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Juicier than I expected...yum
, Newton, MA
April 26, 2016
Well, this is truly nutty stuff, er, rather, berry berry good stuff. So intensely blueberry tasting, I only needed a tiny bit to make my muffins taste blueberry good. And, thanks for the extra little bag of almonds. Quite tasty.
, Kansas City, MO
April 23, 2016
These are so good. I am pleasantly surprised at how good they are.
, Kansas City, MO
April 23, 2016
Have to be careful not to eat too many at one sitting! Fresh and flavorful.
, Saint Louis, MO
April 21, 2016
They look great!
, Pittsburgh, PA
April 16, 2016
Sent a gift to my mom and she loved it.
, Richboro, PA
April 12, 2016
My first time trying them so am finding many ways use. So far, so good. My order was delivered within three days.
, Wilmington, DE
April 4, 2016
Sharing these delicious treats for Easter!
, Astoria, NY
March 22, 2016
, Fairfield, CT
March 18, 2016
, Stroudsburg, PA
March 11, 2016
They are great nice and big a little tart but yummy
, Warren, OR
March 6, 2016
sweet and tangy and oh-so-good!
, Robinson, KS
March 4, 2016
I haven't used these yet, but can't wait to try them in a couple of recipes I have!
, Midwest City, OK
February 29, 2016
Easily the best dried blueberries I've ever had
, Charlottesville, VA
February 27, 2016
Awesome! Very tasty!!!
, Vancouver, WA
February 25, 2016
Everything I have ordered has been delectable!
, Hendersonville, NC
February 24, 2016
Wonderful product!
, Wellington, OH
February 11, 2016
I have diabetes, so I am cautiously indulgent. However, these didn't tip my blood sugar like other more commercially available brands. I have no idea why, but I'm thrilled as they were more distinctive in flavor than any I have tried. A big plus as they are recommended for my heart healthy diet, blueberries and dark chocolate are a perfect pair from you for me.
, Penacook, NH
February 5, 2016
The best! Use in yogurt and salads and don't have to worry about them going bad!
, Tampa, FL
February 5, 2016
These are sweet, soft and full of flavor! A former chef gives you 5 stars! thank you!
, Anchor Point, AK
January 29, 2016
Love traveling with them!
, Maple Grove, MN
January 29, 2016
Nice large size and delicious!
, Lititz, PA
January 24, 2016
, Newport, NY
December 22, 2015
I used to hate blueberries until I had some fresh ones at a local Place here, but they don't have anymore and when I can get my Fresh blueberries fix I go to nuts.com, these guys are nuts are their fruits and wow fast delivery.
, Martinsburg, WV
December 12, 2015
This is second order of these wonderful goodies! Delicious.
, Johnstown, NY
December 11, 2015
My husband and son thought these blueberries were really good.
, Pleasant Valley, MO
December 9, 2015
The best I have tasted in Years !!
December 9, 2015
I have bought from nuts.com in the past and always thrilled with the cute boxes, fast delivery, and customer service. I'm starting a Raw Vegan Diet and looked at other sites but I trust Nuts.com and will continue my orders from your company. I have already referred three people that I am hoping to eat healthier to your site.
, Jacksonville, OR
December 9, 2015
Love it!
, Savery, WY
December 3, 2015
These have really good blueberry flavor. I use them when I run out of the ones I froze last summer.
, Lewisburg, WV
November 18, 2015
I like these. They're a bit too easy to eat the whole bag tho :) They have quintessential blueberry flavor; also, they aren't extreme in the "sweet" department as the wild ones are.
, Playa del Rey, CA
November 5, 2015
Nice strong blueberry flavor but no tartness because of the sugar. I was looking for a sweet, smooth dried blueberry and this is it!
, Roanoke, VA
November 4, 2015
Perfect for my winter blueberry need
, Franklin, NC
October 24, 2015
Very tasty
, East Lyme, CT
October 17, 2015
really good!
, Carver, MN
October 10, 2015
M first chocolate covered blueberries were a melted mess but that was my fault I didn't add the cooling pack...not good...then I ordered a second batch remembering the cooling pack and all was well. I will never make that mistake again. I will definitely be ordering again and again and again.
, Bolingbrook, IL
September 26, 2015
, Lumberton, TX
September 18, 2015
I have been trying other dried blueberries and also tried what Nuts.com have too. This is the one that we really like to have it every day to start our day with dried blueberries in our muesli for Breakfast. Not too dry or too sweet like other dried blueberries, that's why the price is different.:-) Thanks again for the good and high qualities of goodies!
, Shoreham, NY
September 9, 2015
, Yeadon, PA
September 3, 2015
Tasty soft chewy bits......
, The Villages, FL
September 3, 2015
Tasted fresh and slightly tart; just the way I like them.
, Austin, TX
September 2, 2015
Everything is so great tasting! Thank you.
, Wilmore, KY
September 2, 2015
I saw a commercial about your company and since I love nuts I thought I would check you out. I was pleasantly surprised by your quirky but eye catching website. I decided to place an order not only for me but my mom as well. The packaging is nutsss!! I love my nuts and other goodies, I will be ordering again soon. Five stars if not ten!!
, Lugoff, SC
August 27, 2015
these going in scones also.
, Greenville, OH
August 26, 2015
Are you sure these are dried? So yummy!
, Greenville, SC
August 22, 2015
Making our own fruit parfaits with yogurt
, Lewisville, TX
July 18, 2015
These are my favorite of the blueberries. I put them in salads, mix them with home-made granola, munch them right out of the package, make my own trail mixes. 2 pounds a month is about right!
, Williams, CA
July 17, 2015
It was on the truck almost too long but I got them cooled off. They are great
, Porterville, CA
July 16, 2015
These are awesome!!! Taste great and they have a lot of flavor!! You guys are awesome!!! Thank you!!!
, Johnson City, TN
July 8, 2015
I eat these daily. I put them in my oatmeal. Thank you!!
, Foley, AL
July 8, 2015
The Dried Blueberries are really good. Fresh and full of flavor. I will be ordering again for sure.
, Lyman, WY
June 30, 2015
These are real good in yogurt.or with other dried fruits.a good snack to munch on too while watching tv.
, Lansing, MI
June 26, 2015
Sprinkle these into my oatmeal, puree some to add to pancake batter and add to whole wheat bread. Mostly I just eat em right out of the bag. Get your own bag!
, Shreveport, LA
May 18, 2015
, Foley, AL
May 15, 2015
yummy :-)
, Foley, AL
May 12, 2015
best bluberries around.
, Washington, IL
May 8, 2015
These are wonderful, packed with flavor!
, Rigby, ID
May 1, 2015
I wish I'd found these years ago! I added them to the Miami Vice Smoothie Snack Blend! Delicious and colorful!
, Monroe, WA
April 30, 2015
These are absolutely delicious, I love these and order them every time. The best tasting and best quality out there that is available....
, Bayonne, NJ
April 27, 2015
OOOH...had to taste them as soon as I opened the box... and they are WONDERFUL!!
, Bridgeport, CT
April 24, 2015
These blueberries are delicious and worth every penny!
, Princeton Junction, NJ
April 21, 2015
Nice and sweet
, Garden Grove, CA
April 17, 2015
I really like it and my kids too. I used it in a smoothie with fruit for my kids in the morning before school. Its a healthy way to start your day and has very good health benefit.
, Painesville, OH
April 17, 2015
Loved these!
, Suffolk, VA
April 14, 2015
Loved!!! Extra thanks for the little extra surprise we got in our box. Those Turkish Figs were Devine and were gone in 5 minutes! Thanks again!
, Milton, DE
April 1, 2015
Perfect for my recipe!!!
, Milton, DE
April 1, 2015
Very fresh and tasty!! My entire family loves it. We enjoy all yummy smoothies we make with it.
, Murphy, TX
March 27, 2015
Yummy for my tummy!!!
, Wheaton, IL
March 26, 2015
This Organic Natural Dried Blueberries seemed to be the best for us. We do not eat it too much due to the price. We put it in our breakfast with other nuts and rolled oat etc. It is very tasty not too sweet and not too dry. Love it.
, Shoreham, NY
March 19, 2015
, Shelby, OH
March 16, 2015
Oh yes more than excellent! Husband is crazy about them! Great products and service once again!
, North Charleston, SC
March 16, 2015
Tastes awesome! It adds a wonderful flavor to smoothies and is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. This will be a permanent addition to my pantry.
, Henderson, NV
March 10, 2015
Very juicy, delicious and fresh! Good stuff!
, Brooklyn, NY
February 26, 2015
Yummy! Thank you! Order received in good condition. Started enjoying it right away! This applies to all the products I ordered.
, Williams, CA
February 21, 2015
Perfect balance of sweet and softness, excellent in my oatmeal.
, Lawrence, KS
February 16, 2015
It's the REAL thing! Loved, love and loving it ! Great job you guys!
, Honolulu, HI
February 11, 2015
Thank you so much for the prompt service. The product I received was great. The packaging alone is worth ordering from you. It really brightened up my day. I would definitely order from you again. Thanks again.
, Beacon, NY
February 11, 2015
very good
, Blacklick, OH
February 10, 2015
These are fabulous, and exceeded expectations, and we will definitely be ordering these again!
, Phoenix, AZ
February 9, 2015
Oatmeal hear I come!!!!
, Far Rockaway, NY
February 3, 2015
great flavor! plan to add it to salads
, New York, NY
February 3, 2015
, Hingham, MA
January 31, 2015
Unbelievable but I had to ask my wife to hide them and dole them out to me.
January 30, 2015
Yum yum yum~~~
, Hoffman Estates, IL
January 26, 2015
My daughter loves these. She's 3 and calls them "Crunchy Blueberries." They shipped so fast and everything was in perfect condition! I was so impressed.
, New Haven, CT
January 25, 2015
Thank you for getting my order to me so soon. I am very pleased to find dried cherries and blueberries without oils or sweeteners. I will be looking into your other products. Thank you again.
, Hollister, Ca
January 23, 2015
quick shipment - good blueberries
, sagaponack, NY
January 19, 2015
Excellent product. I mix these with almond and pecans to make my own trail mix. All natural!
, El Paso, TX
January 18, 2015
great taste! they are my new go to snack!
, Stockbridge, GA
January 16, 2015
A treat I feel good about feeding my family. Much better quality than what I can get at the store. And you guys are FAST!
, Gainesboro, TN
January 16, 2015
These dried blueberries are excellent, not only that I noticed that these are not preserved with sulphur which is outstanding from Nuts. Some of the other dried fruit are sulphur treated by Nut.com. these blueberries are free from that!! Highly recommend this item.
, Chicago, IL
January 15, 2015
Delicious! I'm a blueberry fiend and this way I can enjoy them all year long, even when they aren't really "in season". Thanks for such a wonderful product!
, Mooresville, NC
January 15, 2015
Fast on time delivery as promised. Great taste out of the bag. Making a batch of Scones that I am sure will be Yummy! I'll be back for more.
, Dacula, GA
January 10, 2015
Just plain yummy!
, Woodstock, VT
January 9, 2015
Yum! Before this we had only had the Cranberries but now we're expanding our taste buds
, Elkhorn, WI
January 8, 2015
Very fresh and very healthy I love it!!!!!
, Bourbon, IN
January 6, 2015
These blueberries are so moist and yummy!
, Louisville, KY
December 24, 2014
, Palm Bay, FL
December 19, 2014
These three items, the cherries, blueberries, and the cranberries was a gift to my parents for Christmas. They absolutely loved them all!!
, Dunsmuir, CA
December 19, 2014
, Manning, IA
December 13, 2014

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