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Gummy Bears

box of 12 x 2.56 ounce packs
box of 12 x 3.2 ounce packs
box of 12 x 2.56 ounce packs

About Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are a perennial hit. Regardless of whether you spell it “gummi” or “gummy,” with our varieties you can go beyond the classics and explore gummy bears like you’ve never tasted them before. Regardless of the flavor, you’ll love the juicy, chewy goodness of these candies.

We have over 34 different varieties of gummy bears that will have your stomach rumbling. For something new, try our Gummy Filled Bears. The raspberry filling will have you thrilled by a burst of flavor. Or stick with the classic Haribo Gummy Bears to bring back the familiar pineapple, strawberry, lemon, orange, and raspberry flavors of childhood!

The versatility of these candies is oh-so-enticing. Hand out our Giant Gummy Bears for Halloween, give our Organic Gummy Bears to health conscious friends, and wrap up our Chocolate Covered Bears for a quirky and cute wedding favor.

Gummy Bears in History

German candy maker Hans Riegal first created Dancing Bears in 1922 as the company Haribo, which was an acronym for his full name, Hangs Riegal Bonn. The name was soon changed and, in 1982, gummy bears were imported to the US by the Herman Goelitz company (now the Jelly Belly Company). If you want to visit a Haribo gummy bear factory in the US, you’re out of luck! All 18 factories are in Europe.

Gummy bears inspired Disney’s Adventure of the Gummy Bears (1986-88), a tv show about gummy bears with magical powers.

No matter which flavor you pick, gummy bears are teeming with tantalizing softness and fruity flavor! You can have endless fun with these gummies; stack them up, make them fight, or pop them in your mouth for them to be eaten. There really is no substitute for this classic childhood candy.