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in shell

62 results

Roasted Pistachios (Salted, In Shell)


English Walnuts (In Shell)


Jumbo Raw Peanuts (In Shell)


Mixed Nuts (In Shell)


Hazelnuts / Filberts (In Shell)


Jumbo Roasted Peanuts (In Shell)


Roasted Peanuts (Salted, In Shell)


Raw Almonds (In Shell)


Hard Shell Pecans


Roasted Pistachios (Unsalted, In Shell)


Raw Sunflower Seeds (In Shell)


Brazil Nuts (In Shell)


Turkish Pistachios (Antep)


Cajun Roasted Peanuts (Salted, in Shell)


Paper-Shell Pecans


Organic Flax Seed


Raw Pine Nuts (In shell) for Birds


Jalapeno Pistachios


Raw Pumpkin Seeds (In Shell)


Israeli Sunflower Seeds (Salted, In Shell)


Salt and Pepper Pistachios


Raw Pistachios (In Shell)


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Unsalted, In Shell)


Garlic Onion Pistachios


Flax Seed


Turkish Pistachios (Siirt)


Red Pistachios


Macadamia Nuts (In Shell)


Chili Lemon Pistachios


Organic Pistachios (Raw, In shell)


Dark Roasted Jumbo Peanuts (In Shell)


Black Walnuts (In Shell)


Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Pistachios

8oz bag

Chipotle BBQ Pistachios


Sesame Seeds


Pili Nuts

8oz bag

No Mess Nut Cracker

nut crackers

Burlap Bag of Pistachios


Black Sesame Seeds


Burlap Bag of Peanuts


Organic Pecans (Raw, In Shell)


Cajun Boiled Peanuts

pack of 3 cans

Bucket of Mixed Nuts


Bucket of Pistachios


Turkish Pistachios (Antep, Unsalted)