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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Outstanding! Unlike many other dark chocolate treats these are smooth and creamy. The dark chocolate balances perfectly with the sea salt."
Nov 2012 -- Treena, Seattle, WA

"I ordered these and a few other items late Friday evening and they were delivered by Monday! Wow great service, prices, and of course very yummy! Thank you!"
Oct 2012 -- shari, coventry, CT

"These guys are great ! I'm so addicted to the Sea Salt Chocolate Savouries. Ordered one day got them the next."
Jan 2012 -- steve

"I just received my order. Thanks for your prompt response to my earlier email. I look forward to enjoying your products and ordering from you again soon."
Feb 2011 -- Trina, Atlanta, GA

"NutsOnline.com is the greatest thing since chocolate! Oh wait...they have that too! I order from them every year at Christmas and put the goodies...I mean Santa puts the goodies...in my family's stockings. They love seeing what I ordered for them every year! Thank you for such great quality products and service!"
Dec 2010 -- Tammy, Roanoke, TX

"You have no idea how happy thrilled and deeply delighted I am to have found you!! Our local gourmet candy shop (Lulu Rae) closed down and I have been bereft! Your sea salt savouries are beyond divine. And the sixlets!!!! Lord have mercy! Will you please also make lavender savouries??"
Apr 2010 -- Joan, Berkeley, Ca

"Oh my word you guys have done it again, I am now officially addicted to your site and products...my latest foray landed me in chocolate heaven with the Sea Salt Chocolate Savouries, I was a very nutty girl with those little tidbits of perfection. Then I dared to open the S'mores, just to taste them...Ha a taste... 1/4 a bag later and my mind was a blur of chocolate with a sugar high I haven't felt since I was a child in my uncles candy store..lol Today I am being better and sticking to the Turkish figs. They are so plump and sweet I feel I am being bad yet thankfully these are truly natures candy. I am so happy to have found your site as it is my Utopia, a place where there is something for everyone no matter what their taste buds crave. I am absolutely nutty for you guys!"
Mar 2009 -- Judi, Genoa, Illinois

"Delicious! The salt rounds out the flavor, but is not overpowering."
Mar 2009 -- Eleanor, Dayton, OH

"I was worried that the salt may be too overpowering, but it wasn't! These were delicious."
Feb 2009 -- Judi, Cleveland, OH

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 reviews

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