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One super purchase..........These nuts are as good as if I had personally picked them out myself. Very fresh
, MARIETTA, Georgia
October 31, 2014
My black walnuts arrived today....they are delicious! Cannot say enough about the customer service. Also, I received the most wonderful e-mail announcing the delivery. It made my day! What GREAT customer service.
, Lake Worth, FL
October 29, 2014
Received my order within 4 days and in good shape. Enjoyed black walnuts in steel cut oatmeal. Gifting some to family and a friend. Will continue to order as needed.
, san diego, ca
October 25, 2014
I want to say thank you so much for the fast shipment. The nuts are Real Good too!!
, Denton, Tx
October 9, 2014
the black walnuts reminded me of home the flavor was as i expected. the pumpkin seeds tasted as if i shelled them myself fresh everything was fresh. delivery was next day of ordering items. thank you nuts.com, will be glued to your family.
, brooklyn, n.y.
May 31, 2014
This is the second month I ordered your Black walnuts because as soon as the first bag was empty I went NUTS!! I had to order another pound fast and it always gets here fast so I knew I would be OK. I love those nuts.
, Statesville, NC.
May 7, 2014
Thank you so much for my order. I received it two days before expected, which I was very pleased. I also love your packaging and your prompt emails for confirmation number, receipt, and time of arrival. The black walnuts I ordered were impressive and fresh. I will be ordering from your site again soon. Tell the family to keep up the good work! Angela
, burlington, nc
May 5, 2014
Black walnuts were delivered promptly and were fresh and wonderful. a great remembrance from my farm childhood
, chagrin Falls, Ohio
April 28, 2014
Our order of black walnuts arrived today! We couldn't wait to open them & see if they had that yummy black walnut taste! They definitely do! There will be a batch of chocolate fudge with black walnuts made tomorrow! My sister has ordered from you before and told us how great they were & as much as I hate to admit it, she is right! I can't thank her enough for recommending you!
, Des Moines, IA
April 17, 2014
Love Love Loved the cashews just the right amount of salt. My girlfriend's mom loved the black walnut pound cake I made her for her birthday. The gift of the dried apricots was yummy I had never tried the dried fruit but will purchase in the future.
, Catonsville, MD
April 5, 2014
The black walnuts are wonderful. I haven't tried the samples yet, but I'm guessing they are going to be wonderful also.
, Cedar Park, TX
April 3, 2014
Hey! You guy's are nuts, you took all the fun out of black Walnuts. Many is the time one ricocheted of the anvil and hit me in all the wrong places when I was a kid trying to crack them with a hammer. These brought back memories to my taster that I've not had for a good 7 decades. We used to grow these, and Pecans. I liked Walnuts best, but the pecans won out because they were easier to shell. Tasted just like I remembered, great!! Buy these, you will not be disappointed; Super flavor. Thanks you nut's.
, Phoenix, AZ
March 28, 2014
My nutty box of crazy black walnuts arrived today ! I was soon reading it all and began to feel first I had made new friends but by the time I had read all your welcoming words I knew I had a new family not to mention a new source of nuts! Thank you soooo much. They are delicious and you all are precious !! I will stay in touch!
, Murray, Ky
March 28, 2014
I found you company a few years ago, when looking for Black Walnuts. As a child I remember my Grandmother and mother making Sour Cream Coffee Cake with black walnuts and the taste was unbelievable. I ordered some and other items and have always been very satisfied with the price, the items and how fast they are delivered. I tell all my friends to check you out and that they won't be disappointed. Thanks.
, Minetto, NY
March 26, 2014
I loved the order of Black Walnuts and the extra sample pack you put in free was wonderful. Such great quick service.
, Arcadia, Florida
March 6, 2014
The black walnuts have arrived, fresh and delicious! Can't wait to make some chocolate fudge w/black walnuts. Such great childhood memories of gramma's treats! Highly recommend this nutty company! I'm fussy; they deliver!
, Corvallis, Oregon
February 21, 2014
2/5/2014---I received my black walnuts today...super fast shipping. But that's not why I'm giving you a ba-zillion starts!! I couldn't wait to open the bag....love the packaging. I'm totally hooked. Fresh, delicious walnuts that took me back to my childhood when I cracked them myself. As soon as I finish typing this review I will be placing my second order.
, Sterling, VA
February 5, 2014
I have received my package and I love the freeze dried strawberries. And of course I definitely love the black walnuts. Looking forward to my next order.
, North Little Rock, Arkansas
February 4, 2014
I was so happy to receive the Black Walnuts, And I was amazed. It has been years since I have had them.. They are wonderful, and I received them so fast..Love your nutty sayings all over the box...
, Eagle Point, Oregon
January 22, 2014
Drizzle on Salted Caramel Ice Cream. OMG Yummy
, Sacramento, CA
January 20, 2014
Just wanted to thank you for another great bag-o-nuts (well, actually it was 6 bags of nuts). These were the first Black Walnuts I've had and I have to say they are fantastic - really a unique flavor. The pistachios and the Rosemary almonds are also excellent (I wouldn't expect anything less). Shipping was a day later than anticipated, but that was due to the terrible East coast weather and the nuts still arrived in excellent condition. A Customer for life.
, Phoenix, AZ
January 10, 2014
As kids, my Mom used to make my brother a Black Walnut Cherry cake. I made this cake for my brothers 58th B-day but didn't use black walnuts. He said "Bro, this cake is close to Mom's (died in 1990) but you didn't use black walnuts." This year he turned 60 on Christmas Day. We couldn't find black walnuts locally anywhere. We found your website, ordered, delivery was speedy and the cake we made was just like Mom's. My brother loved it. Thanks. We also loved the box. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work. We have family members who now plan to order from you as well. Dave
, Beulah, Mi
January 10, 2014
Great nuts. Fresh and delicious. I ordered the black walnuts because I had never tasted them before and wow what a nice flavor. Will definitely order again in the future.
, san diego, CA
January 6, 2014
Ordered Black Walnuts for cookies and cashews to munch on. Order came very quickly and nuts were delicious! Best cashews I have ever had. So good we then sent an order to someone for Christmas. Black Walnut cookies were amazing. Thank You!
, Acton, MA
December 29, 2013
Could not find black walnuts locally to make Christmas Cookies which have been my favorites since I was a little girl, [I'm now 79},...so you saved the day. The nuts were great, and your cute packaging put a smile on my face. Double bonus!
, Louisville, Ky.
December 22, 2013
I was so happy that my black walnuts (which I couldn't find in the market) got here so quickly, as promised! Nice touch with the dried veggies (thanks) Love family businesses. I'm in one! Love the freeze dried fruit cocktail...
, Rockaway, NJ
December 18, 2013
Wow! What a great company to do business with! I ordered the black walnuts and they arrived promptly in a very colorfully designed box with a little extra goody just for me. I can't wait to order again. Thank You!!!
, Nashville, Tn
December 17, 2013
The black walnuts arrived this afternoon. They're GREAT. i grew up in NW Missouri and always had black walnuts. they're the best for fudge, among other things. I sprinkled a few on my salad at suppertime. Thank you again.
, casper, wyoming
December 13, 2013
Taste like the black walnuts my grandfather used to shell in Kansas, so I know what a job it is! Got to me in 3 days shipping across the country in winter weather. Thanks for great product and service.
, Corvallis, OR
December 12, 2013
Fast speedy delivery. Presented in a really cool box with cute sayings on it. Packaged nicely. Black walnuts are out of this world and so fresh. Can't wait to try the mushroom popcorn tonight . I will be a frequent buyer so many neat gift ideas also and I will keep that in mind for future occasions. Thanks for the free gift of raw almonds .
, Wentzville, mo
December 12, 2013
I would like to thank Nuts.com family my mother is 87 yrs young, the last time she had a black walnut was 1946 well to make a long story short nuts.com took her back I never seen my mom so happy it was like she was young again I can't thank u enough .., one very satisfied customer I plan to order again...happy holidays ..,,Bernadette
, Cutler, California
December 11, 2013
Thank you for coming to my rescue! I have been longing to make my late mother's cranberry bread for some time now, but could not find any black walnuts for it. (Regular walnuts just don't do justice to the recipe.) I made the bread today, and the memories (and flavor) were wonderful.
, Coloma, MI
December 7, 2013
My 94 year old Mother was thrilled. She is going to make her walnut pound cake for Christmas. She was unable to find walnuts so we looked on line and found you. She told me she was keeping the box they came in because it was such a cute box. You made my Mom happy. Thanks
, duncan, SC
December 5, 2013
Got our black walnuts and cocoa nibs today. My mother in law and I were laughing at the box first, it was great! Kudos to marketing. We also loved the sample of figs, and the nuts were as delicious as we had dared hope. We are California Indians, and used to eat a lot of black walnuts, but they are hard to find these days so I bought these as a treat for her. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
, Sacramento, California
December 3, 2013
I bought these black walnuts for my mom's Christmas gift. She loves to bake brownies for her friends at the place she lives in and is constantly asking if I know where to buy them. Well, no, not in town. So I decided to try on-line & there you were. She'll be thrilled. She's 91yrs. old & it's about the only thing she can still do. I will try to send an email when she opens them.
, Tucson, Az.
November 26, 2013
About the Black Walnut Oil: I used it for a chicken stir fry. It is a beautifully fragrant oil to cook with. I made a chicken, scallion and walnut dish with a dash of teriyaki. The black walnut oil gave dimension to the chicken. It was delicious!
, Mount Carmel, PA
November 23, 2013
First of all, I loved the box they were delivered in!! So cute! Black waqlnuts are great. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you
, Kirbyville, Texas
November 23, 2013
Excellent black walnuts and speedy delivery! I will definitely be doing business with you again!
, El Dorado, Arkansas
November 22, 2013
Hi. My mother in Illinois was wanting some Black walnuts. I got online and found your company. I am very skeptical buying food online. My mother said that the delivery was great and the walnuts are fresh and yummy! Guess she's a nutty kind of gal! Thanks much!! Now she will send me some cookies with your awesome black walnuts in them. Thanks for your service!!
, Redlands, CA
November 21, 2013
I feel we've hit 'pay dirt' with this company. I've ordered black walnuts and almond flour and both are fantastic. Both high quality and delicious. I have a Missouri-born husband who l-o-v-e-s his black walnuts and has to have them in fudge, chocolate chip cookies, Waldorf salad--and anything else he dreams up. Both of us appreciate the outstand quality of the products--which influences the end product we cook/bake. Many thanks for all the work you do to keep your standards so high. V JF
, Tucson, AZ
November 21, 2013
The items I ordered were just exactly what I wanted. The black walnuts and the free sample of cashews were as fresh as you could possibly get. The hard candy is real hard candy not the stuff you find now. Thank you I will certainly be ordering more from you.
, Milpitas, Ca
November 21, 2013
Used your black walnuts in my buttercream fudge - best ever!! So glad I found you. Black walnuts are hard to come by out here, did find some once but discovered the monumental task of getting them out of the shell! I will re-order. Thanks for prompt delivery.
, Burnt Ranch, CA
November 21, 2013
Could not find black walnuts anywhere. Then I found Nuts.com. Have bookmarked it first for great product but second for amazing customer service. They keep their word. Told when it would be here and it was. Will be ordering again.
, Texas City, TX
November 17, 2013
Wow...received my black walnuts this morning (11/16) right on time as expected. My problem is having enough left by Thanksgiving to bake my black walnut pie(s). The nuts are wonderful and I will have to exercise great restraint to keep from "snacking" them all gone by then. I am very pleased with the nuts, the service and will be ordering from you again soon.
, Kennewick, WA
November 16, 2013
My husband Tim ordered the walnuts for me to bake with. Last time he ordered 4 lbs. they stayed fresh to the end. We were not afraid to order big again. So fresh and great flavor! Thanks. Loved the fast shipping as well
, Clearwater, Fl
November 14, 2013
This year as I start to get out receipts for Holiday cooking and the need for Black Walnuts I went to buy the walnuts only to find stores are not carrying them this year due to low demand. Spent several hours looking for the walnuts all over town. No luck. Got online and found Nuts.com. The folks at Nuts.com couldn't have been nicer or more helpful as I was leaving in a couple days to go back east and the nuts would not arrive in time before I left. They shipped them back east for me. What great service. You can be sure I'll be buying all my nuts from - you guessed it - Nuts.com. Thanks so much. Dale
, Palm Springs, CA
November 6, 2013
Add a dribble of the Black Walnut oil to the butter you fry your fish in (if your butter doesn't burn, the oil won't either). Makes for a fresh, clean, tasty piece of fish.
, Grand Marais, MN
October 20, 2013
The black walnuts were delicious....the freshest and best tasting I have purchased in many years. Loved your packaging....shipping box was so much fun!!!!! You guys do it right!!!!!
, Johnsburg, Illinois
October 19, 2013
The Black Walnut Oil is just the thing to dress-up canned, frozen, or fresh veggies. Just add half a teaspoon to a drab can of corn or green beans to make it taste wonderful. A secret ingredient used by all the best cooks.
, Minneapolis, MN
October 19, 2013
My first experience in using your company was beyond my wildest expectations. The black walnuts, which were sent to my dear aunt, were fresh and the same as she remembered from her childhood some 80 years ago. Bravo! The delivery date was earlier than quoted and was preceded by a joyful email from you all. A wonderful surprise for her. The packaging was impressive to an 89 year old southern lady who is VERY particular. You all have lifetime customers in the two of us. I'll be singing your praises to other family members. Thank you.
, Walnut Creek, Ca
October 2, 2013
Just received my package about half an hour ago. Can't wait to bake something with them. They smell wonderful. If I may I would like to tell you my story behind my love for black walnuts When I was a child on a farm in the Ozarks, we had a huge Black walnut tree. Mama would always have Daddy & I crack & pick out walnut "goodies" We would sit on an old cistern outside the kitchen window and pick and eat, mostly eat. Mama would be in the kitchen waiting for her nuts and would call out the window numerous times as to where her walnut goodies were, an Daddy & I would sheepishly say they're on their way. So when I eat or even smell black walnuts it brings back one of the greatest memories of my childhood. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.
, denver, Colorado
September 28, 2013
I received my black walnuts on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013 as schedule. Husband called me at work and said they were there and how good they are. Sure enough the are grrrrrreat. I love black walnuts. Fresh nuts. Better than the ones I've bought in local stores. Thank you
, Trenton, SC
September 26, 2013
Yo Nutty Friends As usual my nuts arrived fast. Yum. I searched for a long time before I found black walnuts and then there you were. Thanks!
, Homeland, CA
September 22, 2013
Great Black Walnuts!! Had not eaten one for years, thanks to you nutty folks, I can now have Black Walnut ice cream.
, Cottage Grove, Or
September 19, 2013
Received my order today. The Black walnuts are wonderful. will order more.
, Indianapolis, in
September 19, 2013
The package of black walnuts arrived one day earlier than expected, an added bonus to the perfect product! The flavor, appearance and texture are excellent, exactly as black walnuts should be. Thank you to all at nuts.com for being as nutty as you are, and I'll be back soon for another order! Sincerely, Laura
, Tarzana, CA
August 22, 2013
Yes, I DID receive my order, and I just wanted to Thank You for being so prompt. I Love Black Walnuts, and have ordered them from you before. Thanks again!
, Ft Oierce, Fl
August 16, 2013
Thanks for the rapid delivery of the black walnuts...now to make those fabulous cookies!
, Alexandria, VA
August 15, 2013
Fast delivery. I'm simple (Nuts) about you guys. I Make a Black Walnut cookie with them. Delicious
, New Castle, Pa.
August 15, 2013
I fixed a black walnut pound cake yesterday and it was absolutely delicious. You will definitely get future orders from me. I'm so glad I found you on line. Black walnuts are very hard to find here, so I'm very happy I found you.
, Charlotte, NC
July 5, 2013
My black walnuts arrived the next day, and the quality is superior. Thank you
, Saratoga Springs, NY
June 16, 2013
This was a great buying experience: from the friendly customer service to the speedy delivery. Thank you!
June 6, 2013
Having grown up with black walnuts many decades ago,,understanding the entire process, knowing how very special they are, it has been pure pleasure putting them into smaller packages this afternoon, trying not to nibble too many. A very wonderful treat. Thank you.very much. Good Luck!
, Portsmouth, VA
May 8, 2013
I'm disappointed that I did not know about you earlier. As I mentioned previously, I have been buying 3 pound orders of black walnuts from a competitor and then waiting from September until January for the delivery every year. Not only am I able to order from you year round, your service is so prompt that I ALMOST HAD TO WAIT!!!!! Thank you.
, Topeka, KS
April 27, 2013
I order your black walnuts which are delicious. They bring back fond memories of my Mom who served them over vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I couldn't find them anywhere and was so happy to find you!
, Rochester, NY
April 23, 2013
I stumbled onto your site searching for Black Walnuts for my mom, needless to say this stumble was well worth the trip. I found what I wanted and much more. You provide something that is rare today, excellent products and old fashioned excellent service. Your site is now a favorite on my desktop. You are Exceptional
, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 22, 2013
Received the black walnuts. Thank you! They taste earthy and fresh!
, Flushing, MI
March 29, 2013
I had never tried Black Walnuts before and the musty scent similar to Gorgonzola was not what I expected, but when I toasted the nuts and used them to make ice cream it was AMAZING! Fast delivery, prompt customer service responding to my questions, and fresh, tasty nuts. Would definitely recommend.
, Chicago, IL
March 23, 2013
Black walnuts were one of my Mom's favorites, so guess that is inherited. They are such a chore to shell that it's really nice to buy them ready to go! Have a cake and a cookie recipe that everyone likes. Thanks!
, York, Nebraska
March 15, 2013
My order was delivered to my great satisfaction. The walnuts are as advertised. I am most grateful. I will be happy to recommend your site to others. Thanks.
, North Little Rock, AR.
March 6, 2013
Loved your packaging and loved the product even more! Look forward to contacting you again for my NUT needs! Thanks.
, Hopewell, NJ
March 3, 2013
I eat a variety of nuts and seeds daily but this was a discovery. I'd always heard of them -even kicked them down the road many times! But i had never tried black walnuts. They arrived in a day, very fresh, and with a sweetness which is vaguely familiar but, to me, not at all resembling english walnut. They're good alone in small doses. They're good in SALAD;delicious in MUESLI. I'd bet they're good with ice cream. Thanks, Nuts.com!
, New Paltz, NY
February 24, 2013
Amazing nuts! The best black walnuts I have ever had. Fast delivery, I am a happy customer!
, San Francisco, CA
February 22, 2013
I had you ship 5 lbs. of black walnuts to my Mama in Michigan. She absolutely loves YOUR NUTS and especially loved the packaging. Thanks for such prompt delivery of your fabulous nuts.
, Anthem, AZ
February 21, 2013
We just received the super-fast shipment of goodies. Opening the funny and cute box was just like Christmas, and the cheerful orange bags made us smile. The quality of the nuts (Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, Pistachios, Black Walnuts) is outstanding as usual. Very plump nut meats and really fresh and delicious. Thank you also for the yummy Cashew sample, and for your always superior products, - and such friendly fast service.
, Tallahassee, FL
February 16, 2013
Just got the black walnuts! That sure was fast service!! I will definitely order from you guys again. Thanks!
, Deltona, Florida
February 9, 2013
Received my black walnuts today. Just made a batch of homemade fudge. Yummy! Only black walnuts better are the ones I harvest myself.
, Jackson, Michigan
February 6, 2013
Package was delivered in excellent condition. the updates on the order and delivery were greatly appreciated. Thank you.
, Falls Church, Va
January 15, 2013
Thank you so much for your quick and prompt delivery. My mother has been wanting black walnuts for a long time and i have found your website. Your delivery was excellent, i just ordered it last night and to my surprise it was delivered today. Wow! what a great present, thank you so much.
December 29, 2012
Thank you so much for the nuts! We ordered black walnuts for my 94 year old Grandpa who always talks about his childhood memory of eating these. He loved reading the cute box and was already making plans to make walnut candy when he got home after Christmas. You made the whole family happy!
, Castle Rock, CO
December 26, 2012
, lincoln, cal
December 22, 2012
wow, great prices, terrific delivery time friday night order Sat 1PM delivery! They also threw in a bonus package. Seems to be a great business. 5 stars.
, Frederick, MD
December 15, 2012
I am thrilled with my order of Black Walnuts. They are so fresh and tasty. Your box is so cute I don't want to throw it away. I am telling all my friends about your company. God bless.
, Sandy, Utah
December 13, 2012
I am happy to report that I received my shipment today, and I love your products more and more. It's so hard to get black walnuts, so I was glad to find your site. I tell everyone I know about it. Thank you so much!
, Brooklyn, New York
December 8, 2012
I am your newest fan. The black walnuts are fresh, delicious and I love the packaging. It looks like I went to a fancy gift shop to get the nuts. Love your sense of humor, the history of your company, and the chance to try goji berries! Yum! Actually feel like you are so great that I want to support you:). I'm sure you will make it thru the Great Recession too. Until my next order, all the best, Susan
, Lawrence, New York
December 5, 2012
So glad I found Nuts.com! Got my 5# black walnuts fast plus "a 'lil' something". I'll be making fudge tonight with these amazingly large pieces of black walnuts. Thanks!
, Alexandria, VA
December 4, 2012
Fantastic!! I ordered my black walnuts and pecans on Friday afternoon and received them the following Monday. They're absolutely beautiful--can't wait to get baking. I'm also pretty excited about the flax seed sample included : ) Thanks, nuts.com! What a pleasant way to start the holiday season.
, Ellicott City, MD
December 3, 2012
Very cute box that nuts were in. Can't wait to use in holiday baking.a wonderful treat. Will order again.
, Dallas, Oregon
December 2, 2012
Loving these black walnuts! You guys seem to be loving what you are doing and that's awesome.. Thanks for the cool packaging style- it works great for gift giving! GOD bless you all, Margarita
, Tucson, AZ
November 30, 2012
I am a first time orderer and I am so delighted with your product, packaging and speed of delivery!! You may be "Nuts", but I think you're sure terrific!! :-) Thank you
, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
November 29, 2012
I have been looking for black walnuts for many months and finally found them! Quick service and delivery...at a great price too! Will be ordering more nuts from nuts.com.
, San Marcos, CA
November 27, 2012
I was so impressed and pleased with your company. The black walnuts are delicious--love the shipping box!!!!! Will order from your company again.
November 21, 2012
I was so excited when I got my black walnuts. The packaging was so clever and I got a few laughs out of it. The first taste of the wonderful walnuts took me back to my childhood - we had a black walnut tree and I can remember my father hammering the nuts to break them open. The smell of them made the familiar taste come back to me. Thank you so much.
, Columbus, Ohio
November 21, 2012
Service was awesome, received in two days. Needed to make my Mother's fudge recipe for the holidays. They're difficult to find here locally. Thank You
November 21, 2012
We have been searching for these black walnuts and could not find "fresh" ones anywhere. My grandmother absolutely LOVES them!! Will definitely be a returning customer.
, Jersey City, NJ
November 20, 2012
Hey you nuts: thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I can't wait to dig into that beautiful black walnut cake in the oven. Keep up the good work. The nuts are wonderful.
, Clarkston, MI
November 19, 2012
You chose the right name. You people are NUTS! I think that I ordered just to see if black walnuts could really be purchased at that price. I went through the process of hulling and drying the nuts this year only to find that this crop was not good for whatever reason. After finding your website, I will not go through that process again. It would have taken me weeks to just pick out that many walnuts! Ship time unreal and just as you promised. Great job. Keep at it.
November 18, 2012
Yippppppeeeee! I got my order of 2 bags of the delicious, decadent black walnuts today, only a few short hours after placing my order late yesterday afternoon. (it's unbelievable how fast you get your order)! The black walnuts these "nutty folks" offer here at NUTS.com are FANTASTIC!..They are so fresh, flavorful and totally addicting! Try these wonderful nuts folks, you'll love them! (I sure as heck do!) Thanks again, to all the NUTS at NUTS.com!
, monroe, ny
November 17, 2012
You can't get better than these nutty folks! Absolutely FANTASTIC!
, Gloucester, MA
November 16, 2012
I received the black walnuts today, can't wait to try them out in my black walnut cake this weekend. Thanks for the prompt service and delivery.
, Rosedale, Maryland
November 14, 2012

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