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Chocolate Gummy Bears Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Making it truly a wonderful holiday weekend with my chocolate gummi bears…they are wonderful… Love the jumbo peanuts..and the bear crunch popcorn..well, yummy = nuts.com"
May 2014 -- Sharon, West Plains, MO

"Okay, I have to say all the organic raw nuts and organic dried fruit are delicious. I use them at home and at the restaurant which is raw vegan gluten-free where we use many nuts. I am in love with the chocolate covered gummy bears!! I love trying something new every time I order. Thank you for the sample of raw almond which are delicious."
May 2014 -- Mariola, Chicago, IL

"This site really is nuts, I ordered the chocolate covered gummi bears from this site, they are the best I've had, cost less then the crappy ones at the candy place in our mall and were here in three business days from NJ. Needless to say I will be getting my candy fix from nuts.com from now on instead of the upcharge and low quality of the local . candy store choices I have found here so far. On top of all of that the fun logos, peppy packaging and considerate customer service is a relief as its uncommon to find such a caring business now days. Thank you nuts.com!"
May 2014 -- Michael, colorado springs, co

"I ordered these for my girlfriend she absolutely loved them they was definitely a hit and they was delivered as promised on time thank you"
Apr 2014 -- Robert, sheridan, OR - Oregon

"I am in love with chocolate covered gummy bears, and have been trying to find some I really love. I ordered nuts.com because the reviews were incredible. I am so happy with my decision! They are not only amazing, but exceeded my expectations. The box they came in was adorable, and I love the resealable bag. I will definitely be ordering them again."
Apr 2014 -- Kristen, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"You guys rock! I ordered chocolate covered gummy bears for my mom last night and hey were delivered less than 25 hours later. I ordered some for her last night and she was thrilled withe he quality of them (and she knows because his is her favorite sweet treat:) thank you guys so much. I will absolutely use you in the future."
Apr 2014 -- Jacquelynn, Honolulu, Hi

"You guys are amazing! My mom loves chocolate covered gummy bears so I ordered some from your site last month. She ran out so I ordered some last night and they arrived less than 24 hours later. She was thrilled and I am just blown away buy the your fast, high quality service and amazing product. I wish could order for myself but it's pretty expensive to ship to HI. Still, I'm just happy using this to send gifts and I will be using you more often in the future."
Apr 2014 -- Jacquelynn, Honolulu, HI

"If you are reading this and looking at nuts.com chocolate gummy bears, you would be crazy not to order these. I will be telling everyone i know about these. They arrived 1 hour ago and i have not been able to stop eating them. The "nuts" family sure know what there doing when it comes to candy........ P.S also the rocky road is the best i have ever tasted."
Mar 2014 -- david/amanda, orangevale, ca

"I just recently received my very first order and I was amazed by the awesome packaging! I ordered some white chocolate covered gummy bears as a gift and they taste great! The shipping was extremely fast! All in all, I highly recommend!"
Mar 2014 -- Ben, Québec, Québec

"I ordered the chocolate covered gummy bears for my mom for her birthday (they are her favorite). They shipped on Monday and arrived by Wed, BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY!!! I was so happy and she was so delighted with the treat and with the packaging. I will absolutely be ordering from here again. Thank you!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Jacquelynn, Honolulu, HI

"Thanks for such great fast service!! My husband ordered these for me. I Love white choclate gummy bears and cannot find them anywhere!! They are so good and fresh!! He ordered Three bags... We have one left!! We will order from you again!!! Thanks"
Feb 2014 -- William, Dacula, GA

"My husband LOVES cinnamon bears, and with Valentines day on its way, I saw Nuts.com had chocolate covered cinnamon bears, So I bought a bag of regular and a bag of chocolate cinnamon bears for him. The order actually came a day earlier than expected and my husband is loving the chocolate cinnamon bears, The regular cinnamon bears are also great. fresh, not hard or leaving a waxy after taste. I know we'll be ordering again :)"
Feb 2014 -- Laraine, Olathe, KS

"I can't believe how fast my order arrived and how wonderful the cinnamon bears and chocolate covered almonds taste. They are so fresh and the cinnamon bears (plain and chocolate covered) are so soft and have such great flavor. Also we enjoyed the sample of cashews that came with the order. They are my husband's favorite so it was fun for him to not only get me what I wanted for Valentine's but he got something he really loved and did not pay a cent for it. Thanks again, Jenn"
Feb 2014 -- Jenn, Saint James, New York

"Fantastic!! So happy & excited with my order! Fresh & delish!! Thank you!"
Feb 2014 -- Kathi, Baltic, Ct

"Just got my teriyaki beef jerky and chocolate covered gummy bears. Mmm mmm good!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Abigail Renee White, Boone, Nc

"Quality goods & service! The birthday recipient was well pleased with her white & milk chocolate gummy bears. The package came right on time as it was sent out the same day I placed the order. I also appreciate the attention to detail (charming box, emails, and birthday message) Thank you so much!"
Dec 2013 -- Josie, San Diego, CA

"I live in a pretty rural place so finding chocolate covered cinnamon bears is tough I've ordered from a couple places but they were over priced and not nearly as tasty as these ones I ordered I them for my husband with the intention of putting them in his stocking needless to say he saw the. Tore into them and I will be making another order soon ha ha! Very happy with our order :)"
Dec 2013 -- Ashley, Rock springs, Wy

"I have to tie my hands and tape my mouth to keep from eating the whole bag of chocolate gummi bears...at one time...you are the ONLY place that has the real chocolate gummi bears...love 'em....thanks NUTS!!"
Dec 2013 -- Sharon, West Plains, MO

"I was looking to buy different kinds of gummy candy for my boyfriend, as it is his absolute favorite! Not only did they have a huge selection but it was very easy to order and reasonably priced! Plus the candy was awesome! And they gave me a free mini bag of cashews, which are my favorite:)"
Nov 2013 -- Gwynne, pgh, pa

"I have been searching for chocolate covered gummy bears for weeks, and all I needed was Nuts.com. They were delivered quickly and they look great. I can't wait for my daughter to let me know how they are. The nuts I ordered (pecans and butter toffee pecans) are fresh and some of the best I have ever had. I will definitely shop with this company again!"
Nov 2013 -- Debs, Madison, AL

"I just can't say enough good thing my order. The chocolate cinnamon gummy bears were wonderful, and the chili mangos were beyond expectation. Can't wait to order again!"
Oct 2013 -- Amanda, Topeka, KS

"Really?!?! A gift for me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love Love LOVE the box they came in. It made me smile BIG! This is/was my first order with you, but it certainly is not the last. As if the chocolate covered gummi bears I ordered and that arrived early wasn't enough of a gift, I was pleasantly surprised with the gift of chocolate covered pretzels! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))) You made my weekend soooooo much better!"
Sep 2013 -- Sherry, White Lake, MI

"Ordering was easy. The product was delivered on the date I selected and ,according to my partner, your product is the best of that type that she has tasted. I would definitely order from you again."
Sep 2013 -- Elaine, Titusville, FL

"Awesome...loved the packaging and the chocolate covered gummy bears taste fresh. Sounds weird to say they tasted fresh but I've had some that were not fresh tasting. If someone at Nuts.com is listening, is there a reason you don't make chocolate covered sour patch kids?"
Aug 2013 -- Sonny, Franklin, TN

"Everything was great. Kids love the tropical mix, and the wife is all over the chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Packaging is amazing. Thanks for the extra snack!"
May 2013 -- Brandon, Palm Bay, Fl

"We ordered the products (samples of Maca Powder, samples of Spirulina, samples of veggie chips, and 1 lb. bag of chocolate flavored cinnamon gummy bears, and 1 lb, bag of dark chocolate covered almonds, along with a 5 lb. bag of almond flour. We are in LOVE with the chocolate covered cinnamon bears! They are a treat! We think the almond flour is a great buy. We will definitely buy from nuts.com again. Thanks."
Apr 2013 -- Morgan, San Antonio, Texas

"I ordered a pound of the chocolate covered gummy bears & they are the best ones I've ever tried! Definitely will be purchasing from Nuts.com again soon!"
Mar 2013 -- Alex, Mobile, AL

"Yes. They just arrived and I have already opened them up and passed them around to my employees. They too have never heard of them and they love them. Definitely will be ordering more when the times comes. Thanks again for the speedy delivery. Terry"
Mar 2013 -- Terry

"I ordered the Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds and Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears to taste test for my wedding favors. The arrived today and I just ordered them 2 days ago. Both are delicious!! And I will be buying again and for my wedding!!"
Mar 2013 -- Alicia, Westminster, MD

"Everything I ordered arrived in 1 shipment, two days after ordering! I haven't tried everything yet but I did try the chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I LOVE THEM. They don't have any gelatin in them and taste like a spicy-sweet-chewy-chocolatey-explosion in my mouth. The freeze dried mango is one of those things where if you're not careful you'll eat them all without knowing it. They taste like, well... mango but that's exactly what you want. Crispy flavorful mango chunks. S'mores are delicious as well but not enough graham cracker to taste precisely like a s'more. Its really just a dusting of cracker. Wasabi veggie chips were killer! I was afraid that Nuts would wimp out on the wasabi but to my pleasant surprise I get a nice hit of it on every chip. Keep up the good work you NUTS!"
Feb 2013 -- Ashley, Lowell, MI

"Just as I hoped for. Everything was just great. Truly worth waiting for and a real good buy."
Feb 2013 -- Barb, Lincoln, Montana

Feb 2013 -- kyla, hawthorne, nj

"Wonderful!!!!! Thank you so much Nuts.com! I am preganant and having severe cravings for chocolate covered gummy bears and you delivered! I could not believe how fast they came and how yummy they are! I also love all the cute "sayings" on the box and the emails! Thank you so much Nuts.com! I will be seeing you again really soon! xoxoxox"
Feb 2013 -- Samantha

"Before I even opened the box the art had me smiling. When I opened the box I had a surprise waiting for me. A free pack of roasted cashews thank you. Then I got to my white chocolate gummy bears and 12 flavors gummi Bears that taste delicious. My order shipped fast and all items were in resealable packs and I loved that thanks."
Jan 2013 -- Brian, Wendell, NC

"Bought the chocolate covered gummi bears for my friend because she loves them so much."
Jan 2013 -- Hermie, San Fancisco, California

"Thank you for your speedy delivery and excellent products. The very best chocolate covered gummies. I will most certainly order them again. Again, thank you."
Jan 2013 -- Nan

"This is my first time ordering from Nuts.com and I Love the packaging that it comes in. The choclate covered Gummy Bears are the BEST I have ever had. This company ships very fast! A great company. I will order from Nuts.com again."
Dec 2012 -- Crystal, Vestavia, Al

"Nuts.com is the best!! I was looking for chocolate covered gummy bears and fudge chew candy and other items that are so hard to get where I live..you had everything I wanted and more! and after reading positive customer reviews I placed a last minute order late Thurs. night for Christmas gifts.. I have to admit I was nervous they wouldn't arrive before 12/25 but I got them today (Saturday) as the est. delivery date said!! I am so happy! Will definitely order again! Thank you nutty guys! :)"
Dec 2012 -- Kimberly

"Love shopping on your web site! Thank you soooo much for carrying delicious chocolate gummie bears, they are the best!!!"
Dec 2012 -- Mary Ann, Utica, N.Y.

"Just got the chocolate covered cinnamon bears and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. These are great! Will definitely order again."
Dec 2012 -- Linda, Somerset, CA

"This is my first order from Nuts.com. I've had chocolate covered cinnamon gummy bears before and I really like them, so I'm sure these will be just as delicious. I can't really tell you how well I like them until after Christmas. These candies will be divided and given to our children and sister-in-law as Christmas gifts. Even my husband doesn't know I ordered them (unless he saw my order on the computer)."
Nov 2012 -- Jean, Keyser, WV

"These are the best tasting chocolate covered gummy bears ever! I bought both the milk chocolate and white chocolate and both are delicious and so fresh-tasting! I am very pleased that the shipping was fast too. I will be ordering again. Thank you!"
Nov 2012 -- Kristi, Morgantown, WV

"I cannot believe that even with the storm my order was delivered the next day. I was originally going to order the chocolate covered gummy bears from Dylan's Candy Store but they were out of stock. What you sent was just the same quality and I am so glad I found you. I will certainly order from you again. Thank you."
Nov 2012 -- Eileen, Yonkers, New York

"Love the chocolate covered gummy bears! They are my favorite! The packaging and surprise treat was fun! I appreciate your company's passion and enthusiasm. I will definitely be buying more and recommending you to everyone I know!"
Aug 2012 -- Joanna, Peoria, IL

"Items arrived as described! FAST delivery!! The BEST white chocolate gummies around...I've told all my friends about NUT.COM!"
Apr 2012 -- Jessica, Boston, MA

"OMG - I was blown away when I tasted the Chocolate Gummy Bears - I am so happy I can get them from you. Everything I ordered was so worth it. I am glad I found your company online."
Mar 2012 -- Victoria, Lillian, AL

"my daughter loves chocolate gummie bears. it made her day when they were delivered"
Feb 2012 -- charlene, saint clair, mi

"My wife loves chocolate covered gummy bears. I bought them for valentines day but she couldn't wait. According to her they are fantastic."
Feb 2012 -- Dan, Pass christian, Ms

"The Milk Chocolate Gummy Bears are simply the absolute best! I have never tasted anything that is better. I am so happy to have found someone who really knows and appreciates The Chocolate Gummy Bear Frenzy."
Feb 2012 -- Dolores

"Wow! I placed my order on Monday and I received it on Wednesday. I wish every company was as efficient as you are. The order was fresh and packaged securely. What a pleasure dealing with your company."
Jan 2012 -- Nutty Nancy, North Bergen, NJ

"This is my second time ordering and once again the service is outstanding! Super fast shipping and excellent quality. I ordered several items, (all yummy tasting) but the chocolate covered gummy bears are by far the best i have ever tasted. My family loves them. I'll be ordering again soon. Thanks for the great service & the free sample of cashew nuts. Enjoy the holidays! Regards, Terry"
Dec 2011 -- Terry, Avenel, NJ

"I just received my order, I am very impressed!! Shipping was quick and I looooove the chocolate covered gummi bears and potatoe chips. Thank you so much! I am so happy I stumbled upon your website. I will definitely be ordering again! :)"
Dec 2011 -- Jaclyn, Toledo, OH

"I ordered the chocolate covered gummy bears and chocolate covered potato chips and had them delivered to my school. They are so amazing!! Making college a little less stressful and a little more delicious! Thanks!"
Nov 2011 -- Laura, Baltimore, MD

"love my chocolate covered gummy bears - price is good and service is great!"
Oct 2011 -- Beverly

"Awesome customer service and products!!!"
Sep 2011 -- Amy, Jackson, MI

"Nuts Online has great sweets at very reasonable prices... I compared and they were by far the lowest. I cannot believe how fast I received my chocolate covered gummie bears!! I will definitely be a return shopper!!"
Sep 2011 -- Lynn, Valley Cottage, New York

"Love your gummie bears! Anxiously await the dark chocolate. Diet starts...........January? Thanks for the notice that they were delivered! The UPS guy left them on front door instead of garage where I usually look for packages"
Aug 2011 -- Debi, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

"WOW! The mothership landed bringing chocolate covered gummy bears!! YUM!! Guess ET travels interstellarly fast! My cat Harvey thinks his people have arrived. Thank You so much!! Beth"
Aug 2011 -- Lizbeth, San Jose, CA - California

"My order was received (it was a gift to make a friend smile after a rough patch) very quickly! I am impressed and will definitely use this site again!"
May 2011 -- Suzie

"Got my items quickly as stated. Very good quality everything tasted great and was fresh. Took some to work and everyone there loved them too."
May 2011 -- Naimah, Indianapolis, IN

"The chocolate covered gummi bears are awesome! Love them!"
Feb 2011 -- heather, charleston, sc

"Well I am in heaven, if you like gummy bears and white chocolate, you will definitely LOVE these!!! These are definitely only for me!!! Trying to find a hiding place to put these bears...."
Feb 2011 -- Cece, pico rivera, Ca

"The chocolate gummy bears and so delicious and amazingly tasty."
Jan 2011 -- Veronica, Beaumont, Cal.

"Nuts Online is THE BEST source for all kinds of nuts, chocolates, etc.! The prices are the best, the shipping is super fast, and the packaging is great, too! They are super communicative, wonderfully friendly and oh, by the way, their products are THE BEST too!! I'm already half way through my bag of white chocolate covered gummy bears! I won't share them with my husband, either! They're all mine! I will not buy from any other online company again...I am a forever loyal customer of Nuts Online! Thank you to the Nuts Online family for superior service and products!!"
Dec 2010 -- Laurel Krebs, Fremont, CA

"These White Chocolate Gummy Bears are ridiculously good... everything is amazing actually, very fresh and tasty... but the Gummy Bears are addictive!! I'll definitely be back for more!!!"
Dec 2010 -- JJ, Bradenton, FL

"I have been looking for chocolate covered gummy bears for a long time--these are the best and the shipping time was incredibly fast. I am very pleased with the service, tracking info, and constant contact. I will definitely do business again!!"
Nov 2010 -- Kim, Glendale, az

"I couldn't believe how fresh the chocolate covered gummi bears were. It was like they were made just yesterday. And they are larger than I have ever seen before. I will definitely be ordering again!"
Mar 2010 -- julie

"Thank you so much for my yummy gummie bears. I received them the next day and I was in heaven. Mmmm! they we were super fresh. Your company is the best!!!! The next time my sweet tooth starts calling. I know just who to call. Thanks a bunch!!!!"
Feb 2010 -- Shereece, Brooklyn, NY

"Just got my first order... Only 3 days after I placed it! I was dreaming about tasting the chocolate covered gummy bears and organic raw cacao goji energy bars (mouthful of deliciousness is what I call them!) Wow! You guys do great work. I will be sharing this site with others and ordering more soon!"
Jan 2010 -- Erin, O'Fallon, mo

"Easy transaction. Super fast shipping. A+++++ all around"
Jan 2010 -- Gary, Kansas City, MO

"Fastest shipping I have ever had. The product was in perfect condition. Will order from them over and over again."
Dec 2009 -- Lisa, Columbus, ohio

"Excellent service.....received promptly and as ordered. Nice and fresh not hard or stale. Thanks, this will make a wonderful Christmas surprise!"
Dec 2009 -- Deby, happpy valley, OR

"WOW! Amazing service and even faster delivery! Thank you so much for such great service!"
Dec 2009 -- Lindsay, Utica, New York

"Thank you so much my order of white and milk chocolate Gummi Bears arrived today in pristine condition, begging to be eaten. Thank so much for your fast,friendly service. I will be ordering again very soon!"
Nov 2009 -- Cindi, Spokane, Washington

"I ordered the chocolate covered gummy bears because I could not find them ANYWHERE!!! They did NOT disappoint!! My husband was so excited when he saw them! They are GREAT! Thank you- and they came to my home very quickly!"
Nov 2009 -- marty

"Oh my goodness. My chocolate covered gummy bears arrived today and they are perfection. So delicious and they arrived in perfect condition, even in 90 degree Florida weather. This is my first time to shop with you - it will definitely not be my last. Thanks so much."
Sep 2009 -- Katrina

"These are sooooooo good! Fast shipment and tasty product. Thank you!"
Sep 2009 -- Mandy, Rockwood, MI

"My chocolate covered gummi bears arrived in nano seconds. Wow! Now, to indulge! Nuts Online still believes the customer comes first."
May 2009 -- Doris, greenwich, ct

"The Chocolate covered gummie bears are delicious and were delivered very quickly."
Apr 2009 -- Regina, Pittsbergh, PA

"Three lbs. of uber perfect chocolate-covered gummi bears? Check. An endless number of forthcoming days filled with indescribable, scrumptious consumption of it all? You betcha bottoms! Efficient delivery, sweet satisfaction . . . I've found a new love!"
Mar 2009 -- onna, CA

"I ordered some delicious chocolate-covered gummy bears from Nutsonline and was not disappointed. They arrived quickly, in wonderful condition despite the warm Florida weather, and are incredible-tasting. I'd recommend this company to anybody!"
Mar 2009 -- Elisabeth, Tallahassee, FL

"Hooray!!!! My 10# of chocolate gummi bears came today. Absolutely LOVE those things and can only order in the winter due to our hot summers. These will NEVER last a year, I know me!! Thanks for being so prompt."
Feb 2009 -- Barbara, Glendae, AZ

"Seriously? I placed my order last night at 7:20pm. Not only did I place an order for myself, but I had a small gift sent to a friend as well in a different state. We BOTH received our packages the next day. LESS than 24 hours after I purchased them I was munching on chocolate-covered gummy bears. You are SERIOUSLY good at what you do! And I will place many more orders for gifts in the future. Thanks!"
Feb 2009 -- Amanda, Connecticut

"Regarding chocolate covered gummi bears. A couple local stores carry these at a cost of $9.99 a pound, finding the cost through your site at $2 a pound less and just as soft and flavorful made me very happy. The shipment arrived within 5 days of ordering and the order was placed on a weekend. I will be doing business again with your company....thank you."
Jan 2009 -- karen, Monroe, wa

"Great gummy bears. I ordered these for my wedding and they ran out very quickly. Shipping was faster than I expected. Thanks!"
Oct 2008 -- Anh, Irvine, CA

"I LOVE CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMY BEARS!!!! And everyone else that comes into my store once they tried them. Great service and products are perfect when they arrive. Thank you for carrying chocolate covered gummy bears."
Sep 2008 -- Michelle, Front Royal, VA

"These gummy bears were amazing. Gave 2 pounds to my girlfriend, and she said they were absolutely amazing. Thank you for giving such great prices, and very good products."
Aug 2008 -- Chris, Fairfax, VA

"I found this company by doing a google search for chocolate covered gummi bears. My wedding is next week and we are using these nice little boxes I got filled with assorted chocolate covered nuts and candies as favors. Chocolate covered gummi bears are my favorite and i had the hardest time finding them! I was so happy to find that this company sells the gummi bears as well as chocolate covered anything else you could ever want! I ordered all of the candy I need from them! I've been sneaking tastes as it has come in and everything has been wonderful! The gummi bears are the best I've had. I know my guests will love everything we got and I definately plan to order from this company in the future, for my self and my candy-loving soon to be husband!"
Jul 2008 -- Theresa, Jacksonville, Florida

"yes i got my order and i LOVE IT ... The Tropical Mix is really good. along with everything else. Also my Choc Gummy Bears came in great condition in the special package to keep it from melting which is good since its over 100 here Love your stuff it is always good fresh....thanks"
Jul 2008 -- JoAnn, Grants Pass, Oregon

"just as promised my chocolate covered gummie bears arrived fresh AND not melted, just as promised. I will never shop anywhere else for my snacks!!!!"
Jul 2008 -- matthew, bolingbrook, il

"awesome milk chocolate covered gummy bears and quick delivery!!"
Mar 2008 -- nat, austin, tx

"Awesome chocolate covered gummy bears, fantastic salted cashew's & peanut's! I'll have to hurry up and eat all of this so I can order more!!!!"
Jan 2008 -- matthew, bolingbrook, il

Nov 2006 -- Nancy, Forsyth, IL

Showing 1 - 93 of 93 reviews

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