered a whole bunch of goodies and it came a day earlier than expected :) you've got a customer for life
, Medina, OH
May 23, 2015
thankyou thankyou thankyou
May 14, 2015
These are delicious. My first time getting them.
, Solomons, MD
May 12, 2015
You guys rock!!! Although the shipping was more than the item, it arrived super fast and is delis-ee-oso. Not too hard, just the right crunch appeal...
, Cornwall on Hudson, NY
May 1, 2015
Love these for me and my birds.
, Minneapolis, MN
April 30, 2015
I bought these for health reasons - I didn't realize how RIDICULOUSLY DELISH they were! =)
, Albion, CA
April 21, 2015
Very tasty! The order was handled efficiently and arrived on time.
, Austin, TX
April 16, 2015
Awesome, we use them in our smoothies!
, Memphis, TN
April 14, 2015
Fresh! You can't go wrong with these seeds! I have some every morning in my low sugar Icelandic yogurt, fresh berries and raw walnut pieces mix; Mmmm! So Nourishing!
, Bellmawr, NJ
April 12, 2015
Easy to use in everything! I mixed this with the wheatgrass and chlorella powder in juice, taste great!
, Las Vegas, NV
April 12, 2015
Theses taste wonderful! Will order them again!! And the shipping was so fast got them today and just ordered them late yesterday!
, Beach Lake, PA
April 4, 2015
First time trying these!
, Palm Desert, CA
March 29, 2015
Simply the best, better than all the rest. Best quality, Best service, Best shipping, enough said :)
, Kapolei, HI
March 28, 2015
I just got into a vegan diet for health reasons, and being someone who likes being somewhat muscular, this hemp protein powder is excellent. It mixes perfectly into soy milk, and tastes pretty darn good. plus, its a complete protein, so i'm really not missing anything by giving up animal proteins other than chronic heart disease. *knocks on wood* lol
, College Station, TX
March 27, 2015
Very fresh and tasty.
, Murphy, TX
March 27, 2015
Love it with yogurt
, Alexandria, VA
March 24, 2015
My first time to try them. Anxious to see what I think. You guys seem like a group. Fast service and very friendly Thanks a lot and have a great day. Dave
, Raymore, MO
March 19, 2015
Making hemp milk from these beauties. Wonderfully fresh and fragrant. Best price anywhere.
, Aurora, NY
March 17, 2015
good stuff
, Cleveland, OH
March 16, 2015
Great way to get extra protein in a smoothie
, Neshkoro, WI
March 14, 2015
This is the second time I have bought these and they are great both my husband and I really like them. Fast delivery and we really enjoy receiving the free samples with our order.
, Dixon, IL
March 13, 2015
Never had em before but are great in my energy bars
, Leoti, KS
February 25, 2015
Love these seeds so much!
, Streamwood, IL
February 24, 2015
Great service and quality
, Windermere, FL
February 24, 2015
They're great! I can't wait to put them in my everyday diet!!
, Galena Park, TX
February 14, 2015
Amazing product!
, Shreveport, LA
February 10, 2015
Love the new bag design, the product great as always of course! Thanks for the goodies; you guys made my day
, Miami, FL
February 6, 2015
Purest seeds i have ever tested Thanx so much for the care and the love you put on the process from the order (sweet words in the email) to the delivery (funny packaging I am very sensitive to that, even though i live in France and the shipping cost is expensive, i will buy again Thank you
, Frederick, MD
February 4, 2015
Very high quality product. I have not been disappointed with Nuts.com, ever. I have always been thoroughly satisfied.
, North Little Rock, AR
February 4, 2015
I put the hemp in a shake and it was good
, Bronx, NY
February 1, 2015
I only add 2 teaspoons in my morning green smoothie, I use dates to sweeten so I never taste the hemp and I can't tell if it's the hemp or the dates when I see the little brown specks so it works for me....
, riverview, FL
February 1, 2015
Love the seeds! Love the service!
, Emeryville, CA
January 30, 2015
I was expecting quality and I got it.
, Fort Myers, FL
January 30, 2015
Its a important ingredient in many parrot foods ..when my parrot sees me pick up your bag he starts to tell me " I Love You " ...lol.. He also eats your sunflower seeds .. so much superior to any other I've found and hes nuts for your shelled peanuts, snatching them out of my hand in a flash ...
, Lafayette, NJ
January 29, 2015
The quality of the shelled hemp seeds is awesome! And, they taste wonderful. I love putting them in my salads.
, Paradise, CA
January 25, 2015
For my hair. Make my own conditioners and incorporate the seeds into the creme, and viola, my hair feels fuller than ever before. Thank you for this ingredient. Thin hair benefits from it so much.
, Jamaica, NY
January 21, 2015
For my smoothies I use 1 tablespoon along with seeds and it helps my hair become fuller than past stringy looks. Love my hemp for all organic uses. My hair thanks me for it.!!
, Jamaica, NY
January 21, 2015
Excellent product. Mix a tablespoon into my protein shake in the morning.
, El Paso, TX
January 18, 2015
These are really good! Thanks! :)
, Kinsey, MT
January 17, 2015
Great product!
, Reston, VA
January 14, 2015
great product can't wait to do some baking with it. Thank you nuts.com
, Leavenworth, WA
January 13, 2015
Best prices all around! I did a direct comparison of pricing and nuts.com not only sells it for less but it tends to be the better quality! I bought sample packets of hemp, spirulina and maca powders to try but I already know I'll be back! Great customer service
, Monrovia, MD
January 12, 2015
I LOVE how there was no extra taste from the powder!!! It goes amazing in my smoothies, pancakes, breads, cookies and the list goes on! The only way I haven't tried it is plain.
, Amherst, MA
January 9, 2015
I'm vegan and I love the hemp protein in my morning smoothies. Fast delivery!
, Glen Allen, VA
January 7, 2015
Pet Parrot now loves me ...
, Lafayette, NJ
January 6, 2015
AWESOME! Never ate these either. Great taste... :)
, Chiefland, FL
January 6, 2015

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